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Wasim Kempson
AI: Summary © The history and actions of the Prophet Muhammad are discussed, including his actions, like opening the Dawa and causing strife among Muslims, the use of false deities and the worship of Allah as the worldwide foremost worship. The importance of acknowledging one's rights and finding one's place in society is emphasized, as it is crucial for individuals to achieve their goals. The importance of history and deceptivism is also emphasized, as it is crucial for individuals to bring about justice and fairness.
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In Alhamdulillah Hina meadow who want to stay in who want to struggle Pharaoh who want us to redeem when are also below him in short order for Cena Wilmington, see Marina Mejia de la who further Melinda will mejor will further her the Allah watershed to Allah you know, la Hawa hula shady color wash and Mohammed Abu rasool

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Allah Rossella hula hoop been a dear sir this year one of the era with a yawn Elon law he is and he he was co Rajim Mooney or for sallallahu alayhi wa ala early hit by EB in a bar hit in among salt Island de la yo me Dean. Yeah. Are you here live in Metro taco la ha ha ha Jakarta he wanted to move to new one to Muslim moon. Yeah, are you here live in LA ha welcome. Kulu colons studied your

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local myopia locum zuba. come what may? Allah wa rasool Allah who felt as if I was in I was in a bad for industrial Hadith, the Kitab Allah will fade will her de Hadiya Mohammed in salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, we're sure we'll have more data to have a cooler more data to be there I will be the atom bodalla We'll call it balada to funnel

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indeed all praise and thanks is due to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Salam is his final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters

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five years after the revelation began,

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just if you think maybe two years after there was an opening of giving Dawa. For the first three years the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was commanded to do it quietly. And then after that, when Allah subhanaw taala commanded the Prophet salallahu salam to be open with the Dawa, there was an open aggression,

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an open oppression and torture to the Muslims. And here, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave permission for a number of the Muslims to make a Hijra for Maccha to El Habesha, and they're the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the interfere American

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that there is a king there, la youth l'amour and who had no one will be oppressed, if he goes to that land.

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So a number of Muslims they went to this for safety.

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Now, when they reached there,

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there was some mysteries from the Quraysh.

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This semester mysteries did not accept that some Muslims had left Makkah.

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So they both stood there in front of a Najafi.

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What are the Allahu, as we know, he embraced Islam later on.

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And these are mysteries who should you call on at the time said that the Muslims were creating strife. They were creating trouble, that they were Mischief Makers, splitting the tribes of all of this was false.

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This was all face false fake news. So in Nigeria, she spoke to the Muslims. What was their response? What did they have to say, with regards to this claim.

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And this is the first point of being fair,

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listening to both sides, and not to take the words over people who are in apparent power at that time in Makkah.

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But the master of the iPhone, the week who didn't have a say in their place, would most certainly have a say in his court. So he listened to what they were going to say.

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Who stood forward a geriforte avatar, even the Rhodiola one. Now Jafar has a very famous speech. The speech itself is too long for us to go through here on the member.

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But within it in the first few words and sentences, lays out very clearly, the hukou, or the rights that Allah subhanaw taala gave to them and the lifes or what they were living in previously.

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And he addressed a Niger Shia Johan Malik. Oh King in Hakuna Coleman Jaya Helia we were people of ignorance. What caused us to be ignorant koonunga, Abu Dhabi, Asana and then we used to worship idols, stones, all of these things we used to worship

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This is the hunk of Allah subhanaw taala that we will not give into Allah Jalla wa Ala.

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We're not Quran later. And when we eating the dead flesh, the animals will not snorted, in the name of Allah subhanaw taala

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will not steal our hash, and we were engaging in open wrongdoing. oppression. This has to do with the hook of a bad to do with the hook or the rights of other people were knocked out or harm. And we would cut the ties of kinship, depending on what tribe they were.

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We're gonna see all jiwa and we will be wrong and oppressive neighbor.

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Why couldn't cover you mean a brief that the strong and powerful, the rich and superior that they would view in their society would consume the weak.

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So in this very first opening statement of Jabba, Radi Allahu, and he made it really clear that these are the things that we had fallen into.

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For bathala, who Elena Rasulullah Mina. So Allah subhanaw taala sent to us a messenger from amongst ourselves.

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Now the fullness of who was it,

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that we knew where he came from his lineage, we knew his truth, and what he stood for, what a man or two who were alpha for, we know everything that he stood for. And he salatu salam

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that he SallAllahu wasallam called us to the worship of the one Almighty Allah to Allah quarter Allah,

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and to live off the worship of false gods false deities.

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And he commanded us being truthful in our speech,

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and handing the rights and trusts to others. This is just the very beginning of this particular speech. And I would encourage you to find this particular paywall or conversation that occurred between Jaffa Rhodiola one and a Najafi which was only just a few years after the Quran had first what was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu ireceptor.

