Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 235D Tafsir Al-Saffat 29-47

Taimiyyah Zubair
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The leaders will say, they will rather learn to code. Meaning don't blame us. Now, not the corner you were you yourselves were not meaning believers.

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You weren't believer yourselves, because had you truly believed you wouldn't be affected by our oaths or by our false promises, or by our pressuring you, or by our bullying you, or by our stopping you, you wouldn't be affected by it. And is that true?

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Is that true?

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Don't we see examples of people who were pressurized who were bullied who were physically abused, and they did not give up? They remain firm, though we see the example of Musa Reuben are made of the line who for instance, just the other day I was reading the story of Musa being remade at the lower end with my son, and it was amazing, an amazing Sahabi look at how he was raised. What kind of a young boy he was so much wealth, and love, and respect. And everybody, you know, knew that he was going to become a leader, a great man of the coloration, what happened? He becomes a Muslim. And as he becomes a Muslim, the mother says, finished. I don't know you, you will know me. You're not

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getting a pony. You're not getting anything.

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Mr. Weiner made a throw on who had to leave maca, and hide in Habesha.

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And then what happened? He returned to Makkah, when the false rumors spread that the Croatia embraced Islam. So he returned to Morocco. And again, same story started. He goes to Medina, one of the first people to emigrate the teacher of the Quran, and what happened soon in the Battle of what he passed away. And when he passed away, how was he? What kind of colds did he have so short, that when they were covering his body, if they covered his face, his feet would be uncovered, if they covered his feet, his face would be uncovered. So they had to cover the face and put some grass on the feet. The Sahaba will be embarrassed to see him because his state had changed so drastically.

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You're talking about a person who was raised in luxury in so much wealth, and now all of a sudden, in complete poverty, complete poverty, someone who was loved by his family, and now all alone, abandoned by his family. It was embarrassing for the Sahaba even to look at Messiah women are made of the lower and who in the face, because it would make them sad.

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So there are so many examples of people who were pressurized by their very families. But did they give up? No, they didn't. Who were pressurized by their community, by their leaders by their elders in different ways. But did they give up? No, they didn't. So on the Day of Judgment, turning against each other and saying, or you misled us is not gonna work, because the leaders will themselves say belong to many don't blame us, you yourselves were not believers. And one and not Canada, it was for us, I lay come against you over you when to turn in any authority. We never had any power over you. If only we could understand this right now. People don't have power over us. They don't have any

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authority over us. You know how and why? Because Allah subhanaw taala has created the heart hidden

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faith Eman. How is it? It's intangible. It doesn't have a physical form in the sense that Eman faith is not like a thing, an object that you carry with you that you wear on you. You can keep it in your heart. You can hide it from people easily,

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isn't it so people can try to steal, you know, take away * away from you bully you into giving up what you have. But if you wish to keep your faith in your heart, they can never take it away from you. They don't have that control. They don't have that authority.

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They don't. When I came on, and I make a mental time, they will say we never had authority over you.

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But it's amazing how much we fear people we think they do have authority over us. They don't

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think about it. There were so many companions who were literally at the verge of death at the verge of being killed at the verge of being assassinated. But did they give up their friends know that when could the people take their faith away from them? No, they couldn't. And even when they killed them, did they lose their faith? No, they went with that Eman. So this email is a treasure. It's something that people cannot * from you. So why more can

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I'm gonna make a mental note on Ben rather come to me you were government of people Tallinn wants to transgress, meaning you yourselves were a transgressing people just like we were. So don't blame us for help. So, it will come into effect or for hubco. So it has come into effect, Elena against us under a * the Word of our Lord, and What word is this the word of punishment, meaning it is hereby justified. And what is this? Let him Let him know Johanna Minkow woman mentor dr. caminho at remarried in their own indeed we live at a gun show the ones to test test what the punishment meaning there is no escape now, there are a coin is a flow of the one who tests for her car, Elena

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Cole, who have been in econ for a while now come they will say and we lead you astray. So we lead you astray. Because in a coma indeed we ourselves were lloween ones who were astray. We deviated you, because we ourselves were deviated. We misled you because we ourselves were misled.

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Allah says in the home so indeed the young man even that day, Phil either be in the punishment mustardy cone ones who share more study cone Sheena law Caf ish the log is to share something with someone to be together in something. So Phil either be more study Chrome, they will share the punishment. Why? Because they share the crime. They're equal in crime. They cannot blame each other.

