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I Love You Man .. For The Sake Of Allah

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hamdulillah alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e hinda. Begin

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operation things are due to a loss of Allah who gave us facial muscles to smile of praise and things are due to Allah subhanaw taala, who gave us excitement, who gave us the part of our frontal lobe that allows us to say, that was awesome. Or praise and things are due to lust, tada, who gave us not only the ability to enjoy, but unless pinata gave us the ability to take the sweet lessons but to keep smiling. And Allah subhanaw taala gave us the opportunity to learn to educate, to have a good time, and to also be in the presence of those of great knowledge of both of the people on the stage, I have a different type, but an intimate relationship with them. And with that, I'd like to set the

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precedents for my talk, because I want you to go right off of where we left off. That concept of brotherhood, the relationship between Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and these select men who had many occasions I want to distance from the religious perspective. From some occasions, it was said that the water that came off of the body was the loss of life as I'm doing with you, they would catch that and rub it on themselves. Now that I don't expect that from any of us to anyone. There was a spiritual, there was a

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prophetic connection to receive lots of light. But at the same time, there was a very different connection. At the same time, there was a very, I don't know how to use the word friendship. There was a friendship with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that these men are the Allahu taala and who rich and for a life we're able to experience

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and it

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What is it?

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Yeah, that's it.

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Is the chair here, Islam is Islam.

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And that experience, I think, is very, very unique. So what I would like to do is I'd like to start with, can anyone tell me what the first talk was about the first talk that I gave? around four o'clock? What surah? Did we do?

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Zoomer? What number is that? Ah, what else did we do? Oh, are said they're religious.

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Okay, so what we're going to do together B is not zero 49. I am number 49. We're going to start from eight, nine and 10. If you have the opportunity, I'd like you to read the whole sir. I think Tony 18 is good.

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89 to 149.

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Yeah, roughly 12 to 18. It's 18. So today, within that we're going to try to tackle eight, maybe nine. But I want you to realize that after you leave these talks, I took notes for exactly what she was talking about. Because it gives you the opportunity to go back. You will remember your smiles but you won't remember why you smile. So make small notations katiba al Baghdadi he has a wonderful book. It's called the etiquettes of the student of knowledge. And in this book, he highlights a hadith narrated by him he brings us have ether that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu widing with some of them said trap knowledge and it's the main session if you're going to take notes somewhere if

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you're going to benefit from a real knowledgeable people. I would take notes the profits a long way of someone said trap knowledge. The Companions asked him how he understood the law. How do you track knowledge,

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received lots of love audio send them responded bt kita in your books, and one of our missing colleagues, yasir Qadhi, she asked about the he has a wonderful 60 minute lecture on this the etiquettes of the student of knowledge and shake. So das was with us today. He also has a wonderful lecture on the etiquettes. It's a speech relating to the hadith of a double Mossad. I don't want you to leave here just with my talk, I want you to leave here with avenues to continue the great 40 minute talk 30 minute talk, I would rather you hear little of me but more names, more lectures, the etiquettes of the student of knowledge suggested just has a lecture on at the book raditz Imam

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bucarest book on etiquette and mannerism seek these things. Shape o'clock has a few lectures on halaal too. And I would if you had fun here, imagine what you could do when you're taking notes at home isn't enough so let's bring it back. So today Allah, Allah gives us the eyes and we read them as we read them fresh with Smith.

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Rahman Rahim With the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala, who is merciful and the Most Merciful because he gave me the chance to stand here and he is the most

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Beneficent, the Most Merciful because he gave me the opportunity to benefit from the scholars who had mercy on a young person

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in me, no, no.

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There is a emphasis here indeed the believers are brothers. I want you to write this down though. What word do I say after in the movie? noona? What's the word? equal? Right? So equal means what? It means brothers. If you look at the translation that actually says breadwinner, what's another word for brothers in Arabic?

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A whom right? If one there are two words. The actual Arabic phrase not in the Quran would be in ML movie noona in one because if what means what can you write that down? If what means what brother means blood brother of the Nasser's Blood Brothers Abdullah? That is a one on one means what?

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brotherhood brother in what it is. Allah call us guys. Did he say yes, this is your brother be nice to him. What did Allah subhanaw taala call us? He called us blood brothers. Brother, blood sister. You know, when sometimes you're you're standing and someone comes and attacks your brother. And you're like, Man, you know, your brother did something wrong, but you stand up for them. Because it's your brother, you. It's my boy.

