I Still Make Mistakes Reciting Quran – Surah Kahf Page 300

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah welcome friend here we are in Malmo rise. Let's do our first step. Let's hear it for the first time. Surah two Caf ai n number 5758. Let's make it happen.

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It will be la he Mina che la nuit Raji was OB la he Mina che la new Raji ayah number 57 sore toe calf woman, woman l Lambo me

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man, one Madden l Lambo memes zucchini Robbie, I do Rob be Hiva out all lon ha wanna see our mouth? God dammit yada in John

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Oh Lizzie Nutter lava

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it's kind of

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it's kind of

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below if you just take me back a few few minutes up to mapa de Mattia

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mount or damnit Jada

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in Niger Nam Allah

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Okay, yeah, my god dammit yada.

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In Java

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in Java Allah Allah gooloo B him together. In Java Allah Allah Gulu be him

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as CO who are fi as Annie hem walk along. Why is Daddy room halal? Houda you have to do either ABA. Okay. Billa was a start. That just got stronger. Strike this and do that again.

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Yeah, that was that was those.

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That was a train wreck. Like I was I was saying.

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I was saying I wasn't even finishing Jhala. And I was saying, ma Here we go.

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There's a truth about this. I think it must have been 25 years old. And I was leading that all we and I met it was in New York. I was doing my X ray program.

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Bro, I massacred this page. Like I'm massacred this page, I think in a bad way. No, no, no. I think the look my guy was he gave up he was like

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I was I was so like, yeah, the guy my mind my look, my guy was like, huh, like what I went from this page back to the beginning to the end, Mo EDA mo EDA, mo te da. And I was like, I was like, you know, when you see someone drowning they but they think they can swim that I was doing that. And that. So that as I was reading it, as I was like, I was having like little traumatic experiences from it. This is the last one. Let's wrap this one up. We're running. Alright, man, congratulations on page 300. May this be on the Day of Judgment? You heard? Did you were you there at last night's meeting?

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Brother Sergeant's had something really he was just saying on the Day of Judgment. Everyone who teaches the Quran will be able to come behind. Go to Allah subhanaw taala. And they have judgment and be given a chance to make a case and only the people could use for themselves. Oh Allah, I believe on Nivola. I learned in Iowa and I taught it. Right and he was he was he just said at the end of the meeting. He goes, Do you guys realize what you all are doing? And it was just

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very powerful. I'll share it with you again three to one