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Let the story of Ibrahim AS inspire you to fill your heart with love for Allah.

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What are the main osato

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he was having his money

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to save on

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money in

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the game

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what is

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sort of a law with

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respect to

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a law Allah

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through His grace and mercy on a regular basis grant this special occasion

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and every now and again a lot of other Potala counters, a very special located the date of Juba, which we are blessed with on a weekly basis is a special occasion

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the best of days in which the sun rises it is the pinnacle of COVID.

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But whether the Juma which is a special occasion

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which is a special month because it is one of the one of the sacred ones. And then that very Juba does not only fall into the

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room, but it falls in the first 10 days of Asia, which is where the World Cup was total loss of the love it was on the best days of the year.

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And it becomes a very special okay. So as we sit here, on the best of days in the best of month, in the best of weeks, at the best of our

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data from the depths of our heart that has acknowledged that Allah has blessed us by prolonging our lives once again, not only witnessing Giovanna but they do it in the month of

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June was the first 10 days of

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this month. The genocide mentioned has great significance because it is one of the things as well, but it has great significance.

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because it brings to us two great acts of fatherhood. The one is hatch. And the other is

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and we looked at both have

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in both of those actions, a lot of Oracle data is asking us to stand up trying to come up with a way to emulate and to honor, if it manages

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to trigger when it comes to hedge and

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it is known

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as our demand that the greatest human, the greatest

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and the greatest of all, creation.

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We have become the question every year of performing money every year, from various parts of the world through the lens of karma.

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But we need to remind ourselves

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we need to ask ourselves the question why

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every year via He wants us to remember he

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wants us to follow in the footsteps of a body.

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Who is this personality? And what was it about him that made him so special, so near and dear for

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us to follow in his footsteps? Now to answer the question

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In order to understand who you want to work with,

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and what is achieved, and what let's build a legacy behind for our first port of reference, if

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there is look at how it

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is profiled by others.

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The one question

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Allah says in the Bhagavad Gita, the Holy One

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who was born, what was

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the reason why I'm saying this is a painful body has become a routine in our lives, to such an extent that we focus only on the rituals, it has become very ritualistic that Okay, I need to go to cinema.

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What's the polite way to go for us? So tick box tick box,

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with the spirit behind it? What's the lesson? What's the legacy? What's the story behind

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the meaning so beloved to Allah, and it always comes down to quality, it comes down to

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it, he by Lally

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was most tolerant,

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most tolerant, one of the greatest scarcity in the open today is the quality of foreigners. In our marriages, we don't have tolerance in our social interactions with each other. We don't have differing temperaments for different views. And that's why we see the social payoffs. And that's why we see the disharmony in the disunity, which is great dogma, Oh, wow. He was so happy that he was compassion.

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This machine age, this technological age, has made us like machines. So the bottom line, it's all about the sum total. It's all about chasing and achieving dreams and goals and the objectives

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are genuine.

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Money, it constantly turn to Allah. It was constantly focused on his relationship with Allah, three qualities. Luckily, he won a world money, very,

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very affectionate, but always connected to Allah, always connected to bla

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bla, and if you want to achieve in the way that you want

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to get the legacy that he left

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behind this every year 1000s of years after his device, millions of people paid tribute to him, they're acknowledged by the actions and the actions of

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a legacy. When you are connected to Allah, Allah with reserved your name this world alone.

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There is no human except some sort of way some sort of recognition. He wants to be acknowledged, Alexei, connect with me and I will secure your acknowledgments your time this way, in a way that will continue on with the data.

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and the English word spread does not convey the full extent of the Arabic word or the medium.

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was extremely close to Allah. extremely close to Allah. Okay, what's the starting point? How do we take inspiration from the light

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because that's the reason I'm discussing it was relatively

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early and has

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allowed us on an annual basis to grow lesson from the life of

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what's the greatest lesson we need to make ourselves vulnerable.

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Life is about love Allah.

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He submitted before

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Allah. He was he allowed himself to be catapulted to the fire because Allah

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Allah, He left his wife and child in a better lap because his love for love He took a knife and put it to the throat of his only child because a loved one.

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When when you want to squish when you have this journey to become the law, what is the starting point? The starting point is when good in the woods

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when he said it

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was a disgrace

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that we nobody

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a balloon, such a day where your children and your wealth will not be of assistance to you in any way

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except the person who comes to a law

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When we talk to people,

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it is time for us to introspect very deeply and ask yourself the question, what is the state of the cleanliness of my heart?

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how clean are my thoughts, how clean our intentions is, the resentment is there is there animosity is that jealousy is a deep rooted desire to carry out certain evils, and to do certain actions. In my heart, all of us, myself included, we don't, if people have to know what is in our heart, we will have the courage to serve the public.

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If people have to know what is going on,

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we will have no parents to show your face in public.

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Hello, just received from your beauty lovers from the state of your heart, and then actions that flow as a result of the state of your heart. That's what

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it comes from the Greek word for means to attain

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Allah question we need to ask ourselves, we've been we've been formula ended up we performed okay. And that is bringing us closer to what

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we are sponsoring externally, but I was totally

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on a regular basis at least

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once a year,

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our lives we need to be looking for

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what do I need to slaughter in terms of my desires in terms of my intentions for me to become the bigger who what is mine is mine. When I put the knife to the throat of the animal, or when I give them money for the animal to be put

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out, I need to be asking myself this question eternally in my heart, what do I need to get rid of input actions, what needs to change for me to become the billable

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time like is forcing us by

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the people whose head is great, and

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instead, you know, we can

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debate sometimes with a child who puts time next thing before you realize

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that you play with your child's Child Life passes you by Time waits for no one, he comes upon every one of us to put our hearts

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to become the beloved.

