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The speakers discuss the use of "med strict" in English to indicate fraud, and the importance of avoiding false accusations. They also touch on the history of Islam and the use of "has been" in English to demonstrate the need for others to contribute to the cause. The speakers emphasize the importance of educating people on Islam and educating others about the need for help.

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To start

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finish, let's finish comm.com Docs Calm down, calm down

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is that caveman behavior is that caveman behavior, by the way, is

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interrupting and that's not gonna continue recovering. But

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I like to use my love of friends. I love to do things I love to use. Yes. Okay. Now moving on now, since you've just said that now. And by the way, let me just tell you something about us that mounts this question. The Prophet Muhammad, you've read the Syrah married a Jewish woman. Her name was

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her father

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hello, hello. Yeah. In the Quran, which is a religious book, which we follow that you said you've read? Yes. The Prophet Moses has been mentioned no less than 130 times irrelevant.

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Jewish you'll give us your sheet again. I'm not I'm speaking.

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The Prophet Moses. You're talking about Jews?

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What? Are you gonna let me speak or is this? Are you afraid of them? Are you afraid of the Quran? Specifically something about Jewish people is that they were actually chosen people that say this actually affirms that narrative. Now it says in the photonic Juan Alameen.

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Jews or Christians doesn't say Mischief Makers. They commit for sound and therefore according to fighter two and 33 they shall be killed actually.

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Let me get a response

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you just said you just said according to 532 and 533 It says that Jews are Mischief Makers. Let me recite for you let me reset you asked me to recite I will recite from memory 572 and 533 are you ready for it? And I'm gonna let you know what's interesting about this very verse is going to humiliate him even worse, you will know

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what kinda like a caterpillar olive oil Excuse me. This is I'm saying in Arabic and then translate in English. Okay, delicate Khattab and Allah Bani Israel. We have written upon the children of Israel and nama man Katella left hand behind enough since all of a sudden fill out the Forgotten NEMA Katella nessa gymea the whoever kills a person who said Listen to me is what 532 says he mentioned five Excuse me, let me finish I mentioned in what he mentioned, I've tried to I mentioned the five day to whoever kills a person the Quran is saying this, whoever kills a person for other than corruption in the land or for them killing themselves, then, then this hieroglyphs killed all

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of humankind. The Quran is saying that if you kill one person, it's like you killed everyone. Woman A ha ha for

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NASA Jamia and whoever saves the life. It's as if he saved all of the humankind. The very verse that you are trying to quote misquote in my presence. How dare you I do the very verse that you tried to misquote and my presence is actually a verse that tells you that if you tell one person, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or any other thing, it's like you've killed all the human beings on the earth. And if you save one human being it's like you've saved only the bigger the earth. So you lied about the Quran. Anyone?

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Anyone can fact check me now many phones ahead, go ahead and go your phone go to chapter five. Go to verse number 32 And you will see what I've just said. So are you going to apologize for missing

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your light and your lines Ilayaraja taste

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okay, oh yeah

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yeah, how are you going to apologize for this course in the Quran? My presence you are in front of the

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may answer now Hey, yeah good. You are a very good Muslim lie okay. No problem anybody

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this verse, I encourage anyone to look up this verse and what you will see us killing someone. Because this is me. Are you Muslim? Muslim? Yeah. All right, can you go on the Quran go Google chapter five verse. Anybody do it and you can see can you guys do it fact check me now. Yeah, fine. And when can you show the Quran Can I Can you shut up? No.

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Also you don't want to allow me to finish because you know you are a liar and you'd like

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to shut up and let me answer Okay.

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When the Quran 532 says

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unless for facade you in the land

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curmudgeon in the land you read a comment please come in what's your name? How are you? Are you watching my videos again? pause that and do something for your ACCA first installing that is establishing a Scandinavian mega mosque and data center in Oslo the fastest growing city in Europe do you want to share on that reward? Click the link below and donate now

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Muslim let me

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realize the key the key word here Shut Up Show some respect in my country your country

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means opposition

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if you listen to this

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this guy knows that the key word here is Mossad Arabic

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find out

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this worse

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allows killing anyone's will

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be cautious for murder or for spreading

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on earth

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he had sail slain all making

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a live show be as if he had given life to all mankind so who was right and who was wrong? I was right then the nice was

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was your was your

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Messiah facade

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to make you believe that the

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mischief is

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now now let me just I'll give you I'm gonna kind of have a political opposition against Islam is mischief is corruption and

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kill me

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because I oppose Islam Okay, so how would you how would you how would you make sense verse is actually saying that it's illegal to kill okay but

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I didn't read that when I read it but

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you know that you're not an idiot you know this

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must be Christian you are the seal of the Prophet Yeah. You read the biography of the Prophet Muhammad yes even you shot him this hawk. Okay, fantastic. Now he said the prophets Allah. Mankato, Allah ma hadn't lamb yada I'm sorry, I say in English, I'm saying.

