Aarij Anwer – Tafsir Surah Yusuf – A Thematic Tafsir

Aarij Anwer
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Hola bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Elif la Murat tilaka Lupita mobiel I left la these are the verses from the Clear Book in Angelina who Quran and Arabi Allah Allah come talk Elune We have sent down the Quran in Arabic so that you may understand not knowing oppo swagbucka Santa Casa si Bhima Oh hyena elago Hodel Quran in couldn't Amin cobbly He let me know or feeling we recount to you the best of narratives in revealing this Quran to you, even though you were aware of it before it came down the Prophet Sam has been told, this is the best of narratives the best story, okay, that we're about to tell you. And you did not know this all prophets on before

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there was no way for you to acquire this knowledge previously. Because you are someone who did not know how to read or write and your people these are not, you know, stories or these are not incidents that were mentioned by your people. So this was something that was unknown to you. Just give me one second, please. Excuse me one sec. Let me something on camera here. Alright. Let's try again.

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Alright, something on my camera. I don't know what's going on. No problem.

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Call us. We will have to deal with that later. Okay. England, amicably lamina. Laughlin, you were unaware of it before okay. The story begins is called a usefully be here abiti in nero a to AHA the Ashura kilcummin was Shamsul Comodoro a to whom Lisa Jean Oh my father. Oh my father, I have

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when Joseph I saw 11 stars and the sun in the moon, I saw them prostrate themselves before me, I saw them making such that before me. This is an imagery of the of the 11 stars, the sun and the moon. This imagery will be the the very beginning of this sort of image as mentioned. And as we'll see the image of the surah of the image of these 11 stars the sun and the moon will be mentioned at the end of the surah again, okay, keep this one. This image in mind, there's a couple of images that are used in the Surah to make up a beautiful point to kind of connect the story together you can call them like anchors of the story. One of them is the 11 stars the sun in the moon, okay. The other one

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is the shirt of use of Islam which is coming soon.

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All Abuja yella tacos, Roja Corolla aquatic and for your Ketola Caden initio Donalyn in Santiago, one movie and he replied My son do not relate your dream to your brothers less they plot a an evil against you. Satan is the sworn enemy of men. Okay? They're like ah, the weaker of booga. This is what Jakob is saying to his son, use of okay. He says what Gallica ahdb garapa, you're usually chosen by your Lord. Okay. He's Jaco realizes what this dream means. He realizes this dream means all my son you are going to be a prophet, but he doesn't tell his son, all he tells the sun use of is you will be chosen by a Lord and He will impart to you some understanding of the inner meaning of

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events of dreams, you will be given the ability to interpret dreams, this is a very important thing. This is a you know, this is an art but for

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and this is it's not like a dark art or something. But this is something that you use,

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you know, scriptural basis, and also just, you know, intuition together to do this. Usually Sam was given this as a, as a form of revelation to him, he was given the ability to explain the meaning of dreams and predict the future based on those dreams because these dreams were foreshadowing the future, but they are as we will see, there's going to be a three dreams that are for dreams that are talked about in Europe.

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They're foreshadowing the future and useful Islam Allah spot. Yaku says he will be given by Allah the ability to tell to interpret the dreams and task predict the future correctly. And this was one of the gifts that Allah gave to His Prophet Yusuf, okay, he will bestow the full measure of his blessings upon you, and upon the house of Jacob.

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Even as he formally bestowed it, in full measure upon your forefathers, Abraham and Isaac, truly your Sustainer your Lord is all knowing and all wise. Surely in Joseph and his brothers, there are signs for the inquires. Alright, this story is

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So awesome. We're gonna actually talk about it in a couple of ways. Okay, we're going to talk about it. Number one, its structure. Okay? We're gonna talk about it firstly, in the structure of the surah. Okay, that's the first thing we'll talk about. Second thing we'll talk about is a pattern in the Surah. Okay, the pattern of the surah is difficulty, his difficulties like oscillating between the two. Talk about that. Number three, we'll talk about the imagery in the Surah. I already told you the image about the, the, the, the 11 stars is on the moon and the image, particularly on the shirt has a very, very important implication and number formula talk about useful assumes ability to

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predict the future as something that Allah gave him as part of revelation to him, okay, his intellect and his ability to put things together, right. We're going to talk and touch on these four things in SHODHANA. First, let's talk about the structure of the surah here is what we will say about the structure of the surah.

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The structure of the surah is as follows. US have use of Elisa Lam sees a dream. Okay, then utilize Sam's brother's plot against him is number eight. As we will see I number eight the use the brothers are plotting against him. Surely Joseph and his brother Benjamin, are dearer to our father than ourselves. Even though we are a band truly our father is clearly mistaken. This is

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this is the thing that you see there, that they're plotting OCO two lucify. Number nine.

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Let us put Joseph to that. Our Tahoe, Albania you have to lock onto a beacon or cast him away to some far off land so that your father's attention should turn only to us. And you can thereafter become a righteous people. This is their plan. Their plan is or their plot against use of is to kill him or send him away because they were jealous that their father loves Joseph use of SLM more than them, right. And these are grown men. This still jealous of the younger brother. That's shows you that there's a lack of maturity here. And it's so so much so that it has become a vise it's become immoral. They're thinking of murdering their brother. How pathetic, okay.

