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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The segment discusses out of 10 signs of a foolish person, including one who spends over his income, one who doesn't respect his partner, and one who is moaning and begging for attention. The importance of patientism and avoiding legal threats is also discussed. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a program on Islam. A woman who was recently killed by her sister due to COVID-19 and lost her interest caused a crisis on her family. The segment also touches on the struggles of women who lost their lives due to COVID-19 and the importance of proper behavior and proper behavior in maintaining a healthy relationship.
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bellami Salatu was salam wa rahmatullah alameen wa early he was Javi woman one of whom the Son in a yummy Deen Waka sakala Jalla wa ala Chiquita Hill, Majid wa for Connie Hill Hamid

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Amina shape Anya rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Allah Kumar for encircled Dima roofing outers Ray from NW Sol Allahu taala Allahu wa sallam, masala Kala O'Shea and Allah what are the la mina Rita, one of Kala Kala who say an

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LA LA LA LA Macaulay salatu wa sallam honorable scholars respected brothers and elders, the automa have mentioned that there are 10 signs of a foolish person, I don't have time to go into the detail of those 10 however, I share with you three out of which one is relevant to the topic. The first sign of a foolish person is He who spends more than he earns, whose expenses are more than his income. That's a sign of a foolish man. The second person is one who does not respect his seniors, yet expects you to respect him. That's a foolish man. And the third is that capital. The third is that couple, who dis who argue daily in the relation, yet are optimistic of a blissful related, who

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have daily quarrels, daily arguments, yet they're optimistic of a blissful religion. Now I previously made mentioned that to sustain the relation It is important for both parties, husband and wife to constructively contribute. But the key ingredient is a key ingredient that if this will be found, then and then only there'll be prosperity in the relation and that is patience and perseverance. This has to be found by both and in particular by the wife. The famous incident, Allah tala speak of the dinar, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam in the Quran. How does Allah refer to Ibrahim Ibrahim Akana oma Allah says he was a nation being an individual he was a nation, state Deacon nebia Allah

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says he was very truthful and he was the Prophet of Allah. In the Ibrahima one Heidi. Allah said Ibrahim was one who turn to Allah continuously honey, one who was patient and forbearance. Yet this very tolerant Ibrahim loses his tolerance, this very forbearance, forbearance. This very patient, Ibrahim loses his patience. When he walks into the house of his son and his daughter in law is moaning and groaning. He walks in with your husband heard

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the famous river if you've gone out, how is your people's condition? How are you living standards? national TV thing, watch it. We are living miserable. We are going through chaos in our life. There's nothing good in this marriage. Anyway, Satan

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conveys the salams to the daughter in law and says in our job, so juki

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Salam worku Lila, who up Rajapaksa Barbie, when your husband comes back, confirming my salams and telling him he must change his doorstep. My point that I'm stressing NZ Brahim, whom Allah says was patient, Ibrahim Allah says, but even he came to the boiling point. When say tonight he smiled and I said I'm return unnecessary. As soon as he entered, he perceived, he sensed that there was a presence of someone he kept his wife was the only one home today. Yes, there was an elderly gentleman who visited any comments, any remarks, any discussion? That happened? Yes, he came home he asked, I will actually be going through a lot of grief. We are miserable in the relation.

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We say? Did he leave you with any kind words any parting advice? He said, Yes. He told me that I must convey his regards to your best wishes, and that you must politely change your doorstep. Is that okay? Listen, my my wife, Dr. Abbey, the old man that came for the record that is my father. When he said I changed the doorstep then that was indications that an offer a cookie that I must terminate this relation and dissolve this marriage. In hockey, we unless you move on in your life and I have to move on in my life. The point that I'm stressing here is a key ingredient in the relation there has to be patient. Now it is really appalling to see the extent of tullock that is

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happening in society. And over and above that worse than talaq is the threat of the law. I have a lot of my personal observation seen that whenever this has become common in the relation, a threat of the law, the law is not a privilege. This is a responsibility. It's a sign of immaturity will divorce you I will divorce you. Whenever a woman is threatened with the law. I have noticed out of the cases I have been involved in inevitably she starts flirting. She starts now looking for another relation. Let me different scenario, you walk into your workplace. And your boss comes interested in things up here. I'm going to retrench. But I don't know. I'll let you know later. What happens to

