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Wisam Sharieff
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as they walk into law, peace be upon you, around you and from within you. Good morning. Welcome to the diaper changing station. And welcome to nourishment on the go. So as we're moving along, before anything's gone in my mouth, I wanted to discuss what I'm going to do with an empty stomach. First off a little sort, squiggle of a warm water before I do anything, and I swallow that, allowing everything that's the, the, if you will, whatever's in my mouth to settle down what's in my stomach.

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The next thing that's going to happen is keep the stomach empty. Yes, you're going to be hungry, but you want to get air in your stomach before you begin the day. You want to get some deep breathing, you want to get deep breathing. And with that deep breathing, I hope you can do the Wim Hof breathing technique, or some form of vicar or some form of affirmation, but you are seeing the rise and fall of the belly

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opening of the lungs holding that and then right to left.

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So one of the best forms of Knorr that you can get into your body before the day gets over you takes over is to get air within your belly.

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Do some deep breathing do hold your breath. For a few rounds, you should be able to hold for about a minute and a half. And from there, I will have a spare a six ounce cup of warm water with apple cider vinegar. So it'll just be apple cider vinegar.

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To read what's on the bottle, and follow it's like a teaspoon. Start out with a teaspoon, you'll end up with two tablespoons in hot water.

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Mix it up, you have to sip it, it's intense in the beginning. So if you want to start with one teaspoon, and then keep going, you're going to sip it, it's going to open up the throat. And then the idea is to neutralize or to balance out the stomach acids.

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So I've got one to change right now. But let's focus it does take a little bit of discipline because you're like, Oh man, I'm hungry. Let me eat something.

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And two notes, if you're going to start doing the apple cider vinegar, do your best to do miswak or rinse your teeth out just with your toothbrush, toothbrush, you don't have to put paste, the vinegar can be strong if you leave it on your teeth.

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And a number two, do your best throughout the day. Don't start, I know you're going to do this and then you have to wait some period because you just drink apple cider vinegar. So I'm hoping now that we can go about an hour or so. And in that hour, you can have fruits, you can have some

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you can have oranges if you want to have a banana, but it'd be great if you could wait an hour. So get with the hour go ahead and start with 20 minutes and then keep moving that out. So first step there and please make sure it's going to happen.

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You're going to have to put something in your mouth until you get to the full nourishment cycle. Please don't make that first thing really sugary because then you are going to crave sugar all day long. So wait on the sugar that will deny are talking about that right now for breakfast heap that will Did you find the halls he found he found a cough drop and the halls have some Is it is it sweet. It's got a little kick. Oh, he's giving me this. He's like yeah, it's sweet. So I'm going to head off nourishment first installment for the Umbra vlog and that is the morning ritual. What are you doing? Waking up with an empty belly drinking a little bit of warm water and then taking that

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six ounces of apple cider vinegar read into it figure out what Apple Cider Vinegar is all about.

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And then trying to keep fruits and vegetables or fruit juices no sugar added till 10 or 12 o'clock see if you can push it out to 12 and and then go on your normal schedule.

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