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The minister's wife's attempt to seduce use of okay, here's the thing. You see in the story, use of Elisa Lam

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is not killed. One of them said let's not kill him. But let's actually

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let's actually throw him in the world. So I number 15. So they went away with him and decided to cast him in the dark depths of a well and then we reveal to Him our will you we shall one day tell them of this deed of theirs, when they do not realize who you are, again, see the foreshadowing prediction of the future here last month, I was telling you some is going to happen. This is one of the things that's special about use of editor. All right. They came to their father saying Father, you know, we were playing we were racing. But Joseph, we left him with our belongings for Accola who the wolf devoured him that you will not believe us even though we're telling the truth. And here is

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the first instance of the imagery of the shirt is number 18. They showed him their brother's shirt stained with false blood, no callable so welcome and Fuzu amre your souls have tempted you to do something evil, but it is best to be patient. God alone can help me bear the loss you speak of. Now usually salaam, these brothers of his they have betrayed him. This is one of the stories this is one of the things that we find in the story of use of SLM, he was betrayed by those who are supposed to care for him. This is going to happen to him twice, he was betrayed by those who are supposed to protect him. Here he is instance number one betrayed by those who are supposed to protect him. But

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then Allah subhanaw taala is going to bring about after this difficult moment, he is in the darkness of a well waiting to die or waiting to be enslaved. What ends up happening he gets enslaved as a group of people are passing by. But what happens is, this is a very difficult thing. But from that difficulty Allah Sparta brings about ease. What is the ease that Allah brings about? He is purchased not by some slaver who wants to, you know, run him ragged in the fields. He's purchased by honorable men. And this honorable man doesn't actually want him to be like a

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slave who works in the fields or does leave

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He wants him to become an an aristocrat, a part of the nobility. And this is something that's interesting, by the way, historically you would have

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this is not like a, you know, condoning of the practice, but you would have slavery outside of the Americas was not race based, it was actually more class based, okay. And if you find if you have a sleeve that is that, you know, it's not very comes from a situation where they're not very intelligent, perhaps or they're not, there's not a lot of good things that they could do, they will be put to the fields and they will be working, but a slave that was intelligent, would actually be sheltered from that and will be treated or would be trained to become part of the leadership of the community. Right. The

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if you look at just in recent history, this is more ancient history, but reason history was even the, the the Ottoman Empire, the the army generals of the Ottoman Empire, by and large, were slaves, the Janissaries there were slaves actually.

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But they were generals of the army of the of the caliphate. This is how things were for them. Anyway, so useless here. But this wasn't the case. By the way, in the American scene, we American slavery will, the most brutal, the most evil, vile form of slavery that had ever existed because that was pure exploitation and purely based on race, and nothing but humiliation. Anyway, this man after that difficult moment, he lost his family, betrayed by his brothers doesn't know what's going on. He's a young child. Allah's mother brings about ease. What's the ease Allah subhanaw taala brings about that he is rescued by caravan, but then sold to slavery difficult times, but then

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adopted as a noble slave. We'll call a legislator who may Mr. liberati, a creamy mutha, the Egyptian who bought him set his wife lodge him honorably, he may prove of benefit to us, or we may even adopt him as our son. Thus we established Joseph in the land, so that he we may teach him the true meaning of events, while you know Alima whom into really a hadith this was the thing that Allah is PATA wanted to give him. This was his gift. This was his revelation to be able to interpret the dreams we can predict the future. All right, well, Allahu Allah, when Allah I'm lucky God has power over all things. But most people don't know this. And this is such a beautiful statement that you think, you

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know, there's a statement that the Christian say that God works in mysterious ways. We actually I don't like that statement, right? We don't say God works in mysterious ways. We say God has power over all things. Law, the one I'm gonna heat you have to trust him. Well, I can accept a nasty lie alone, you don't realize what his plan is. That doesn't mean that he's mysterious. You don't know. We don't know as humans, right? Our ability to perceive is very narrow and very limited. And it's overshadowed often by our emotions, and our biases. Allah subhanaw taala is free of all that, right? He has perfect knowledge, perfect wisdom. So we actually say Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah, Allah

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when Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has power are all things and we trust Him we don't recognize or realize the wisdom right now. But be certain there is wisdom. Be sure there is some after that difficulties, there is going to be some ease after that tough situation is going to be some relief. We are certain of that. Okay, so that's what we believe when it comes to our fate. Now here is you see he was sold into you know, he's you see, he's oscillating between difficulty and ease separated from the family. Let me show this to you here

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right there, yes, separated from his family rescue by the caravan difficulty is sold into slavery difficulty followed by ease adopted as a noble slave. Okay, now

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let's go back to

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as he became older, he became Tina who Chokmah Ilma. I remember trying to be bestowed on him right judgment and knowledge. Okay, what also it was ALLAH well also what also Allah bestowed upon him, was extremely good, looks extremely handsome. He was unimaginably beautiful Yusuf Ali Salam, okay. But that's not what the Quran praises the Quran does not appraise his physical beauty. The Quran praises his inner beauty, his sound mind, his knowledge, right. That's what's praiseworthy. Your appearance, you know, a person doesn't really have any control over their appearance, right? You know, like, I don't have any control over the way I look right? Or hire how I was

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Hi my faces that says how Allah created me. But I do have control over judgment and knowledge and work ethic and acquiring knowledge and putting it all together and being a better person because I have learned something. All of us have that ability. All of us have that opportunity. That is what Allah praises about useful, it's an app but because he was so incredibly handsome and beautiful, and also extremely wise, it beautiful on the inside, extremely beautiful on the outside. The lady who was supposed to be his guardian is really in the place of his mother.