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your insecurity? How confused you become I mean, if he can send whispers like this and he can give threats like that. I need to start looking for different options. Now

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but before

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I go in to mention that I want to share with you one hadith of Muslim Sharif, on the strength of whom it will soon reveal love with Alana amico. Allah says

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in the event of Muslim youth, ritual fishing in Mima, yaku luminous, I have heard the Prophet sallallahu wasallam given concession on three occasions where lies is permissible. Now, appreciate and understand the gravity of the crime when a person speaks a lie, to start over Allah says,

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Allah curse is Elijah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah, Allah

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must not tell you the most grave of sin. Sava said tell us he said a shear Kabila ascribing partners what Allah will open one day in disobedience to your parents. What can we take and fatalis he was reclining, he got up and he said that his door openers door

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door a false false evidence and the utterance of a lie. Sahaba said he repeated himself so much that especially as we were to hear from him more, but it doesn't, you know the thought came in our mind If only he observed silence we got the message, but he kept on harping and repeating and reiterating the prohibition of lies. Now, this is the gravity of the light, yet the three situations where the Prophet sallallahu since his lies is permissible. Hence it makes us understand the importance of these aspects that such an inflexible metric has been made flexible. Number one, his left brain and NASS, go unite to Muslim brother, go to brother Muhammad and say my friend Why are you having this

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difference in this bickering usually has good words for you really, he has good words for you go to YouTube and say I met with Muhammad last night what he really wants to patch up the religion, the next time they meet the reality is no one had said anything, but just to bring about unity and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said he is not a liar, he will be rewarded on this line. Why it is the means of unite into and at the same time you can imagine the gravity of the sin of this unite into the second is in better because the very nature of it is deceptive. So in parallel to camouflage to disguise to keep your movement and the third is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Howdy, Raj

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realizzata the relation between husband and wife you know we to come on to save the save the marriage campaign, you know, to to cement the relation and to put an end to the Salah. What do you say the dialogue that discussing the relation between husband and wife the flexibility in this regard also to to cement the relation. Now let me share with you two incidents that appear both in the books of the first two Sahaba when it was seldom used to send the alarm on who to go and collect the car. You know, there was from the official state there were people that would go and collect the car. And he was also sent by the alarm during the reign of

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Satan went out to go and collect some soccer and whatever he collected from the people he didn't you know, dispose of it and dispose of it. When he returned back when his wife asked him, you know, generally when people go back then people also give them some gifts and some presents. So where's the presence? And where's the case? So Mars Rover, Yolanda said no, no. Omar had sent someone with me to monitor me and to see that everything is transparent and there is no you know, they there is no this loyalty in the funds and everything is discharged adequately. So I made sure that I discharged every cent and I have nothing. So the wife said but that's very strange, nebulous term

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used to trust you. And he did not send anyone to monitor you. Abubakar relied on you. Omar suddenly has a question mark to your integrity. And she made an issue about it. And she started telling everyone but how can a woman send someone to monitor my husband as if he will embezzle the funds? So anyway, the news started spreading and it reached the ears of someone who called my house and he said was, but I didn't send anyone with you. He said, forgive me, meaning I had no other excuse to tell my wife. I really didn't know what to tell her. So I saw Maria alone, I had a good smile. And then he got money. And he said give it to your wife and make her happy. So to cement the

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relationship, even this form was allowed. The second Hadith appears in the one page before applied narahari as I mentioned, brothers, study the social life of Sahaba. Study the social life of newbies awesome. They were humans from humans and understand, understand how Allah wants us to go alive. Forget about the food that we have been exposed to through billboards and advertisements that will only corrupt our life that will only jeopardize our relation. Anyway, he was you know, reclining with his wife on the bed. And she fell off to sleep and he had been the human need to approach the slave girl for karma Elijah yet in lieu, so he stood up excuse himself and went to be you know, have

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religion share the bed was his slave girl. When the wind got up and she looked around, her husband was nowhere to be seen. So she stood up and as she walked, she found that her husband is having relation with the slave girl we talked about

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So after that, she took a knife. She took a knife when she came. In the interim he sends the as the severity and the sensitivity of the situation. So you sprung up from the bed quickly and he came out that device appears in direct with me on page 44. So he called his wife walking with a knife like this in the dead of night. He said, mayhem, what what's happening? She said, What's the matter? You're still asking. If I had to see you when I seen your Lava Jato cafe in a cafe, I would have penetrated this night between your shoulders.