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But all of a sudden, Allah either removes this concept of you looking to someone else's a blood brother, he's looking to you and telling you, you're believer is your blood brother. So if your little brother did do something stupid, good, my chance. If your little sister went and she put on your hijab, and it didn't look the way you wanted it to, because you're older and you know how to do things. She's just little, it was a mistake.

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But when it comes to if one, we tend to take the title of that's my Muslim Brothers, so I have to correct him.

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And when I correct him, I'm going to make him realize I know and you don't know.

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So in this Allah subhanaw taala says, indeed, the believers are like brothers, like a family. If your little brother makes a mistake, you hide his sin, and you make sure no one else sees it. But when you start looking at Muslims as Yeah, they're we're all one family.

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We're all just a family. You know, how we treat our family. You know, how we communicate? And what's the I after this? If we could, I mean, I have a few moments. What's the what is the words after this?

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But listen to this word one more time.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says, You guys are like blood relatives, or you are like Drew, brothers and sisters, but elsley wholegrain alpha waco. So when you have some difficulty, there's some turmoil comes between you make some

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records, rectify the mistake, because mistakes happen guy. I borrowed her a job and they had sequences on it. And it fell off a reel. Someone came to me, my sister, she borrowed job and it had sequences on it. When she returned it, it had an overload. Nine less sequences.

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I like maybe go you got too much extra time sitting there one to the other. Can you forgive it? No. I want. They wanted me to make like a slip. And I was like, I asked you I was like, can you buy seven sequences? She goes yeah, as I go by seven black sequences and the I guess the fifth is the rectifier. So but think about the love that she went to Joann fabric brought seven black sequences. She didn't want to talk to the girl anymore. She gave me the sequences. And I liked it. I was like

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crazy. Sisters Don't laugh, because they're still five brothers typing sequence

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into a dictionary. It's the glittery thing. It's the thing that makes you go Oh, oh. Oh.

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Yeah, now they got it. Now they understood

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under law. Don't Don't laugh. I'm just I'm just building off of the six, nine o'clock but 915 dollars. Awesome. Yo, if you can be smooth. That was awesome. But let's go for us. And he'll be now Polycom. Now watch this.

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Blood Brothers and Sisters are bound by family. They're bound by body. This is really important friends and I want to get to something big. If I can't get there. I'm going to have to turn over to a counselor just so I'm going to talk but I want to get to something I've never ever ever said. And it has to do with the two men on the stage. So Milan, the NASA gave me all of this talk. I credit him. When you break between family of Goliath literally we're like family we live together, eat together. We know each other's secrets. when something breaks I fall back

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On the fact he's family, what makes Muslims family bainer illegal? What's the next word?

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What's in it? Right, the next word is what sounds cool. Ah, hello.

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Friends, the thing that makes us family is the fact that she got up this morning. She's Muslim, and the brothers from Orland Park, they got up, they're Muslim.

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So when what happens when the glue starts to go out when your family bond starts to break? remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now watch the segue here. Where can you say I get into a fight with a brother who were excited today, but

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I'm sorry. So I got to target. So he's like, Oh, you didn't remember my knee will kind of shake are you? And I was like, Well, I'm a shaky shake. And he's like, well.

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So now we have a problem. What's this? What's this? In the regular world, I grew up in New York City, forget about forgetting a need. If you looked at someone, I was at an inappropriate establishment once, and a huge fight broke out. And I was I was like, oh, man, what happened? Did he say something about oh, this and will like, I got down to the bottom of it. And the guy goes, he looked at me.

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I was like, and then

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he looked at me. So when I watch this, watch this. Can I get into a real fight with him? If I know? Five times a day I'm going to be doing something standing shoulder to shoulder by him? Am I going to be able to do it? Press pause here. rewind the tape means our like blood brother in what the blood that flows between our veins is the taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala where you get duck walk 17 times a day.

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Gonna start

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17 times a day. I stand next to him. And he stands up and we make salad we could have just got into real I don't know how he prays. That's like I don't know.

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this is the new mother. Okay, mother. Okay, so we're gonna pray like this but think about this. How much could you fight with this guy? It's 17 times a day you're loving your this is low. We're how much guys really? Let's pull it back in because I want to get to one thing. How far would you be willing to go into fight?

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How far would you be willing to go in a fight with someone if you knew you were going to be standing next to them in a salon? Tomorrow morning myself. So it gets a bit? I think a few scholars who will be speaking and I'll be on the panel too. So a few scholars and brother Sam will be talking about the mustard. Can you have beef at the masjid?

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Can you count your sequences if you're going to the masjid? I don't know. You don't have time. But let's move forward here. La La Durham. Oh it could have been could have been La la

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la la come to Philly who would have worked really well here but Allah subhanaw taala saying use the paste the glue the cement the pins to bind yourself together that is stuck was so that not enough?

