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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of practicing the art of recitation in a group setting. They encourage people to use their hands and body to practice the process and bring their own experiences to share. The speaker also mentions a new art class called Koran night that is happening soon.
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Whenever I hear people recite Surah batea da Vila habima dub, I hear the sounds bouncing, but when I bounce sounds people say you're not supposed to bounce them. How do I know when to bounce and how to recite correctly the Muslim Institute presents q&a with the Imam Hassan Sharif assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah. Through the years of teaching and interacting with people who want to improve their recitation, I found a lot of languages have similarities, they commit to sounds, they bounce sounds, people who speak during certain dialects will say Solomon farrakhan or Bismillah. And then they get kind of touted or they get corrected for don't bounce the sound. But then other times you hear you

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hear the word, what the out ball or you hear the mom go, how? And you're like, wait a minute, that's a bounce. So how do I know when to bounce and when not to bounce? One of the best places to start is sort of massage the butt. Yeah, da, B la have been what? So if you're in the mood, let's open up those hip flexors. Open up your shoulders Heart Center, and let's get ready to recite, do you mind putting the phone down holding the phone you'd be surprised when we have our phone in our hands. It doesn't allow for air to exchange to flow and to be to be able to

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bellow out the sounds the way you want. If you don't mind just open up your hands. Open up, pull your elbows back and get a few deep breaths in.

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Here we are in Surah massaged by big deep breath in although big law he minashi Bani Raji counted out rule zubiri he Mina shame on your Raji deep breath. Bumble bifs Bismillah Lang bs Mill Hill ra ma Neil ra EME deeper breath Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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data but but now this is not a bounce This is a pop behind your teeth. That but yet

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be law Have you

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law Have you go to to the chest or at least the bottom of the throat? law Have you? law Have you What

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and bow we're gonna bounce What?

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The ball is going to bounce? What does

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beautiful hold the W What does

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your turn

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that bad? Yeah.

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Be law Have you What?

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Beautiful. Can you try this advanced? This is advanced. Can you go into the nose law Have you been

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now out the mouth? What up? What up? law Have you What?

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Why can I plug the nose because no sound is coming out of it. What that? law Have you

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what a

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fantastic next mat mat mat mat mat. Remember, if you saw kuliah El Capitan we did the IE o cat feels cool. ma

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ma ma l l

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en Hu ma Lu who wama Casa again man

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at o l l l na on on who? Ma Lu who Malou who pocalypse one Kesava for two two ma

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Lu who warm gas

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gas gas beautiful sat yet say yeah, say yeah then saucy slot. Say else say else sir Yeah, so yells love Nah, run.

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raw sells love

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that love hub sales

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that habit. Law habit Your turn. sells, LAN na.

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La hub, this is an uncle situation. Now

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that hub tongue out that, that, that la hub that

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one ra to who? worm or, or worm or all ra Add To who? Ra two who

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help Bob help one more or two who have

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helped other two to one to Fiji D ha, Fiji D Ha.

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hubba hubba loo

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I hope this is a few enough minutes that you could squeeze it into your day. If you enjoyed the process. Why not hit rewind, let me do it all over. Let me do it all over again for you couldn't make a rewind sound there. But let me have the privilege of doing this whole process for you one more time. But if you're kind of like, you know, it'd be really cool if I could do this live. If I could do this with a group of people with this guy. I think you could. It's called Koran night, the art of recitation, and it's coming to a city near you. If it is, please come out. Come on out. Let's do this together. And even better. If you're watching this and are able to come out to the city

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where we're on night is happening, and you want the art of recitation to be yours. Practice this surah and then bring it to us. You'll be amongst a whole bunch of people who are like, Hey, can I read this surah to you and I will be honored to hear your recitation live. Hope to see you at Koran night the art of recitation. Thank you again for this opportunity. And again, please allow me to read this whole lesson to you one more time was said armonico la de la


Join Imam Wisam Sharieff for an interactive evening that brings the Quran to life through the art of recitation. Learn to decode the complex terminology of recitation rules and develop confidence in your own voice.

We all face challenges in our relationship with the Quran. Whether it’s learning to read, perfecting our recitation, or listening to the sound of our own voice as we flow through the words of Allah. Yet, many of us feel inadequate because we cannot put in the time to learn, practice, and feel confident in ourselves.

In this introduction to the art of recitation, you will identify the tools and learn the practical steps needed to improve your recitation, using examples from four of the oft-recited, shorter Surahs.

Join us for a night like no other. Strengthen and beautify your relationship with the Quran, no matter where you are in your journey. Discover how much of the codified science of tajweed you can master in one evening, and in a unique and interactive session that will fill the room with the light of Allah’s words, take charge by making the recitation of the Quran your own.

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