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Six by 14 or 18 the way you see me, she says I seen you on display girl.

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So he tells his wife I wasn't there. If I had tension with her, that means I'm employed and if I'm impure, I cannot read Quran I'm ready to read Quran. So she says okay, read Quran to prove the fact that you are pure. So you start seeing in Arabic couplets of a narrow sola you have to do kita kkoma home in Alfa Teresa.

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So she didn't know it was Quran. She didn't notice was poetry says the word singing melodious Arabic It must be Quran.

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When when you read the Arab couplets and she taught it to be put on she said, Amen to build up workers who will buffer I believe what you say and I deny my side. But understand you there was no crime that was being committed, Allah forbid, you are perpetrating the crime and having an illicit relation of the crime and you lie is a terrible crime. That is a sin and you lie that there is a very big sin. Understand the situation let's not run our minds and apply our logic. Your he was involved in something that was halaal and lawful and legitimate. He had not committed or perpetrated any offense anyway, but it bothered him in the morning he went to an aviary salatu salam, and he

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went in he report that he said that this is what had happened for you to

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know nobody knew who he says I see no vlsm is such a broad smile. That is blessing we've got export also. Now the honey that I coated in the beginning,

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the prophet Lam said masala Allahu Allah What the * are they a hub boo la mina levita there is nothing depreciated on the face of this earth that impresses him more than the liberation of slaves. And there is nothing but nothing that alone is created, which is more despicable and detestable to Allah than divorce. Now, let me give you the first part of the insightful alarm, which is the commentary of global muram. It is mentioned regarding the Sahaba how many slaves they liberated, ie the North Monrovia liberated slaves say that an eyeshadow Viola one has 69 applied now bursary alone is 7018 exam Ravi along with 100 up to live number the alano 1000 lukina sR era Viola on one day,

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1000 slaves and

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50,000 slaves

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why my hub Allahu Allah has not created more beloved to him than the liberation of slave because slavery undoubtedly is a form of exploitation. And hence Islam promoted the liberating the second portion of the Hadith, there is nothing that Allah has created that is more despicable than a lot more immutable, says I was standing with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he was told that a man has divorced his wife three times, nebulae Salaam caught up and he said yes this revised comes in necessary

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to come vikita Villa what anabaena

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are you people mocking with the book of Allah one in your prayers? So once I have you stood up and he said Allah aku only be open I should I should I kill this man if he is playing and messing around with the Quran likes more time of Malik Emma medical of metal is mentioned on the strength that one person came up to light now but for the alarm on when he said in a turn up to me atellica I gave my wife 100 not a sense very very common more than three. I gave my wife 100 Transformers data Alia How do you view my situation to Lippert mean korpisalo out she was separate for three turnouts was terrible. What is the rule? It's supposed to be hayata law US law and the other 97 talking with

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Allah is Libby and he'll deal with you.

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The other 97 you were playing with a lot you were mocking with a lot in one day what comes Mujahid neurotic he says I was sitting with a blue light now

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and then suddenly one contained.

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And he said you happen to have been in Nathan luck to MIT salata Sausalito, I gave my wife three thumbs up to life now bus dropped his head down. Medina said Vernon to unknown Whoo hoo ha ha I thought that a billet now bus was contemplating and trying to create some leeway, some flexibility and he will say, Okay, do this and your wife will be back in your marriage, even raised his head and he said, Listen, you people go on a spree of divorce given divorce, and you lose your sanity. And then you start firing up the clock and

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Then you come yup and our bus, bus yep and our bus. Oh delight. delight now bus Oh chef homeowner and I helped me helped me to live now but listen clearly and carefully. Allah says in the Quran, a woman in La Jolla, Jon Loomer Raja, whoever fears Allah, Allah will make an opening for him from every crisis. Now the fact that you gave three talents were in McCallum tetapi law. Further lg dolakha Maharajah as an admin came to you gave three talents you, Allah, so Allah has no opening for you. Your wife is separated, and you have disobeyed a law. Now these are the consequences of the law at the same time. I mean, in this week, I had a case of a sister two days ago, a white sister who