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She fell in love with him and wanted to have an affair with him. Okay, the minister's wife's attempt to seduce use of i 23 robata to lady who fit her NFC bahala Kata awaba or call a title UK, the woman in whose house he lived in. Right. This is a very interesting expression. He had nowhere else to go. She was in her house, wanted to seduce him. He had no escape. So one day she bolted the doors and said come, right. She wanted to engage in an affair with him. He replied, God forbid truly your husband is my master and has treated me honorably. wrongdoers certainly will never prosper. You know, you should not forget the favors that people have done you right, this is what he was, well,

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Islam is teaching us and his expression is very beautiful in the Hora biasanya mathway. This is actually something you can say about both his master her husband and also both about Allah's partner, Allah's Partha has been so kind to me. This is one of the things that we use notice about use of Islam, the attitude of gratitude the use of Islam has, and we will see that also later on Surah Ibrahim, the attitude of gratitude of Ibrahim alayhi salam, despite all the tragedy he suffered, he doesn't say how come this happened to me Allah How can this how can me how I was a good person, I was a child, I was a boy. Nothing is like 100 lasting care of me. Allah has brought me

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into a good situation trusting Allah Spano, Tala, that is what using some insurance, so he's saying, You're my inner who, indeed he is. My master, Allah is my master and he's been very good to me. Your husband is my master. He's been very good to me as well. Alright, so the, the, the plot of the wife of use of, you know, she tried to seduce him. They, they actually had like a struggle. He's running away, she's running after him. She is, you know, in a way kind of lost her mind in love for yourself. And then she rips his shirt from the back. And as she does, so, her husband is there at the door. Now she flips the script and she says, Look, he's trying to, you know, he said, you know,

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* me he's trying to have, you know, you know, he's trying to be intimate with me, and terrified me. What are you gonna do about it? Right now UCLA, Sam's gonna defend me he's a slave. He said he's, she's the one who he seduced me. I didn't do anything. But now you see, as you notice, there is difficulty and there is ease. The difficulty is she is seduced by the minister's wife and accused of seducing Alright, he's got I mean, his word doesn't mean anything. In the court of law. The minister is going to take his wife's word, you know, even if he knows his wife is wrong to avoid embarrassment. But with the difficulty comes ease. What's the ease? Shahida Shahid Alia i 26. It was

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one. It was one of her household testified one of her relatives said

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if his shirt is torn at the front, then she is speaking the truth and He is lying. But if his shirt is torn from the back, she is lying. And he's telling the truth. Why? What's the logical? Like, how is this evidence? If the shirt is torn on the front, that means he was the one who was, you know, approaching her. And she was, you know, trying to protect herself. She tore his shirt. But if it's torn from the back, that means he was running away and she was pursuing him. And that's why the shirt is torn from the back. And of course, they saw the shirt was torn from the back. And they recognize that this is the lady in the human kady corner in nakita, Ko now Liam, this is the Guile

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of you women, your Guile is great, indeed. Use of audio Don had you sort of overlooked this Don't say this. Don't Don't tell anybody about it yourself. just brushed it under the carpet. This is an embarrassment for the family of the right difficulty, followed by ease. But then it doesn't end there. The wife of the use of the word gets out right the word gets out. Number 30. The women in the town are gossiping about how users the wife of the Minister wanted to seduce her sleeve. And what kind of what a what? embarrassing, humiliating situation but shall have a hug but her love for him consumes her heart

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In nananana, Rafi Malala movie. Okay, well, now the wife of use of is going to

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show the Egyptian ladies what's really up and then the Egyptian ladies will make a similar attempt at use of it. Number 31. Okay, Bella Masami McAleenan are solid in our adult Luna Taka is when she heard of their intrigues she sent for them and prepared a party for them. She gave a knife to each of them to cut fruit. And that asked Joseph to appear for them. All right, now he comes. And as I told you, it was unimaginably beautiful. Ali salaam Fela Mara Aina who Cubana who? When the woman saw him, they were amazed at His beauty. Okay, a katana Adi Han and they cut their hands. But Hoonah hashanah Allah is that God to preserve us Mahadasha and in Hatha Illa Malecon Karim, this is no

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human being but in noble angel, the scholars explain they cut their hands or Katana aidea Hoonah. What? Like, why are they doing this? The Quran doesn't really tell us why they're doing it. But there's some speculation by scholars and I think it's worthwhile mentioning.

