Jealousy Shouldnt Make You Unjust

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Despite the fact that she had this sense of competition with the other wives, et cetera, and and vice versa.

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When it came to the crunch, they were honest and they told the truth. So, even, you know, during the incident of the slander when

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when Zainab bint Jash one of the otherwise the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam was asked about Arusha. And she was like, quite a rival of it, because, you know, they were quite competitive with each other. The prophets of Allah, what is someone's attention? Still, when it came to the crunch, Zainab said I don't know anything but good about her.

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Even when Xena passed away later on, I should have praised her and mentioned all of the good things that she used to do, right. Subhanallah So, yes, what that kind of chose us is, yeah, yes, you have ups and downs. Yes. You might not gel with everybody, right? Everyone you come across in life, but that shouldn't make you unjust, right?

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Yes, subhanAllah about that moment in that story. It's so beautiful. And it's so moving because I think we can all sort of imagine myself in that position when you're, you know, adversary, whatever it is in, in work or in a similar situation that they're finally at the point wherever you could fall in you have the opportunity to just push something

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let it you know, let let it all it'll sort of fall where it's going and you don't you know, I'm then you are held back. It's such a beautiful example like that she had everything to gain from seeing even just something small that could put doubt.

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But she did it to Kamala, and that also helped to mend their relationship. That moment is really beautiful.