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reverted to Islam, what a wrong image of Islam. We are portrayed. She's married, and she's in the relation for 14 years. And unfortunately, that's been the 10th time where she's a victim of physical abuse by her husband. She phoned me Wednesday morning, and I'm outside the house. Now she has reverted to Islam. She is not a born Muslim, and she is been married positively through practicing Muslim. And this is the Islam that she received. She says I'm phoning you from outside the house. I am bruised. I need to know I take legal advice once I dissolve this religion. More Wagner says very wise, even Muslim sorry. He says I had one slave girl Kanata Ali alghanim she used to you know, take

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my sheep and graze mine.

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And I used to go and monitor the flock and see what's happening. One day I got there for either the book or the zahavi shot in a wolf and devout sheep. So I came to her and I said What happened? She said no the wolf gave me money Adam asked if come see phone, and I'm a human like any other human as well so provoked and so excited, and so enraged that I lost my balance soccer, soccer and I slept a one on the face. Now understand, this is not a way to slave, the you know, they think there is a mark of difference or the no comparison in the dignity that a wife enjoys listen to that over slave girl, a slave girl her entire body is purchased. But anyway, I came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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he said oh profitable lies this woman. And you know as dumb Allah Yeah, I'm feeling bad about it. What can I do? Can I elaborate and set this girl's free the slave let me set some Set, Go bring her and talk. So anyway, I went and I call that person a lot. He will tell them, let me set a lot he was asked the first question in a law, can you sister will use a law? She said Allah is in the heavens. I asked the second question when I know who am I? She said unto Rasulullah You are the Prophet of Allah. Allah said artiklar. Herman Miller, let this woman free. She's a believer respect the sentiments of women in her. Now even if that is said, about slapping a slave girl, can you imagine

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the consequences and the gravity of the situation when there is physical abuse to your own wife? The last thing before I go on, the AMA mentioned that if a person you know very important there are many times a woman also abused the situation that he might've intimidate the landowner at the Vla, salaam said a human

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Zoda any woman who asked her husband without a valid Islamic reason he does not she she demands a divorce for aramoana la hora de la jolla her Never mind paradise she won't even get its fragrant and one of the remedio on the front of Abu hurayrah and Moon 31 mostly our lunar moon Africa, women who are provoking separations who are demanding dissolving the religion. They are nothing less than hypocrites. The owner mercy for me ever has to give up if he is compelled and he should by and comply with the following thing. Allah save us all. But if ever you

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are in love you Jamia hoppy, he should divorce her at a time when she is not experienced one cycle. And at a time when he did not cohabit with her he did not have religion. In doing so it will it will minimize the end period. If you divorce her during the period where she's experienced in her cycle. It prolongs the debt which Piquet matters for her and that gives you an added sense. So that's the first thing number two, factor sirata to nicotine one without divorce one we vocable divorce. Number three,

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he should try and be as polite as possible. It's a very crude interaction, but to the best of his ability, he should be polite. And as the Quran says one to one given us something has an even earlier Viola Juan, who's the grandson of Libya, a salon. He gave his two wives talk on one day for whatever reason. You know, like that person said, I had bad luck with both my wife the one left me that one didn't give me one material to give some gifts. So when you send the talent to both his wife he gave them 10,000 dirhams each and before she said after the marriage

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divulge her weaknesses, close the chapter and move on. She needs to move on with her life and you need to move on with your life. rather pay me out I want to share with you in five minutes. The life of a woman I believe is a role model for every woman. You know, this is the season all rounder, not a cricket all rounder, all rounder in the sense. I will tell you, the mother she was then I'll tell you what the wife she was then what it was, and then you can make the call and decide. As I mentioned, a key ingredient to sustain this relation is proper and patient. I'm speaking none other than asthma being terribly baklava. Lavanya.