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You know this, this interesting question is asked he says that every year we get this idea

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of love.

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And ask the

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question an animal is the tsunami.

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Now that would have been something which is done repeatedly. Whereas if

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the incident could be satisfied,

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so why does the

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tsunami and the reason is is not actually referring to the accent.

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He's referring to the constant practice in the light.

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Whenever Allah commanded him to do something, no matter how difficult the command was, he submitted and we obey the command

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in front of the commander

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of a law that is

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at the pinnacle of it was

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and it became really interesting. So he thought that we need to ask ourselves, the two what extent Am I willing to comply to every instruction?

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Because that will tell me To what extent is truly the topic.

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So the focal point

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is trying to become the Beloved of the law

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around the fact that he was

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in a coma and the exploration of not only the aspiration of those who are

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to become the beloved,

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to become the beloved.

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Same, so you need to key in half is always explained, but how do you get your part to be seen by splitting into two levels.

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The challenge for us is we're full of hearts to the love of everything in the world. And we have very little space in our hearts.

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If you choose if you truly recognize

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that we

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will have to speak to your heart without anything or anyone else, we know that the body was extremely close to

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me this is a friendship that is worthy of admiration. Yet he said no, to

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me, the only study I have in my life is

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had it not been for that as a bit of overkill. But you can only give your heart to allow

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me to give our hospital we can only be

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the reason our hearts have devoid of the love of Allah.

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This loss, the devil, he was an alum, he believes with great knowledge. He was an avid, he wishes people in the way that made these melodica entries, but he was not an option.

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And then ultimately became the basis of

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the reason why we are devoid Our hearts are devoid of the love of Allah, you hit bone and

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we have become lost in worldly pursuits with

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become so engrossed in when

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you hit

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Toba, we've become so engrossed in independence.

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We're becoming more in love with big buildings were put in the six foot

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when we are both heading destination, and

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to us. This is the core of Allah. Allah says yeah, buddy in the

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with all of your phones, and all of your weaknesses and all of your skills. I still love you.

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When will you start loving me?

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Love story but not the Romeo and Juliet last story. Not the

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story, a love story was Allah. Allah says I love you with all of your weaknesses with all of your failures with all of yourself.

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not loving me.

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We never

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do we prefer the Speaker

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of the speech to will be further out of

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the venue and do we prefer the commands of Allah overhaul?

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Which shows the messy simple, how much of a priority?

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To what extent we have

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how are we ready to meet the law? Yes, every human has this information from them. But how are you ready to meet the law? Because

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the law

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a question that asked a lot.

00:18:26--> 00:18:26

How is it?

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How is it that one friend is hesitant to meet a friend? Are we ready to meet the law when our house has become saturated with the love of Allah?

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Allah Allah says first Cooney has

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the more you remember me the most My love will grow in

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the love of the neighborhood.

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Amazingly, once

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the main

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effects that even if you take me by mistake,

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it was still better.

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So in

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UI, if you follow the

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closer to Allah,

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nothing can grow the love in your heart more quickly and more effectively than the recitation of the forum. We also developed

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by thinking of the monkeys

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will become very ungrateful.

00:19:44--> 00:19:47

He was grateful for the monkeys of Allah.

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One day I was walking and I had to choose and the thoughts were causing me to my feet. And I

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was walking to the Westin I bumped into a

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Man who faces the West always

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need to be grateful to you for

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and then

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we need to be making

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a lot of money.

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And lastly,

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in the company of those who already have enough money

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to live on so

00:20:31--> 00:20:36

as to die, the company has a level of defense and leave you with this particular incident.

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Data. How is it that we're drawn to the

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title of

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the lesson? Well, if you want to know,

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so the

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human and

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he was a chef when he was looking at the clock as a student.

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And they say the following words the phrase a comma,

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support only

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when you have the love of Allah in your heart, and when anyone places a light takes you into state of ecstasy, what

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she meant when he said please repeat what you have said

00:21:32--> 00:21:33

nothing in life

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is at the top of my house.

00:21:38--> 00:21:42

And they repeated it. But I took him to a higher level of excellence. He said what

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he says take the second half of my

00:21:48--> 00:21:52

time to listen to these words of praise of Allah. So there is one more time and I

00:21:53--> 00:21:56

was on the highest of ecstasy and

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he says please, one more time, this is what we paid. So there was nothing left to give you but let's do this. You've got all of my life stop.

00:22:07--> 00:22:21

Cattle, take me to sleep. I will look after these animals for you is very few seconds ago belong to me, but do not deprive me of listening to the artist one more time.

00:22:22--> 00:22:24

Just one more time. So the story of

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becoming a biller. Let us make the intention. And the intention was that this year, it would

00:22:36--> 00:22:37

be a fool.

00:22:42--> 00:22:45

It is only a fool who moves away from the lessons of

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many years of our lives when we have witness

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not cease to become Your Beloved Women.

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This is different women's work.

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And during this season of money, we will we will take the kids in our life and we will take a turning point in our life, to grow the love of life and to become the beloved