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So from the very first at the start of an Islam,

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Al Hawk, the truth was made very clear, bow till that was false, a volume oppression wrongdoing was made very clear that camo halal and haram came much later

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in a great detail. But from the very beginning, the Muslims understood and knew

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what was right and what was wrong.

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And from that time to this day now, all the verses that we read in the Quran

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or the Hadith we we review and we read and we study about being fair,

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being upright, meaning steadfast, was always made clear to us.

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And because the Muslims they stood for fairness and justice, and that what was correct. Well, oh Allah unfussy him, even if it was against their own selves, that Allah subhanaw taala opened the way and sent blessings upon them.

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Only when people engage in volume, or pression wrongdoing, preventing people from their rights and so on, then you find that society closes upon itself.

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That there is a

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number of different levels within society. Yes, there are poor and this they are rich, but in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala, everyone is should be treated the same.

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But when society forgets that they forget morality, they lose the understanding of what is fair. And just

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then you find that society is constantly

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constantly trying to get through this situation and it leads from one oppression to the next, trying to solve one problem by creating another.

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Now all of this, of course, what I'm talking about, you're aware of when you know,

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but how important is for us to remind ourselves about these matters, about what is hot, what is right. And that what is volume, that what is oppression, in all of its forms. Whether it is an oppression that is caused against Allah subhanaw taala by worshipping other than Allah subhanaw taala or oppressing other people or oppressing one's own self.

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if we want to relegate the occurrence, or the existence of oppression over the past two weeks,

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then we are of course mistaken because oppression, injustice has been occurring for many years, many centuries in different places.

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But there are times when for whatever reason, and by whatever means and different means, it comes to the forefront and we are reminded about what it is to be a Muslim to stand up for that what is right and maybe there is a turning a change of the wind, there is more of an awareness of what we should be standing up for, as Muslims, even non Muslims what they should be standing up for, in terms of what they determined to be HAC, to be right, and to work against oppression in all of its forms.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentions many stories in the Quran.

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And none more important than the story of Musa Allah. He said, his story is mentioned in great detail.

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No Prophet mentioned more frequently than Musa alayhis salam in the Quran.

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From the birth of Musa Allah salatu salam, until his journey when he grew up, got married, had children and so on.

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There was great detail and great about great lessons to be taken from this story.

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But as Allah subhanaw taala tells us that with every Nebby with every prophet and messenger that there was an I do, there was an enemy

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where the enemy was in the form of jinn, shaytaan will human shape.

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Fear around was the big shape on at the time of Musa Alehissalaam

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and that he claimed hon como Allah, I am the your greatest Lord, that He saw himself

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at the very peak of arrogance.

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And any comb or any people who see themselves as a chosen individual or chosen people over others as a default position.

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For example, would they say NanoFab, Allah had matar, we are the chosen people have Allah for example, by default, that regardless of what you do,

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there are no consequences to your actions, they live with complete impunity.

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This is pure misguidance. And no doubt that they will fall into the oppression of others. And that is something we see on a daily basis.

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So us as Muslims, trying to deal with the situation how to improve the situation? How do we do that?

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We don't want to be just emotional people reacting to that what we see when it is chosen that we will be shown this on social media and so on. But we want to be proactive from the very start and rooting out evil and rooting out injustice and oppression. Because that is what is it means to be a part of what it means to be a Muslim, to remove them in all its forms of Almo valamar to Jamelia pm as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that oppression will be a darkness for those on the Day of Judgment.

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So recognizing your place and how to fix the situation, your place in any society is very important. Not everybody's role in the same.

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Because no doubt if there are mostly one, there are those who want to fix the situation. reconcile us. We don't want up in the end, those people who want to bring about solutions for them to end them that arguing,

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which many times does happen, why you haven't done this and why you haven't done that, when both of your objectives is the same is to bring about justice and fairness to everybody.

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But because people don't have a clear objective, or clear line that they want to go to, they end up arguing amongst themselves why you didn't do this and why you didn't do that because no collaboration between those who want to achieve a common goal.

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So each person's responsibility in trying to remove oppression and injustice will differ. Our starting point is the same. Worshiping Allah Allahu Allah alone,

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referring to the Quran, referring to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in all of these affairs is off principles which are non negotiables. That is the starting point for all of us.

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So he we will start and then there's a collaboration and understanding where we can as individuals as communities, how we can then bring this to others to take the people out of the blue mat, and bring them into nor

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the darkness of misguidance the darkness of oppression into the light of an SLM into the light of fairness and justice.

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To refer back to the rule and to the people of knowledge

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first victory In Kuntum letter and a moon, ask the people of knowledge if you don't know what to do.

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These are all fundamentals and principles and guidelines for us to know in the direction that we are going so that

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the solutions they remain sustainable

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and that they remain on the correct path.

