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AI: Summary © The importance of mindful prayer during a prayer is discussed, along with five components of the prayer: exiting the Earth, standing up, doing a step-by-step approach to exiting the Earth, standing up, and doing a step-by-step approach to exiting the Earth, standing up, and doing a step-by-step approach to finding a comfortable position. The importance of working on the posture of one's body to feel created by an spontaneous force is emphasized, along with tips for finding a comfortable position and avoiding tension in the hips and knees. A guide on how to position oneself in a natural posture is provided, and further guidance is given on making a shower or going to a restaurant.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah Peace be upon you around you and within you not sure if you have caught the previous day. But today I'm gonna move right into mindful prayer. When we go for Umrah, everything around you becomes magical, like everything you do is a place to pray took our youth was definitely going to be answered here. So so many times you will go to Omar and have an amazing experience, but they don't know how to carry that with you. So peace being upon you, around you and emanating through out you, it's going to take a few steps, right, you're gonna have to be able to take something home, I believe the widow conversation got you involved. That's the way I look at it.

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The widow conversation wasn't just about wudu. But then you started to say yes, there were more things I could do while being aware of Allah subhanaw taala. And really, one of the things that you could do to be mindful, is the prayer itself. So today, we will not be able to cover in detail, but I would like to discuss mindful prayer. So then you could start making the posture of wudu into your posture of prayer. So we're going to discuss five components today.

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That's going to be the stand, where you exit the earth, you stand up, you go into ruku, which is an axis what X Y axis, such that is a bridge says that is the bridge from this world to the next it's a spiritual activity, when you go through the motions, it will take you to transcendence. So we call I call it the bridge, you have the exit, is you have stand, you have access, you have bridge, the commitment is in between when we sit we'll talk about commitment, and then finally, the entrance back into the world. So we you might know a prayer in different components, but to be able to discuss it mindfully, we have to break it up. So the first place that I want to come to is the idea

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that you're standing in front of your Lord, try to get past if I don't do this, I'm going to hell if I do this, I go to heaven. But for the moment for the mindful prep, because you're there in the Haram and the Kaaba, you're looking at it before the Imam says, you know, make straight lines, everyone, you know, still, and then you're kind of like what this is happening, you have to then say, well, if the box is real, yes, you're there. And then there's that transition, the first stand is going I want every molecule in your body, every joint in your body, to feel real, to feel created by a Creator. And in that, for me, the first posture is letting go of the earth. So if you would

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first work on just in every posture, letting your shoulders go, a lot of us are here, intention, even in modesty a lot of us are here, some of us are, you know, in an awkward posture, all I'm asking you that we start is the freeness here so that when we have to say Allahu Akbar, if we have to raise up our arms, were aware, no tension in our shoulders. Let's move now directly to the posture that we really need to work on the exiting of the world, like exiting the world and coming into the prayer. That's not difficult. It's that mindset and then entering the prayer, the standing of the way we start. So I'd like to start with our feet, and then we're going to build ourselves up.

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But we've had this discussion before, remember, I showed you the skeleton, the feet, the heels need to be touching the ground, I can discuss this till I was blue in the face. Let me get over there. And let's start from the bottom. So the first place that I want to start the discussion is with the foot, a lot of times you'll come to the prayer and you're standing like this, you're like I don't know what's wrong, I would like you to turn your foot in this toe should when it's grabbing the ground, you'll feel that see that even I have it's not all touching the ground appropriately, I want you to start to see that there's weakness here. And this is just touching the ground. So in order to

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do that, you've turned your foot in and if you realize from here, that will then turn your that will also turn your knee in as well. So once your knee has found this new place, you'll find that from the hip, from the hip, you're turning in just lightly so that your knee will fall in as well. What's the point here? When you come to the prayer like that you've turned all of this out, you've locked the knee and now the hip will be in a very awkward uncomfortable place. You will not be able to maintain this say your insula. You want to stand for a long time and Stand all night and pray you will not be able to do that if you've locked your foot out. So now come to a more natural posture

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turn in just slightly freeing out the ankle. The ankle then becomes free. Then bring you their knee into it. Once your knee is free. You will realize

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From the groin from the deeper part of your hip, you're free to make that turned in posture for both of the feet gripping the ground, trying your best to give yourself a posture of dignity, my knees are free in this posture, and I'm able to my knees won't come out over my toes. But I could stand here. Now you could understand how this posture, you could read a buckler, you could read quarter jersey, you could read half just, there's free and the weight is down on the feet, and the feet are grounding.

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Now, assuming you have your foot posture, correct, we'll talk about the torso later. What if you want to now move to access, you want to move into the XY access, where your body is planted, and then from your hips, you're trying to open yourself up. So again, we're not going to discuss any points, just looking at the physical posture, we can discuss points later, get finding this area where you're going to stand, my feet are assumably are in that free position. Now, from here, you have to understand it looks so easy, but it's because I'm bending from a completely different spot. And from here, if you realize the belly is free, you can breathe, it's a comfortable position, the

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aim, the knees are eventually when lined up, they're free. But again, I can stay here as long as I'd like I can make a shower, or I can say I can say Robina Artina, fit dunya hasna idea is not to do it how long I can stay here, the lumbar spine has enough for four or five drops of water to feel here. And as you can tell, definitely shoulders are going to be flat to keep that jug of water. And again, from here. There's that simple posture, right? It's a very simple movement. But again, I'm going to try to give give that to you one more time. I'm here I'm making the prayer what a law lien. While I'm here to live who had from here, I want to now lean forward. But remember, my body weight has

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been where it's been in the hips. So this is not a difficult posture. This is not uncomfortable, because the hips are free. So if you find tension here in the hips and the upper knee, where we just have to roll it out, I want to show you this too once from here, sternum lifts. And now imagine from here, am I going to fall? No, right? I'm going to lower myself in a posture of dignity. Now if you want to go elbow, hands or knees first, that's up to you. But simple concept. I am here at some point, I drop into a ruku not hand heavy. It's not a football stance, not hand heavy. From here lifting sternum. Bring my presence and then just dropping the weight. Again, this is the place where

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naturally a man who walked hundreds of miles in the desert would be able to and then we'll talk about the prostration from there. Think about the prayer mindfully. You'll want to do this before you get to the two cities okay, I get it it's not fair that I'm telling you to do these things and then calling them simple. So before we get to such the and the exit before we get to bridge commitment, and the entrance back into world is such the childhood, and that's making Salam Tasneem

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I would like to start the discussion now. Don't we need to roll out some joints, don't we need to have the discussion about the foam roller. So if you've got the lacrosse balls, I hope that they're doing something for us really shouldn't be putting a few Dr. Kelly Star Trek videos in there, but I will. I'll get you some things. But if you don't have a foam roller, go ahead, probably 14 to $18 please do get the larger sized one. If you're small, it's okay. And if you feel like you're brand new, you can get one of the like orange and it looks like it has like teeth or it has like different grooves on it, you can get that they're a little bit softer. But that's the discussion to be able to

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make the free movement. We're going to need to open up your hips but for now for sulla you have the standard process the way you're placing your feet the way your hips are falling. This in itself is going to take a while I hope we'll do is wonderful prayers the next step and now we're going to head over to mindfully having a meal.

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May there be peace upon you around you and within you a Saraswati Equinox de la Have a great night catch up, put some milk stretch. Don't take anything to heart, man. Remember umara is the time to transform and we have the rest of our lives to correct our prayer.