I’m Here, Allah – Hajj 2018 Vlog Day 4

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demul had Jawwad.

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Religion, every single culture, every single tradition, they have different ways of commemorating their important figures.

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I said, I want a Peace be upon you and around you. Welcome to day four.

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Continuing with a sense of peace, today's beautiful day to its posts a lot to the heart. When you go late, you don't make it on time. And I did not make it on time. And I had already told our whole group you're going to have one prayer in Medina, and one or two prayers in McDonough, mocha Rama and you're going to have to accept it. Either base your entire day around the prayer.

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And you can make it you can go without missing anything, or except that you're going to slip and go late. But Al Hamdulillah I'm in a in a wonderful place. So I wanted to discuss today's technology. And today's technology is going the step further than God is not my ability to worship God is right now. My ability to ask him is right now my ability to change is right now

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is today's technology is to identify the self to be able to identify the self and say ash How do Allah Allah Allah Allah, wa shadow Anna Mohammed and Abu rasuluh

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so we don't have so much of mustard number we let's take a quick trip. Let's make a few records and spend some time before we hit our form.

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And it's a beautiful day. A beautiful day in Medina.

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And we're headed out for a ride today.

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We're headed out for Omaha today. Let's get some budget time before we go. I'll see you guys inside. But I have a quick duar correction I think it was on the first day. I said along my father's somehow it was art and the DUA is Antoine de fit dunya Hera telephony Muslimah while helping me with sloughed him

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and so I read a another part of another dua, Allah hamara Bajaj ra ino Amiga Ito is sloughing I thought it was somehow Alleman Rabee was shahada and Docomo binary buddy Kaffee McCann ofI here telephone so as you can tell I mix those two together

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last day in Madina Munawwara heading on our way out

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on our way out

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the farmers finance

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bidding farewell to the Prophet sallallahu Adi who was salam city, the green dome is where his home is. And over here is John Nuttall wealthy, where 1000 Plus companions are buried.

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I didn't feel like taking video inside the masjid I just didn't feel didn't feel it. So I didn't want to talk something in genuine or disingenuous and I think this is the right way to leave the Masjid.

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Let's get to O'Meara okay, that de vaca ah buddy mumble aisle manga was su e was su e Moncada OB I long call RB Malli Malli. What do you want? While wallet Allahu Akbar Masha Allah. May Allah accept that was not a very lengthy draft, but we kind of did it in pieces.

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So that happened, we got on a bus. Seven hours later we are here checked into the Conrad and amazing hotel. I am assuming I'm going to have to tell you a lot more about it. But it's time for Iran. It's time to attain a state that you can maintain the technology of Allah is now used it so much. So often. It's so frequent, that you're here now to say love bake, I'm present. I'm here. So use your technology as frequent as poss

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Civil and see how quickly you can bring yourself here in a state of Bihar.

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Hundreds and 1000s use the prayer to heal themselves use the collective energy to recognize

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or our Lord we collectively believe

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in Al hamdu Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah I didn't feel that appropriate to get footage during our own Murata off and during the drinking of the water and the Diaz. So here we are finished. Sorry, maybe you'll have a little bit of footage on the inside, but it didn't feel appropriate so I didn't go with it. I'm done with aamra Let me just finish the one last component. The last thing I needed was a haircut.

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Subhanallah I got back to the hotel, got a little bit of rest. Pray to her then. Got to the gym and prayed Asser. It is about an hour before Mueller the next day.

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wouldn't be fair to try to capture Umrah in in a sitting. But I will say telling your Lord I testify that you are my Lord and then coming to his house and saying I'm present his entire different experience. So we'll talk about her more tomorrow. Maybe today's vlog wasn't everything that you were looking for, but I tried to capture the emotions involved. I'll see you all on the other side. But that is a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow anna muhammadan of the rasuluh or wash Edwin Muhammad and or shadow no Muhammad Rasul Allah or shadow no Muhammad Rasulullah hope you enjoyed please subscribe and I'll see you tomorrow in Makkah tool mocha Rama for day five