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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of sleep and how it can be beneficial in healing and maintaining weight. They also mention a book on sleep patterns and how one can make themselves bigger by dreaming bigger. The speaker encourages viewers to push harder and dream bigger to get the most out of sleep.
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Getting rested. There's a thing that I saw yesterday, the day before, some research that they were talking about how they basically gave two groups of people the same like cookie cutter, fat loss, you know, shutting cutting diet, right? And what they found is that the only variable that they put between these two groups of people that one group of people got minimum eight hours of sleep. Ah, okay, they found that the people that got more sleep and more rest, lost 55% more fat. No way. 50 like, yeah, it was it good goes into good, good night's rest. Very important. It's like your recovery time. And and like, because I think I think what what's happening here is when you sleep,

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your body's rebuilding, and yes, right, and it's getting to repair and you're having to restore, replenish. And on top of that you are getting rid of like cortisol and all of these other stress hormones, which means keep the fat in your system. And so if releasing them, you're releasing them, and thus, you have less fat maintaining hormones in your body, because he got the rest that you need it. And then you're able to perform so much better. And everything that you do, you're on your way off. And as Belaz steps out, we have this lifestyles sheet for the memorizer. And on it, it talks a whole portion about healthy sleep. And the book, radical Beauty by Kimberly Schneider, also co

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authored by Kimberly Schneider also has a whole place on the healing of beauty sleep and how how sleep is tremendous in helping in healing. So he's talking about the cortisol and how you can heal. And we're going to eventually tell you that the sleep of the memorizer isn't short, we would think but we always think of a Muslim doesn't sleep. He prays 100 all the time.

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I would like you says that just because you put the 100 doesn't mean you sleep. Like there's still enough that how did you wake up for it? And then you go back. So it's introvert sleep interval sleeping, if anyone's interested, a Navy SEAL wrote a wonderful book on sleep patterns, and how you can maximize he personally take 645 minutes naps a day. It's

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really, really, really hard. Just go like, one nap is like you go through all you did it. You try doing it. I used to do that and kind of college not so much deliberately, because I'm trying to follow the Navy SEAL method or something. No, it was just like, you know, because I was working full time going to school full time. And at the same time volunteering community work. I just tried to sleep whenever I could sleep. And it just turned out that and even even even when I was in Houston, like the first year, I was working on like 36 hour sleep patterns, right? Stay up for like 30. So yeah, knock out for like 12 to 18 and then go back to another 36 hours that No, it's not good for

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you. But

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I remember and he was to say, Yeah, I'm on the sleep pattern thing. And I'd be like, Oh,

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you could see it.

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But I think all of us look pretty fresh and healthy. Now I'm ready to go. Oh, yeah.

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This was an awesome recording session, guys. For those of you who who've been keeping up with us, this is still the most cutting edge information that I have ever done. So we keep outdoing ourselves. I love the fact that we are setting the bar and then we're constantly pushing it higher. Please push harder, dream bigger and worship, make the size of your DUA based on the size of your Lord, how big you think your God is. That's how big you should ask for things and dream big guys. That's it. So I go. I'll see you later.

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