Wisam Sharieff – Muhammad Jibril Told Me To Recite While Climbing Stairs

Wisam Sharieff
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Someone said, Hey, can you tell me once or if I if I know the last idea? I'll know all the rules

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I love the outlaw home meal. Do you

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mean hold so you have it's hard

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learn your Quran no.

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I was I think it was Muhammad Gibreel it was his tape that helped me with this. Yeah, yeah. Because he like, I remember he was doing it. Like he would do it in one breath. But he would do it slow. Yeah, right. He's he makes love to the mic.

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He's eating it. I love it. This one's a lot to write. Yes. Yeah. I mean, I can't believe he lives in Dallas. Now. It's such as he lives Mohammed Gibreel. Demand we are both talking about lives, breathes in here and he prays that like maybe 15 minutes from here, he prays it leads the prayer. Where does this tell you? For whatever reason, the name of the Masjid. It's like a low key. Low key. It's now not so no, because of him, right? Yeah. And he will and He lights it up for Asia. We used to go God and so I got but he probably it's not gonna it's now it's Corona. Yeah, bro. Someone kept telling mama Gibreel moved to your town. I'm like, You're crazy. You're insane. And then I went

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there and oh, that was the first night he led his show. And um, 300 people I'm in the back. I'm like, I swear to God, this guy sounds like mom and

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I remember my brain. I'm like, this is copying at a different level. Like I was on my own tip. I was like, this is like this is why does he just think you have a major competence many years ago. Yeah. And I was like, I lost my concentration. It's rare, because I was like, This guy's house.

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And you're like,

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Yeah, you know the name of the game poorly escaping? It's gonna kill me to three. I'm asked my sister right now. Yeah, Brian, super chill super. Yeah, he totally. Is he still Jack? He thinner a little bit. Okay, yeah, that upper body that looks like a fish.

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I'm telling you. The first time I saw him in person, I'm like, yo, this guy bench like 400 or like, it's unfortunate. It's just man. He's the first person told me to read Quran walking up the stairs. He was walking up the street because I remember my voice was on my air was a lot less than this is like you recite? Dr. Straw told me he goes, You're definitely a cardi you just lacking a lot of air. I was like, bro, the lung capacity mic coach, one of the things that I find very difficult. He's like, look, fitness is three things that you got to get down. Yeah, it's like you got the strength down. You're pretty good in your mobility, especially your shoulders, hips could use a little bit

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work. But it's like the area that you suck at is breathing capacity. Right? Like not cardio. Right? It's your ability to do like a three to five heavy deadlift with a hex bar and then jump on a bike and go 50 calories in minutes. My sister just texted back Muhammad Gibreel big smile. That's

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so awesome.

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She probably just we were all saying you know see how we all get giddy first kind of come up with the answer. But she's like, Oh my God. That's all that's literally all she wrote was Muhammad Gibreel smiley face. Yeah, so she'll probably thinking of it. Now. It is right here. Frisco Masjid is way out as a first person who told me Oh, he's coming to our message from your guy's place. You take 360 right here right before the airport. It splits 183 goes to the airport. 360. That's his message right there. Seven to 10 minutes from from where we're sitting.

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