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So that with a little bit of effort, notice Allah subhanaw taala use the word La La qu it could have been sent in a shorter grammatical form. What exactly when Allah, Allah uses more words. That Canada it means with emphasis, a little bit of effort. You can have mercy on each other. Now let's get real. Let's go do this all wonderful talk. One hour blood we're supposed to go to mustard ain't no going too much it everyone's going to sleep. So now let's take it let's make something real out of it. We want to go to the masjid and we want to look we want to pray next to the guy who touches the foot on this side. And this guy you know when you make Salah some people touch their feet. I have

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seen in the masala and I loved it I was so happy. One brother he was touching his foot on this side. Because this brother praying next to him touched his foot and on this side the brother didn't touch his feet to this side wasn't touching.

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You know how much tolerance you need to have. Forget about. She stepped on my shoes or he was talking about he's accommodating the way he prays and that made me think about something Why did the companions and how did the companions love receive lots of love audio from so much I want to show you love

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and I use the word friend and I'm using it so we can you have it in English he was undoubtedly the Prophet of Allah subhanaw taala and Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah never said yo never said what's up he never referred to him casually but they were friends. But look at the way that friendship works guys.

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And I want you to try to use a label like this.

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Or a model of the Allahu Donna on an older settled man in the community. Abu Bakr radi Allahu tada on a best friend I've received a lot. I mean, your boys, your boy when you're in a cave and people are about to kill you and you can confess to your to your beloved, and I'm afraid you're sort of long.

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These two men were sitting with risk of the loss of love audio Sela and our beloved prophet artists a lot of syrup. So what's first happening? We're spending time together. We're spending time together, our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was laying down. So this religious notion goes away a little bit quicker. And his head was resting on the thigh of Abu Bakr radi Allahu dadan. This is a very relaxed, intimate, and now someone can say, this is what's going on in my life. So number one, when someone comes to you with a problem, your friend, don't get all religious and stiff on them. But here you got amazing. The head of risk of the loss of law how to sell them is leaning

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on the thigh of abubaker de la Han, I want you to listen to this. Guys, I want you to think about it. So the cloak of rasulillah is lower garment. And I want you to think about this like baller shorts. You know, like basketball shorts, the long ones, the long basketball shorts, when you lay down sometimes those shorts kind of come up just a little bit. If you're just played ball, you're you're laying down. So the short comes up just a little bit. Maybe your patella was showing. But remember the long one is our man, right? So we're gonna, but he's with his friends. They care about him, they love him. So it's a little bit, a little bit of shown but remember, the loved one is

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settled about karate. like no one's even noticing. Who walks in, who walks in, or a smile or the love of the other and walks in a younger very bashful. Someone who's still a friend guys, watch the level of religiosity doesn't change. It accommodates. So, mom or the loved one who didn't remove all of his lower garments to take a shower by himself walks into the room. So lots and lots of fun and pull down the clock, but not never adjusted like oh shoot yo does religious guys come and go. And you know how we do that when I was younger and I would walk into a room? I'm not joking. It would be your sounds coming your stuff. Okay, okay. And I felt like oh, great life for the party.

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Right and then my friends would go to the mall, but no one would go to the mall and maligned as him It took me a long time to figure out what this meant. So I never I was doing cafes and whatnot here in Chicago, Molina de la slim IE long lived. So I I would go to the mall with my friends. And eventually I would go and they would do this. And they would not be until I'm a bit I was bigger than them always. Till I turned over and I took my friend's name on the good luck. You've been nudging me in the ribs for 20 minutes, man. I never come to the mall with you guys. You never invite me. And then my cousin artist came around to a villa and set up the local Sam doesn't know

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the Nutting wants to get the attention on the longitudinal access of certain xx chromosomes.

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translated into short, he was pointed out the shorty

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shorty, and my ribs hurt

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didn't make any sense to me.

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But I felt awkward what earthmen will be allowed data on now. The patella or no patella we could do fit to a blue in the face here guys. What we accommodated the sister who covers her face, we accommodate with our friends. We might be going out to a theater but with some of the Nasr don't choose to go to theaters. You can do fit till you're blue in the face but you always my voice accommodation. Even at the religious level. This is one of the religious guys. And this is one of the Alma grip guys. Oh, Okay, I get it. So it's spiritual, you know, that side of the fence. It's zaytuna Alma grip against each other right? Now, it's never been like that. I mean, it's never been

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with our own scholars who represent these things. So I want you to keep this in mind before we strive for weight loss and lahardee with some accommodated and loved people at their level. And that's what it's gonna take. But we don't love each other because of four or five major things. And if I can at the end of before I get my little card he's writing a card quickly, guys. Okay, learn learn Islam.

