Learning To Read Qur’an In 12 Hours

Wisam Sharieff


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A person (Speaker 1) talks about their experience with learning to read the Quran and applying it to their work. They explain how to use the techniques and learn to recognize words and phrases, starting with the basics. They encourage others to take advantage of the resource and try the resource for themselves.

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Salam Alaikum brothers sisters, I just want to take you through an experience I had on how I learned to read the Quran in 12 hours, I took brother with some Sharif DVD class are ordered online. And then in a few weeks I had the DVDs and I started applying the reading Central's that he had, he took me through everything from the basics of the alphabet, all the way to accents through applying these actions, how to recognize the words, how to use them and how to use these tricks and how to apply these these proper techniques and learn the Quran. I took me from nothing to reading the Quran

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pretty much fully at this point, I encourage anyone to come take these DVDs. These classes are how you get a hold of this system. Just take it go with it, roll it, you know, you might you might seem like it's a little bit too much for you to handle. You might be skeptical, I was skeptical. I just took it rolled it gave it a shot and everything worked out and inshallah everything will work out for you.