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One is that they were mesmerized, so they had fruit and they had knives. They were mesmerized by use of Islam that they weren't even able to look away from him. And in the process of trying to cut fruit, they started to cut their hands and didn't even realize until it was * that they cut their hands. Okay. That is one interpretation. The other interpretation is that some what a lady cut, cut her hand and use a wet and immediately try to attend to her because she's bleeding. And then guess what the next one is like, I'll cut my hand and you come tend to me, and the next ones I will get I'll cut my hand you income 10 to me. So

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what exactly happened amongst father knows best, but there is a reason for them to cut their hands was either they were just completely blown away, which is what the ISS or also they are so so blown away that they didn't even realize they were cutting not the fruit but their head or also maybe to get his attention. Okay, and probably both of those things are true. Will Allahu Allah Alright, so now the similar attempt is made by the Egyptian ladies, they have made this attempt on use of Alyssa lab to seduce him now. And what happens? He is now thrown in prison I 35

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medalla human body mass or was it like a student who had died? Now the people are like, nope, nobles are like, something's gotta be done about the use of he's like, all our wives are in love with him. So what do we do about him right

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now that he used have had an option, he had the option of just having an affair with the wife of the minister and everything is okay. Right? But he said, No, Robbie said, you have a matador on any day, oh my lord, I would prefer prison to what these women are inviting me to do. This is true character. This is true strength of character. Right? You stand by your principles. We are in Islam, or we're principled people. Our principle is we don't engage in intimacy outside of marriage, outside of what Allah has made halal. And even if the opportunity is there, even if it's easy and tempting, even if not just easy and tempting. You're almost held at gunpoint to be intimate with this lady. You still

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don't do it. Okay? Because it's a immorality is a violation. It's a violation. And we don't engage in that. And he says, I I would rather let a prisoner Allah then do this for no crime. But he also recognizes the human being why Latos if it came down, in if you do not ever take Guile for me, I may yield to them. And so become one of the ignorant I mean, human being Allah, I don't have infinite power. If you if I if you don't help me and you don't protect me, I will, I may end up giving up and may end up giving in to the pressure that they're putting on me. But then Hamdulillah, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah protected him, and he ended up in prison imprisonment of useful Islam. Number 35.

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Okay, well, you see, the plot is developing. Yes, it's still developing. Okay. Now, let's go back to the remember I told you, we'll talk about the structure and the oscillation between ease and difficulty here.

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He's thrown in prison for no crime. He didn't do anything. He did not do anything.

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And that's one of the worst things that happened to a person that they didn't do anything, and they're in prison for something they never did. That's one of the worst travesties of justice. Okay.

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But Allah subhanaw taala with difficulty brought about ease, what's the ease that Allah Sparta brought about for him? Number one, he

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gave that hour in prison. This is something you can read is number 37. He's in prison, and two men are asking him about their dream. Okay? Again, this dream when he interprets it, it's a prediction of the future. Okay? But before he tells them about the interpretation of the dream, the dream he says about who he is and why he's able to do this. He says, I follow the religion of my father's, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is 38. Right? It is not for Allah. It's not for us, excuse me, that we associate anyone with God as a partner, right? SubhanAllah. And he makes a logical argument. He says my fellow prisoners out of Baba methodic una Hieron. I mean level. Who's better? Different diverse

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lords? Right, this concept of, you know, polytheism is this better? Does that make sense? Or one powerful Supreme Lord, who is in charge of everything and because he is in charge of everything, there is order all around us? What's better? You have no proof of what you worship. These are just names. You have named them arbitrarily. Okay? And then he of course, gives them the meaning of what their dream is. When he says one of you is going to die. And one of you one of you is going to live okay? What if he was going to live and actually become a quarter in the court of the king you would serve him wine, and the other one is going to be crucified and is going to be eaten up by the birds

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like the scavengers will eat from his dead body. That's what's gonna happen. Okay. His dream came true. And he told the man who was going to be slaved is going to be saved. Tell the king I was able to predict the future he wanted a week out. But the this man forgot. This man forgot. In fact, the classes Ansel Shavon Shavon made him forget to mention to his man's master so Joseph remained in prison for a number of years, okay, thrown in prison for no crime. This is a tragedy but Allah Spatola gave him the opportunity there would that came ease he gave our in prison. But then comes the king's dream. I have 43 I a number 43 Allah Sparta says

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the king sees the dream remember I said there were four dreams right? The 11 stars sun the moon that dream was still to come as interpretation. The other two dreams were the dreams of these two men in prison. One of them is a serving alcohol

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sorry, this is his dream right here I am number

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I number 36 One of them it says I am pressing wine the other sentence I am carrying bread on my head and birds are eating from it. These are the two dreams he interpreted the one who's pressing wine. You're going to be saved from prison and you will become a quarter in the court of the king. The one the bread eating one you're gonna die and birds are gonna eat your head. But the four dream and the is the one that's going to be the get out of jail card for useful Islam is this one while in Maluku in Niara. Sababa Crottin. See, man, the king said I saw in a dream seven fat cows. Okay. This means like healthy cows.

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You know there's marbled meat.

