Eid Al-Fitr Khutbah 2020

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to be late to

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Every day

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online, we have to love you. And we know that

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person will never be wretched, that person will never be doomed again.

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That will deliver pleasure. Allow us to fight

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forever on the last day of

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our life perfect.

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So the 167 minutes, I hope everyone's asleep is that today is not an exception today. Today worship

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was the worst one for me today.

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Every day is a very unique act of worship that tells us about the greatness of our Deen the completeness of our Deen, the naturalness of our Deen the beauty of our Deen and that act of worship is as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we have been Amelie Illallah one of the dearest acts most beloved acts to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said, so little to clean ohada Muslim, some joy that you admit upon the hearts of the Muslims, that is an act of worship in our Deen. That is something legislated by the creator of the world. He wants us to admit joy upon people. And when I say that, do not forget to admit joy upon yourself, you are a person as well. You are included in

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that statement. A lot wants you to be joyful, and especially about the most important things like fulfilling your purpose in life. Like being guided to Islam, like being guided to be a believer in the hood and like being guided to be alive and to have tried in the month of Ramadan. Allah subhanho wa Taala said couldn't be fought lilla He won't be met he barely Kalia Franco who will hire me manage my own, say to them Oh, Mohamed Salah Allahu Allahu wa sallam,

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with the bounty of Allah, the gifts, the huge gifts he sends you. And by His mercy that he allows you to enjoy them allows you to embrace them. With these two things, let them celebrate, let them rejoice, they are better than all they can collect. What Allah sends your way is what you cannot collect on your own. And the greatest thing this applies to are their religious gifts. The gifts have been the gifts that don't expire with the exploration of this world or with our exploration and our exit from this world.

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And so admitting joy upon people today is a practice of read is an act of worship, that we will spend our day doing and shall love regardless of the circumstances, we will still

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will fulfill our purpose. And this is what such a beautiful such a pleasant such a refreshing task. On this day. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to make the youngsters feel joyful, but the elders as well the adults as well. Even yourself, be sure to be joyful, rejoice. Because that is of the signs and of the ways to be a believer of the signs because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us

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is that subotica has an ad Okay, I was gonna say I took offense a moment when you are pleased with your good deed, not arrogantly, but just happy that you are chosen to be guided to a deed that you will continue being rewarded for forever. Can you imagine that forever? The subpoena law came in what that statement, but there's a reward that will continue being given to you forever because of it. And then on to the next v. So when the good deed, you, you perform it, you're supposed to be happy. That's the sign of the signs of Eman. He said what's that can say I took and when you are displeased when you're bothered by your evil deeds, then you're a believer. That means you're still

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a believer, your heart is still alive. And so we cannot only focus on being bothered and remorseful about our bad deeds. We must be celebrating our good deeds as well as the ones our lives dogen has guided us to this is extremely important. You know, even with our sins By the way, because walking away from our bad deeds is a good deed something many of us have done in Ramadan. You need to be happy about that. Even if you know Allah has knowledge you don't know it but you know lost knowledge. You're going to fall back into the sin after Ramadan you should still be celebrating. Yes, you're worried fine, but celebrate. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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to us law who will be

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But you mean hajikko be audibly Salatin Fanfan Hola Hola.

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Hola Hola to the famous Howdy. He said Allah is happier with one of you when they repent. Then a man who's in the middle of the desert, and then he's riding animal his mouth is carrying his food and his belongings. His arrived basically also just disappears desserts. And he looks and looks and looks and looks and he gives up hope and sits on their tree in despair, awaiting death. All of a sudden he wakes up, feeling the rope the reins of the animal on him. He looks up and he finds it on top of him. He's so happy the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he accidentally says, Oh Allah, you're my slave. And I'm your master from how prophetic he says.

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He made a mistake. But he uttered that, due to how happy he was the intensity of his joy, without attributing any deficiencies to the happiness of Allah. But why did Allah tell us that? Why did he tell the prophet SAW Selim inform the people of this Allah is happier? Is there any great diversity than this for us to celebrate any greater mercy than our Creator, who gave us our existence and gets nothing out of us being more joy than anyone that we've repented? So you can't forget to rejoice over your repentance as well.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would always tell the people in the community then what are you doing? Every people have already, and this is our eat the word the street, no artificial basis. It's not made up. It is not. It doesn't have foul origins or like baseless origins, nor does it have evil practices. It is such a pure blessing read, that we should make sure to admit joy as on as many people as possible today as an act of near and as to Allah. And also, as you know, because subconsciously, these memories drive us it's of the ways to be a believer, not just a sign that you're a believer, it's of the ways to drive us forward. The field good of doing good, should not be

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our primary drivers, Muslims that it makes us feel good. Our primary drive is that it pleases Allah our deeds, not us. But the fact that it pleases us helps us along, it helps us along, we're human beings.

