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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a parable in the Quran that highlights the importance of the parables in shaping one's life and the need for them to be used as symbols. The speaker also talks about the importance of the parables in shaping one's life and the need for them to be used as symbols. The speaker concludes by discussing the importance of the parables in shaping one's life and the need for them to be used as symbols.
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So in Surah four Khan, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us one of the scenes from the day of judgments, a part of which is his statement to our caller rasuluh Yara be in Almita. How to Handle Khurana Maha Jorah

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and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says meaning he will say, Oh my Lord, My people have taken this Quran as something deserving of being neglected being abandoned.

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And of course, this applies

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primarily to the people who rejected the Quran to begin with did not accept it, in principle to begin with. However, since this is the month of renewing our vows with the Quran

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claimed Rahim Allah Allah says, There are lesser forms of this negligence, which of them is not seeking the Quran above all else, as your source of guidance, your source of mercy as your source of healing, because Allah azza wa jal said 100, zero mineral Qurani Maha Shiva own or Rama, meaning right, and we sent down of this Quran a means to cure you and a means of mercy for the believers. And of course this is not just about worldly mercy and physical healing and cure from what may ail our physical bodies, but to cure our hearts of course, to cure our profile in front of the Lord of the worlds to cure our worldview, how we see the world

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and from there, I wish to speak about certain passages in the Quran for

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my reminders throughout the month of Ramadan. In addition, sha Allah to a chicken Brahim and Imam Tom for Kenny will be sharing with us on their respective nights, which are m 31. Quran the M fell or the parables you know the parables are like the examples that the Quran gives there are over 40 of these as a mercy especial mercy from Allah subhanahu wa taala that he gives you He doesn't just tell you but he shows you something, to adjust your lens to remind yourself of the greatness of God of the insignificance of man of the fleeting nature of this world. He makes you stand in front of an image. You know, he says this in the Quran many times what's helical unfairly inoperable. Holliness

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Illa, Allah homeopathic Carone these Umfeld these parables that we strike for the people, it's so that they may think these are the most powerful to get you to think, because I like to think of them as incomplete stories. And nobody likes an incomplete story. So they're the most potent to tell to figure out what's the rest of the story. Because they are basically like symbols, you know, symbolism. There's like an image in front of you. That's pointing to something else that you're not fully told. So it's most likely that you're gonna go look for it. That's why Allah says in another verse, what till kill am fair Luna Rebo Holliness Illa Allah whom yet avec karoun. And we strike

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these parables, these examples for people to help them, perhaps they'll be better off in terms of remembering what they need to remember. Once again, the greatness of God, your worldview, the fleeting nature of this world, that it's actually quite small, and what's left of this small world is smaller, and what my share of what the small of the small that's remaining is even smaller, it strikes these for you. And this is why in one I also Allah azza wa jal says and these examples I strike when I actually do have ill early moon, and only those that are alim, but I'm here doesn't mean a specialist, per se. I am here means someone with with an enlightened mind, only the people

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whose minds are cured, whose minds are healed, who are able to ponder correctly, people of pure thoughts are people that get it out of these parables that things get turned on for them out of these parables. So half of the job we will do in sha Allah together here

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in these reminders, which is to unpack some of these parables, as for what they point to, that's going to be a mission for us all. But Allah gave you a huge dose of His mercy through parables. That's my only message tonight. I said there's over 40 of them and you know this, that when you want someone to understand something, you say Come let me give you an example. Let me give you an example to bring it a little closer.

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So Allah who does not need us, and does not benefit from our righteousness in any way, if all of us had the heart of Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, it would not increase Allah on anything, right? If all of us had the heart of the bliss, or with the villa, it would not take anything away from him, but he wants you. This is his mercy, He wants you to understand. And he knows that you understand better with images with stories. I remember once I took one of several courses I've taken over the years in public speaking. And the man said to us, this man was like a scientist, when it came to public speaking, everything to him was numbers. And he was just so thorough. And he said to

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all of us, he's like, he trains like, even presidents of small countries and people in really high places that are always doing press conferences. And so I found myself in his audience for a full day. He said to me, I want you to think of the most powerful talk you ever heard in your life.

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Everybody got it? You can do this now. Right? He says, Now I challenge you to think of five separate points from that talk.

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You won't be able to and that's the best talk you've ever heard. Right? five separate points. He said, most people can't think of more than three, maybe four points of the best talk that's ever they've ever heard. And usually, the number one thing they will remember is what in the talk, the story that was told in the talk, right? That's what lingers in their thoughts. And so Allah Who wants these images that will in sha Allah deliver us to linger in our thoughts. They are captured in these powerful passages of the Quran, called the Antheil of the Quran. And that's why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted to help people understand he would not give up any

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opportunity without striking a parable for them. So that will be our journey in sha Allah to Allah. This was the preface to it. May Allah azza wa jal make easy our path and enlighten our minds and cure our worldviews with these Umfeld with these divine parables Allahumma Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala kind of Vienna Muhammad Ali he or SOFIA Jemaine

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