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Yeah. coluna Sablon ajF with seven lean ones. We're eating seven lean. Cows are eating seven fat cows. That's the dream you see. Well submit assume Bula tenho and seven green ears of corn and Ohara beside and seven others that are dry. He's like Oh my my quarters. I see this Oh, nobles. I see this dream. Tell me what is this J mean, this is a very strange dream. If you can tell. They're like we don't know. In a glottal lamp confusing dreams. It says something your mind made up maybe? Or we don't really know how to interpret dreams. So I'm not going to with that. We didn't maybe it mean alright. At this point, the man who was saved by the interpretation of the dream, right? Remembers

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Oh, there was there's a guy named use of

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a useful a university. He is the one who can interpret the dreams tell us the meaning of the dream or use of what does it mean? Seven lean cows are eating seven fat cows. Okay. Useless RAM. Right. He's not upset. Each had reason to be upset. He could be like, Hey, how come you came now? All these years you were saved? And I told you to tell the king about me. And now you come to me for another favorite. What's up with that? That's not but that's how good manners that's not. You know, McHattie will flop that's not nobility and honor us with Islam. And frankly, logically speaking doesn't get you anywhere, right? If you are trying to pursue your freedom, saying that is not going to help you

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even though you have the right to say it. But sometimes it's not going to help. So use of SLM exercises his wisdom and pursues this and also exercises and demonstrates his nobility and

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Honor by, you know, not mentioning and not humiliating this man and you will see this, this is his character, he did not humiliate this man, he will not humiliate his brothers when he finally meets them, okay, that is not his character. And that shouldn't be the character of the believer. The believer shouldn't be the person who seeks to humiliate those who have wronged that's not the character of the believer. That's not something that we should be alright. He says, this means what you shall solo for seven consecutive years as usual, but leave in the ear, the harvest that you reap, except a little that you may eat, right? Like, don't eat everything you go to that you repeat

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seven years, stored away day, because seven years later, because after those seven years will come seven years of great hardship or famine, that will consume all but a little of what you store those seven years that you spent saving, the next seven years will consume it. That's the seven lean cows eating up the seven fat cows, okay, that's how he tells the dream or interprets his dream and after that there's going to be a year when there's going to be abundant rain and then people will again have they will press meaning they can press oil and wine and you know they can be you know, this abundance of food again. Alright, he interprets the dream. The King is very impressed. The King is

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like wow, who is this guy? Bring him to me.

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Bring him to me that I remember 50 users released from prison when the man came when the

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when the messenger came said okay, you serve your free, useful SLM again as a man of honor and dignity. And he says I'm not going to leave here with my name being slandered My name must be cleared. Ask these ladies you know to clear my name first. Before I come out, right look how bold that move is. Right? Any one of us would like jump at the chance to take our freedom after spending the you know over a decade even more for imprison for nothing right? But you're like No, I want my name cleared and then I'll come up right this again it's the highest level of you know strength of character that you can have to be someone like that. Okay, the woman of course said hash Allah ma

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Denali human suit. Of course, we know no evil of him the woman. This is one of the beautiful things about the story of useful Islam is that there's not like for our and Musa good. It's not good and evil, right? It's people who did good. And then this, you know, the people who did something bad, but they're not extremely evil people. They recognize it as something wrong, and they're able to confess for their mistakes. And the wife of the Aziz also confessed, she's like, look, I you know, he was truthful. I was the one who seduced him was my fault. She confess, I mean, it was a few maybe a couple a decade or so late, but at least he confessed, right, at least there's some semblance of

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justice served. So use of Alesana is not released from prison will hum the dilla. The ladies confess is number 51. Okay. So you see, again, difficulty thrown in prison, but eventually he is freed and not just freed and cleared, but then he is honored as a minister. The king said Bring him to me, I will take him for special service. Okay, and you will be trusted and honored, but useful. That sounds like Okay, how about you make me the minister Janila has a in an out in the field and Alim because I am good and knowledgeable. This is actually an interesting statement in the field and on him he's not bragging, right? But he's not going to sell themselves short. Either. There's a fine

00:33:50 --> 00:34:37

line of being confident without being obnoxious and arrogant. He is confident he's like, I know Hamdulillah I have the knowledge and I'm trustworthy, I'm good at this, I can do it and the king grants him that so he comes out of prison free cleared of all his of all the slander that was done against him all the people that the women who have got him in trouble they all confessed and now he is elevated to be the Minister of Agriculture. You can argue the second most important position in the whole country in the whole empire right after the king because you know, he is going to be literally rationing the food of every single person in the in the nation Subhanallah how he rises

00:34:37 --> 00:34:40

how he rises from the from the ashes use of Alison up

00:34:41 --> 00:34:48

okay. Now, I am number 52. Is the confessional device of use of we saw that now.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

Now, the brothers they come back What if what to use of oh by the way before this look at them pretty success. It has to be caused use of Karnataka mckennan use without

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

Lia Yetta Bowman her Hi Felicia no see movie Rama, Tina Manisha well, and we'll do a general mercy Nene. We do not allow the reward of the righteous to go to waste. If you are suffering, Allah will not waste your pain will No, it's not like he doesn't know your suffering, he knows you're going through tough times, and he will not waste that pain of yours, he will reward you in this dunya. And the best of the rewards is in the next life. Well, the original athletic Hayden, the learning and working with the code, the Donia reward is good. The best rewards in the next life. So don't ever think Allah's Partha doesn't know what you're going through. He knows exactly what you're going

00:35:43 --> 00:36:06

through better than ourselves, actually. And the reward that he's going to give for us, is immense and is going to be in proportion to our pain that we go through. Now come the brothers of use of they don't know who he's talking to, but he immediately recognizes his brothers. Okay, now, the brothers.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:28

