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Wisam Sharieff
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In Alhamdulillah indeed all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter who so we praise him on a star in oh but we don't just praise Allah. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala for his help on a stone Pharaoh who we don't just ask for help but we asked for is still far on last $100 the only one we can ask for help but what kind of help is solely with Allah? It's different asking for forgiveness, one Minami he and we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala solely on that one.

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And we place our trust solely in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that trust makes us realize, when our will will be learned, I mean, surely an fusina that Allah subhanaw taala is the only one who can protect me from the evil that's in me. Greed, lust, anger. These are things that are part of me of law. We asked to that he can protect us from these human characteristics. When our rules will be learned, he mean to Rory and fusina amin say aunty Lena, but there is evil that Wissam does, but then there's evil that is in with Sam's activity, because he missed fudger yesterday, because he disrespected one of the elders in the community because he talked down to someone because he thought

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he was arrogant. All a lot before Juma hotdog and the reminders that we listened to cleanse our knifes and then also cleanse the effect of bad deeds. Everything we did from last Friday's yasir Qadhi, scuba sanctuaries football to shake up the National Football. Everything we did in between Allah subhanaw taala forgive those sins because those sins affect literally the words that I'm saying to you right now might hit you better, but might not hit you that well. Not because you're smart or not. It's the actions we did from last Friday to now. So that makes us realize, man de la

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de la langue, oh my

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god, Allah, whoever Allah subhanaw taala guides. Whoever lust parent Allah allows to pray and have guidance and know what God is about. No one can miss guidance. But whoever Allah Subhana Allah does not guide May Allah guide all of us. Whoever Allah subhanaw taala doesn't choose for guidance, whoever doesn't want a less panatela as guidance and closes all the windows. No goodbye no Bian note taking a bath in Zamzam. Nothing is gonna guide you may Allah save us from actions that are going to stop hedaya and those actions are missing the prayer, being rude to those who we have authority over. So if I take my anger out because my boss yelled at me on my spouse, because the dollar the

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homeless doesn't have enough salt, Allah subhanaw taala will say you can't even be nice to the people underneath you. You are underneath me. Now you expect me to have mercy on you. So May Allah save us from actions that stopped guidance but there's one sentence that will always open the door of guidance, no matter how much we've done. And that is the whole hearted statement you say before you listen to the football. One ash huddle I La Ilaha Illa long we bear witness we testify we sanctify the statement we swear by the word there is no the creator sustainer there is no other judge. There is no other ILA God other than Allah subhanho wa Taala wanna shadow Mohammed Abu

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rasuluh and we all bear witness and testify by coming to Juma that the way Allah subhanaw taala communicates with me and my amo is through NaVi Karim, Allah salat wa salam through the greatest human being to stretch fit on this earth to testify that the man who when he walked through the streets of Medina, the rocks would say Salah,

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this man we testify we sanctify that he is the final messenger and he is also the slave of Allah subhana wa tada and the function of this slave who alayhi wa sallam Rasulullah who being who da de Nino

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Allah subhanho wa Taala sent this messenger not only so that we could love him and revere him so that he could bring us guidance. Salas castle yeah Hodge respectability.

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Then also how to live. So to bring guidance and what the needle help the true system of living. So hi could know how to build a building, how to make wudu how to love and how much to love. Leo zerah, who Allah de nikoli so guidance, plus real life, going to work getting angry, being happy, taking a vacation real life, guidance, religiousness and real life together will make this system dominant upon all other systems will allow will carry heavy machinery code, even if the mushrik didn't like this to happen, even if the polytheist didn't like this. But remember if you split hedaya guidance, being religious, and you make that its own thing, that guy's religious and that guy's smart, if you

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split that the religion will fall apart and be isn't in LA he Tada. These are the word that I'd like to conquer on, if you will, the first of our interaction as a family. So we start today by asking Allah subhana wa Taala make us amongst those who understand the complete religion make us amongst those who we believe we know about the complete religions so we have some misconceptions. I believe the colored person doesn't know about the religion. I believe the Arab is better than non Arab is not better. I believe this stereotype is better. Oh Allah, we want the complete religion. So if any of our misconceptions are stopping us from understanding this religion, a lot cleanse that from us.

