Make Meals More Mindful – Vlog 16 – 40 Days To Umrah

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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you and made emanate from within you. We're here on Part 16. Today, we're closer to O'Meara. And isn't Allah again, I always ask Allah's permission. And these days, I kind of feel like we're, we're very much in that mode. Only, we're within 30 days. And today I'm asking for us to discuss meals. Like I tried talking about it, I think, last week just touching on it. But we need to discuss several things mindful eating is just one of them, right? Eating with an attention to the taste to the smell, and appreciating the first bite, appreciating the way that the food breaks down, and that you tasted differently. So today, not

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only am I going to give you one or two of my dietary suggestions, and I'll tell you right now, you have to learn to supplement your meals, you have to learn that when the buffet comes in, it opens up and I'm gonna keep talking about the buffet, you're gonna go ahead and grab yourself a small supplement snack could be kind of bars, if you're not into that, that's fine. There's a wide variety of flavor variety of flavors,

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those little packets of baby food. I'd like to get you introduced to that. But I think we'll talk about mindful eating first. But if you can go to a buffet with a little bit of food in your tummy, and you have enjoyed every single morsel of your snack, you chewed it you allowed it to break, you enjoyed the chocolate and or the salt sweet or savory. You appreciated it as midlist dilla as something from God, when you're in the city of mocha Rama and Madina Munawwara. Like, they're, you're going to definitely say, Okay, this is from God. So I am hoping that you're going to start looking at meals in a different way, with a beginner's mind, i e, are going to look at your food,

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you'll smell your food, you will give your attention to your food, you'll put down your phone, you'll treat it as, and this is the irony, as if it was organic, and if it had some energy. Now, if you're looking at yourself saying this box of dirt, this bag of Doritos has no energy than I eat, maybe I shouldn't be eating it. So I'm gonna drop the word in here live foods, raw foods, hopefully you don't have to open it from a package. And yes, I just said Kind bars and Kind bars are in packages. So we're gonna find an easy medium, between before you write me off and say all great, I don't want to hear it, too. I want to talk to I don't want to listen to diet advice. Why don't you

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and I find an easy medium, a place in between, I'll suggest you pick up some snack foods. And I'm going to suggest that they be healthy snacks foods. And that when you get to the buffet, you'll be able to eat and enjoy every little piece of what you're having, not filling yourself up. Again, I really want to keep your gut in a state of setup. So let's keep moving. I don't want to make the vlogs into long discussions in the car where I'm just speaking to you. So let's go ahead and talk I cannot remember the name of that baby food, those packets, but I have them in my bag, I'll have to explain to you and to TSA, why I carry around maybe

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with a few minutes left, why don't we talk about the kinds of things that I wanted you to be eating the kinds of things that could help to disrupt the diet. In order to have mindful eating, you have to disrupt your pattern, right. So let's get into it. Today, I'm going to show you some combinations, today's diet is not going to be sugar free. So for anyone who is looking for a sugar free diet, we're going to talk a little bit later we've done a sugar free omega, but I want you to try try to let's try to disturb the diet a bit here. Okay, so when you're hungry, you tend to use snack a little bit. But if you calculate what you're snacking, and you tend to control yourself by

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not eating an entire bar, but we're really mindful eating is going to help us focus on taking one bite, breaking the nut feeling the chocolate break down, then if there's peanut butter in this, allowing the salt and the protein, really tasting it, essentially like you would do mindful prayer, you'll mindfully be biting into eating this with Dakota, I chose three bars is a notic. This is the highest amount of sugar count. And it's it's it's I'm not going to try to explain it away. It's the best of what I can offer for now. Don't be deceived by marketing it is it's a good option. And if I take a bite of this, it's not such that it's like a sugary bar that I'm going to want to keep eating

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more. You'll take a bite. You'll wrap it up and you'll put it away. So the idea is I have some Cliff some kind

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And this is my meal disrupter when you get to Makoto Makoto Rama. And even here, friends, if you're staying home, remember, you have a tendency to want to eat a big meal when you're hungry. If you can disrupt that need for the weight in your stomach, this is the heaviest of the bars. So if you can disrupt that need to have weight in your stomach have a bite of protein. And as a Crohn's patient with a very sensitive stomach. Thus far, Quest has got the taste. And the after effects on my stomach are not difficult the after effects on my belly, don't make at the end of the world. And that's a really sensitive thing to me, I want to feel light and feel able, I don't know if it's

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important to you, these three bars also washed out of your teeth really nicely. If you do have a bite and then you doze off on a plane. It's not I'm not finding the same after you but I eat like a candy bar. Your teeth aren't coded and sugar idea that we're going to get to is you find a set of bars, protein is this a little bit advanced. This I think is a disruptor it should change your chocolate bar needs it should try to shift you and this is a snack you can put in between.

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And I think it's time for me to skedaddle at some point. But what am I telling you tell you to buy these bars? No, not at all I'm telling you to when we get to O'Meara learn to disrupt the meal. Before it's breakfast time and you have a buffet the size of the size of your breakfast table is going to be your own table. And there's going to be that was a horrible example lots and lots of huge buffet. It's massive. You can disrupt the need to try 30 things by having a bite and definitely fill the stomach so you're not taking in as many pancakes and baratas and other types of foods that might mess with your stomach. Remember, it's not really the one thing that you eat, but it's the

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burrata with the with the fried this and you're not used to having meat with spices in the morning and who has tenderizer at 7am on a jetlag stomach, I don't know. You would say no one everyone will want to get there.

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Be mindful of what you eat. I think it'd be wonderful to talk more about food tomorrow. You know, I love seeing the moon, sha Allah we will talk more in the morning. I'd be mindful of what you eat when you eat and whether you're eating to refuel or you're eating for ritual was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.