What happens? The brothers are told, I'll summarize this part. And then I'll go to the point of the story. The brothers are told, Hey, you have a brother, another brother, right? Bring him eternally be Abiko okay. And if you don't bring that Brother, I am not going to give you any more green. Now he has all authority, all the leverage. Okay, now,

00:36:29 --> 00:37:07

what uh, what else does a trick that used to play he places their, their money back in their bags, whatever they paid for the food. He kind of sneaks it back into the bags. So now when they go back, they have all the reason to come back. Right. And when they have all the reason to come back, now they're going to be compelled to bring his brother Benjamin Binyamin with his mother, jacobellis llama, two wives. From the first five he had 10 Kids, the second wife he had use of NVMe. These 12 are the 12 heads of the Israelites. Okay, the 12 tribes of the Israelites, these are the 12 heads of them, okay.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:11

Now, they said to the Father, hey, Father,

00:37:12 --> 00:37:50

we need to take we need to go and take Ben Benjamin with us. He's like, I'm not going to trust him. I'm not going to trust let you take Benjamin when I trusted you with your brother before and you let me down? No way. Right. But then now they found their money and they're like father call Yeah. abana is 65 Had he with auto naroda Elena, this is our money returned to us. This is great. We'll get you know like two for the price of one. Please let us take our brother when I'm you to Atlanta, we are going to bring that food for our family we're not for the Ohana are going to guard our brother and we will obtain an additional camera load of green and that is you know, this is this is good. This

00:37:50 --> 00:38:40

is easy for us to do. Okay, now Yahuwah Islam recognizes that, you know he can't stop them at this point. He's like swear by Allah that you will protect him and they swear by Allah that they will protect their brother. Okay. Now useable SLM meets his brother i 69. And he takes him aside as a scholar in the hookah. Falletta is Bhima Kenya Yama loon. Don't be distressed about what they're about to do. Come. I'm going to keep you with me. Don't worry what's going to happen. I got this okay. Now, usually Sam is going to plot to keep his brother with him how so? He's going to take this this the Kings drinking cup and train his brother for stealing gift, and that's what he did. So the

00:38:40 --> 00:39:09

crier cried out man of the caravan. You aren't you have committed theft in Nakula Sally Hoon Aalu acaba de la mulata Fredo and they said what is it that you have lost that we have lost nefarious to Al Malik we have lost the royal measuring bowl. I don't know if that's a good translation. But so al Maliki is you know the king has like a special coffee drinks and you know, like I have a nice cup that I like to drink coffee and right imagine if you're a king, you will have a special cup tool right?

00:39:10 --> 00:39:23

So like where's the King's Cup? And whoever brings it back we're gonna give him a extra camel load of corn wow that's a you know nice that's a lot of corn for fun cup

00:39:25 --> 00:39:59

Okay, now they said what happens if we find you guys to be guilty? Right? He said well if the if you're guilty whoever stole it you keep him as a prisoner. Alright fine for about an hour at him. Pablo we are here he look house have a look at why is useful in some ways. He's He's checking off every box he's dotting all his eyes. And acrossing a host he's he's doing everything right. He frames his brother sneakily before he refrains his brother, sorry, he, you know gives his brothers the incentive.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

to come back, but that condition to bring back the brother that he wants to meet, okay, then he frames his brother. Then he

00:40:10 --> 00:40:27

starts with the other brothers first, build up the suspense a little bit to make sure that everybody knows they didn't do anything. It was Benjamin Binyamin, who did it and finally they found Binyamin having that and they captured him. Now, here is something very interesting.

00:40:29 --> 00:41:04

Very interesting. The brothers slander use of an Islam call who he is for called Soraka, a hula hoop and if he is a thief, or brother of his also committed theft before him. And again you see use of innocence personality is not the one to humiliate, even though he is fully in charge. If we wanted them all executed, he can have them executed. Right. That's how much power he has at this point. But his personality is not humiliate anybody but Asara Youssou enough, see, while I'm up Harlem, but you Joseph kept his secret, and reveal nothing to himself. Hmm.

00:41:05 --> 00:41:50

Excuse me, that's really nothing to them. He said to himself, your deed was worse. God knows best on the things you speak, right? Like what you did was actually worse. The right now, this is a slander, right? That's a difficulty. That's an emotion. It's like a It's like someone stabbing you. Right? It hurts. Even though it's words but it hurts just as much as a physical. You know, Moon, they're like he King, please take one of us as like, in place of him. The whole Ohana McKenna in America and I'm watching him. He has an old dad, he's going to like be very, very upset. He's going to be very, very saddened. Right, please for the sake of his father, like no, this is, you know, injustice. We're

00:41:50 --> 00:42:10

gonna keep the person who stole now they are in a tough spot. They say hey, go back to your father. I never eat you an NGO is a vehicle for kulula abana. Father, your son has committed a theft. We testify only to what we know. How could we guard against the unformed and against the unforeseen?

00:42:11 --> 00:42:36

And then like ask the people that have the city where we were living in and the Caravan we traveled with or in the lasagna hole. But here's the thing about the truth. If you lie, and people recognize you lied, out goes your integrity with your with your lie. You have no integrity, Lef none. And then after that, even if you are truthful, people won't believe you are in nasaga Punia like

00:42:37 --> 00:42:50

I was so verse 100% telling you the truth. But yeah, who knows the line before is not going to trust them. Now. He says the same thing honorable so welcome enforceable number of you have contrived a story again.