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No, La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu Kumara hamdu lillahi wa you meet

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Allah, Allah, we beg and ask, as we start this journey together, Allah we ask and beg that you forgive our segi at our shortcomings that we have done knowingly and unknowingly. All along, we pray that our youth below the age of 40 spent in the servitude of Islam, and that our old age is not overcome by ailments or sickness, that our joints are safe from arthritis, and that ourselves are safe from cancer. Oh Allah, we pray that our life is not overcome by debt, and that we are pleased with the finance and the rays that we presently have our lawmakers amongst those who free the necks of the people who are in debt, and make us among those who leave this world saying La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad Rasulullah a lot as we journey on this first day, continuing together under titles of religious director and community, Oh Allah, we ask that our intentions are always clean. And that what we do as a community is seen as something as a light on the Day of Judgment, or luck, keep our community together like the cement of the walls, even if those people who choose to break it and damage it. Oh Allah make us stronger and keep us together? Oh, Allah fulfilled the hearts and the desires of the people of the urban community and the surrounding areas. La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah, I say unto you, the statement which I believe Allah will tell the angels to say to you,

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as salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, who are bad and don't answer, because this is not me saying a Salaam Alaikum This is my da, because this is the first time we are meeting in a very formal setting. Before the first football, the purpose of our religion, we know that interest is haram for a purpose, hijab is worn for a reason. And we might not understand all of those reasons, and all of the mcsa than the maqasid of our Sharia, but we know that it's from Allah. So we said what was the in the second part of the hookah? What was the purpose of sending Quran so that we could write it so that we could memorize it? And every time I say something, say only in your brain,

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so it was it just so that we could write it on the wall only memorize it only know we said in the second clip, but the function of Quran for me and Abdulmalik and Abdulkadir, the function of the football for us was what Bismillah became less Ihara. And that was to read let's move forward. The last clip but then we did I believe was just a few weeks ago, was a law wants us to succeed. Allah wants us to be happy, wants us to have finance wants us to look beautiful, have nice clothes, Allah wants to meet us in general, and we prove this in Surah. Number 39. I have one two and three Leanna who take one thing in purpose if Allah subhanaw taala didn't want you to get to Jenna, why didn't he

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just make you and let you go? Okay sorted out on your own buddy. Allah subhanaw taala made you then he taught other malayalam How to say sorry. Then he sent 100,000 ambia and more. And then he kept saying, Look, let me give you a chance you missed fudger you didn't pray. Maybe you got into an argument with with your wife. Just ask for Toba and I'll make you succeed but then

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Today, Allah subhanaw taala pushes the envelope for us even further. And this proves to us in a deeper fashion, that this is not a God who created us and said, charlo let's see what happens with these people just leave these people, they'll maybe they'll eat each other. Allah subhanaw taala gave us three commandments. And this is where the HIPAA will start today, be it the law, and today's football will not finish, we will touch as much as we can and be eternal law. This will be the framework for the rest of the work that the Irvine community sets the foundation for. So let's start at the very beginning. Yes, last week, she hasn't already talked about the importance of knowledge.

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I want to not only talk about knowledge, but the next two steps. Remember at the end of his football, he said, and now you have knowledge you have to do. You have to be an activist. I want to go beyond that. So let's take the first three revelations together. And please make some mental notes be eaten in LA, the first revelation Surah 96 is one through five if Allah Bismillah. Allah the Quran is and I mean,

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this concept is read in the name of your Lord, you know that. But what is the pinnacle of these first revelations, it's knowledge. So the first step that our community is going to have, they're going to be people in this mustard who have knowledge and who are seeking knowledge. But if you stop there, the picture is uncomplete incomplete. The second revolution.

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The second revelation when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came down from the mountain it could be 73 or 74. So it was a mill or muda. So to the loss a lot if something comes down from the mountain, and he says to his wife, possibly in the second commandment.

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muslimeen Kumi, Laila

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Connie Lang, nice wha hoo,

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hoo, Pani, LA, Dee, da la.

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de la. After seeking knowledge, if you just thought knowledge, what would happen? You would just become an academic. Islam is about traditions, Islam is about words. So the second component of the last a lot is some came down from the mountain, how many is five is Allah Subhana. Allah said, What? mitzvah who I

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mean, Rupa Lila, to stand the half of the night praying. The second component to our religion, it can't be alone, but it's part of the parcel is spirituality. I know that I have to pray Salah, and I know that if I don't pray, so I'll go to *. But what will get you out of bed is a connection with a loss of spirituality. But if you took this alone, then our religion would become very fluffy, we wouldn't have any direction and we would be very weak. Because remember, we said, if you take only guidance, being spiritual dressing in a certain way, and you forgot about the people who are dying on the street, and what would you do? So the third revelation could have been second or third,

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directly after this. Yeah, you

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see, boom.

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The third revolution, how much time has passed?

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Is activism or a pseudo law?

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All the one who was anxious in the cloak, get up.

