Most Dramatic Flood In 17 Years – Hajj 2019 Vlog Day 8

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AI: Summary © The past 17 years have caused extreme anxiety and loss of power in Mina, Pakistan. The group is preparing for a trip to JFK, where they are instructed to make a walk. They take a bus to JFK and then take a train to JFK, where they make plans to transform their addiction and make it a hotspot for alcohol and drugs. They emphasize the importance of being patient with oneself and being with a friend to establish a character and achieve goals.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah guys. The greatest flooding that has taken place in Mina in the last 17 years just happened. We literally had bags and things floating away. Electricity was taken out. Many of our Hajaj asthmatics, heart patients, people who needed nebulizers, Sleep Apnea machines, anxiety kicked in. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Welcome friends to day eight. And today we will make some intentions. We will play some mile markers in the ground and we are prepared for success.

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Or they don't have time to do this. I got one guy on the on the nebulizer in there. I've got two heart patients waiting to be seen. Like it's I've never seen flooding like this ever. We were completely left to the will of Allah subhanaw taala hajima Brewer

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As salam Alaikum on the hardest day of Jamaat, on the hardest day of May now when you're here the whole day, it rained like it hasn't rained in 17 years, me now was flooded by like luggage was loading on the top of like 10 inches of water. And it was it was an ordeal. I will tell you nothing. No one in our hearts group has experienced anything like that. But the show must go on 50 people plus the workers shoveled water with spoons with food trays with brooms. And as a result, we cleaned out our camp. And now we're walking to gem rot. It's 400 Plus stairs. The escalator was out. But the escalator just came back in. It is on like Donkey Kong friends. This is what hurts. Preparation is

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about stuff that you could never prepare for like that it would flood in the middle of the desert. Baraka lofi come that get up on that escalator. So you jump Murad

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long, long, long bow holds we'll be learning in a shape on every gene. So really unique experience. We got to

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pick up the food into little trays. And as a result, we're getting to take a lot of the excess food that we have and share it with people around us. I think it's an amazing experience might be self righteous, but right now it's fairly pretty nice.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Good morning friends. It is the completion of Mina, Jo Marathi. We've left and we are now here for the waffle with the final readings and Daniel tations to the Kaaba. So, we will go and walk around the Kaaba do the walk, return a car, have lunch, then take a bus to Jeddah then Jeddah from Jeddah to from Jeddah to I will spend the night there and then we'll take a train. First time we'll take a train from Jeddah to Madina, Munawwara and then two days of Raha relaxing,

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any bother just being happy in Madina, Munawwara looking forward to it.

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is the black back of the clocktower. So you guys on the bus,

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a Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh friends, it's that time of year hudge time when we make the resolution, whether it's no fap seminar retention, whether it's putting down the bong and getting away from marijuana and the addictions that are surrounding us, whether it's stopping hookah, whether it's staying away from pornography, it's the time make that mental connection you don't like hearing those words here. I understand that you don't like hearing Bong ads while you're looking at the Kaabah but this is our chance once a year we identify are binge watching of Netflix the addiction to the phone that I'm recording this on and we say Ya Allah love bake Allahumma the

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bake once a year, we get a chance to transform find your addiction transform and I'll see you all as we begin to dissolve Allahu Fado and Jessa are Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah love to you and you can experience the verb of love was said Imani, come on the love

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh friends we did it LaunchCode reached it goal I needed $3,500 to finish recording all of Surah Bacara you guys helped me do that during hudge I'm remembering you guys right now. So look into the camera. Look to what is yours and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allahumma Dawa faina Bill Iman launch good friends we did it. Let's go now record the entire Quran and help the world memo right

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is the virtual memorization system that we've been talking about? Thanks for helping me raise the funds. I'll see you guys at home was salam aleikum? Wa Rahmatullah. Here we are in day number eight. And we've talked about acceptance. We've talked about resilience. So resilience led us to being patient with ourself. And that takes a little bit of time. But in today's portion, and as you can see, you'll also see in the vlog for day eight, it's not just about constantly being patient with yourself.

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You're not babysitting a child, there's an essence of being with yourself being with yourself. So today, I thought four or five points, maybe you'll draw six from them, on how to be with yourself. When you're sitting when you're in moments of post resilience, post acceptance, when you're in a meditative state or outside, how can you be with yourself? Let's go with step number one, we've said this before, treat yourself as if you are responsible for someone else, you usually tend to treat them really well. So today, we're going to extend that idea and go to be your own friend. And when I say that, be a friend, doesn't there? Isn't there an instinctive part of you that already knows how

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to be a friend? Okay, so now let's walk down that together. Being with yourself should be like being with a friend. Let's talk about the first step of when you're with a friend and you make a suggestion, do they immediately chop you down and tell you how you're not good enough and how you failed last time? No, they usually tell you what you're doing, right? They're like, Hey, this is a great way.

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And before that, excuse me, they usually like you the way that you are, even before you give the

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suggestion or a thought. The first thing that a friend does and you do instinctively is you're like your friend the way you are, they are you're not spending your whole time trying to fix them.

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Number two, when you do make the suggestion, your friend who likes you the way that you are, will start telling you, hey, here's what you're getting right? Here's what you succeeded with before, and they will begin to deal with you. And that fourth step step in compassion. They like you the way they are, they'll tell you what you've done right? Already. They're telling you and dealing with you with compassion. And number four, a friend will usually tell you Mistakes happen, failures happen. Remember, try fail, learn, try again, your friend will be there, or a friend should be there to tell you mistakes happen. We all mess up. And we we you need to know that they're there as a friend. And

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I think

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if you fall back into this and stop looking at yourself first. Do you know how to be a friend? Yes, you do. Instinctively, you know how to do that. So today Bismillah. I am asking you to learn to be with yourself the way you would be with a friend, taking time to enjoy the things that you do enjoy liking you the way that you are. And now a friend doesn't just accept you the way you are, they will meet you halfway in order to reach your goals. And that's how I hope you would do it and say, hey, I want to do this. I want to improve this. I want to grow in this space in my life. I want to personally develop this character about me. And then meet yourself. Meet yourself like a friend with

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compassion, see what you've gotten right? And get yourself a plan. You remember we talked about this, about fixing the things that are the immediate problems and the long term issues that you see us make a plan for them.

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Meet your plan the way you would meet your friends plan. And I hope that I can I not hope because hope is empty. I know that you and I are going to take acceptance, resilience and patience, fuse them together, to no longer have to tolerate ourselves, but to love being with ourselves. So long is upon us all friends. We did it. Thank you for closing out this day with me. Now let's prepare for the journey home and carrying all of our intentions with us. Thank you again, a day of being with ourself