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And so be sure to do the extra generous today with yourself within the Hello with your family within the Helen. And please try to find people that you ordinarily would not admit joy upon for whatever reason, even logistical reasons. Maybe because they're of the people that you usually don't speak to underneath. Maybe they're the people that have no Muslim families to celebrate with. And the lockdown has made the few communities that are sensitive to that and give them a space in the massage. To feel the sense of community. Give them a call. Maybe it's the people that you told yourself, I'm superduper busy. I'm just going to give everybody an impersonal message, pick out a

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few of them. If you can't do all and give them a phone call, leave them a voicemail. Leave them a voice note. The options are so many for this glorious act of worship to admit joy upon the believers

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of Holy Holy has asked for lolly welcome after the sit down I will rise in sha Allah for a final statement

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Allah and

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Muhammad Abu Dhabi, who are a pseudo

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shavon will try to ruin your day

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by getting you to admit grief, or admit frustration upon yourself, and then spew it out onto others as well. So stand guard and protect your act of worship. The act of worship of admitting joy upon the believers is hard to including yourself. And then shaytaan will try to tell you there's nothing to celebrate.

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So it's just a month is gone. You're gonna go back to old you're guaranteed

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Don't listen to him, call out his bluff. It is perfectly natural and we always say this and we'll continue saying this because he continues whispering the opposite. So we're gonna counter it will always say that is natural for you to just be careful not to give too far.

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Try to measure yourself against and be better than not your Ramadan but you before Ramadan. If you've developed a few habits, keep them. If you've built on them, you can build on them a little bit build on them.

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And if you do slip, that is just shavon telling you see I told you but don't listen to him call his bluff. Even then.

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It was just a momentary slip. It's one of these throwing one of his final punches before he is purged out of that corner of your life. keep marching.

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If you weren't praying, you're five and you started praying you're five and thought out

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Now you're keep praying and if you miss a prayer, don't miss the second one. Don't say oh, I'm back to missing prayers. That's just one of his final attempts as he falls unconscious. As you hit him with that blow. That's it, call his bluff and keep moving. The Prophet because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us this mentality, this fighters mentality to not imagine that you're never going to get hit. You know, one of the most difficult things for a fighter to learn is that he has to take hits and not just give them

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someone can have the best strategy in the world, the best plan in the world and as soon as he gets one hit, he thinks fights happen the way they happen in movies, choreographed, not one hits every lens, that is the fighter that never lasts. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam guided us to this aspect so we don't lose steam. And he said it's the theme of the street. This is my final message to all of you be straight, while and torso and you will not be able to

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and you will not be able to be straight meaning at all times. And then he said was or alamanda Hara Malika masala when you have to do and we'll do in a moment. But know that the greatest of your deeds are the prayers, safeguard them and build on them. This is the foundation if your foundation goes you go that's when you really go and know that your most important acts most superior acts are the prayers and no one safeguards, the will stays in a constant state of although except the true believer. So May Allah keep us the people of purity allow us to retain, retain, retain whatever we can after this Ramadan than what we've had before Ramadan allow us to build on it. May Allah remove

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this plague this pandemic from the world. And may Allah allow us to admit joy upon people fill our hearts with joy even though we didn't think we don't think we can be joining us on this day. The same way he allowed us to enjoy and benefit and receive His blessings in Ramadan when we thought we couldn't receive them. May Allah azza wa jal protect us and you and give the Muslims everywhere a reason to be happy and make us an instrument for admitting happiness upon the Muslims alone. I mean, may Allah make us of those who he was happy with their repentance in this month of Ramadan, and then repentance constantly repenting after the month of Ramadan. And may Allah make us of those that as

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we are happy on the day of aid, we will be even happier on the day that we receive their award of our Ramadan. Maybe it'll be our eight than yours and our homecoming and reunion with our beloved Lord and our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam satanic Lama behind nikka de la ilaha illa Anta esta phylloxera to be late before we turn off the stream, I just want to say to anyone at home. If you haven't prayed software aid, slavery is to lockouts does not require a footbaww and even the Allahu Akbar Allah, the repeated tech of Iraq are not mandatory, aside from the first one of course, entering the Salah.

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You save them seven times this as soon as it is recommended to do that to enter the Salah. And then save them six or seven times Either is fine in sha Allah and then perform a regular regular haka. And then when you come up from suju, from frustrating, you're going to after you say Allahu Akbar to rise, you're going to say to be right, five more times, and then perform a regular Raka do that even now, up until right before a lot of time do it with your family. I'm going to go home and repeat it with my family as well now

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and continue to admit and let them know this is the award distribution ceremony. This is the conclusion of our Ramadan. This is when our award bead Mila will receive that extra layer that extra ribbon will be in sha Allah short, just like a little later on. And again, no football required no reminder nothing at all. And remember, to be sure to continue the celebration we have 11 o'clock we have our food and our ice cream and our festivities starting pick up your goodie bags and go to as many massages as possible.

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And dress up your cars as we said if you are interested have yourself or your children dress up your cars we're going to take photos of all the cars and make a nice album. This has always this will always be Ramadan to remember in sha Allah and there'll be a prize this evening announced for the nicest dressed car is that the love hate on said I'm on a coma.