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A Hodor told you how there was no federal law he will come in cooler than was still a funeral, in no who will.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early here was HERBIE, he, as you may know, praise belongs to Allah. And may the peace and blessings of Allah subhanaw taala be upon His final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier was seldom

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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when looking at any situation, referring back to the Quran is imperative and important for us.

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All situations, old forms of disbelief, all forms of arrogance that existed, is been mentioned and explained to us in the Quran. There are news new situations, for us to, to deal with. Yes, there may be smaller details in that we are living in unprecedented times and whatnot. But the fundamentals will always be the same.

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And how to deal with misguidance how to call people back to the path of Allah subhanaw taala. And the story of Musa alayhis salam is so important in understanding an oppressive system or leader in the form of frown, for example, or then you may have

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his r1 his supporters and his finances.

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So you have Herman as a minister for for Rome. And those if you want to implement that in modern day times.

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And then a religious authority or an ideology that they will support that the magician's would support for our own.

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So as Muslims, we are able to dissect and understand all situations that we are, we are going through the finances of a particular ideology. So as Muslims, you can determine how I want to help a particular people. Whether those people are in Palestine, whether they're in Kashmir, they in Burma, and Yemen, Syria. And if I don't mention, mentioned a country is not because not important because the list is so long. But wherever the Muslims are weak, and oppressed, we do what we can to help those. And it is important for us to find your role, which may be different from another.

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And another person shouldn't be looked down upon because they're doing a different job from you. So a person is within their capacity, making dua to Allah subhanaw taala, to alleviate,

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and that that person believes that the power of dura is something which is the best thing that they can do. And then there are others who are

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gathering Sadat, gathering charities, and support for weak people in different places.

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That is what they're involved in.

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But it's not for those people who are making dua and those who are making charity for them to argue why we are not doing this and you're not doing that. You then become weak, when are 10 05 shallow, which are the Habari, whom do not differ, as Allah subhanaw taala tells us don't differ,

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because you will become weak and any strength that you had, will disappear.

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But be united and come together on a common foundation a common cause.

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This is an omega which is on Martin Wahida. It is one nation wherever we are Muslims, brothers and sisters in MENA, wherever you are,

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but there are certain times there are certain times when you have as a Muslim to take a stand against oppression and injustice, to draw a red line if you want to say that.

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And the more desert or those sanctified places which Allah subhanaw taala told us about MK and Medina

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and quotes These are places which are mentioned in the Quran, my name

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these are places of worship for us.

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That align must be drawn in refuting the oppression and injustice.

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But we must do it according to the teachings of what was given to us by Allah Tabata, Kota Allah and the Sunnah of Ruth

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Last Allah Allahu alayhi salam not this folder we approach this chaotic approach,

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but to do unified conversing with one another, helping one another and asking Allah subhanaw to others help

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so I was having a conversation

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and I said as many have said there's a red line with any of these three massage it

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absolutely red line

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then it was repeated replied, but then what about all the other massage it on all the other massage and a hub will Allah as found in the authentic sunnah indeed, the hub will be allowed to kill Allah messaggi to her that was beloved places to Allah subhanaw taala or the masjid

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but certain masajid have a double Agia over others.

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The first beta the first place built upon on this earth is Masjid Al haram. Then after that, Masjid Al Aqsa. So, each of these masajid have a for the virtue

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over others.

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So when I say it and others have said this, this was a red line and this is a red line

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to then say other masajid

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that What about mesothelioma we in domestic when that was

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blasted and torn apart

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and the lives of Muslims in those places. The lives of Muslims supersede the sanctity of these places. We know that.

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But it is if you don't want to draw the red line here, over these three masajid image the Prophet SAW Selim told us later shuddered. Rehan elderly Illa selasa T masajid. You do not undertake any journey except to these three massages, there is no line drawn here, then are you waiting to draw the line until the oppression comes to your own home as an individual and then you will complain.

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Only then you will complain oh now we have to make a stand when it affects you as an individual when it affects your family. And that's when you want to make a stand

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preventing injustice and oppression starts way before that.

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So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to join us upon that what is right upon the Kitab and Sunnah.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to alleviate the difficulties that are facing all the Muslims around the world. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to remain patient to remain wise and to do that what is necessary but even relate to Allah that what is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala

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Allahumma Salli ala Mohammed and what other early Muhammad came also later Allah Ibrahim while early Ibrahim in NACA hamidou Majeed Allah who is Islam are well Muslimeen Allah whom Islam are well Muslimeen Allah who is Manuel Muslimeen Allah Hamza al Muslimeen, if he coolly Mokona Yara banal Amin, Allahu Mofi Luna then Obama era but I mean, I've been a trainer for dunya Hasina will feel good it has Anna McLean other Banagher vocal Munna, salatu Camille como como la

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