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Donna was born 27 years before Hitler took place to Madina munawwara she narrated 56 frt from the visa lottery system. She enjoys the privilege and revelatory tone as to Nita crane, when my inner being Abubakar left 400 and he came in the dead of night. And then Abu Bakar accompany the Prophet sallallahu wasallam It was a small Nikita role as her daughter It was a smile The alarm on her she prepared food there was no vessel or container. So she split her apron in half. And then she closed the food in this apron, and she gave it to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and this became food for the journey and it was because of this the profits are allowed to sunset as you are in a trip to

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governments internet also the to nothing. So anyway, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam embarked and they live on his ranch. He she was the one that repaid the meal. Then after Nabi sallallahu Sallam has led one day the grandfather of asthma, Ilana comes abou hapa, who is 83 in age and was visually impaired at that time, he is not yet a Muslim. Look at the maturity of this woman. My sister today has to contend with her mother in law and state law and she faces a crisis. Let me tell you what I had to contend. She sees her further off. Then comes her age and father. The grandfather walks in. He's not a Muslim. She understands the complexity and the sentiments. He says,

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I can see him so my son Abubakar is going again with his companion Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam asthma says yes, oh, my grandfather, he is gone. So again, I trust he left nothing for you and he deserted you people. Now look at the maturity of this girl. She understands loyalty to her father, loyalty to Islam. She was the 18th person to accept Islam, only 17 people accepted Islam before she was in the initial stages. This is from your home my grandfather, she then took troubles put it in bed and then brought the grandfather and told him how you feel these beds, he felt he used an Arabic term. Now the word higher in Arabic has two meanings. It has the meaning of as well as the

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meaning of good so when the grandfather said Did he leave any higher meaning any money she you know we think we are psychologists are very smart and we know how to manipulate and we know how to you know turn into a look at the mature intellect doesn't steal you closer to Allah. Then what's the good she said? peratallada Iran Kathy Jaco, my grandfather he left a lot of fire. The grandfather interpreted it as well. She interpreted as poverty and inequality. Then the grandfather leave us Martha is one law he matara kalenna mean costume he had not left behind a dime, not even one cent but it doesn't end he or she leaves that why it suggests abou Jonathan comes to know a smart

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contains with the enemy of a law in the absence of a father. arrogantly harshly abruptly what I'm saying my sister you find yourself in a crisis to juggle yourself between a mother in law and a daughter in law and you come to a point of frustration. Look at who has to contend. Abuja Hall walks in ways your father Abubakar, as much as I don't know, wave you'll never be Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam as much as I don't have the whereabouts. A Buddha says I know your father is not your if you will not speak up I will slap you and I will hurt you severely, as much as go for it and do what you have to do to revive such as this wicked, evil, nasty wretched may Allah be upon him advance

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towards the seniors and bless it as Mara de la then beating her severely causing her to collapse and her earring Truffaut she stands up crying, but she says I'll never divulge to do what you have to do. But this is not the old This is not the end of asthma. The rewired comes in nothing that she was married to Zubair opena lava Maria lavon, who Zubair is number one was among those Sahaba who were given the glad tidings of Jeanette in this world alone was gone out with the Prophet of Allah was going out with the Prophet of Allah in a particular campaign. And when she got married to when she got married to the very last one who said Zubair owned nothing. She said I walked into, went away

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and had nothing but when the horse come too early for us to revise,

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I used to give fodder to the horse, walk into a duck coonawarra lean out neatly now and I used to take the date but crush it make powder of it and I used to give it to the camel. This is the house I walked in. He had a particular land which was at the distance of two miles daily. I used to go to that land. I used to be

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The dates but one day I was returning from Thailand. When Noah Allah Rossi and the date puts were on my head. It was extremely hot. The heat was intense, was stolen. lahemaa was having, you know, he had a tsunamis working with the Sahaba he looked me and he putted my condition. He came there, he dropped his camera down. And he said if that Oh a smart come, you know, mount on.

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I, you know, modesty dropped me. Imagine my sister. Today you don't mind rubbing your shoulders in the midst of a mall to go and satisfy your lust and your pleasure and asthma in extreme heat, inaccessibility when the newbie overlap, put the camera down and said astma mount on she said the modesty kept me back and then the courage to there was a lot of Whoa, what can I mean?

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What law words what a woman she said I was about to mount. And then I thought of the possessive nature of my husband Zubair, it might Zubair come, I got on to the back end to the Prophet of Allah was dead, obviously that's okay. But there were other Sahaba there were other men. I know he will feel offended, he will feel insulted, accommodating the sensitivity and the possessive nature of my husband's I decline and I said oh prophet of Allah go on. Anyway, I came home I narrated it, I narrated it to to my husband's developmental arm. Then he then spoke to my father, Abubakar, who arranged a slave for me. When that slave came, I felt so relieved as if Allah tala had liberated me.

