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A lecture by Wisam Sharieff at Masjid As-Siddiq. This was part of a program by Helping Hand for Relief and Development to help our bothers and sisters in the refugee camps.

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House Villa mina shaytani r rajim. Probably to be learning about will be Islami, Dina will be Mohammed inna via sola longlining.

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So this is one of those interesting scenarios where most of you will spend the first three minutes figuring out what I'm all about, like a used car salesman, you're gonna see what I'm selling. So I'd like to not waste your time and split the room into two groups of people, those people who are here to listen to a talk, please make sure the wall stays up. Thank you, for those here or to do an activity for those of you who realize this is, I think, 28 minutes before if star on the 15th or 16th day of your fast have the greatest Ramadan, in 30 years, how do I make that calculation? You can understand that the longest days of the year fall now? So is there any greater opportunity in

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the greatest act of everybody of psyllium? Is there any year you could fast longer than this one in our hemisphere? Yes or no? No. So those of you who are here and recognize, I can give a very great talk when you can go on YouTube and watch a talk. Or we could sit here and those people who aren't who are a part of the experience, who are not here to hear, but are present to listen and respond, I asked you to come just a smidgen forward, that way we can make a differentiation of what we're doing. And those who are here, maybe they'll hear something good. It doesn't matter who you are, in any case, because the walls gotta stand up, guys, someone's gotta hold it up. You don't know about

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that. So with that, those of you who are here for the experience, I hope you can understand. Everything that needed to be said about helping hand has been said, I will not watch these videos anymore. It's offensive to me six times a week, I watched the video and it hurts my feelings. Because somehow that lady in the purple dupatta, she had to be sick so that you could love her enough to give money. That's shameful. But if we valued our self,

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no video would be pleased. And I do I asked helping hand in every relief organization. When did Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam get up and say, hey, look at the dead people guys. Give us some money. He said if you believe in Allah, if you believe in you, then you will get so I would like to and I'm not sure how much time if there's someone between me and salado Margaret, please let me know. I'd like to do four activities. Number one, you are in the state how many people are fasting? I know this sounds rhetorical. Okay, I'm sorry. For those of you who think it's a gift, I was not able to fast for five years of my life. Five years. If I tried to fast I bled from my mouth

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from the bathroom. And for five years fasting was taken away. I used to come to lead taraweeh. And everyone was like, how was the fast? I was like, I don't know. So when you smile, I just want to tell you five years it was gone. And I said, Oh well, the first year everyone said hey, that must have been great right now and I'm gonna fast, then you're like no, but this is what I missed the 23 minutes before Salatu McGriff when I could ask Allah for anything, because this part of me was empty, and this part of me was full. So I asked you today for four activities activity number one, let us make a dua for ourselves. Because my goal by this evening is if you value yourself greatly,

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then you will not give 100 or $20. You will sit here and say in the greatest Ramadan in this hemisphere for 30 years, you will say Allah, I dedicate to 10,000 orphans, it might take me the rest of my life. But I make that commitment. 20 $30 friends, that's to make you feel good. You want to feel good. go pray to regard you want to become a miracle here on Earth, decide to change people's lives to the Baraka, Allah gave you activity one, all of you are fasting Alhamdulillah those of you who are not May Allah give you health and the inspiration to fast number two, I wish to say a stealth feudal law seven times can we practice once with five syllables, please us so feudal law.

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Perfect, always on the five syllables. We'll do it together in a moment, that third activity and I believe that will take us to about 810 How many of us know the name of our Lord? What is the name of our Lord? What's our What's our God's name? Allah azza wa jal, right, so I got on the plane

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I was really excited. My wife said something fantastic to me on the plane. And as we were flying, what do you when your wife says something great to you? What do you want to say?

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Oh, it was it was a better than alhumdulillah this was a really good I'll tell you the good news Maybe another time, but I want it Yeah, I was on the plane wanting to scream a lot.

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Right? That's where I was. So I realized screaming Allahu Akbar on a plane looking like this. Probably not the best idea. Okay, those of you who like brother do it for Islam, No brother. Here's the real thought though. How many other names does the last panel with Allah have? And minimum of 99 Abu Bakr radi Allahu taala and says if you look, you'll find 250 Plus, but how many of us right now if you want to have the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala on their phone? Anybody has it? Okay, if you don't, you could take out your phone right now just in a few moments. at&t people, you have two bars and go to the App Store and download. It's a free app called 99 names. Because after eight

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o'clock, I would like to read all the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if that takes us four minutes, do you understand every time you say a law as though a Joel's name or Rahmani Raheem on medical produce?

