Ramadan Series Day 20 – The Month of Patience

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The transcript describes a culture where people practice patience and patientism. The culture includes a person named Hope, who gives advice to others to stay patient and not give negative feedback. The culture also includes a person named Hope who gives advice to others to stay patient.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh The month of patience, that's one of the names of Ramadan, and what a name. And if anything we need in the normal line Subhan Allah is sober is patient and well this is one of the names that's actually was not given by the scholars who was given by the scholar of this color by the best creation or law created is a Rasul Allah He salatu salam. And he actually said, in a hadith where companion came to him and asking him, that was the fire recall while it was a mu

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oh mama, and the resort as AutoSum has not seen him for a while. And then when he saw him again, he saw and lost a lot of weight. And he said,

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what's happened and he said, I am not eating during the day, meaning I am fasting all the year. And he said, the meaning of it, don't do that. Fast the month of the sub of patient, some Shahada sub fast the month of the patient. And then one day in a in a month or three days in the month that is different. NARRATION but the idea is Shaco sobre was given the name was given by our Sol Alayhi. Salatu was center, in what a suburb, what is patient, something we all love to have? And we struggle to have? Somebody is actually there scholars defined it as hubzu neffs. It's you control yourself to do something you don't like to do. For example, someone say something and you get very upset you

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really want to answer, but you control yourself and hold your tongue, then you're a cyber

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or you want to respond in a in a way, but you control yourself that sub perhaps enough. So you could you hold and you control yourself. What does or move on you for the whole 16 hours or 18 or 10 hours of fasting. We are actually holding something our nerves my nerves really loves in once, right? You get thirsty or hungry or you used your coffee at 10am in the morning. No, it's from a while. I'm not doing it, but I like it. I love it. But I'm holding shahara Saba another practice of Chateau sobre we do it. We do with it. We don't even have to train ourselves to do it. So pero la la make it easy isn't the night. I mean for us here Tarawa is about 9:30pm. And then we start the night Salah at

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10pm. And normally in our daily life 10pm. Most of us are in bed because we have to work next day. But then we stand ups a lot after this long time of fasting, we stand up and we enjoy it. I would cry and we went longer. Right? Not in the beginning. In the beginning we may be struggling but normally, sometimes as I am walking and going to the taraweeh hi I really want to go to bed, but I control myself. So it's shot through a summer and patience is a three kinds and we practice it all in Ramadan. There's three kinds of scholars have taught us but some are not possible. sobre el Moussa sobre la bella, I am patient Toby Allah, and I am patient to stay away from the disobedience

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of Allah and I am patient on the decree of Allah. So in Ramadan, I need patience, to fast to stand up and sada to pray on time to control my anger to not say something not pleasing to Allah that's all needs patient and only mildly right I am not going to watch this I'm not going to look at this I am not going to say this. These are all acts of disobedience I need to control myself and the other more that he had decreed that we don't eat from this time to this time and Subhanallah you all know this when the time for if Paul comes in Milan we all look at our clock is it time yet? So for example yesterday for us was 525 and it was 551 was I'm sorry was 552 and it was 515 o'clock no no

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not yet. It's two minutes otherwise and then I was reminding everybody I was like this is what Ramadan teaches me to submit to the will of Allah and His other he said five 551 not 550 and it's only one minute shower or summer the month of patient and there is no nothing more beloved to Allah than suborn them being patients or last names of Subodh the patient and he ordered this and the Quran yeah you have livina amyn spirou was all biru were all beautiful what the hola hola hola como little last verse in Surah, Allah Emraan Allah says all believer, his spirit will be patient, wasabi will compete and patient will all be to stay steadfast. What the whole law and be a law conscious of

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Allah. Allah.

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May Allah subhanaw taala teach us all May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us sobor teacher sobor Jimena sabreen Madonna Masha curry make us from those who are grateful

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Because of those who are patient European design in the long run, Mr. Armani Kumara Allahu wa barakato