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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to memorize here we are in step one for ISO 254 and 255 You also know it at AYATUL kursi. Let's get it on our Ozu. bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim.

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Prepare to receive

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Ruby luckyme No Shave Bonnie Roddy Yeah, uh you her lovely man who feel oh

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vehicle me Mao was out on Camille Barbary a DA would be fee

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and yet da yo moolah B fee he Walla Walla SHA one fee Runa humo law the morn Can you read this one to me please? Yeah.

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You will have lazy Nah, man. Oh,

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Uh, you had lazy man who?

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Vehicle mean? Mao was out gonna cool. meme

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was up on

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mill balbirnie

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the EO Moodle Bay your own Bay Bay on fee he was a whole lot to Allah chef ah, while fue una who move all the morn we did a few times. Yeah. Are you Halloween? Man who

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feel oh me Mao was up on

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me Mau was up on mill poverty a Dao moolah, a da yo moolah. A da yo moolah Bay. Fie. Walla Walla Walla SHA shafa while you Kaffee Runa whom all Wally mourn. All right, friends. I took her say repeat after me. Allahu La ilaha illa who are how you look are you?

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Allahu La ilaha illa who how you are you

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love that who Cena to one

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love that who who seen that too? Ya know?

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Low Houma. Low Houma is sama Wati wa Marfil out and so marfy sama Wati wa Marfil RT is here at the top at the end you'll have marfy sama Watty WallArt same if I took RC starts with La Houma is Ma RT one Marfil are at war Marfil are at war Marfil art you go for it. La Houma is MA You are Marfil

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they're lazy.

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They're lazy Yoshua Oh,

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is knee? Go? Man lezzy Yash thought oh, I know who it is me.

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Ya Allah MUMA ya allah MUMA ng yah, Lambo uma Bernina a de hem wama Califa whom? Ya lemmo muy bien ad he muama Hall for whom please go yah

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yah, yah from the middle of your mouth. Yeah hola MUMA Bina ad he wanna Hawaii falgu Walla. Walla, you hate tuna? You hate ona wala you hate to Nabi che him in real me he Illa Illa ba Ma sha

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Go for it while you're here while you're here Pune Pune, Pune. Boo che mean really me he Bhima Shah was he 123 was C were wet seat ah was he was he Accorsi you who's our T one out go for it was he? Accorsi you lose our T Waal

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Wallah? Yeah yeah oh yeah who do who yeah who do who he if he if though Houma while I who do who have with do Huma you need air for this go Wallah. Yeah Who do who? HIV?

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HIV vous Houma? Whoa hoo. Ali you you'll have the Wahoo ally ally, you lousy?

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I know it's a lengthier Subak let me read AYATUL kursi to you please.

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Allahu Allah Isla is one how you look are you love? Who sinner to wala nome, la Houma is sama Wati wa fill out, man Valerie Ashfur or who eat lobby is ni ya allah MUMA ya allah MUMA ya allah MUMA Benina ad him one outhaul falgu wala you he to and Abby che mean me he Labby Ma sha Shah was Yonkers. See you who's

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the one Wallah who do who have the Houma. Wahoo ally ally you lovely.

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You got it. You heard it for the first time. Come on over. We will take 253 and 254 We'll set it up into a 7x We'll read it seven times and we'll open wide and recite aloud I know it feels heavy maybe you want to split it up into two if you can. I wouldn't break idle corsi just because you want to memorize it in order inflow, take it as one shot and you'll get it. I'll see you in the next step where will recite aloud will set on y equal Rahmatullah.