00:42:51 --> 00:43:39

For sovereign Jamil, I'm going to be patient in the best, most beautiful way. But if he says something now as Allahu dnab him Jimmy Yaqoob recognizes that maybe Allah is doing something behind the scenes, and he's like, I maybe Allah is gonna Reunite me with everybody, because he is full of knowledge and wisdom. SubhanAllah. Now, the brothers finally, are there struggling jacobellis and says, Oh, my sons, do not despair. Do not despair. For the hustle Sumi use fi go seek Joseph and his brother. And don't despair of God's mercy in the hula assumable Hello, hello, Catherine. Only those who deny the truth despair of God's mercy. Okay, don't be like these people are my son's go. And

00:43:39 --> 00:44:22

that's interesting. He mentioned use of hair. He mentioned use of hair. It's like he, I think he's, you know, he's either receiving revelation from Allah or he is able to recognize that Allah subhanaw taala is planning to reunite him with the use of and that's why this is happening to him. Okay, use of La Salaam. So this brother slander, difficult thing, but the good thing that came after that is he was reunited with his younger brother and he was able to be with him will handle the law. Now the father loses eyesight during the recurrence of grief. Where is this? This is iron number. I number 84 What Allah and home makalah assefa Allah use of he turned away from them crying, saying, Alas for

00:44:22 --> 00:44:59

Joseph, his eyes went white with grief and he was filled with sorrow. Okay. You don't see like what happened is he kept all the pain of use of Islam in inside him crying about it, but he wasn't able to share with anybody. Now his other son was lost. It's like the reopening of the wound. And the reopening of the wound has a very, very devastating effect and the kind of pain you know, a person experiences the pain of loss. The pain of anxiety actually has sometimes an effect on the person's physical faculties that here's an example of that with with yaku and his Salaam. Alright,

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

The jacobellis Salaam loses eyesight.

00:45:03 --> 00:45:47

But then with that difficulty, some ease will come. What is the ease? They came and said, Oh, the brothers came back and say, We're sorry, our great, great, exalted one, we have very little money, please be charitable to us, give us something we are in a tough situation. And that's when he said, You know what you did with use of his brother in ignorance. Now they're like, use of how can you know about use of and then they, you know, put two and two together in the calendar use of are you Joseph? He replied, under useful for yes I am use of and this is my brother, and God has been gracious to us. The truth is that God does not waste the reward of those who do good and are

00:45:47 --> 00:45:53

righteous and steadfast. Look at this again, the brothers learned their lesson. I remember 90 Yes.

00:45:55 --> 00:45:56


00:45:57 --> 00:46:12

call Oh, Allah He, authentic Allahu Allah, you know, more in Quran Alacati by God, Most certainly God has raised you high above us and we have indeed been guilty again notice the people who did wrong confessed that like yes, we were wrong. We're sorry.

00:46:14 --> 00:46:57

UCLA Salam says call alerta three Bala Komodo as we have said, his habit is not to humiliate. His habit is not to embarrass, he says there shall be no blame upon you. It's like this is water under the bridge. And we're going to move past it. I'm not going to mention it again. We are fear moving passes as a family now that the bond aka yo yo food Hola, hola, Ko, may Allah forgive you, he is the most forgiving of those are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. This is exactly what the prophets some said to when he finished the conquest of Makkah. And for 20 years, those people fought him and persecuted his followers, and hurt the person physically hurt the profits of them

00:46:57 --> 00:47:11

emotionally, you know, all types of pain and suffering inflicted upon the profit zone. And now he is victorious. And then he said, What do you think I'm going to do to you people today, now that I won, and they said, you know,

00:47:12 --> 00:47:19

Kareem, Kareem you are, are your generous brother and you're the son of a generous brother, or now he's your brother. Hmm.

00:47:20 --> 00:48:08

All these years you fought him. And now he's your brother SubhanAllah. But the post on them said, I'm going to say to you what use have said to his brothers, that rebar like this is no blame on you. And he forgave them all. The whole poor he leadership, everybody, the person forgive them. And that is example for us building sisters. That is the ideals that our prophets has on them. And our prophets like useful as our teaching us, that they despite being betrayed by those who are supposed to take care of him, they did not hold that against them. And they did not let that become they did not become petty and did not become angry at the world or angry at God. That's not how useful Islam

00:48:08 --> 00:48:20

was. And that shows you that's the pinnacle of character. That's what you know, truly, a great person is F Usili salaam says, take my shirt, remember the shirt

00:48:21 --> 00:49:05

says take my shirt and put it on my father's face, and he will recover his sight and they're upon come back to me with your family. Right. So now, father loses eyesight due to recurrent grief, but eventually hamdulillah the family is reunited and before they reunited the shirt is tossed on the face of the Father and the eyesight of the father returns and he said I knew did not tell you that I know from God what you do not do not know the brothers are going to ask their father for apology as well. They're going to apologize excuse me to the Father as well said Oh father asked forgiveness for our sins. We were truly in the wrong right they've said this twice now you're not gonna copy

00:49:07 --> 00:49:24

and this is all you can expect of people. He did something wrong. No one's condoning that but at least apologize. Apologize make things right. And that is what we learned from the brothers of use of and that's you know, a good positive character trait that all of us should have.