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And the leaders yes, they tried to pressurize but the followers chose to follow them.

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In indeed we Gallica likewise. No follow Bill moody mean we do with the criminals meaning this is how we deal with the criminals, meaning both the leaders and the followers are punished. Each is held accountable for what he did.

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In my home, what was their dream? What was their crime? Allah describes it that inner home indeed they can or they use to either when peeler home, it was up to them. La ilaha illa Allah there is no God worthy of worship. But Allah, what was the reaction? Yes, stuck Bureau alone. They used to be very arrogant. You're stuck. Barone is stick bar is this lamb? Very arrogant,

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extremely arrogant meeting didn't even want to hear that. ilaha illa.

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They didn't even like the statement, La ilaha illa Allah, it made them so angry, so angry, that they got even more vengeful. And we see, for instance, every time beloved or below and who would just say 100? What would the Michigan do? They would

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torture him even more. And the story of the land of the law and who really is approved that people don't have control over us.

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Right, because they owned him. As

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they earned him he was their slave. But in his heart, how was he free?

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He could believe in whatever he wanted. And they couldn't make him give up his belief. Even with that physical abuse, they couldn't get him to abandon his faith.

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So in the home camera, ERP none of them La Ilaha illa Allah you're stuck. We don't know. We're so arrogant. They didn't want to accept La Ilaha illa Allah Omona and they would say what in indeed we lattari Call surely ones who leave Leah Tina, our gods Leisha are the module for a mad boat. Meaning why should we notice in a lot of ways the fam alive questions are coming in to Surah In now this question. It's basically a rhetorical question. Shall we leave our gods because of a mad boat? Being why should we never will we? We won't do that. And this is their arrogance. Daddy Cool is a clone of the word dyadic not Tarik. Okay. The name is Barack. This is Derek. So be careful when you call

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somebody Pollak. Call them party or not?

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Not Derek because Derek is one who leaves one who abandons Okay, so they said Shall we leave early Hatena early Hatena thought of the word Illa

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Hola singular. Ali has plural. Why should we leave our gods for share images noon, Sharon, who is shadow for it and my genome from the letters gene noon, noon, Jana, Jana to cover my genome, one whose mind has been covered. In other words, someone who has gone mad, right or affected by the jinn possessed.

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So why should we leave our gods for crazy poet? As if they're saying that what he says may be eloquent, but it's all madness. We're not going to listen to him. And who are they referring to? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the deniers of every era said this to their prophets share image noon, into a full set I have 43 We learn my Yukon who lacquer in llama, Pina live also live in public. Basically, nothing new is being said to you. Any label that is given to you was a label that was given to a previous Prophet also. Allah says been rather Jah have been happy. He came with the truth meaning Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam brought the truth was set back up, and he

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confirmed who I mursaleen the messengers, meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam confirmed the previous messengers said the con Mursaleen.

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He confirmed the previous messengers, meaning he is one of the messengers in the economy, no more saline. And all the messengers brought the same message and the Quran completes and finalizes the message that was sent before it in a calm HLP said Indeed you loved their Ico show, the ones who taste a lava will Alene the painful punishment while because you rejected the message of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and by rejecting Him, indeed, you rejected all of the messengers, so you shall have a painful punishment. While not and not to do zona. You are recompensed in law except now condom time alone that which you use to do.

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Meaning this punishment is a recompense for the deeds that you performed yourselves because Allah is not unjust to anyone. Interrupt faciliate I have 46 Allah says one hour before lamb in the lobby, and your Lord is not at all unjust to the servants. So while Matthew Zona Ilana quantum Tom alone in law except very bad Allah, the servants of Allah with servants of Allah, Allahu Allah seen the chosen ones, meaning they shall not be punished for them is something else. And who are they are meclizine meclizine is decline of the word bookless and who is more class one who has been chosen, one who has been selected. So the majority of the people, masses, they are on the path of

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misguidance again towards La ilaha illAllah. But there are some servants who are chosen selected by Allah for what for Jana? Does it happen at random? No. It's because these servants made themselves sincere, because the word Mala seen is also read as more loosely and more or less is one who is sincere. So, because of their sincerity and what is that sincerity, La ilaha illa Allah, they shall be chosen, meaning they shall be saved, saved from the punishment admitted into reward and ruthless is one who is chosen. Literally, linguistically, the word Mukhlas is from her lamb sod, right. And your loss is to render something pure meaning to remove all impurity from it. So that it is left

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unblemished, unmixed, completely pure original.