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And I mentioned this rewired she says my husband was a rather strict person. So I came to my father try to be Vanessa which is in higher to Sahaba and I said, Oh my father you know what my husband is a bit strict in the religion. I don't know if you what you know, I don't know if I can carry on Abubakar said if only if every father can be the aboubaker of today. Yeah to Nigeria to is to be. Oh, my daughter makes our final merata Isla Cannella has Oh,

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when a woman has a pious partner in this world, so mamasan her and then he dies been pleased with her.

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And she remains loyal and faithful to her previous husband, and she doesn't marry onwards. Java, Allah, Java, Java humo. Phil Jana, Allah will unite them in genda I will mention two things and I conclude really my please to the system of today. My plea is the mother of today reflect over the life of this woman. She said the plan the Prophet of Allah was gone out there was no food at home. We had a non Muslim neighbor anyway she prepared some food after preparing some food I was hungry now we're on a family home be able to eat I was expecting my daughter who later I came to know was Khadija she had six sons I went to the house of the neighbor asked for some firewood the hope she'll

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invite me for the meal but she did not invite me I said they brought the frame home and as I brought enemy of the public who happened in exile killed the neighbors you know what's happened in the in the environment then enter entire atmosphere so anyway I brought the flame it increased my crave for food but that this woman did not call me in any way I mean for the second time I said Can I have some flame she told me take the flame and go I came back I felt on my husband is going out total suffer and and I'm expecting I'm expecting today's woman she was about postnatal depression before she gets pregnant. She's depressed after she gets she's depressed. She's going through depression

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upon depression. This woman is pregnant her husband is out there is no food, no depression. Why? Because she's complained to the Dean of Allah subhanho wa Taala when they when the husband came home he said Did anybody come home today? She said Allah Robbie yesterday his neighbor came home she was asking for some fire. The husband said no, no, I think she needed some food kind of leftover food. As I said when dead food came with their food can tears of joy. Allah knows what what hunger. I leave you with the last thing in the life of asthma. My sister again my plea to you is reflect over the life of asthma and you will save that marriage. You will see that relation and you see the

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goodness of it. As Maria Donna said when I made history I was explained my buildup in Zubair This will make every hair on your body stand. If you only apply in a periodical as a layman colorful bone. She said I was in my ninth month in the final stages of pregnancy. I left from Medina from Mecca to Medina when I got to Medina wanted to be Koba, I came to Cuba and I experienced labor pain and I gave birth when I gave birth, then my child brought a lot of joy to the Muslims because the disbelievers said, we have cast a spell on your woman. They are barren from today they won't pay any child at the birth of mine refuted the perception that there was a spell that was cast. I brought my

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child and I put the son Abdullah in the lap of Maria is Salatu was salam, nebulae Salam tend to came Darby, Tamara, he said Bring me as a mother. He didn't choose the date for Luffy what he Subhana Allah He then put that saliva in his mouth while I cry and I say up Philippines where May our friends be sacrificed for you. We came in the world. We were given to the lap of a nurse some was given to a nursing mother

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Sunday put a bottle of the professor Abdullah had the saliva of my inner being his mouth, which in the future of the child who comments is what the saliva of nebbia is Salaam. Then VOA salatu salam ala who he may draw for him one lucky he blessed him she says that Abdullah didn't grew up again. Allah knows best I couldn't come across the reason as this and the relation prosper for whatever reason Zubair it now I'm divorced his wife. So now she goes to another setback in her life. Everything she has done, Allah knows best. Zubair even divorces his wife, as Marianna said, then I

00:30:35 --> 00:31:09

posted my life with my son of the loving Zubair. He had a very promising future. He was nine when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam passed away. He then became the governor of Makkah, and he refused to pledge allegiance to it and the story is very long. And then after many cabinet Marwan who took over, and he's Governor hotjar, Gibney, Yusuf came to attack him, and he laid siege around macaque and after 26 days, he kept it up to life in so bear. Now I leave you with the last words of advice. Let me show you what type of a mother she was. In the rewind, it comes the day that Abdullah in Serbia was assassinated.