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Before we finish up our Brotherhood in Malmo Mina. Last night, Allah opens up and we won't get to go into the ayah. But let's just start the beginning. Yeah, you heard

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me Oh, Mayo have lost $1 after telling us that we're bounded by the blood of taqwa together.

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And that we must pray and live and love together. He says, Oh, you believe do not ridicule each other four levels of ridicule. Number one.

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You know the brothers from Orland Park, they're all autumn and you know the brothers on the north side of Chicago. They're all DC and yet

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We love them. But we don't hang out together.

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This is our first level, the art of the non Arab. And I will tell you the administration, for example of a musty appearance, Orland Park, after the administration I gave Cooper with last weekend, when was the fundraising.

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Just this past weekend, I finished given cookbook and all of the audible, their board of directors all came and said, one of the lesson you must have studied with him, we know him, we respect him. So again, at one level, it could be East Coast, West Coast, this arcada data either fighting, it could be out of none out of that to be fighting, but at the top level, or any of those people actually fighting each other. No. But we're down here. We're down here saying yeah, this guy is in trouble with that guy. So it's either out of or not out of it. Let's go to the next level. We're in Chicago, guys. Let's face it. Chicago has this huge rift of I study with this safe, and he studies with those

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shapes. He these people are deviant. And these people are rightly guided, so I'm not going to stay with them. Depends. We're up here talking to you about loving each other. Maybe we should just give a talk first talk called stop hating each other. No, really, just please just be

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And now comes the next level. And I call this level waiver in religiosity. The hijabi doesn't like the non Punjabi the Nabi or the hijabi looks at the niqab and says, I know you're judging me. I can't see you, but you're judging.

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And that's no friend of my family covered. She's all and she's like, she'll come home and I'm like, what's wrong? She's like, everyone thinks I hate them. I'm like, Ha.

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I mean, she hasn't spoken to my wife and she's like, probably in talking and I'm like, Oh, so how to go with the sister.

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It didn't go so well. What happened? No one sits alone. Everyone thought I was judging them because this was was putting everyone away. It's the wavering levels of religiosity. I said this last night in California I'll say this here. Open the door. If the women who committed Zina could come to the wiser resort have lots of long line. Oh

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my Oh, I my glasses are wavering. I can't see 55 minutes Hello.

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Let's wrap it up friends.

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If the people who committed sin could come through the loss of life someone said I drink if you mother Buhari for Ramadan was a neighbor who used to get Please apologize for the language shifts. Much if he was pissed, drunk every other day. Abu hanifa his neighbor was pissed drunk. I mean, like it was in his face. He was drunk every night. Yeah, that's why that's why it's called keystroke by the way. Seriously when you come to the hospital. It's a medical. So it's I got away with that one.

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It's recorded, but Abdullah has his recording. So

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niqab. Okay, good gun. The point is his neighbor was able to come to him, and he bailed his neighbor out of jail. Look it up. Dr. Sham, and awadhi has a wonderful book and a CD set the four great demands, Imam Abu hanifa bailed out his neighbor. Why did he get arrested by the way for being drunk? bailed them out.

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So then why can't we accommodate Lastly, and the best to be only for Chicago? And you have given me my right so I will give you something that I've given no other talk before. Guys, aren't we a little bit more comfortable talking to Stephanie than we are to Amina? Aren't we more comfortable talking to Jerry than we are to talk Dr. La Why? As soon as you talk to the MSA brother, he's judging you on how high your pants are. Whether you work up today, when he was playing basketball, you'll be through an elbow. It's like all of a sudden when you speak to a Muslim they pull out a radar.

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There's this religious in the radar. And why aren't you talking to them anymore? Oh, well. hotma wore pants. Okay, so Fatma wear pants.

00:24:09--> 00:24:15

I'm not joking. It's not true. I was here in Chicago is not 2001

00:24:16--> 00:24:48

My sister was walking and her jilbab got caught in the escalator. I want you to think about these things. Got caught in the escalator. Yeah, it was really nasty. So two very important things and never be able to tell anyone got caught in the escalator. She didn't do the smart thing. Take it off. Because I asked her later. Why did you take it off? What would the people have said she was wearing clothes underneath. Now watch. She it gets caught. She trips on the jilbab she falls for four or five, six. This is the best friends. She falls I watched it.