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Stand up, be, be encouraged, confer under stand up and know Allah subhanaw taala has asked you to make his praise and make it Hi, this is the third component activism. So what most communities are known for is see this mustard over here. I'm talking on a national level. That's the knowledge mustard, lots of classes, lots of week on seminars, there are knowledge mustard, and then this machine here this this one place in the middle of the United States. It's a very spiritual place. You go and you do a guard there. It's spiritual. Can I learn? No, no, it's just it's a very spiritual place. And then there are the places here on the west coast. That's the this center and

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they do activism and protests and they have petitions. But what I want for our community be isn't Illa is to be seen as the complete believer, as all other communities have their strengths. But I would like us to realize that we are going to meet Allah subhanaw taala. And when we meet him, we will say, oh, Allah, you told me there were three things that I could be, I could have a lot of knowledge. I could be very spiritual, and I could be amongst those who were active in the community. I could be amongst those who stood with the people I okay. On Saturday, I could be with the people who went for Roman law and built spirituality. These are the things that can happen. This is our

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thesis. This will stretch out within a law as much as we

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You can complete the topic, but who represents these three topics individually? And this is where I need you to make the notation. Who is the pinnacle of knowledge throughout all of the ambia? Before you say rasulillah? Who is the pinnacle? The one who knew so much? At his point in time, he actually had to say to Allah, is there anyone else who knows more than me? And you know what I'm talking about? surah Kahf, sir, and who are we talking about? Musashi Salaam, right? So an ayah number 66. Allah subhanaw taala shows you what happens when you are only knowledgeable and you drop spirituality and activism going in the path of a lot and you're only knowledgeable. Allah subhanho

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wa Taala give you this amazing example

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is called Allah

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when Musashi Salaam sought out to find someone who was smarter than him

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saburo Kala

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nemani Mima

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whoosh de so musala Salah mera man Tafseer tells you it could be his there could be this we live in, he met a man who knew more than him. And he said, Sir, this is Prophet Musa. Sir, can I travel with you? Hello, Debbie Raka Allah and to add nemani so that you can teach me me Marilyn Teresa, what you know from that which Allah has guided you with to rough translation.

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What does this man who knows more than musallam remind him? You got to register for my class? Hey, get the textbooks he says all in Nikola Tesla.

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He says you won't have the intellect the LSAT scores, the MCAT review to do my class. He says Allah in Atlanta study Amaya sobre. La. You won't have knowledge you won't have patience to deal with what I'm going to teach you. This is step one community. When we go to a class when we hear a cookbook, what's the first thing Oh, this guy's a chef. This guy's a molvi this guy's an extremist. musala salaams teacher told them para inoculant esta Tia Maria sobre you don't know yet to in order to have true knowledge, have patience. And this is a topic we're going to travel with together. Because if you only took classes and didn't clean the carpet in the mustard than you would have been someone

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lent us the three Amaya Sabra and the man says to massage ram or can you tell us bureau Allah Milan to him? He he.

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Men, how could you have patience with something you don't understand? And you know what happens in the story, right? So let's flip the coin. You go and take an inheritance something class on inheritance. And someone says two thirds goes to the woman and one third goes over here and you're like, this doesn't make sense to me. The man told Musashi said I'm working for the US Bureau, how can you be patient in something you can't fathom? Why did Allah subhanaw taala give this much to the woman usually como la houfy Ola de comunidad de Mitra has been insane how can you understand contract law if you're not patient so next time we hear something we're gonna open this topic and

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talk about it more next time we hear something that doesn't agree could be interest could be Hey, job could be a beard. I'm whatever floats your boat that bothers you about our religion. Wait and say Who am I to say that doesn't make sense? Musashi? Salama said you won't get it. Just Just chill. And at the end of the story in Soraka have been masam Get it? No. He lost his patience. That man killed someone that he killed. He killed someone he broke the boat and he constructed the wall. Soraka half last two pages, read the surah together, we're gonna study it together. Now spirituality. Who is the pinnacle of spirituality? You're saying what a pseudo law Wait, Allah

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separates it for us. pinnacle of spirituality. Who is it? Maria Mali salat wa salam, right. Maryam Sara Manali. Have we say? Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with her. The mother of irizarry salaam, the mother of Jesus. She was the pinnacle. Meanwhile me how long she sat by in her corner. She fasted all day. She didn't make gupshup she wasn't texting people and poking people on Facebook. She was she was Miriam Salama, nada. So she was the pinnacle of spirituality. Now watch spirituality. Take away the other two knowledge and take away the other one spirituality and activism. And what do you left? You're left with someone who's so spiritual. They can't communicate with anyone around

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them. They're so spiritual. They have no knowledge on so what's going on in Japan? Oh, I don't know TVs Haram. But what? What about Islam Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, you have to know what's going on with the people. So spirituality by itself needs hikma. Let me give you the example. We're now in Surah Allah

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You can walk through it and it's a lengthy section. But Merriam Salama Allah wasn't only spiritual, Zachary Ali Salam came to her Mina met Bob. And he said Paula Maria lackey has.