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This is a class and no loss is one who has been made pure one who has been purified

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Alright, purified in the sense that every blemish filth, you know, dirt that's inside it, it's taken out so it's left pure. And then Nicholas also gives meaning of one who has been chosen because he has been selected from a whole group All right. So because of the purity it has been chosen. So Moakler seen those who have been made pure, such people will enter Jannah such people will be saved from punishment. What does it mean by this? Those often made pure do our Inter

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Emotions get corrupted. Yes. What about our heart? That's corrupted right? The Love, fear of the Creation isn't it, whether it is family or it is culture or it is the elders or the society whatever it may be, the heart gets corrupted, smokeless, you know those who have been made pure meaning the love of creation is taken away. And sincerity is for Allah only in that heart. So, these are meclizine and this happens this process of purification happens out through difficulties through trials. So in there a bad Allah had Wroclaw seen such people are chosen selected for Jana, those who have been prepared for Jana prepared through hardship. I belong to the one who went through

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Exactly I mean, fitna is what the cleaning of a precious metal like gold, and that is done how? By heating it by exposing it to hardship. And that is how all the fourth it comes out. This is the process of purification and selection.

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So it's the servants who have been made pure freed of impurities, which impurities of hypocrisy of the idea of loving other than Allah fearing other than Allah, those whose hearts have been purified, such will be chosen, selected for Jana.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala he admits into His Mercy whom He wants, no one can say, I want to go to Jana. You understand, no one can send the Day of Judgment, Oh Allah, I've got all these good deeds, whereas my pass not allow will allow Allah who will select Allah who will choose? Who is it that's pure, pure enough, good enough to be admitted into agenda? And we need to think what am I doing in order to get selected by Allah?

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What am I doing in order to be selected for a place in Jannah Ilari bed Allah Hill, mock law scene and for subservience Allah says, Allah Iike those law home for them is respond, a provision that is my moon, known well known. For the sincere, chosen, selected purified servants of Allah is a provision meaning of a word that is known, known, meaning its beauty. Its perfection is well known. In the Quran, there are so many descriptions we learned about the risk that the people of Jannah will be given of the different types, how its lover will be, how its deliciousness will be the fact that it is eternal, that it's never ending. So it's traits are my loom known. Secondly, my loom also

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means that it's known that it is eternal.

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Intuit, Maria Maya 62. We learned while a homebrew is comfy her book rotten, while she morning and evening meaning all the time. But either he said that his Kamalu means Jana, for them is risk tomorrow it's well known that they shall have Jana. And some have said that risk Kamalu means maloom as unknown to Allah, only known to Allah only it's a surprise for those servants for wacky but one thing is mentioned here. What is that risk? Amalia, it is for wacky for wacky ployed of the word phakisa and we learned about the word phakisa. It's fruit that is eaten for the purpose of for the purpose of pleasure. So for whacky, what is eaten for delight, meaning pure deliciousness or home

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and they mock Ramon, they shall be honored. McCrone cloth MACOM one who has been treated with column one who has been given cut on treated very respectfully like a guest for wacky or hummock Raimondi shall have any all deliciousness anything they want to eat for delight, pure enjoyment, and they shall be honored fee Jeanette and Noreen and gardens of delight in gardens of pleasure. Isla upon meeting they shall be sitting upon Susan thrones couches with all the lean ones facing each other super proud of the work set each scene rah rah. Right and so results are used for pleasure. Right? So study is a place where you sit for the purpose of comfort and pleasure. And that's of course not

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a hard ground.

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All right, like the one that you're sitting on right now, even if it's carpeted, it gets uncomfortable after some time. All right. So sudo, luxury, comfort, all in one, what are our beliefs and the best is they will be facing each other with a carbon employment with a carbon from the word to carbon, which is to face each other because our will is before, right? So people will be before each other meaning facing each other while facing each other. One can people face each other? One can we look at someone look at them in the eye look at their face when when we feel awkward with them, comfortable with them. Right?

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Because there was no fight, there was no argument. Nobody's mad at you. You're not mad at anyone. You're not hurt. They're not hurt from you. There's no misunderstanding, right. And also, motorcar believe no one will feel left out.

