[Ep 9] Ending Salah With Tajweed Imam

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As Salam wa Eagleman Welcome to pronounciation of prayer, video number eight, and you might have found out this is a tense position, hip flexors tight your big toes that are unaware of why there's Why are you asking so much for me and your baby toe was like a kindergartener swinging on a swing. What was there to do today? So today, let's point those toes out. Let's shift our body weight over. Let's find a posture who can you sit between? That's a little bit much for me. So I am now sitting a little bit deeper onto the flat plane of the left foot. And if you fair, fair enough, I'm leaning on my left side. I'm clearly kind of that's the real hip position right there. This is a balanced hip

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for me. And I'll take it. I'll take it now. Because say I'm down here for a bit, and I want to supplicate I'm going to just straighten the toe. And now I'm sitting completely on the left foot in NECA hamidou Majeed Robina. Voila. Amna. And for Santa, we're eating lamb dough fit or Lana. What are Hamner Lana Coonan nominal hos Ed. The DUA of other Malay Salam found in Surah out off, Rebecca now what am na n fusina? What Ilam Delphina Lana What are Hamner lenah Corner nominal cost serine Robina what Amna and fusina What in them Delphine Lana water ham now. Lennar code and nominal ha serine. Another supplication which you probably read before this, a supplication you read after INEC

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Hamidah Majeed from the 13th teachers.

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In NECA, Hamidah Majeed, Rob BGR and Nemo P masala tea would mean Zuri Yeti what by now what type of balsa Robina? Will Finley what deewani the year? What didn't? Nina? Yeah, well, my own is SAB and we'll take this to our next discussion, but why not here? Tuck your chin into your sternum. Bring your tuck chin to the arm join us salaam Wa alaykum wa Rahmatullah chin back,

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tuck, tilt to the left

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I can see my shoulder a set out why they can walk metal law he will Barakatuh

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and up and I'm now exited the prayer. We'll talk about the exit a bit more. Let's take this for a small snippet so we can use it for you later for our advertising purposes. Rugby Gianni will be masala tea what mean Zori Yeti though rain Yeti Robina What are Kapil dua Rob Bernal Finley What do you worry they Yeah, what me Nina yo maya Kumar hisab.

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Video number eight concludes our supplication after sending Peace and blessings salawat and salutations on will hammer the Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I'll see you in pronounciation a prayer was set out was what I meant the law