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So Zakaria a prophet ra Serato. Sam came to a young girl and said, Where did you get these fruits? How did you get a mango in December? That's what happened was like a pomegranate, some fruit that wasn't available. She said, Now who's asking her the question of profit, right? A prophet is asking her the question. She could have said you are the prophet and been overly spiritual and lost her spine. She said.

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She told the Prophet This is from Allah in Ohio.

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She knows the one who's asking he wants to really know the answer. So she says this is from Allah, who don't worry profits a Korea A lot can give as much as he wants to whoever he wants humility, that she said, look at me. I'm the spiritual one. So I like gives me fruits in December. know she attributed to Allah, knowledge and spirituality working together. I wish we could talk a little bit more about this though. A prophet and let's do one sentence of Prophet asked her, she answered. Then when she now fast forward, I'd say about 16 years, she's coming out of the desert with a baby. And Us Weekly comes up and goes, who's the baby from? Where'd you get the baby? And People Magazine

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goes, What's going on? And inquires, like, where'd you get the baby from? Your brother was a good man. Your brother was slowly Your father was solid. Okay, but how did you do this family? And now when the people are asking her this, did these people want hedaya? No, they just wanted some masala. They wanted some filter on top of the evening news. So they went over. So what did she say? But not LA. People who didn't want spirituality talk to her. So she didn't talk back to them. She pointed at the baby. Do you see how spirituality is not about being spineless? Or being overly brotherhood? Um, it's about knowing the person someone comes in asked me a question. And I say, Brother, what kind of

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answer you're looking for. I have this but I don't want to offend you, but being confident. And the third before we end up? Who is the ultimate pinnacle of activism? The ultimate pinnacle of the third component of the complete believer, Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. And there's no question about this at all. The father of the prophets, Adi Salatu. Was Salam. Ibraheem alehissalaam from the age of seven, his dad used to carve the idols right. So now you're going in activism. He wasn't just activism signing petitions with care. He was with care. But sometimes when we do active young people, when we go to our MSA camps, or even when we work for the masjid, you're so beautiful and

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loving ally in the masjid. You go home.

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And you talk to your wife What's going on? I've been doing Islam work all day. So look at the way Brahim is that I'm talking? He's doing our work. Yeah, we do it. Okay. He's doing our work and his dad as well. He's a seven year old. Ibrahim is around. So his dad is making an idol. One of the idols of the time of Ibrahim is around their ears were very big. The big ears were a sign of wisdom, like they knew. So here's the little kid walks in and he goes, Dad, what's this? He goes, don't you see the wisdom in his ears? And Ibraheem alehissalaam the seven year old goes, nope. Then rewire is he laughs? He goes, No, I don't see that. I just see big ears. The disk. He spoke about his fitrah.

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But now what is the biggest activists do when his people are worshipping idols, whether it's American or Indian, whatever works for you. They're sitting there texting and voting who is going to cook is going to win this is going to win. He comes in says he doesn't break the TV. He comes in says, Did you ever realize this is called American Idol. Isn't that really awkward? We follow them. We dress like them. We act this a little. And we literally pray for them. We texted and we pray for them. And he said this is not the way to do it. And those people they tried to, they tried to cook him. So the pinnacle of his of his activism was when he married and went to the people. He married

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and he went to the people who were worshipping the stars. Were in Hollywood guys. I didn't really need to go very far with this one. They worshiped the stars whether it was shot off, or whether it was Pharrell, it was all the same. They were worshipping stars dressing like stars acting like stars when the stars comb their hair awkwardly or shaved one part of their head will do it to at least those people worship things that were in the sky. We worship things that go to the bathroom. So you have to think about these things activism, but these three components come together. Now. We end on one topic because everything I touched I want to open it up. So be isn't in LA in the coming weeks,

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whether it's an evening halaqa I want you to say okay, I have three pages of notes. The first page

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says earn knowledge brother Assamese teaching us Hadith that we are on grammar so maybe a little bit of Hadith finished but brothers Tom's talking about da as being nice to our parents spirituality I'm going to put the notes there and number three is having a fundraising dinner people are doing work and I want to touch this for a second. I was made aware of this on the way here on the plane. I okay is not having a fundraising dinner to build a Masjid massages are wonderful Allah subhanaw taala increased the massages in the United States but they are building an institute Institute's don't affect Diamond Bar diamond word or Irvine doesn't Institute's build light for entire communities.