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Let me first say in Arabic so that you can check it up. Give me a second. Are you Irish? Are you Norwegian? I don't even know what kind of accent is.

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I think she's attracted to me.

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How could she not be when she's hanging around this guy all day. And then she sees some six foot seven individual comes in Norway and discuss those things, please. Oh, I will. How would you explain how would you explain the profits? Muhammad's saying men Katella Mohammed and whoever kills a noncombatant disbeliever lemme area that tell Jana he will not be he will not smell the fragrance of heaven. How do you understand that? You can understand it by seeing and looking at the Hadith that when Mohammed was asked, Well, why why do we understand this hadith?

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You have to look at the Hadith. You understand this hadith? That's my question. You have to look at it you understand this? I didn't have it. How do you understand this? Mohammed said that? Yeah, when we attack this innocent little village at night, okay.

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How do you understand this? How do you understand me I'm answering you know I want this hadith. When when

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cherry picking? cherry pick

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if you want

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to you have to look at okay, okay. Look at the Mohammed yeah

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Does another behavior

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question what he said? He's Yeah, yeah. When when when the Warrior was concerned that he might kill some women or children, children or childhood?

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The Prophet said they are of them, meaning the children, and the women are infidel homeless, go ahead and kill I'm aware of the Hadees Yeah, I'm aware of that. Yeah.

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I'm more of the Hadith. I'm aware of that. And it doesn't because if you understand that hadith to mean that the prophets Allah Salam said that he to kill them women and children he did. In fact, let me let me tell you, the Hadith actually states when he saw the woman on the battlefield that was dead, and I'll say in Arabic and and translate it, he says, My Kana Allah and took tell it wasn't for her to be killed.

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And we know why. Because I like to take slaves sex slaves. So whenever a woman is killed, well, you just contradicted yourself No, contradicted.

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Killed, killed.

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Now which one is which one is it? Which one is it?

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Or killing? Which one? Is it? Because you said

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you know,

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I was quoting,

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making it to leave illegal to kill women and children.

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The main main Muhammad is to kill the man and women. Sexually. I'm asked your question. Yeah. Since you're an expert in the Quran, not knowing the Six Pillars of creed, not knowing the prophets full name not being qualified in any university, even in your country being jobless man that you aren't. And let me ask you a question even though you're all those things. And let me ask you your expert opinion as an ask questions. You don't have to harass people, just the states in chapter 60 verse eight. Lie on how Kamala and Alladhina Lemieux cardi Luke confit Dini, while I'm your crypto community Ericom and tuber Romo takasi To Allah him in the Allahu Akbar Makossa teen that God does

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not deny you does not tell you not to deal justly and kindly with those disbelievers that don't take you out of your home. Or don't don't try and kill you that you deal justly with them. They'll just leave Yeah. And that you're good with them because God loves the just now. This is a verse in the Quran does not abrogate it. How do you explain this verse? Well, looking at the word justly explains everything because just in Islam, and Sharia, and what country is

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something more you mean? So

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justly and it's something different to us here, there's two different two operative words. One word is and tubber room to be good with them. The other 112 closer to Allah him and to be just with them. So being good with oranges, so how do I be good? And just with a disbeliever and kill them at the same time? Can you tell me how you can you can kill them if you follow for example, 532 or 109 109

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You know that I'm right, you

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know what? I know.

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explaining to you you're incorrect about this. So these kinds of intellectual expeditions, this kind of intellectual activism, couldn't be done, wouldn't be done without your charitable donations. Because this is an integral aspect of the dollar that we challenge those kinds of views that we're seeing in the western world which makes international media now we have a chance to respond. Islam net has established an entire center doing the work educating people of Islam, crushing Islamophobia and we're going to be the people we are a junction out as a community are we going to be the people who are going to

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contribute to this cause why are we going to be stingy Allah says in the Quran

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eat to down alley to feel goofy Serbian in

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my well while I'm I have a horrifying follow on and FC wala Lonnie, you to call raw

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data well no established in a woman why era come soon. Man.

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Allah says in the Quran, that you people, you people have been called to given the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala to give charity in the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So amongst you will be those who will be stingy.

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And whoever is stingy, miserly. He's only being stingy upon his his own self.

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And Allah is the rich one, the one free of need. And you and me, You Allah says the poor ones were interred our low and if you turn away yes Deborah dill Coleman wire accom Allah will replace us replace me in you replace you Allah says with a people other than you and they will not be like you

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as something else, yeah okay

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all right

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so the best way to prove to yourself and to Allah, that you're not among the stingy ones, the miserly ones, the weak ones is that you give in the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you have an opportunity. The link is below just click it wasn't gonna take 10 seconds of your time 1520 seconds.

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You wouldn't even use that kind of time to blow your nose and a handkerchief

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The time is now.

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Click the link was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Gettleman