00:49:26 --> 00:49:59

Now the family is you reunited I number 99 use of SESC enter Mr. Enter Egypt Welcome to Egypt in safety and he raised his parents to Allah Allah Asha the throne Okay, family is reunited after difficulty comes ease. After difficulty comes ease. You see the pattern. You see the pattern the life of users that are but now look at this as well. The use of stream is interrupted. I never 100 the color Yeah, but he had that we lose

00:50:00 --> 00:50:10

Rudy, I'm in Kabul, he said my father. This is the interpretation of my dream. My Lord has made it come true. But the Ajala Herbie Hancock, Waka Sana be Allahu Akbar.

00:50:12 --> 00:50:18

He was kind to me in Accra journeymen, a surgeon, when he led me out of prison.

00:50:21 --> 00:50:38

He was never supposed to be in prison. He didn't say how come Allah put me in prison? No, he says Allah was kind to me, that he took me out of prison. This is the attitude of gratitude, and brought you from the desert after Satan has had brought about discord between me and my brethren.

00:50:39 --> 00:51:29

Subhanallah he's not blaming his brothers. He's not throwing them under the bus. He's not humiliating them. He's like this was done. You know, this was unfortunate. Shaitan came between us. But Allah is the most gracious that he brought us together. Look at how he's turning this all that pain into something positive. This is truly, you know, prophetic character. In our ability for Lima Asha, my Lord is the best planner in achieving what He wills in who will Alima Hakeem He is all knowing and truly wise Allahu Akbar. This is the dream of use of interpreted that they will have a ruler who Sujatha they all fell in such that that's 11 Brothers, right? The father and the mother 11

00:51:29 --> 00:51:47

stars, the sun and the moon. That was the dream interpreted Subhanallah right. That was the fourth and final dream and got interpreted, and how it's beautifully ties back to the beginning. Look at the structure. You see, this is a beautiful ring structure users dream.

00:51:49 --> 00:52:28

In the very beginning, at the very end interpreted next was the brothers plot. Let me try to zoom out here. You see how it's like exactly the it's like a mirror image. It follows this trajectory. You said a dream. The brothers plot minister's wife attempts to use the ladies make an attempt USE OF GOD imprisoned the king's dream. And then as if like, you know, like, it's like you're rolling it and now you start unrolling it. The King's dream interpreted, uses relief from prison confession of the lady's confession of the wife of the minister. The brothers learned their lesson and their plot fails. And finally the dream interpreted Allahu Akbar, what an incredible What an unbelievable

00:52:29 --> 00:53:20

structure. What a beautiful Surah that Allah's Padala has revealed truly the best of all, stories. The shirt, right, you saw that in the beginning, it was false blood, right, the image of the shirt. It told jacobellis and the use of his alive, minor relief that he got he knew his son was alive, that he was he knew the blood was false. That torn shirt it saved use of SLM in that distressful moment when he was about to be, you know, like, you know, cast as a *, he violated a violating ungrateful person, the torn shirt saved him again, again, relief and the shirt restoring vision I 93 jacobellis Salaam and again a told use of ischemia, CO the use of is alive and well and that's a

00:53:20 --> 00:54:00

major source of relief for him Subhanallah how amazing this surah is. And every time I studied, I think I come away with even more appreciation for it. So that was a structure that was the you know, look at the pattern of difficulty ease the imagery of the shirt. Those are the things I wanted to point out to you on the level Surah we will conclude this by looking at this II number one one on one look at this beautiful Dr. Joseph prayed up because I told him You have given me power and taught me the interpretation of dreams, creator of the heavens and the earth. You are my patron in this world and here after make me die in submission to you and admit me among the righteous make

00:54:00 --> 00:54:22

this dua brothers and sisters, this is a dua you should make this dua 101 is number 101. That is the dua you should make though a funny Muslim and oh Allah let me live and die as a believer. Well, how can you be solid in and when I am resurrected, oh Allah make it so that I'm with the righteous, that's all we want. Oh Allah, that's our goals in life.

00:54:24 --> 00:54:52

The Surah concludes with two very powerful I have had that either status also when the messengers lost hope, right? This is a story that I lost my tells people, messengers came, messengers suffered, some of them lost hope, and thought that they had been told lies, our help came to them, and we saved whoever we please for our punishment labia verted from the guilty. Sometimes a lot smarter pushes us to the brink, but never over the break.

00:54:54 --> 00:54:59

Very Pinnacle or like lack the, you know the limit of our patients when it reaches

00:55:00 --> 00:55:22

that that's an endorsement that brings about ease. That's what he did with the profits to show that that is he's there, but that test is putting us through is making us better, more humble, more devoted to him. What hamdulillah in these stories there's a lesson for the men of understanding this Quran Americana other Quran

00:55:23 --> 00:55:43

Makana, Hadith and you thought it is not a it is not a speech and there was invented and no invented tail. Well, I can just do a lady beignet, but a confirmation of the previous scripture a detailed explanation of all things as well as the mercy and guidance the believers

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