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Salam Alaikum warahmatullah Hadith narrated in 1883 Riyadh Saudi hain Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrates a conversation between Masada salam, and Allah subhanho wa Taala. In this Allah subhanaw taala answers Musashi Salaam The question is, who is going to be the last person to enter paradise? I won't complete the Hadith before the Hooda. I will say this much the last person who enters paradise will go up to the gate of Paradise, come back to Allah and say, Jenna's full. Just like my brothers are saying the mustards full. If you could make accommodation for them, alone makes accommodation for the last person on the Day of Judgment, be uncomfortable, be discomforted for 18

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minutes for 50,000 years, we will stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment. So when the Sahaba the Allahu taala onset to listen to the pseudo law, the narration says that you could put a sheet over them and you could walk on top of them. That's how close they sat. They sat so yes, my Versace jeans were touching some guy's target pants. My yes and my beautiful day job was setting some sister who doesn't know what deodorant is but Allahu Akbar. So be is an ally to Allah make yourself uncomfortable here for on the Day of Judgement Allah subhanho wa Taala has something else for us

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in Alhamdulillah

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indeed we praise and we think a loss of Hannah Darla all praise and thanks are due to Allah so one Armando who we praise him one as the very know who and we ask Allah for help. It's not enough to say Allah your great you have to say Allah, you know everything. So tell me how to do it on a stove, you know who and you can just ask Allah has helped, but there's some help that no one but a lot can give you and that's his mercy. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy for a lot is the only one who can forgive you and today's football will highlight that he wants to forgive you. One has told

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me to be here.

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We asked the last forgiveness we place our trust in a lot that he will forgive us. And we realize and understand the facility that it is only a loss of Hannah to Allah who has disability. No one can forgive me except Allah. When I still feel what not me know when I we believe in Allah, one at our Qawwali but it's not enough to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and then go and say oh, oh, I'm hungry. You have to Allah subhanaw taala said work will give you food. Allah subhanaw taala said you make the effort and I will come to you. Allah subhanho wa Taala said in Hadees footsy as narrated by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if you come to me walking, Allah will come to you. I will

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come to my slave running. This is Allah.

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When I was a villa, Himanshu, Ronnie and fusina, amin se and Dr. Molina Oh Allah, I trust you, I believe in you. But I also know that I am a human being I am in the masjid and I'm a human being I also know that I have evil within myself Oh Allah save me from that. Oh well let's save me from the discomfort of I don't know why we're sitting here I don't know why the mustard is not a seed enough save me from human characteristics that make me weak when are rude to be like him in surely and fusina amin say Dr. Molina and Oh Allah save me from the effect of watching something Hello, I'm on TV. Oh Allah save me from the effect and I quote, fill me with your poison inject me with your

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venom. I asked a lot. Oh, Allah saved me from the music that I heard this week or last save the effects of what I'm seeing right now. Save me from that. I will love the Father that I missed on Wednesday saved me from that overload the disrespect to my wife because someone yelled at me. And now I said there's not enough salt in the homeless. Oh ALLAH forgive me for that. Because my bad deeds will affect how good this hood is. How much hood this hood that makes sense. is not how much I have prepared. It has to do with how much did I prayed this week? Did we Sam fulfill the rights of a lot before he told people this is what we're supposed to do. When I was a Billahi min surely and

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fusina women sejati armanino o a la mejor de la la la la la

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de la law or law whoever you guide is the chosen Anointed One and whoever you have not guided Oh Allah Don't make me one of those people. Because a lot of you don't guide me

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I am nothing I could have memorized a book and I can spit color rasulillah and I can debate you about Athena but if Allah has blessed me better than I can give you nothing. If Allah didn't give me guidance young people who look up to this member

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then it is empty words over law, you guide and you are the one who does not choose to give guidance Oh Allah before we open this clip, but give me guidance. Or like give me understanding Give me the lack the X the opposite of arrogance, or Allah I don't ask you to save me from Ria, I asked you to make Ria, the opposite of my personality. If I am told to live the thug life and to be arrogant and know how great I am. Allah make me different than what I hear on the TV. And what I hear in music make me different than the billionaire make me the one who has but gives him the path of Allah.

