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AI: Summary © The video series features multiple speakers discussing their plans for a video featuring Yetta Tila. They mention various topics such as the end of 49 pages, a post on Facebook, and a "slack of love" and "slack of frustration" messages. The game is described as casual and given opportunities for players to make moves and win points.
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Bill is here doing his thing. I don't think he'll mind being in there. Bill was in there. I think we did something that even we thought how are we going to do Bukhara? Now we're at the end of 49 pages, and I think it's an a tremendous blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. I wanted to share it with you guys.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to memorise here we are in step one, here it for the first time. Surah Baqarah is ISO 283. If you'd like to join along, please have your most half ready. Let's do what we do open up those hip flexors, a posture of dignity and prepare to receive what was it will be Rila he may not show you on your Raji who's Obaidullah? He may not shame on you, Raji, we're going to hear it for the first time we're going to masala surf 3132 Cathy ban 30 Han moko boo ba for in Amina dal Gu Kume bow Allah one value add the lady to Mina Manna

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fell you add the levy to Mina man atta who? Dudley la Halle Raba while I talk to Moshe had a woman here next to me in who asked the Moon

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who will love who me man Dharma guna Alim wala who will be my dharma Luna Arnim now I want you to repeat after me if you're prepared I'll read a little portion and you know how to do it repeat after me as we go. Was it will be he mean a shame on you Raji your turn? Rosa will be Allah He me no shame on you. Raji.

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We're in to Marla 7130. Do Cathy ban very high no Malibu la your turn. We're going to Melissa 3132 Cathy burn very hard mockable law my turn for in Amina Babu coulomb bow the wrong for in Amina bolo coulomb bow one value add the levy to Mina Amana tahu del t

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let me repeat it again and then you'll read it back to me. So in Amina bow blue comb Ba ba ba in Amina bow leuco

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law now for in Amina bow blue comb Bow

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Valley you add the levy to Mina mana da the word is fell, you add the levy, you add the levy, you add the levee

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and then you add the levee to Mina Aman atta who Pilla ha Rob. Now, please repeat after me.

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Let's do it one more time friends.

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Let's go friends all together. Step number one great to have you all with us. And for those of you enjoying the process. Repeat for in Amina Babu. Comb bow one value add the lady Domina mana Dahu Amana who and yet deadly Lucha Amana, who is not a good stop, friends we're doing our best here but it's the last page and I've got the Facebookers over here. So I'm trying to keep it as fluid as possible. But for some of you if it's not as organic I'm trying to bring people into my happiness and that's usually not a good thing on Facebook right friends. So I hope the best let's do it again. Give me a chance let's start again. Because do you hear what I'm doing for you a delay the two

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minute Amanda who will Yetta Tila haha that is correct and the phrase right before but bow one fell. That's the

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As part that's getting missed right there, please one more time read it back to me. First in Amina Babu can borrow one value add the lady to Mina nada who

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only at Delta long Hold on

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while I talk to Moshe hada while I talk to Moshe had asked me to hang in who ASIMO Boyle Boo walawe Who Rima Dharma Luna Ali. Let's do it together. Can you read it back to me now?

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While I talk to my Shahada why my back to half in who Azimo

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boo, while long who Bhima Dharma Luna oni bark Lo Fi calm let's keep going friends we're now going to go for hear it for the first time for the next five lines. Great to have everyone with us. Thank you for sharing my happiness with me. We're gonna go hear it for the first time. Now let's count out some lines. 12345 Okay, this is gonna be awesome. All the last minute sheath on our team. I have 284 285 It's okay for your heart to feel overwhelmed. We are going to hear it for the first time. Yes, we are in that last page of Surah Baqarah. If you're ready to go, posture of dignity, open up those hip flexors and I want you to feel comfortable sit in a posture of dignity and be ready to

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receive who will be reeled him in or shape on you Raji I'm going to take a deep breath in and read you the whole five lines and then I'll break it down so you can repeat with me or was it will be he me no shade on your Raji Lila Hema fue sama? Wah wah ma Fein out what you to the Duma fi

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fusi comb to fool who you have to

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be he'll

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fail if you don't email me or SHA why you are the womb Aisha walawe Who are Allah ghoulish che in body

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if you would, please repeat after me now let's start together

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my turn you repeat after me. Little Lahemaa is what you want mafia

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what doober do Murphy voice equal? Whoo hoo hoo you have to

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be here

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your turn here we go. Deep breath in.

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Lila Hema is

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31 Murphy

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we're in tuba doo my fee for SQL auto for who you are has EB come be here.

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One more time. L to foo who do don't all your lips do a fool who you will have civil code you will have to be he loved

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my turn. Fair. Yeah, fair. Yeah. Fail a field or near miasha

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Where your IV Bhoomi Shah, while log Walla goo Nisha in body when you want to stop on the word yesha O ye SHA oh, we're gonna say ye SHA

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very good. I hope that you all can reach your destination happy to hear it while Allahu Allah coordination in body. Please read it back to me.

