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I said I want to welcome and welcome to pronounciation of prayer. In our third episode, we're moving from a law of will Akbar. After completing all the requirements to pray, including being of sound mind after that can be your al Oula. The first along who Akbar we move into our super Chanukah law Houma, Wahby ham, deca, what abou raucous smoker. What are the judge Dukkha wha La Ilaha Lirac and my eyes preferably fixed on the place where I will make such the but that's a bit advanced now. So let's come to our third component. In our third component we need to discuss Surah Fatiha an integral part of the Salah Allah azza wa jal God Almighty in a hadith kotse his words Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his mouth said Salah is between myself and my slave, and he referred to Surah Fatiha as salah. I will take a moment here and encourage you to look at one of our other videos for a deep dive into Surah Fatiha but let's split it into two parts. Once I've settled my bodyweight into my heels, baby toe and big toe I have a solid tripod a bend in my knee for natural natural flexion I will begin Bismillah he'll walk by Neil walking there's not a what a wave or a wonder I got the body weight in the heel big toe baby toe grabbing the earth Bismillah heel rock McNeil rocky

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facing hip squared out to the Qibla and hamdulillah he'll walk being me I'll walk Manuel Rocky, Mani ke l mi d a yak on our boudoir iya ganas they're in a dino slit all blooded will step him Slidell, Auckland Lavina and nom de la him. Why Ed Bow Bow vrna him wired out on screen

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to take a moment with you here.

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This is how you and I would read it

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yet put in a stereo

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suit all

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Did you notice and I understand ASMR right now for Surah Fatiha but did you see? Just because I'm reciting it without a lot of sound. Does it lose its integrity.

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So postures of prayer. Start here in the pronounciation of the prayer.

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The second component was Cena The third is Surah Fatiha and I'm going to tack it on here. A minimum of three verses or one lengthy verse longer than four or five lines in the Quran. There are lines as you read it. Make sure it's a meteor section four to five lines. This will complete our third video and I know you're saying I need to work on Fatiha check out the countless videos we have. Let's go through a series watch me recite it watch the Quran Weekly version of it watch the writing version of it go to Gron WB W or some site that allows you to interact with the words. Let's do a deep dive of Surah Fatiha there is no Salah without Surah Fatiha video three was set up on a cold water but

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