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When I was a villa Himanshu fusina, amin say and tiama Nina all of this comes together Oh Allah save me from the effects but one sentence joins you This is why you came to Jamaica is this one sentence? So say it in your heart? No it in your heart when someone says to you are you Muslim? Don't say yes. Say wanna shadow and

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Ella, long I bear witness I testify we sanctify the statement that Allah subhanho wa Taala is our God the Creator, he says sustainer he's the one who made the sack that me and this brother slept in for nine months. Allah is that one? A lot is the one who knew the pH balance in the stomach of my mother. So Allah also knows how I should live my life. Allah subhanaw taala knew that nine months was enough. So he also knows how I should treat my family because he knew everything there. So why does he not know about my life now?

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When I shadow Mohammed de nada uno, and we all bear witness testify we kiss his name when we say his name mohammadu rasuna long we say Mohammed Rasulullah is the final messenger and he is the slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu demul quwata hamdu lillahi wa you need to walk with a young lion wahala

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pundi has been Laguna Isla ilaha illa who Allah Ito can

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carry on as

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you look at Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us in Surah Nisa, we start in Isaiah number 26. Allah subhana wa tada says to us, you read

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you read the law, wishes a law you read the law leanbean Allah come, God wants he wishes that things are easy and clear for you. So he sent the book of Allah.

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He will

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do soon Anna Lavina me Oh.

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Not only does Allah want you to know that things in your life are clear. This is good. This is bad. You should do this. And I guess sometimes you can do this. He sent the Quran. But then me and the brother in the second row. We said, well, Ron tells me up to here, but how do I deal with my wife when I'm upset? How do I deal with my wife when she throws a baton? She throws the plate and says you go find someone else to do it. How do I do that? A las panatela San Jose Dyer. Who is that guidance? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Suna la Vina mu

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so he sent Sunnah so me and you could live the way the best human being could live. So he sent put on so that we could be guided it could be clear, he sent soon so that we could live by it.

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But at the other side of the sentence, Allah says, And Allah wishes to forgive you.

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Allah wants to forgive you, Allah made you so that you could make a mistake. And you could say I'm sorry.

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And Allah is alim, and Hakeem Allah all aware. So you might be sitting here saying, Well, if God wants me to forgive me, why don't we go do something haram and then immediately go and ask Allah forgiveness. does Allah know your intention before you do the harm? Yeah, he did. So Allah subhanaw taala is waiting for you to come to him and say Allah, I messed up it was a mistake, because Allah is all knowing and he is Hakeem the most wise So Allah is not going to give someone a free pass. Our elders have prayed throughout their lifetime. And Allah subhanaw taala is going to say you missed one prayer going to hell. And then some guy said, Oh, lovely.

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Give me an he goes to heaven. That's not alim. That's not all knowing that's not Hakeem. So we stopped in Isaiah number 26. And I'd like to bring today's Hooda as the closing to a small chapter that we have begun. Four weeks ago, I introduced four weeks ago, I introduced the tool of shape one, the first thing that shavon did was he used his rationale above the laws of God. And do you remember where that could fit in? We said, the complete believer has three components. I think you all remember, the first component is the complete believer knows Allah. He knows what Allah wants from him, he has knowledge. The second component is he's spiritually connected to Allah, he prays, he

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makes it thicker. He knows God wants to forgive him. But the third component is activism. And I leave activism till after the Hooda, because the alert us brothers are going to speak to us. And that is activism in a nutshell, you can press a button and that's yours. But I want to end the last six foot buzz that I gave, talked about knowledge. And I talked about beneficial knowledge. Then I talked about knowing that bin Laden died in a compound with dirty magazines there, it wasn't beneficial. It didn't help anyone. So not beneficial knowledge. And if you remember and if you want to put a quote on today's cookbook, today's cookbook is what does Allah want? What does Allah

