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Al-Hajj 65-78 Translation 65-78

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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the shadow is sadly a lot of soliel karimabad for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, rubbish Raj Lisa de were silly emri wash load of data melissani yokocho coli have been as ignor in my

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lesson number 171 suita Touch ID number 65 to 78

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unanderra did you not see

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that Indeed, Allah, Allah, Sahara, he has subjected Lacan for you all, man, whatever, fill out the India while phulka and the ship's bedgebury it flows fee in Albury the C be Emery he with his command at his command, William SQL and he holds a summer the sky And lest Dakar it falls Allah upon the earth Illa except we didn't he by his permission in Allah Indeed Allah vanessi with the people Little Orphan surely most kind Rahim on always All Merciful. Wha hoo. And he led is the one who are here come He gave life to you all so much then you need to come He will give that to you. So much then your vehicle he will give you life in indeed insane the human being like a food on surely most

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ungrateful luckily for every mutton nation jalna we made monster can write a ritual home day nasty cool who wants to perform it? fella so not used as their own nucca they definitely contend with you they definitely argue with you

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fee concerning the matter whether and invite ala do or because you're in NACA indeed you law either surely upon who then a guidance Mr. came one street we're in and if gather Luca de dispute with you, for all then say Allahu Allah, our level is most knowing the man with what Dharma loon you all do. Allahu Allah Yakumo He will judge by Nikon between you all yoma en de LTM the standing femur in what control you were fee in it does telephone you all different

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I am did not darlin you know, and that Indeed Allah yellow mo he knows ma wat for summer in the sky was up and they are in the indeed they're like that fakie tab in in a book in the indeed that eco that Allah Allah He upon Allah. Yes, Ceylon very easy.

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We are Bududa and they worship men from dooney other than Allah He Allah, ma wat lamb not universal. He sends down be he with it. Silvana any authority warmer and what laser it is not the home for them be with it. Edelman any knowledge warmer and not live almina for the wrongdoers main from misleading and helper. What either and when totally it is recited or lay him upon them. I AtuNa our verses by unit in once clear. Daddy for you recognize fi in would you he faces alladhina of those who cafaro they disbelieved al Mancha the dislike the disapproval Yeah, Kaduna. They are near they are about to yes tuna. They attack they Lavina at those who yet Luna they recite la him upon them. I A Tina our

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versus old say efa una bucum. Should I then inform you be sharing with worse men than Valley come that Oh, you're

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a narrow the Hellfire? What are the her He has promised it? Allahu Allah alladhina those who care for who they disbelieved or be and how bad and mostly the destination?

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Yeah, you heard all anessa the people. The Rebbe, it was struck. It was presented method on an exam.

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First timer Oh, so you are listening attentively Lahu for it in Indeed, Allah Vina, those who are the owner, you all invoke men from Dhoni other than Allah He Allah. Len never yes Lu coup de create the burden of lie. Well, even if each demo they gathered Lahu for it, what in and if, yes, no boom, it snatches away from them as the babble the fly, share a thing? Let's not, yes, then they do who they could recover it, they could save it. Men who from it Bhairava he was weak available. The seeker The one who seeks Walmart to lose and the one who is sought or Alma to Lu, the wanted

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man not idle. They have estimated Allah Allah hopper as is right. Or did he have his estimate?

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In Indeed, Allah Allah? Luckily Yoon, surely powerful as he isn't always Almighty.

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Allah who Allah yes Luffy he chooses men from Allah eco the angels will also learn messengers are men and from a nest the people in the Lucha Indeed Allah semir on all was a hearing bus lead on all without seeing your llama he knows man whatever bainer is between a DM their two hands on that and whichever hall for whom is behind them. What Elahi and do Allah Darrow it will be returned over the matters.

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Yeah, are you hurt or a levina? Those who knew they believed? Erica, you all bow down, Durocher? What do you do? And you all prostrate. Do such the work you do and you all worship right back home your

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work I do and you all do. I'll hire the good law locum. So that you are shown you all are successful.

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What do you do and you all strive, fella he in Allah hapa as is right, jihad, he, his Jihad are striving for he h tabacum he has chosen you warmer and not jala he made la come upon you see in a dean, the dean the religion, men from heritage in any difficulty meloetta religion a become of your father, Ibrahim Ibrahim Alayhi Salam who are he semacam he named you as a Muslim in the Muslims main from Abu before wafi and in Heather this lacuna. So he is a rasuluh the messenger shahidan a witness la come upon you what the corner and you all are shuhada witnesses are the nurse upon the people felt the most. So you will establish a sweater the seller will add to and you all give as the

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character does occur. Where does he move? And you all hold firmly? Then there he with Allah

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who he is molar come your patron fenyr ma so how good Imola the patron whenever and how good and honestly, the helper

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that's the sense of recitation.

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the world

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Movie man

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man TV man.

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See ya

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be here

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mostly mean.

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was ooh shahidullah more uno, uno shuhada