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What is tuba do MFI fusi comb I will talk for who you have a vehicle. You have CB

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B Hilah five oh fueled email.

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While you are the boom ie I SHA

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one log voila.

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Uncle Leisha in a deed

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great job. One more if you want to pause here you can. We have one more idea, posture of dignity. I'll read the whole IoT you hear it and then we'll break it into pieces together. Let's do what we do friends.

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Man Anna Rasool aubema.

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Was Zilla e mail Rob b He one more me no. Go loan. CO loan Amana biller he will Amala eager to hear you are good to be here while goose holy land over V GUBAIDULINA ahaadeeth Mill Rusu de la all who Sameera now blonde who frog go up BANA Isla Eli you can sleep

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i A 100 A 285 Please repeat after me.

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Please repeat after me. Are you all set? Um I know Rasul let's go hear it for the first time. Um I know rasuluh beam

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Zilla e mail Rob be he one more me noon cool loon mana be la he was

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eager de he was good to be he was a ruse. Holy. Well, who's Hooli? Well, Rosalie This is better. The first two were wrong or off. What could you be? He will Rosalie while Rosalie better UI while ruse Hooli learn over view obeying Ahadi mirror Rosalie please read it back to me

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um I know Rasool will be Ma was Zilla e mail rugby he won me NO DON'T

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GO lone mana Vela. He won.

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He got it. He was so cool to be who you are. Rusu Lee There we go. Learn woofer Rico Bina Ahadi mele Rosalie.

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My turn was all who say me, me me. Sameer Nang. Samira. Anna was our floor. Allah so Miran outlaw now who francha Robina wa Isla you can mostly what Eli II can mislead. All right, can you read it back to me? Walk all who's Mirana Klarna who wanna ban our Eli you can mislead 286 My beloved. We've reached this journey together. It is my honor to have come this far with you. Let's do what we do or was it will be lucky me no shame on your Raji. Oh, that will be him. You know, shame on you. Raji.

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I'll read the whole verse. Then you'll give me bit by bit. I had 286 or Bacara let's hear it for the first time. You can leave oh who Neff said Ed was our

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la casa but we're on a Mac does but Rabbana LA to his new

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in a scene

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Oh, no.

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Robina La La da mi La La Nina is long gamma. Gamma ha molto who Allah Allah Xena parboiling

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eyes in the muscle of Urbana, walla to help me man. Or

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be wife one. Whoa fear Lana water Hamner.

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dama wala foes or now.

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glomming fidi. In flows for now not

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meeting can feel it in your ready posture of dignity. Give it back to me

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Listen, then it's your turn.

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Although he may not shave on your body, your turn will be him in a shape on your Waje

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law you can leave who for who Nuff said it?

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your turn

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you can leave oh who Neff son it was

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my turn left

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Gaza but Gaza but puppet behind the top two teeth don't ticket la Hama Gaza but we're on a Mac sir but Mac that's about Mack that's about your turn la ha Ghunsa but while he

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does but

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my turn oh I want you to rev up your engines, burn out your tires. Oh Robina Robina Allah to his Nan Robina Allah to his

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in Nicene

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in Siena

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L L L. Block

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your turn you can do it.

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Rob BANA Allah to ignite

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in SC

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o l boughten.

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My turn Robina Wallah Mi La La dee da is Lauren gamma, gamma Hama who Island Lavina miam Barbara Lena Allah, your turn please. Or our BANA wala Mi La Lena your swan gamma ha Malta who levena mean?

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I lead lead e&m even bother Lina my turn Robina one to hum me

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too hum mean

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Mala blog bot

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be ma Allah ball bot Lana be you go for it.

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Rob BANA wala to do have me

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all gotta learn to

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be my

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boss on part. Lana be my turn. Wah wah don't choke it Wah wah wah wah foreign. Whoa feeder Lana.

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Na. What What's your turn can you I'll go with you. Wah wah wah wah

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wah for

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you got it. Let's do what we do. Love one. Well, gargling while feeding feed, Lana, well

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your turn wife who

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will feed Lana water or hum Na, my turn and demo.

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phones on

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go mi VD yours.

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mo Lana fellows all earned

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those all over now.

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Go mi fidi Allah upon Pomi Scaffidi in

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Mark lafay COMM great job friends congratulations by the way, it is okay to smile and to now celebrate and

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See ya allah I've come this far. Instead of just asking for forgiveness and just asking I don't want to go to hell. Maybe start contemplating paradise at this point. I asked you to ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep you on the journey and as long as you want to be here, let's continue together. I'll be here as we memorize