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subhanho wa Taala want you to know about him? You read a lot, who knew Bernina Lancome, Allah said, wishes a lot that we are things are made clear that we're guided to the people before us and that we are that God wants to forgive us because he's all knowing and all wise but listen to iron number 27. Now 26 said Allah wants to make things clear and the words were UD the law. Allah subhanho wa Taala in is number 27 picks out of these three things. And he says, All Allahu yudi do a

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comb. Did you see the word God do and Allah switched first God wishes God that you get things clear wishes God that you find a simple life that is full of guidance. But when he said a love once he chose which of the three guidance clarity or forgiving you he said I want to forgive you what love who you are.

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tuba a comb. Ud doula de

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una Chateau aunty Tommy

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Tommy Luma now Lima so what does Allah want more than anything else? Brothers and sisters, he wants you to make a mistake and say ally made that mistake. Ally made this mistake I'm wrong. Or banner vadhana when other malayalam ate from the tree, why didn't Allah said you? You messed up, get out of here. You messed up, get out of here because other mothers Salam felt shame. Our great great great grandfather felt I made a mistake. And a prophet turned to Allah and said, I don't know how to say sorry. So Allah subhanho wa Taala taught him words and look how he taught the words to say sorry, all my slave. Don't say you have wronged Allah. Or birna

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husana Don't worry. You didn't wrong me. You just wrong yourself. It's not a big deal. You've wronged yourself, don't bring me into the picture. I'm a law. Don't feel bad. When I'm not an fusina or

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Or law I'm sorry. Sorry. And we're Hamner are both very close together. Allah created us to forgive us. But that's not the point of the HIPAA. Because Allah sent three things to us. He sent us hold on, he sent us the Sunnah of Rasulullah and he sent us forgiveness. And then he chose out of these things, forgiveness, I want to forgive you. But then he said, Why would he do it? And if

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the people who follow their desires, they want to convince you Islam is a religion of hatred, Islam and Muslims want to kill people and sisters, don't cover yourself up for God doesn't want this from you. The Muslims have imposed this upon you, those who follow their desire, they turn this religion and they say covering. They say praying. No, no, no, no, no. Don't do these things. Those who follow Shahada, Tommy Luna Ilana Lima, that they want you to be lost in this backwards concept. Islam is backwards, it's old, it's for malanez and shakes, and they want you to say be modern. They want you mainland nazima they want you to follow your heart too. So when you hear the beep of some song

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They want you to say, Hello Isla. Kalamata shavon come to the words of shaytaan they're so beautiful, and Lata sings them sometimes and

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she sings them sometimes, though your own listen and enjoy. Because the voice of shaytan is not that bad. They want to make the nazima. But how does Allah respond? How does the lust of mattala respond? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, you really do love who

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wants a law for things to be easy for you? Can I show you five things that allow easy for us a lot doesn't want to just forgive you. But he wants to send you the book to make you realize this is how I should live. So then I can go to the hereafter and be happy. Allah subhanaw taala five basic examples. You read the law who and you have this moment you have it, you know, when you have a really light scarf, and they say coffee, it's like, you can literally look through the the dupatta that she Allah wants this religion to be easy for us. Let me give you an example. Allah subhanaw taala gave with some this morning sight, vision sound, the ability to speak the ability to disagree

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with my wife and to the ability to communicate and touch human beings. How long did he give me that for 24 hours? How many times did he asked me to pray to him? Five. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, All my insane all creatures, I want things to be easy for you. I will look after the amoebas and the cells and the plants and I will look after those who don't have food. And I will look after every human being and creature in the world. All you have to do.