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There will be no enmity whatever hard feelings they had in the world will be taken away before they're admitted into Jannah. Notice over here, this is the exact opposite of the people of *, how the people of Hong Kong together they're being taken to * it'll be sad what people in the homeless are alone What's wrong with you How come you're not helping each other and then they will turn against each other. So whatever little affection they had for each other will all be finished before they're admitted into * and the people of general whatever liberal enmity in a bias any bad feeling they have for each other will be pulled out before they're admitted into Jannah so in

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Jana clean hearts in hellfire hearts full of hate. So unnecessarily multiple baleen eautiful and as you're sitting facing each other Utah for I lay him got welfare the wife what is the life mean to go in circles. So, you talk through it will be circulated I lay him on them meaning among them. So in other words, it will be taken

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around them in circles, what will be taken around them for them in order to serve them? Because sin a cup which cup may marine from a flowing spring? Now the World Cups you wonder why would cups be taken to them? Because the World Cups, golf Hamza scene is used for a cup that is full of mushroom have a drink

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and is used for a cup that may be empty, but gas is full beaming. Right? This is Curtis. So you talk for I lay him because in other words, they will be served gaps. They will be served how around not that in the middle. Somebody's in the middle serving them so that they're interrupting you understand? Like for example if you're watching TV and somebody comes in front of you and serves you some food you like yeah, thanks but can you move to the side please? Right because you're blocking my view right or you're sitting somewhere facing somebody talking to them somebody else comes in the middle to serve you or to serve them and they're kind of blocking your view they're interrupting

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your conversation. So nothing like that will happen you Topher I lay him it will be taken out around them because people will be facing each other. So they will be served as if from behind. Okay, so you talk to I lay him because sin with cups full of drinks and these drinks were they firm marine from a flowing sprink marine me my noon we have done this word earlier running spring. And why is the source mentioned over here running spring? Meaning from an endless supply a fountain of endless supply? And what kind of a drink is this? Insert insane i A 21 Allah says was a cow humara burnin Siobhan to hurrah the Lord will give them a drink that is the whole very very clean extremely pure

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and further this drink is described by a bar extremely white. Love that in delicious for who Lee Sherry bean for those who drink meaning it's only those who drink that delicious drink who will know who will experience its taste

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by a BA from the letters by Yeah, but and beta is the feminine of the word a be up. What is a beard mean? Very white crystal white. So the drink will be glistening, bright, clean color. I clean white and love letter from the letters love Val Val lovey is that which is found delicious and please

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Same. So this drink will be beautiful in its color. And on top of that, delicious in its taste, in contrast to the drinks of this world, which may be beautiful in their color, but horrible in their taste, or the other way around, or maybe both horrible in color and horrible and taste. Right? Or maybe they are good in color and didn't taste but I mean, it could have been better. Right? So in Jana, it's love that Alicia Rabin, its taste will be as good as its color. And especially if you think about it out of all drinks, which drink is considered to be the best or symbol of luxury.

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It's wine, right? And wine in this world. How is it you have to acquire that taste? I mean, that's what I've heard. I've never experienced it under the law. That that's what I've heard. It's an acquired taste, Allahu Allah. Right? That it's not delicious at first sip.

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Think of it this way, when you have pop, for example, children, what happens the first few times they have a sip of Pepsi or Sprite? Do they make a funny face? Yes, they cannot drinking. I remember the first time I saw one child, he was drinking sprite for the first time ever, okay, and he was drinking it just because all the kids were drinking it and the poor child was seeing with the cannon his hand, you know, wanting to throw it away. But he didn't want to throw it away because it's cool to drink it at the same time was too spicy for him. It was as if he was forcing himself to drink it. In general, there is no problem like that, because the drink itself is love.

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It has no taste. And Edie has no color as my mind he has is delicious. It's white, and it will never run out. So it's the complete opposite. Yes. But in dunya for example, water doesn't really have a taste, right? If you're thirsty, you enjoy the taste of it. It runs out, right. But in Jannah we see that the drink whatever that drink is, it's delicious in its taste its color, endless supply by a BA love that delicious Caribbean.

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One more thing is that the drinks will be brought to them. Right They will be served.

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Is there a difference between being served a drink and having to go with your cup and fill it with something?

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The mothers know it right. I mean, it's such a good experience when somebody brings your tea for you. Ain't somebody's actually capable of making your tea the way you like it. Yes

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these days right over here, but I have to work over here. I don't have made you know, but you know, Betty, something different? Yes.

