Mohamad Baajour – Farewell Ramadan – Eid Al-Fitr Khutbah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics including Carnival, the upcoming election, and a possible return to the previous video. They also discuss the importance of shelling bushes of Islam and emphasize the need to not overestimate the value of gifts and not cause harm. The importance of protecting oneself from cold and heat is emphasized, and a commitment is made to not talking to each other for two weeks and fulfill small acts like fasting and taking care of loved ones. The segment ends with a call to promise everyone to make a commitment to Easter celebrations and to celebrate with joy.
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Salam aleikum Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar La Ilaha Illallah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Elijah hummed Eden Barak to the whole community mashallah I see a lot of glowing faces mashallah, mashallah the government and women come in sha Allah so if you please ensure if you stand up and just move forward a little bit in sha Allah all all of you we have a lot of people Subhanallah this year, it's been amazing. We haven't never seen this crowd at 715 Mashallah, Mashallah.

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Okay, Inshallah, sit down and she's not gonna have please sit down

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so inshallah we'll start right in 727 20 What time is

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715 727 20 inshallah we'll start 720 Because we still have a lot of cars coming in from outside Subhan Allah it's all packed out so inshallah another maybe a few minutes inshallah. So just quickly

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the the carnival, we are still a few if we have given ourselves another few hours. And if the rain forecast does not go away, then inshallah carnival will be postponed. And we'll let you know the new date. As you know, it was on Sunday if you don't know the Carnival is supposed to be on Sunday, but if inshallah we are still waiting and in sha Allah, you know, if the if still, we, if we gotta move, we gotta move inshallah. So we'll have to just postpone it. If you have already purchased the bands, and the tickets, please give them Inshallah, because we will have the carnival just being maybe postponed for a couple of weeks or a month, depending on the availability of Southfork ranch in

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Charlotte. So there's one insurer yesterday, we do have three Juma prayers 131 45 315 and 430. And lastly, Marshall, I see a big crowd. And I'm going to request each and every one of you who are voting members, we have to participate in the city election. As you know, we have psi psi P ISD. And the city elections city of Plano elections coming up on May 6, and there's early voting starting, I believe on this Monday, is our responsible

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Ready to go and vote it's that important for especially for the Plano ISD brothers and sisters please if you are a voting member please vote inshallah and we'll start in a couple of minutes Dakka Dakka

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hand along

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all along thank you

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, when in in Hunt, so inshallah Tada we will be performing slaughter aid. And then after that there will be a very short clip of

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slaughter aid is to rockers after the first tech Vera after tech miracle ROM, we will do seven tech heroes. We will do seven tech beers, and then we will recite the Fatiha and a short surah and then after that we will perform this recon fool and as we're getting up to the second rocket after the tech directly into call we will make five more tech heroes in sha Allah Tala and we will have a short football and then you could enjoy your evening Allah Tala stand up inshallah and make a very straight line he is on the line foot to foot shoulder to shoulder

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No no no I

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think everybody knows what they're doing here right

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since which will then

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the same thing again

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forward heels on the line, foot to foot shoulder to shoulder

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Hola. Hola.

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Hola. Hola, como

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Hola Hola.

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Hola Hola como

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el Hindery here have been URL me in a rock. You're rocking. Murli kill me doing II cannot do it.

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You can have Steen you know sweet Otto he was stepping sweet Otto Lena and lay him all you really do Viale him on me

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well according to follow up on Santa Ana Ala Moana to us we shall be heinous to wanna know acabo de la Haman happy little worried Edna turnip call Motorola PN Jani I mean you I knew she Malakai Marian if you homie COBOL in the here RP Bonati

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circular tool noted in

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the early chemical, German hotel he went up half is for the leak.

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you go shahid. Loco Dooku

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Jeffy off let him in

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like further soil can you do the

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work on up or you know who has the yard at the end up here fija

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Namakkal lack of in any men hear him or tell him Maury LSDj lemma Amar Hina and

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we share the border Corrine bene Otto

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King while back you can if he got buried or just me more than welcome them to Eli ecom Bill worried man you

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you will learn in IV The young woman up on Ali Jahan

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watch a phone or

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as he

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was only 13 Jun Autoline monoterpene. Very the

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two are doing and equally been happy. Men Kashi

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Have you been Mooney

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Lika young woman follow the law

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on F he Fe

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while Adina G

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semula halimun Hermida

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I'm Michael

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hola hola como

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hola hola como

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Hola. Hola.

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Hola Hola como

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el Honduran here have been? I mean, a rough man yo

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Rahim. Maliki only doing he can also do a kind of styling.

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If you do not see at all thought he was stepping sweet Otto levena and Li him or Uriel now do vre him

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on really mean I mean

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on Allah Hu sama lemme le do LMU while I'm here Khan who Khufu and

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Sammy Neiman Hamidah

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Allah hola

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I'm Mike

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah As Salam ani comb Warahmatullah.