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love, respect, spoil with compliments, your wife and your kids. I'll take care of everything else. huffy. Simple. I'll give you sight and sound for 24 hours you remember you remember me for 20 minutes. Good deal huffy easy. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants the treasure Allah subhanaw taala knows that I am I am a beautiful young person I want to be recognized. I want some young man or young woman to see me Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Oh my beautiful creature. You don't know human beings. They are like this one day they like chocolate one day and the next day they like vanilla. Wrap up your treasure. Save your treasure and only let one person love that treasure coffee simple. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala wants from us. Look inside. It's really difficult for you guys to figure out democracy, capitalism, Marxism, communism, which one's gonna work? Don't worry about it. A loss of hanworth taala is going to send you a messenger to tell you how to live. Happy, simple, I think so.

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I think that Allah subhanaw taala created us to have mercy on us. And to end the first part of the Hooda I want to end on you leaving here knowing this much Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Milan denature has a beautiful commentary on this hadith. Imagine a cup of water as one sin Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that if you commit enough sins, enough cups to fill the sky and the earth all around it all filled with tiny cups.

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And you said Oh, Allah forgive me. I made this mistake. I know I did it wrong. I know. I didn't pray. I know I looked at that girl. I know I said something about that girl who had a nice purse. I know I did that.

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While I'm not gonna worry lambda Atlanta, receipt of loss of law Hideo Sallam said if you did enough sin to fill the earth, the skies until your sin started doing this. Under the throne of Allah subhanaw taala the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala is being scratched with your sins. And you said Allah forgive me. I heard some football the guy who knows if he's right, he said you'd forgive me and give me another chance to pray to respect my parents to not look at how long to keep Katy Perry out of my ears over luck Can you give me that chance

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and the last panel that I would give it to you so with that I learned that it's easy to stand on a member feet five six feet above you and tell you things wearing a commodity job and oh this guy must be religious. So I will do something that I should have done some number of weeks ago I believe last week's clip ban I know you all enjoyed it check or merge he gave his football before that it was about saving time not wasting time was shift Mohammed money from Medina University. And then before that, what was it? It was Mohammed Matthew talking about justice. These are all components of knowledge. Today I want to close that chapter. We'll open it again after Ramadan, but today you know

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seek beneficial knowledge today you know, leave the garbage knowledge of what actress is using what soap and leave the garbage knowledge of what things are going on in her household and what she cooked last night and what you didn't leave those things, but know them

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Most important component to knowledge, Allah created us to forgive us. And he didn't say URI de la who Enya to valet come he said Wardlaw Who? Allah, he wishes to forgive you. And in the same token, I wish for you to forgive me. Four weeks ago today I stood on dismember, excited to come back from Oman. And I made a grave mistake to you all. Remember the story I was telling you about the two men fighting in the house of rasulillah? In the Rhoda, what did I do? a young person I made a mistake. I told you the nationalities of these people, American kid, we don't have respect. So I can't ask Allah for forgiveness until I asked you for forgiveness. I can't say what law who you are to what

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law who and your body that Allah wants to forgive me until I go to the person say, check. I said this about you last week. You weren't here. But I said this about you, then Allah can forgive me. So if Allah wants to forgive you, why not come the right way. So to those community members will lie to him. I mentioned an ethnicity. This was wrong. I could now watch the tool of shavon can I use it with you? I could say well, actually, I was trying to paint a picture. What is that? Taking your rationale and putting it above the love of Allah? No, I was wrong. And I believe that if you forgive me, Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah will forgive me, because transgressions are going to be made

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friends on the member and when I see you, but I know this much. I don't want to wait for the Friday before Ramadan to hear it's the month of forgiveness. A good friend of mine told me Let's go to Ramadan forgiven by Allah. And then imagine how blessed Ramadan would be. Between the sittings of the hookah the DA is not rejected. I know what my daughter is going to be. And that is forgiveness from my community. For my mistake, not a shortcoming. It was a mistake. It is my wrong. I asked you ask something from Allah. Ask anything from Allah subhanaw taala he's going to give it to you. B isn't Allahu Allah, we ask Allah for his mercy. So Han Allah bigger, better is at our mercy foon

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and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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mean was Walla,

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Walla, WA Sunni when

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he was

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in Nova how Amala ekata who used Luna de

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la Vina.

