Natural Sauna And Hot Stones

Wisam Sharieff


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The only way to take a break in between two and a half hour recording session, come stand outside and 100 plus degrees. And your feet are gonna burn. Oh yeah. My feet go numb after sitting on them.

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And guys, if you can't see it on camera, it is 100 plus degrees.

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Yeah, right, actually, I wonder if I can capture you know, how the the wavy thing comes off the surface? I think there was a thing over here. Like, oh, come over here. I want to show you the

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in terms of like, like lay back.

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I don't know if it's more intense. It is more intense, right? Yeah, that was laying down on this because

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that those are the hot stones that I was using to massage. And if you want to lay down on this or sit down on this, you're gonna feel an initial burn

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yo, y'all need to come on to the

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sauna on here. Right outdoor sauna. Can you see the squiggly lines

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about this?

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I think because it's a darker surface to

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get in your bones

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what's going on? I could feel the heat coming through the bottom of my soles.

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Yeah, it just comes right through. It's like you have no clothes on. That's what it feels like

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oh, you're gonna sit straight.

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Wow. Right here. Yeah, right. I can't stand

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just like that we enter right back into the air conditioner. Like

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100 outside.

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75 Max in terms of in terms of going down? Like it's warmer in here. Yeah, right like 74 in here.

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Well, my phone got hot.

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Yes, I'll skip you too. There we go.

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Let's go do this another two and a half hours. That's our page. Right.

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