00:31:12 --> 00:31:51

So bear, duck Allah, Allah Omi, he said, let me go greet my mother. I have a feeling that today is my last day. So as he comes to his mother, he asked his mother was 100 years at that time, love you for the llama bosan aloha syndrome. She had not lost a tooth and she had not lost her vision today scientists would have postmortem old body and made research. Our entire body was intact at age of 100 feet unlike a woman. Anyway, I came to my mother. I said Mom, I think today is my last day. How are you feeling? Oh my mother dialogue between a mother and a child. She's divorced. She's at the age of 100. Her son is out in the battle is the governor of Missouri. So I asked her how are you

00:31:51 --> 00:32:10

feeling? She said I am feeling sick my son. So I consoled my mother and I said in Nashville mo de la lessthan my mother peace and happiness life. So my mother told me lol laka and Amanda hooli are you desiring that I was dying before you? So I said I kept quiet my mother's my son, ma Hippo and a cappella.

00:32:14 --> 00:32:57

I went to love to see your death so I can make supper on your death and Allah can reward me. Have you ever heard of a woman? Have you ever heard of a woman in the annals of human history whose aspiration is to live beyond Hamas? I told you unique as a wife, unique as a daughter in law outstanding as a mother in law standing as a as a mother or my son. I want to love to see that you die I make supper on your death and then I will respond to the call of my love. Anyway, these are the last words she then separates her son and she to know what the last word is in yaka and total has letter mendini, comma capital, Kathleen, my son, we India, your father, the marriage had broken

00:32:57 --> 00:33:32

up. These are the last words of your mother. Don't forsake your dean to secure your kingdom. Don't say I asked you my mother. When your son goes out. Have you ever said this year you're going overseas? Don't forsake her to secure the deal. Don't forsake your Salah to make it in the exam. The last words of the party mother and son and they separate and then he goes and that very day a stone herb and hits him on his head Serato and then it breaks and then it causes a severe flow of blood. The last word he uttered his last words he uttered Allahu Akbar

00:33:33 --> 00:34:17

in Kotel to Lhasa bikini la vaca in La Casa de with eeny masamune la nettv emini, my mom, my breath is going, my mom My soul is departing, my mother, you will be told shortly you're on hold yourself together, I won't able to hold you I will be gone. Hold yourself together my mom and embrace my Dean will remain my character will remain and rely on this Allah will unite us in Ghana. When the news came a chargeable used to the notorious bloodshed after he was killed. He then hung the party over politeness to bear and for three days and he left it after the third day. A smarty Alanna took a slave girl and she went to the body and with great strength and vision what would great you know

00:34:17 --> 00:34:56

carried she then brought the body of my son down. And she said on this body and I know Allah will serve our blessings and peace and his mercy on every particle after he arranged for the hotel. And then she seen that the covenant and her son was buried and 10 days later she went enjoying her son internet. Really my brothers I'm asking you read their life. The last three wires when I saw the loved one has his own Habiba was in the throes of death. Habiba sent a note to me and she said, I saw please come I want to meet you urgently. So I came there. I came to the bedside. She said listen Ayesha. katakana yaku Bain and Bain avara. Here you are. The prophet SAW some scope wife and his co

00:34:56 --> 00:35:00

wife. I'm on my way out. We had a lot of bakeries in the room.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:10

Listen, I'm a woman, you're a woman. I can't die with this in my heart. I'm asking you forgive me so I can sigh with relief and pass onwards. I said, I have forgiven you. Only Habiba said.

00:35:14 --> 00:35:53

You made me happy, may Allah make you happy. Then only Habiba sent a message to miss alma COVID. She said, Listen, we are a woman, we had our ups and downs. Let's close the chapter. I'm about to breathe my loss. I cry to Allah. And I wish my my message across the globe. I wish this can leave every mother in law and daughter in law reflecting and asking you my mother, and I'm asking you, my daughter. If I shine Habiba, Habib, I know Miss Alma Kotecha Petrova LA for the bigger picture of after I am hoping from Allah and I'm optimistic after you have heard what Allah has said that today will be you will call your daughter in law, embrace one another and make it a general atmosphere of

00:35:53 --> 00:36:01

forgiveness. May Allah subhanaw taala instill within us the reality of what was said and revive in our life the likes of us Maria La Mancha.

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