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He was a new moon. Nima Allahumma. Suddenly Allah Mohammed Mohammed kamasan. Later Allah Ibrahima wa la adebola Hema in nicomedia Majeed Allahumma barik cada Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in Majeed are brothers and sisters the time trickles, so I want to share the second component to forgiveness.

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I do feel empowered by today's football. I will lie that in today's football was going to be the second two tools of shavon I wanted to continue. But well lucky I heard that a lot of wanting to forgive me, and it broke me down. Because you all make mistakes. I mistake make mistakes for you.

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And I asked Allah subhanaw taala would you forgive me and Allah subhanaw taala blessed me to stand in front of you again. So that made me think of the second component. We break ties with Allah subhanaw taala by not praying by raising our voice to our spouse, by looking our mom and dad in the eye. This this looking the mom and dad in the eye and say what this breaks the connection to Allah subhanaw taala or they might have said you're a man leaves your body. When you disrespect your parents. Specifically, your Eman leaves your body. When you're done giving that glare.

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Your mind comes back. Oh, parents forgive us.

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We wronged you, but we don't even know it.

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But the second component is when I heard a human being Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam second component saw a man sad. Even Abby walk us walk into the mustard. He told the people of the mustard that man is going to gender that man is going to gender. So a man followed sod or the Allahu taala and who and followed him home and said can I stay at your house for a little bit? He goes sure stay in my house. And he goes, What is it? I want to see what you do. So he got up. He slept he prayed. He ate. He went to work. He came back he slept he prayed he ate three days later the man was like, bro, you live a pretty natural life. Why are you going to heaven? I don't see you doing night prayer

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a lot. I didn't see you give a lot of charity. I didn't see you. You know, like staying away from the women pictures like this. He's just a normal person. He does. What is it that you do? He goes I don't know. I mean, I go to work. I do everything normal. There is one thing I've never lost. This is the statement that received lots of lots of them. He gave to us

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Sadly Allahu taala answered there's one thing I do before I sleep every night. He goes, I walked through the day, okay, Isa, he called me he texts me late alive forgive him. My wife she said this a lot forgive him. TSA pushed me around today because my turban was white and my Toby was black koalas, Allah, I forgive them too. He said, I've heard I forgive everyone throughout the day. Even your cheese daddies, nannies, armas, Judge Dotty, all of them you forgive Oh Allah, I forgive them. Call us a lot. It's another day tomorrow. Let them mess up again. Tomorrow, I forgive them. He went back to the suit of law, the man he said I only saw Assad do this one thing. So we're sort of lost a

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lot. If someone said this is the one action that has written the name of sod or the Allahu Allah on on the gates of Jana. He went to sleep every night for giving every human being that had wronged him. That's a great story. Right story. Wonderful.

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I want to tell you another quick story in the hood on forgiveness of human beings.

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June 19, a brother, I've met and heard of a brother.

00:26:06--> 00:26:44

I want you to watch his story with me. This is about forgiving human beings. This was a young man about 1920 years old. He was born in Bangladesh, he got into a lottery to win a visa. You know, when you put it happens in Egypt and barkston, too. So you put your name into a lottery and he won a halaal visa. He came to America. He lives in Dallas close to me. He came here he enrolled in college, he got engaged, they're back home, he started sending money back home. And he told me he went to college and he got a job at a quickie Mart at one of the convenience stores. 10 days after September 11. A man walked into the store.

00:26:45--> 00:27:10

He said he had a double barreled shotgun. You all know what that is? Hello people. Y'all know what that is? He put the gun in his face and he goes so immediately he asked Bahia and his name is Brianna last month Allah bless him tremendously. He put the gun in his face. He goes, he goes, I'll give you the money. And instead of taking the money, the robber said, Where are you from? And before he could open his mouth, he said I felt a million bees stinging my face.

00:27:11--> 00:27:14

33 shotgun pellets entered his face.