00:24:49--> 00:24:58

And I'm like it was when he was in real estate used to be in the big Convention Center big escalator and I'm like guys do something. I give you my word. People stepped over

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

Why Why

00:25:03--> 00:25:04

don't want to touch her?

00:25:06--> 00:25:09

Oh, yeah, good. No, no, it gets better. It gets better.

00:25:10--> 00:25:17

I looked at the guys and one that Omar has seen he was there, everyone was there and we're all happy school students like, okay, we're gonna do something.

00:25:18--> 00:25:26

We've built a hatred fortress where the jilbab couldn't take off our job, Bob, because someone would have said, Oh, my God was preparing to COVID.

00:25:27--> 00:25:40

Right? Who's going to tell her parents? And then we did the, oh my god, this girl has fallen. I'm going to step over her because God forbid, somebody judged that I touched a sister.

00:25:41--> 00:25:42

She's your sister.

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There's the first level and here comes the second level, and I'll end on this.

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I have to give you a date on this. I'll end on this.

00:25:53--> 00:25:55

I want to give you real beef.

00:25:57--> 00:25:59

It was 2005.

00:26:01--> 00:26:04

And someone had listened to a lecture I gave in Atlanta.

00:26:05--> 00:26:34

I talked about Hadeeth 1883 of Riyadh Saudi hain. And I quoted the Hadith and at the end of the Hadith, I connected this hadith to a hadith and Muslim. Someone in Atlanta met a young Alka Hussain in 2005. And said there's this guy who connects howdy and continues saying them like one. So he said, what any genuine human being would have said, No, that's not right. So what you're so that he was asked,

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Is this person you want to tell him who it is? No, no kit, that system guy. So then he went on. Those people then didn't come back to me. They went online and posted. Altaf Hussain writes a reputation of with sound.

00:26:53--> 00:26:57

And I did what any dork would do. I was like, yo, Who's this guy?

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I was young, I looked at it was like,

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because one had not as good. So if that's what's up, but that's done. So I looked him up, and we're lucky Nazim I knew that he was going to be at a fundraising dinner 2005 he went to a fundraising dinner in College Park, Maryland for daughter salon. So I went to rectify my wrongs.

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And then met the shift in a parking lot.

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I'm not joking. It was coincidental. It was coincidence. I don't want to play it up too big. And I walked up to him and I put my hand and I said, I said on YT COMM And I started with that typical arrogant New Yorker who can read to Howdy. So now send me the scholar. He said, my name is Sam Sheree. And he looked back to me said, Oh, you're a Sam. And he hugged me.

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And he said, I have to go. And I was like,

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Am I my friends like always that I'm like, I fell in love with

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friends, friends. I never pursued it. And I learned that day that we create beef.

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We create anger, we create the ox, the opposite of love. Because we have nothing else to do. And I will say here and I will leave you on this. If you couldn't make it in the DC kings game. If you couldn't make it as a thug on the street. Do not bring your dog waste to Islam. If you couldn't make it with some click in the school or some group that was hardcore gangsters don't bring it to Salafi soupy obliquely, Islam.

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Because this is not a game. And we don't have wars to fight. We have wars to defend against and if you stand for MSA than you stand for must stand in front of a law when you have a problem. And we now have that opportunity because you heard two people talk about love. But you know when we walk out of here, someone's post someone's Facebook, someone's comment on with Sam's howdy about my agenda at Monza, Riyadh, Saudi teen is going to be taken to him and he was asked.

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That's incorrect. And I asked today for my shifts. forgiveness for even propagating this and for meeting his I did shake his hand. Originally arrogantly friends it will take a step we will make the step together. And we will love each other law is called power from infomine eisah. Read the rest of the ayah on your own after all of this ridicule. Don't let one group make fun of another Allah ends by saying women don't make fun of another group because you don't know which one is better. We do bad things we do. Best guys. We do bad

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Sometimes we say that

00:30:04--> 00:30:38

let's clean our heart. Does that look like it was set Mr equal to law? I end only on one thing every single point from today's talk except the beef was given to me by Maulana Nasir because I was not prepared for today's talk. I was under the impression that we were doing the mustard talk. So for that reason, I attribute all good from this talk the last Caracalla and every point that you benefited from was because of Milena shape of the NASA like different health and if you would like the opportunity to benefit he gave me this talk in six to eight minutes. To give me a little he was sitting there with his feet up with eight guys is that all you need to talk boom.

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Well, I have the NASA will be hosting a put on intensive for 30 days. I would benefit from it. June 1 to June 30. If you want to benefit what I did in eight minutes for 30 days, on intensive abena.com was set up