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There's a very short for this

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which is really the

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gist just slavery is what is found really demands from us.

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This is a lump said that

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luminova hadoken are gonna have to be

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the amount of none of you

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will be reliable or acceptable

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until his

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desire to inner desire, heart's desire

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subservient to what I have covered with I have brought

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another word

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that the obedience

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to bring into the teaching of Islam

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has got two aspects.

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One is the obvious one that we make on namazi make our razavi

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when we do that, the appearance of that if you do

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and that you will not do unless your heart agrees with it

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that is quite possible.

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Sometime, we may do things

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our heart is not in conformity.

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And that is called nupoc.

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developers who are seldom arrived in Medina,

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a definite group came into being they were known as hypocrisy of pain

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in the past duplantier hasura Sorrell Wanaka,

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they used to do the exact same thing with the Saba were doing.

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They came to an AMA they come to the NaVi degenerating the Muslims are doing.

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Check the Quran says that they are liars. And they are hypocrites.

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What was the thing which is missing?

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thing which was missing

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was the

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subservience of their heart.

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The heart was not in it with it, what they were doing.

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The force any force

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can make bow your head

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but they cannot bend bow your heart,

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your heart maybe something is inside of your head, do something else.

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And this is also Solomon saying

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that the when the Sharia ruling comes or who can come out says along comes then our Manasa Deborah Savin our panel

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to saarela wattana. So the monocular other youth did not do that.

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The Hurt Savannah but didn't did not obey

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this means that obedience has got the two sides

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where your heart should also be content with it. Absolutely. Second is our appearance our body should also be submitted to

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the outward

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we just to perform it easier.

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But inside is something very difficult.

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And this is a problem comes in

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and therefore the hadiza saying this one is another Hadith said

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Allah Masada Mangia nutzer

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the real Mujahid got the the sahab

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said that Allah has prescribed

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you can make our animals you can go without even touching.

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That's fine.

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The thing is this whether whatever we are doing

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it is easy for us to do

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100 records of nothing. It's very easy. And another minute Ravi, we do all these things.

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But to stay in for to obtain yourself hold yourself back from committing sin. This is where the struggle is.

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Where your desires of units Best Buy that

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you fish the target first. You try to look for loopholes to somehow there's a big giant racket permissible

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and this is where the struggle comes. This what the meaning is allow your audible

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mrtg to be

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cleaned up sunny Highs

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Olympia calm kapama No.

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Am I enough sanitize our desire of heart.

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Now this is where the struggle comes in.

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And making it hard is very easy can make 10 record 20 record numbers are going to come to the masjid. You can come visit a half an hour before one hour before you can read the Quran using that one hour half an hour. Crispin easy.

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But the thing but the rest of the life is outside of the muscle.

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To see where the struggle is coming.

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There's a bunch of silver missing. So make sure that whatever we do, always keep in mind that our heart her head over together. Reverse accepted with full pleasure, whatever lotta disability, we have to really struggle there we have

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two things which Allah tala asked us to do, that is going to affect that is going to influence our children, our society, our friends, and this is what is

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going to help the disabled going to do something manda that whatever you said, I must have deserved the same. admonition same door. And if you understood you have the thing, then you have to extend the spirit to call your friend or your family all those things are heard on our reliable element.