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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the process of memorizing a page of a textbook and how long it takes to finish. They suggest breaking down the pages into smaller chunks and using a longer format for easier reference. They also mention the importance of completing the project in a timely fashion.
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Where's this whole page of a concept come from? To finish the juice in 20, in within a month. So 20 lessons, you want to finish memorizing a page.

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Because if you memorize a page a day and 20 days you finish urges to juice a month, almost little under two years. That's how tall your teeth every teacher measures, because once you get up to a page, then you are consistent. Because every day there's no other breakdown of a jurist that's equal I find it difficult.

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And maybe just this is me desiring to go into the

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dough, guys don't desire that it's straight pay today, if you ask the kid, what did you read?

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I don't know. I don't want to know. And it confuses me. When you look at the meaning you religious people, I just want to get myself done and go home and play video games. No one's gonna come and be like, Yo, I can't wait to memorize a page a day. Everyone's gonna come in saying Is that doable? Five, five lines. Yeah, I'll do that. Someone could come in and say I want two fives. I want I want it. I want the page. So then I have three fives. So if we break them down to the five lines, there'll be like, I could do that. So right now I'm gonna write this. And we haven't started any full pages. I guess page a day. I mean, it's not doable. It's not doable. No, it's not but like once

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in a while. Okay, right. Like, for example, what like that? I didn't do a page a day. 182 195 Yes. 16 lines. Yeah, it makes sense. In fact, it made sense to make the 195 its own saba. Yeah. One to 194. That's like, what? 1312 lines? 30? Yeah. 12. And that in of itself is like pushing. Yeah, that's a lot in a day. I think it I was taking madrasa stuff. Of course, the only reality I know is the madrasa I never really questioned like why, what's the what's the benefit, and even finishing quicker? There isn't. So let's give them palatable chunks. And that way five lessons at a time. He doesn't make more work, because I think we're just gonna pause and go. I'm just wondering, like, why

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36 months, that's just more Harvard research transformation in someone's life, the first year they're able to fix this and 24 months, they will understand transformation transformation, I can understand that there is six months, but 36 months is based on a page of de what I wanted 36 month, it sounded like it was a long period of time. So I figured I could do their mobility and their fasting 36 months might be appropriate to complete full time. I don't want to I don't like saying part time hips. I want to say well, lifetime, lifetime. If you do a lifetime hips, then in 36 months, like that way that sounds you can you will finish intermediate to Yes. Right. Because if you

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think about two years Quran revolution, right then following that, intermediate two alone is one year. Yeah. Right. And two is definitely another year golf and use if you take a year to memorize.

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And the other two are like a year plus, yeah, well, intermediate one is a year plus. Well Makia Yeah, it's two and a half years. Yeah. So two and a half plus one is three jewels

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Yeah, you have to understand it never thought out once I just said I was like yeah, but this is doable. No one's going to do a page a day online. Why wouldn't that person go two months out? Yeah, right. If they had that much time to memorize a whole Quran a page today they'd go sit doing it this way. We've only we still only on five lines and five there was five lines. We'll do this. While Omada Ibn Ali won. Well, Adina Amman walmartone Island for someone my assurance five lines. Stop, Boo Boo Boo. It's a shift in what we're doing. But it's in the long run is the only way to complete our project. We're not going to do 600 pages. We're going to do pieces. Well we can still do 600

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pages. Yes, but not in that format. Not in the Exactly. Not not in the grand revolution style. Because those videos ended up being two hours right. Each page was like two. Yeah, each. So I didn't

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we can't be binge watch. Last Airbender.

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Okay, let's dot and ride. Oh, the belimbing shaped already.