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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their recent project, which was a garden garden made from the inside of a house. They explain that they want to take responsibility for their work and share their vision for "slack change" in the future. The speaker also mentions their upcoming class and how they want to take responsibility for their work.
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I said, I'm like mom with a lot of guys, so many projects going on. And there was also dad's health. And it's still a humbler. I was been home for a week, everyone following along. He's on hospice care, which means he's not projected to get better, but he's doing he's happy to be home. I'm here finally Alhamdulillah. It's been a year having the least here and we've produced a lot of content. And you saw it this weekend with Bilal Gron revolution. Something that's I've talked about, but not really said too much. And AQL projects with Quranic transformations with stand postures of prayer, sunnah supplement. With all of this going on, I wanted you all to remember, even the places where

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we're shooting suna supplements. It's all happening at a dua at a

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don't like how many bugs they have here, like that. It's all happening as a manifestation here at ocho Gardens, which was a DUA, which was something that I asked Allah subhanaw taala for was a, a transformation that I asked for a place of refuge that I asked for, and it came together and today, with the landscaping going on, outside, and us putting in the touches for the mulch, and things.

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You're not always going to have the picture perfect thing from the outside. But we took what we wanted, made our purpose out of it. And as a result, we built the garden from the inside. And now that we're putting those final touches on, now that we're getting, now we're getting that cleaner look, you're gonna see the AQL garden right here, you're gonna see that welcoming entrance. That's my project that I'm working on.

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And I needed to share that with you all that for the last two years, you might have heard of grand revolution or a webinar going on. But we've been producing content and working with the right people to build the vision. And so Mr. Nelson has been with us working from the get go. So it's not just calling up a bunch of people, but people who see a vision, a place for grand revolution work, which we've been kind of sharing that studio together. But now we're taking it full on AQL Gardens is now open, and we are now going to continue our work here. What will that mean to you? Nothing different. You'll see the same projects but to me, you'll recognize that I wanted something. I got an empty

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shell and I had to build from the inside first in order to see Mr. Nelson working on the mulching, working on setting things up to make it look appealing from the outside. So these three minutes I'm heading into class right now. Dad's health is fantastic. Now I want to take charge I want to take responsibility now that he's home, no matter what Allah subhanaw taala wills, he's home. It's my job now to get the world reading