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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Last year, we came to you friends with an idea with a yearning life purpose within me to bring a virtual memorization system to the world. And a year later with your support with your eyes, which focus, vision, dedication, brother Belaz, relentless work, we all finished to June, we completed the first and the 30th in all of the components that we talked about. And we built a portal, which you'll see just in a few days, but I'm here again, to make the second appeal. Let's finish out Surah Baqarah. Let's get the world memorizing all of Bacala ended 30th June. And throughout this series, we'll talk a little bit more about where we want to go from there.

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But help us finish this next appeal. I asked you for your help last year. And we did amazing, let's do it again this year. So I can take this and bring it into the virtual world so that every kid in F in any school anywhere in the world, a mom at home, anyone who wants to memorize the entire Quran and have a virtual teacher every single second of the way, every single letter step of the way. Let's bring that to the world. But for now, take a look at what we did. So far. Some of you have seen the journey of recording that information. Help us do that again more efficiently, more effectively, and with a better student. Appeal in mind. I'll see you all soon have a wonderful

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Ramadan ZOC Allah we'll head on and take a look at what we've done with what we collected last year. And what we've been able to build