00:27:16--> 00:27:40

He lost this eye 11 surgeries later there are still 27 pellets in his face. When he touches them, he feels it. His father subsequently received a heart attack back home. When your butcher when your wallet. You don't know if he's alive. If he's dead, you just know that half of his face has been blown off. And the robber didn't take the money. hate crime.

00:27:41--> 00:27:43

June 19.

00:27:44--> 00:27:45

reacts bohan

00:27:46--> 00:28:00

finished his appeal to the United States government to do what to take mark the shooter off of death row. He said Islam teaches me to forgive.

00:28:01--> 00:28:02

And I want to forgive him.

00:28:04--> 00:28:34

Allah subhanaw taala didn't need to give you sad, even abuse courses in your life to see to hear stories about their going to Jana. But you have react bohemian? Who today doesn't have vision in this eye and has 27 pellets in his face. And he went to the courthouse and he spoke to that guy's lawyer and said, Please don't kill him. He has died already for every year he's been in jail. A law My God tells me saving one life is as if you've saved all of mankind.

00:28:35--> 00:28:46

He had mercy. He forgave the guy who shot him in the face with a shotgun. Your sister in law said that the eggplant sollen wasn't tasty. We can get over it.

00:28:47--> 00:29:32

We asked bohemian today has an advocacy advocacy advocacy group that's called stop hate.org. I asked you to think about he went from knowledge LS had saved one knife to spirituality to forgiveness to activism in one shot. 11 surgeries led him not a mograph class not 10 months of biannual on one action from Allah led him to knowledge, spirituality and activism, my beloved brothers go home today. And I shouldn't share but I got into a little argument right before I got in this member. And I couldn't talk to you about forgiveness until I narrate this hadith narrated in the sound authority and I ended on these words Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the greatest human being to ever

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walk the face of the earth. Guys, the human being is why you're standing outside on that glass, the human being why you're standing in the sun, that great human being is why you're here. He said by Allah, whoever I promise, I promise a house in Ghana for the person who is arguing and is right, and he stops arguing. The person who's correct, though your husband who looks at his wife and knows that she's emotional.

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not stable in that argument says, Honey, I'm wrong. You know you're right Roshi doesn't make any sense at all. You're right honey. I'm sorry. I apologize. It was my mistake. I promise a house in general for that person. I promise a house in the middle of Jannah for the person who stops lying for jokes. The person who doesn't lie Yo, bro your cars on fire, bro. Yo, Yo, check that out. You guys in fire, Bro. Bro. You. My kids are in there. What do you do? Not just joking. But still, I promise you a house in the middle of genda. But Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't stop. He said I promise you a house in the highest state of

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the highest not in it. Not in the middle. But at the highest state. For those who have good manners and good etiquette. Today's hood but had nothing to do with how much quote annual memorized. Everyone knows they can hold the car door open. Everyone knows they can lower their eyes when they speak to their parents. Everybody knows they can kiss the forehead or hand of their elders. Everybody knows. Pick up the torch. What are the Kuru law he acabado in the La Jolla, San Juan Ito is the way in which

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you will monkey well. You're not locked into the Quran. Indeed, Allah is enjoying justice. Allah has enjoyed the sun. Allah has enjoined spending kind words and maybe a little kiss on the forehead or the cheek of your spouse. Allah has encouraged this and spend on them buy some roses, make something that he likes, be loving to your family members but never be amongst those who are promiscuous and dirty. Those who hear Neil say we there may not be a tomorrow let's do it tonight. He's giving you a bill after he whom you've known all you young people know what I'm talking about. They are telling you don't believe in I believe in tonight.

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Night and alive lot don't go to Russia. You don't need a fatwa to tell me whether Facebook's halal or haram. You know what we do with it? You don't need a fatwa whether the internet's halal or haram you know what we do with it?

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What fascia you will moon carry volbella don't cross the line in the sand that Allah has given us and don't oppress you know the good moral things to do. Pick up the torch. And the remembrance of Allah is the Greatest remember rice bohemian in his work and in your daughter's be eaten in LA hit Allah. What are they called? Allahu Akbar Allahu Yaga. Mateus now and akima sada