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In Shangri La Hina Ahmed who want to stay in who want to start when I was in LA him in Cerulean fusina Women say Tiana Alina. Mejia de la Fela medulla, when a young lil fella heard yella, why shadow hola ilaha illallah wa de who luxury color why shadow no Mohammed an avid who are solo? Am I bad? Aquila? Subhanahu wata if you Kitab al Karim, you

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know Tahoma haka choco call it where the HMO tune in

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to Muslim

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Yeah, you hon.

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Lady Holika come in Hida Wakanda come in has Oh Jaha Weber salmon humare. Gianna, Kathy, you know when he saw what

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he won

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Yeah, uh, you Halina Tacoma?

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Sadie. You will sleep

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with me in

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the photos, another email. And that thing that's local Hadith Kitab Allah. Well, Helen had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Sharon Amorim to her. We're calling that invader. We're gonna call that Infinera. From that, Allah Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. In in Allah, Allah hu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Well Allah Hill hunt

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Ramadan, Ramadan, who were Dianna M were Danna, Ramadan.

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That'd be language is so eloquent that if I move a word

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from one place to another, put it behind the

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The word the whole, the whole meaning completely changed.

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So Ramadan who had done

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Ramadan have said farewell to us have said goodbye to us and that is a national phenomenon.

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Big because from the hikma of Allah, from the mercy and the wisdom of Allah,

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everything has a beginning and an end. The sunrises in the morning and sets at night, we are created and our life will end. And similarly similarly, non Adan came to an end. But the second one what Diana Ramadan, it means we have said farewell to Ramadan.

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the people who said farewell to Ramadan out of two groups

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some said goodbye while they are crying

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because they missed that spiritual peak

00:21:10 --> 00:21:11

the first group

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said goodbye to Ramadan while they're crying because they miss Ramadan already they said goodbye and they are so worried

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if there are men were accepted or not

00:21:27 --> 00:21:37

that first group they said goodbye and they can't wait for next Ramadan begging Allah azza wa jal to keep them alive to witness another Ramadan

00:21:41 --> 00:21:42

this group

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they said goodbye

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and if they're wondering if they're fasting qualify them to under from the door of the Rayyan

00:21:57 --> 00:21:59

this group said goodbye

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and they made the promise

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that they will maintain their Eva that after Ramadan

00:22:11 --> 00:22:12

for this group

00:22:14 --> 00:22:15

may Allah make us from this group?

00:22:16 --> 00:22:34

If Ramadan can talk, he will tell this group honey and Lil Marcin. Congratulations because you were can who call Elam Mina Layli Maria Joan, where Bill is

00:22:35 --> 00:22:49

whom you're still here on. If Ramadan can talk, he will tell these people congratulations. You will hardly slept and you will constantly making still far at the time of Soho

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and then there is the other group.

00:22:56 --> 00:22:56

They said

00:22:58 --> 00:23:03

goodbye to Ramadan. But they also said goodbye to fasting.

00:23:04 --> 00:23:06

They said goodbye to Salat.

00:23:07 --> 00:23:12

They said goodbye to the Quran. They said goodbye to the masajid

00:23:13 --> 00:23:17

they will fasting and they could not wait for Ramadan to end

00:23:23 --> 00:23:25

this group if Ramadan can talk

00:23:27 --> 00:23:35

he will tell them that Allah subhanho wa Taala said why drop Becca had to kill your kin?

00:23:38 --> 00:23:55

If Ramadan can talk, he will tell this group. Allah did not say why but dropped back into your Ramadan. Allah did not say worship Allah until Ramadan is over. Allah said in the last day of surah and worship Allah until you die

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that allow for Ramadan is the same ill Chawan

00:24:03 --> 00:24:05

Which group are you from?

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My dear beloved brothers and sisters.

00:24:11 --> 00:24:16

Our holidays by themselves are an acts of worship.

00:24:18 --> 00:24:21

These are the days we're supposed to give sadaqa

00:24:22 --> 00:24:33

These are the days we're supposed to visit our relatives and our loved ones. These are the days where we congratulate each other.

00:24:35 --> 00:24:42

My beloved brothers and sisters do not celebrate the eighth by disobeying Allah azza wa jal

00:24:43 --> 00:24:55

Do not ruin the mountains of Hessonite you have acquired the shaitan is out and he's been plotting for 30 days so he has full power

00:24:59 --> 00:24:59

do not let him

00:25:00 --> 00:25:09

and ruin all the beautiful fasting and the km and the tahajjud and the Quran and the sadaqat.

00:25:11 --> 00:25:12

My brothers and sisters,

00:25:13 --> 00:25:19

every day that passes by without disobeying Allah azza wa jal is eight

00:25:21 --> 00:25:30

is an occasion to rejoice. Go to Colorado stuffer Allah for stock photo in our photo writing

00:25:37 --> 00:25:44

smelled Smilla salatu salam ala Mala and Abby Yabba my beloved brothers and sisters,

00:25:45 --> 00:26:01

Allah azza wa jal at the end of the of Siyam it's not a coincidence there's nothing in the Quran is a coincidence. At the end of the layout of cm he said how nearly bass on lecan were and Tom levers on loan

00:26:02 --> 00:26:03

you are

00:26:05 --> 00:26:10

your spouse's garment, and your spouse is your garment.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:15

My brothers and sisters, the government usually

00:26:16 --> 00:26:21

protect you from any harm, protect you from cold protect you from heat.