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You know, when you go for example, Tim Hortons, and you're ordering your coffee, or your tea, then you have to wait in line, first of all right, and then you finally place the order. And then maybe you forget something, maybe you buy out of mistake, you order the wrong size. And then when you get your drink. After you've driven away, you find out that it's the wrong drink they've given you or they forgot to mix it. Right? So it's bitter at the top. And by the time you reach the bottom, it's so sweet. It's difficult to drink. These things happen, right? But just placing that order itself. It bothers you sometimes it's work it requires work. In general, how does it work in a hadith and so

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he had to live with the Hebrew learn that in general, a person will wish for wine. So the pouring vessel will come in his hand and he will drink it and then the vessel will go away. He will wish and that's it. He will just wish and the cup will come in his hand. He will drink it. And that's it. He doesn't even have to put it away it will go away itself. So in general you wish and then you just forget about it. There is no need to place an order to explain the order to wait for the order to ensure that it's the right one no such hassle and then laughy hold on law not fee her in it meaning in that drink. There is no hole.

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What is the role of rain? Well lamb is the bad effect of something.

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The word Lila Lila is used for a witch witch or a sorcerer magician or a gene that comes in different phases. Meaning agenda comes in a form so that a person can see it.

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And find this the word volley is used for the state in which a person is deprived of reason and into

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actual faculties, meaning his brain is not really working properly. He's confused. And that's what happens when a person is affected by magic. Or when Gene are bothering a person. He's not sure. Did I see something? Or did I not see something here? Do you see what I see? Am I the only one who sees this? What's going on? He's confused. Right? So this is roll, roll is the bad effect of something. All right, so there is no bad effect of that drink meeting. Once they have that. Let the Delicia reveal in the shadow of this beautiful drink that is very dark.

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There is no bad effects of it. What are the bad effects of drinking? Not even just wine but anything? What are the bad effects? If you have a lot of coffee, a lot of tea does it dehydrate you? It does. Right? What else happens?

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Okay, heartburn for instance. Okay, lack of sleep.

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you're irritable. May be a headache.

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ruins your teeth.

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Yeah, for those who are diabetic, high blood pressure or a problem like that. You know, when you have pop for example?

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burps they just don't go away for some people. I mean, that's also a bad effect. It's something small but it bothers people, for people who drink alcohol, right? Then what happens? vomiting, intoxication, headache, faintness, maybe stomach problems losing one's mind these are all loan. Love Your Home Loan notice any hole big or small, no bad effect whatsoever. No problem, no hardship caused by drinking or overdrinking.

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in Jannah we're gonna ignore Hyundai and her family meeting because of that drink. They will not be user phone, user phone ones who shall be intoxicated. Use the phones from Doom zifa and NAS is literally means to drain means to drain to exhaust something out gradually. Meza, Thelma albida

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The bid the well from it, the water was taken out gradually gradually until

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the weld was dry

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and also reset musi for the Maru, meaning his tears were exhausted he ran out of his tears no more tears were coming out he cried so much rather she cried so much that no more tears were coming anymore. So well now whom I'm how humans are from what is it mean? They will not lose their mind gradually? Because that's what happens, right? Initially, a person is a little bit sane and then gradually, gradually over time, they're not even able to stand straight. Alright, so we'll never mind her use her phone. But listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Verse 50, him I shall do Han on

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you in Hala? poner

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Waney Lazio Bellagio tower is home

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we're either Kyla and

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we're either

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this view

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will all

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be either meat Welcome

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worry Lorman in

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well auto Ilana

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Foster ready

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to be to the moon

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means don't

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it well before home in

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a smooth

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manner calm lat and follow oh man whom a woman was the slim

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although in

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tune tune on our army me on own Balaam Tacu know me EB one kernel

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on Vulcan two

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baldy for help Gallina bowl on Bina in

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wall we ready for

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a more steady pool home in America then you can assign will be more Jeremy green

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been helped pay more for the move Sally maybe

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Earline want to join Zona in

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the law Loveleen hola

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so working well

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me our last

00:38:15 --> 00:38:19

talk on BD your ball four

00:38:21 --> 00:38:22

be seeing

00:38:24 --> 00:38:30

me be more

00:38:32 --> 00:38:36

maybe lengthy

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