Muzdalifa Forgiveness – Hajj 2018 Vlog Day 9, Pt. 1

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What a demon had Jawaban Moronta.

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Mustard on your left with a big minarets. This is nested

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in the front of the message in the front front of the masjid, which is to our left if you're looking at it. This is the location where the prophet Muhammad saw a lot of money.

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With that, when he came here, this is where he stopped with the sahaba.

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Over 100,000 Sahaba with them, they stopped here they arrested what we just did in about 1015 minutes. In this AC, imagine how long they did. It took them in the sun on fall on horseback or Camelback, the Prophet saw some was on his camel. When they got here they stopped God rested. And this was the location where that message you saw where he gave his final sermon, Edison is called the last sermon. That was the location once we hit our first roadblock here, road is basically like this. Look at that single file. Everyone's killing it. Single file.

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Thank you team players, guys are team players

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to MIT

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it's a little bit of a walk. This is what had prep was all about. This was what controlling the diet it was all about to prepare for today. Let's do it friends. This is the art of if you we will alleyways we're going through out of alleyways alleyways and again accommodations are always as much as they can do but we have concluded there is no level of luxury that that can satisfy a person like there's always something that could be different so change your mindset before you come for height it's all about expectations all about the mind get stronger in your head before you come here no way

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possible right everyone has

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meant for me to try out here.

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They just drag him out here and

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there the normal what used to be luxury lounges normally

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used to be like oh

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quick unboxing experience we are all provided this a executive breakfast I believe everyone gets this year in Ottawa from the kingdom. Let's see what's inside. We've got the breakfast

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Oh and it even has a bowl in it. Look at that.

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Even had the boat

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it's okay the cheese got a little sweatshirt but everything else oh cool juice water

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crackers of Apple.

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cereal bowl. Chocolate Danish. What do we got here? Oh, natural honey.

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We asked for it. We got we got st P a day worth of food man that day was a

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breakfast, get understand the Quran in light of the Quran. So Allah is completion of his favor unto his servants, despite forgiving them. So Allah is the most forgiving. He quoted a very beautiful holy quote called Bootsy where Allah speaks to humans and he says, All human being, no matter what you do, how much you've grown yourself. And you asked of me, that you seek me, I will forgive you of all of your past sins, and all child of Adam or human being. As long as you keep on seeking forgiveness, I will forgive you, and it doesn't bother me. So seeking forgiveness is a lifetime addiction. These are positive addictions. And on top of that, seek it from Allah's bounties and from

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his blessings. Finally, the last message is that today, we're not just coming representing ourselves. Many of you have asked your loved ones in your friends, send me a prayer list. And I will pray for you. Today the chef's and not only are we representing those who asked us to pray for them, that not only are we asking for our own issues and our own wishes, that we should be asking for all of the community of Mohammed.

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Mohammed combines both people that people responded to his called the Muslim ummah, we asked Allah to help them to protect their

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100 to protect their blood, to grant them safe safety and security, but also humanity at large. The believers shouldn't be merciful, if you are merciful above will show mercy to You all our wants and needs, realize that it is an act of worship. It is something Oh God commanded us to do.

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Allah commanded you all commanded us all to hold on him and then he promised and guaranteed your response. You see realize oh my dear brother and sister or my Dear uncle and aunt, my older my senior and my Are you for some of you are thinking I spent 1000s of dollars to come to you and is telling me I'm poor, eat Allah, you are impoverished you are in a state of poverty towards

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money, your honey, that Allah subhana Medina is the one we're also fasting This is not a need of any one or anything.

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It would be inappropriate. Now that we've had such an intimate relationship for so many days not to share the inner moments. The right now, so I have to share. I'm here. I've done my talk. I've taken care of my people. I've settled everyone. Those who are napping are resting those who are praying are making individual prayer.

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I have to celebrate the now. Everything's in the right place. If you're a mom, maybe you could understand. I have put the kids to sleep. I have cleaned the kitchen. I have put everything away and everybody is home satisfied. A sama they come to Horace, us here. So my shoe wave. And Jana, and everyone at home. Everyone's in their place. And now it's time to get down to everybody. So before I start asking God for everything, my have to take the Power of Now, if there ever was the opportunity to worship the Lord.

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It's now

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and then the next few hours I'll be partaking in as much about that as I can. But I wanted to take this moment after slot to go her we've done our talks we've prayed a sir and I got my first round of la ilaha illa Allahu Allahu La Cherie Keller LaHood Malika wala hula hamdulillah who Allah cliche in for the 100 times, and being able to do that 100 times made me feel the mile marker. That is the phrase that the Prophet peace be upon him said say this because this is what I and the prophets before me said, On this day of celebration, celebrate with La Ilaha illa Allah Who are the hula sharika lahu removal of wood hamdu of Walla cliche in Kadir thank you for celebrating this moment

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with me. However the vlogs come out after this. I believe I reached my point. I got my moment with you. From now on capture your own moments and say to your Lord La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika lah hula hula hyung dua who Allah could you say in Kaduna?

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I hope you enjoyed and please subscribe. See, you all have a wonderful Eid, eid mubarak.

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Sometimes we wonder what Ibadah looks like. So let's do 100 or so the number isn't important, but I'll stick to about 100 that either in logMAR who are the WHO Lashley You gotta love Holy moly. Quwata Hoolahan do work who are other cliche for the EDA in LA Allahu Allahu Lashley that will have the World War Allah cliche in Padian and let's see what 100 or so looks like. I got 100 set already. And I feel elated here on the plains of Ottawa. Let's do 100 together

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in long long who are the hula Shetty color? Level mancora Hula hamdu Juana Konishi in for the

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long long walk the hula Sharika not only Maluku Hola, hola hamdu Awad che in kadhi