00:26:22 --> 00:26:50

And also the government makes you look beautiful, and hides your faults. And this is the way we are supposed to be with our spouses. The wife is supposed to hide the faults of her husband and make him look beautiful. And the husband is supposed to hide and overlook some of the faults of his wife. Just like my brother that you are not perfect. She's not perfect either.

00:26:51 --> 00:26:53

My brothers and sisters

00:26:55 --> 00:26:57

in this blessed day,

00:26:58 --> 00:27:01

let every spouse tell one another.

00:27:04 --> 00:27:19

Let's forget the past and start all over. Why am I saying this a day because of the complaints I get on a daily basis because of what I hear that's happening in our homes. It is very, very sad.

00:27:20 --> 00:27:48

couples living with each other do not talk to each other for a week two weeks, are so much SLM said if you don't talk to your regular brother for three days. This is it. This is the limit. How can I not talk to my spouse, the mother of my children, the father of my children for a week or two and constantly fighting and arguing. Let's make a vow today in the masjid. That's it. I'm done. I'm done with fighting. Sit down with each other and get the shayateen out of your home.

00:27:50 --> 00:28:04

Bring back the piece that Allah put in that household. Allah said Raja Allah Bina come my way, the 10 Rama, when we get married, we always hear this area that Allah has put in that household, love and mercy.

00:28:05 --> 00:28:28

What happened? What did we do to get rid of that love and mercy they must have done something because Allah installed it in there. It's in the Quran, he told us. So make a vow today, we're going to overlook each other's mistakes. Let's start all over. Let's respect one another. Let's not fight in front of the children. Let's not yell and scream and disrespect one another.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:33

What a better what a better day to start this than the day of eight.

00:28:34 --> 00:28:45

My brothers and sisters Karla Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, mon sama Ramadan. Were at bat who we said Tim Mitchell Well, come on Psalm, a dead whomsoever fast the month of Ramadan

00:28:47 --> 00:28:59

and follow it with six days of Chawan as if he has fasted the whole year. And if you do that every single year, it means that you live your life fasting.

00:29:00 --> 00:29:09

You can start the fasting from tomorrow. And they do not have to be consecutive. As long as you pick six days and stay away from Friday and Saturday.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:13

And fulfill this beautiful

00:29:15 --> 00:29:23

offer. What a great offer. Our bodies are still used to fasting so it will not be as hard as the beginning of Ramadan.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:28

My beloved brothers and sisters make this day

00:29:30 --> 00:29:38

a day full of joy. Make this day as an event to the children. Please make them feel that today is different than yesterday

00:29:39 --> 00:29:48

and different than tomorrow. Make an event out of it. Let them look forward for the eighth. Don't make it just another regular day. Take them out

00:29:49 --> 00:29:59

by them gifts, let them feel Subhanallah they are surrounded by all kinds of holidays that we tell them not to celebrate. And when the heat comes and we only have two of them. We

00:30:00 --> 00:30:23

don't have 30 holidays a year like the others we only have to make those two are is extremely special. extremely special that they look forward from now they are looking forward for Eid Lapa and looking forward for either photo. We have to make it a special day. Take off from work, Allah He they deserve it your family deserve it.

00:30:25 --> 00:30:35

Not everything is dunya dunya dunya they are your responsibility and you will be questioned about taking care of them and teaching them their Deen

00:30:37 --> 00:31:09

in this blessed day while we are celebrating, and having fun. We have brothers and sisters all over the world that are suffering. Please I beg you do not forget them in your DUA at least. And if you can send something to them in this aid so they can have a joyous aid if you did not do it already. Wallahi it will make a huge difference. With the difference of currency. It will make a huge difference for them. Let them also feel the joy of the aid. My brothers and sisters.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:52

We ask Allah azza wa jal to change their hardship into ease. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to cure they're sick and we ask Allah azza wa jal to have mercy on them. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to give victory to our brothers and sisters and AXA, may Allah subhanaw taala keep them steadfast, they are representing every single Muslim May Allah protect them. May Allah grant us all Salah in the Aqsa before we pass. May Allah subhana wa Taala Give victory and give peace and safety to our brothers in Sudan. May Allah subhanaw taala Give victory and peace and may Allah subhanho wa Taala relieve the stress of our brothers in Iraq and in Yemen, in Syria and in Lebanon and in Kashmir and

00:31:52 --> 00:32:17

in a scene and all over the world. Allama Fernando de lubaina were sort of NFE Emelina with a bit of them and when sadhana will come will caffeine Allah more FECKNER Lima to Hibou water la Robina hablan I mean as far as you know, whether he Kurata what Jana Lily Tokina. Eman Rob Dona Tina for dunya Hassan I feel karate Hassan walk in either now or have done a lot of bad.

00:32:18 --> 00:32:31

Well have done Mila don't Kurama in Canton Wahab or SallAllahu ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was sabe Germaine Taco Bell Hola, Mina women come when you do come Mobarak

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