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When my teacher was building his school in the middle of Gilbert Illinois, people in downtown Chicago said how could we benefit from this in three years 50 545 and 28 aroma and went on to become doctors came out of the house of Milan Abdullah Salim so when you hear Institute ears go up, Masjid definitely you should have a section of your wealth just for the mustard. But when you hear Institute and you hear Junaid Jamshed then you go definitely isn't Allahu taala. So these three things are important. As I sit for the second clip Berto, who had all of these three in one

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episode of Lhasa Lavanya. He had all of these characteristics where he was the most knowledgeable he spoke to the angels. He was the one who prayed all night Even knowing that he was going to heaven he prayed all night knowing he was going to heaven. And one time in Medina, there was a there was a sound everyone was sleeping, and there was a sound. So the Sahaba jumped up, took their swords, they went out, they went out of their houses and receive the loss a lot of them was returning with his sword on his shoulder. So no problem. Go ahead and go to sleep. I checked it out already. The spiritual person was also the number one activists lovers to the last a lot. It's um, between the

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sittings of the clipper may go out for whatever you need, but find out who are you you're not going to be all three at the same time. I'm not a great activist. I like to teach. I like to pray, but I still try to get involved with things that are active. Who are you and what part do you focus on? What part are are who is going to be your supporting cast? You're an activist knowledge spirituality is going to be the supporting cast. Who are you ask Allah subhanaw taala and take this Friday to the next to find that out what are they going to learn?

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hamdulillah al hamdu Lillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah hindawi Look at him while he was

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the Santa's

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warming castle

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and all of these characteristics in one person and now you wonder why every Friday we say in a law how Amana

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lunarlon agree.

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You have levena man.

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He was suddenly muitas Nima Allahumma salli. ala hamady Wada unemployment, masala Dada Ibrahim awada Annie Brahimi Amita Majeed Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed comma Baraka Ibrahim, Ibrahim in Jaime de Madrid, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness for his mercy, our religion has been built on foundations. If you remove those foundations, the religion becomes lopsided to spiritual to activist or have no knowledge at all. Let us make an effort from the first the first time here to step forward and say okay, I know what that means. But I'm going to learn few words of vocabulary I speak perfect Arabic, I'm going to learn some grammar, I know grammar malapa Luffy, I'm

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going to learn some tafsir one thing that you could learn, it'll benefit you, but then one Asghar you could increase the day. So when you leave here and someone says good Hooda say Subhan Allah just say Subhana Allah Allah.

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So before we end the clip, but this is a time to discuss Community Affairs, I have a very, I'm very excited about this opportunity. I've been waiting my whole life traveling, teaching, teaching, teaching, to find a community. So I want to make some small, small observations of my own. We can't make this intimate, you're not going to trust me. I'm the guy who talks a lot of English and makes jokes on the member. So you're not very comfortable with that I feel the only way we are going to connect is if we spend time together if we become each other's companions. So first thing is I would like to meet everyone in the community. Number two, though, the board and I have worked out some

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details. B isn't a law on May 17. I know it's very short notice. I want to take 15 people from the community for Ramadan.

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will go together will sleep together eat together, look at the garba together. Royal travels is arranging it costs you'll find it out on your own. It's students O'Meara dot com, but I say in these time before Ramadan, because Ramadan is a very intense time, we need to build a relationship. So maybe I can see you may 7 at the Ioh k foundry, the IoT Institute builder, or maybe you can come your child, your teenager or your family could come from home or on May 17. But find one activity that's going to connect you to this mustard bee isn't Illa he to Allah, all that is clean and pure is from Allah, those who came late. I'll wrap it up in one hour in an La Jolla movie lovely. Oh,

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Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala has enjoined Abu justice when the sun and being aware that God can see us right now.

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And what he thought it will go back and spend giving a smile to your wife when you go home, kissing your kids on the forehead, or your kids kiss the hand of your dad, it's gonna be weird in the beginning, but it works out after that. But on the other side, when

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you want to move

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as as much as Allah wants us to be just and have axon and to be nice to spend on our family members. He doesn't want us to look at fascia. He doesn't want us to look at the Lila Lila on a Lebanese pop culture. He doesn't want us to see Bollywood all day long. He doesn't want it. So why do we do it? Leave it leave a little bit and be amongst those who don't walk up to the line between halal and haram and find out how far is that line? If it's not good, leave it alone. And be just with yourself. Don't oppress yourself. All that is cleaning pure from Allah, what are the Quran Allah He will love you

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