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Mark Luffy comm so I, every time you say Allah subhana wa Taala his name What happens? A different door of mercy opens. Let me try how many people are in debt? I was a little while ago in my life in financial debt. School debt, brother. Okay, you're in debt. Now when we get to Jeremy Oh, honey, thank you. The rest of them are lying. It's, it's okay. It's Ramadan, God forgives. So for those of you who are when I get to the name God, the most rich, you know, what I want you to do is just say, You're the most rich pay off my debt. And I guarantee you, he'll pay off the debt, what's your responsibility, don't get back into debt. So how many of us are looking for health? How many of us

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would like health?

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It's a it's a random question, though. But what is health? So I'm going to ask a question. It's called a co on it's going to indeed intellectualize your brain. I'm going to ask you a question. And that is our third activity. And finally, I'd like to make a dua, I must end by 810. So let us begin, I'll ask you a simple question. Because most of you are still listening to the talk with your frontal lobe, you're listening to me analyzing what is this guy selling me? So I would like to take your brain off the receiver and ask you to communicate because this also, your heart will know if I'm trying to sell you something. But if your heart says, I think he cares about me, that's all I

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asked you to do is take that feeling in. So number one, I asked us Let's go down the list. Has anyone in this room met Allah subhanho? wa Taala? Yes or no? initial answer is? No. Okay. Initial answer is no spiritual answer. We're gonna get there. So brother, have you met a law? Has your body met Allah? No. Has your brain depends on what drugs you're taking that week? Right. Right. So besides that, if you're besides taking some type of hallucinogen, no, right. Has, is there another part of you besides your body? And besides your brain?

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Okay. Has this part. Have you ever met God? When did it meet God? So everyone in this room or just a really good one? I mean, LeBron James, did he meet Allah? subhanaw? taala? Yes or no? Yes, he did. When? When Allah subhanho wa Taala asked us in Surah, Allah stone to be Paulo, Bella exact. God created everyone, your favorite rapper, basketball player and your grandma. And we were all standing there. And God said, Am I not your Lord? And what did we say? We didn't say yes. I wish we said yes. When your wife says, Do you love me? What did you say? Yes, we say of course. That's what we said. We said of course, Bella, alas, who else could be God? Here's my real question to you. I told you to

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take the phone off the receiver. Did you meet Allah? Yes. My question is How was your health when you met Allah

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now you see that your someone's looking for the answer in your brain. That's what I want you to make dua for now today when I'm going to get to it right now. And I say pray for health, brother, I want you to be like, not this health. This is gonna come and go. I want the health that I had the day I told Allah, Allah, your Allah, how could you How could there be anyone else? I want that type of health. So again, I'll ask you, your One Health. Yes, but now you have to think wider. So when we say Oh Allah I asked for health or Oh, well, I asked for money. I don't want you to ask for money. I want you to ask for an experience.

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Want you to say, Oh Allah, I wish I never have to ask how much. So you walk into the to the Rolly store, and you're like, I like. And I've given my zakaat I've done everything. I'm going to give myself a really, that's not being rich. That's abundance. So again, everyone in this room either of you, oh, can I get something? So I'm going to quickly change your dial very quickly and then we'll make these four blocks and we will conclude because of self value. So right now we recognize that in this room, you met a lot. Yes, you did. How was your health when you met Allah was perfect. Can you all say the word complete health?

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In your next door? robina Athena dunya. Asana, I want you to say, Oh, God, give me complete health. Not sometimes it hurts here. Sometimes it hurts here. I'm going to push the envelope further. If you've met a loss of Hiawatha Allah, which body will you take to general? I know it will be taller, I know it will be stronger, faster, and you'll have a lot more nerve endings. Which body which you're going to look like in paradise friends. Which body will you have in general?

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Go go a little bit further than your heart. Well, friends, what am I going to look like? What is the sanctuary is gonna look like in paradise?

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No youth of Hullo of me. I want you to say brother, which body is going to walk you into Denver?

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That one? Yes. That's all I want you guys to say which which elbows are going to are you going to flex in Paradise, though? Now you're sitting here saying but what about when I die? But that's the whole point of believing Allah is going to bring you back together Yes or no? So which body on the Day of Judgment is going to speak when Allah says in Surah Yaseen La Romana la fuat he him on to Kelowna D.

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What does he do?

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So the people on the parent Day of Judgment, their mouth will be sealed and their body parts will begin to speak to just I know everyone sees is like, Oh my god, this is the worst thing ever. But if this body is going to say with some did bad, what also could this body say?

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Thank you. So why are we afraid of this? Because we don't value the self. If brother you whatever you watched, your eyes are gonna say you're going to hell. Right? Isn't that what we think? But then aren't your eyes gonna say he went to the masjid he saw some guy he prayed? Yes. So two things you met Allah and that experience was unbelievable. And after you realize that you made a loss of Hannah mattala What was the memory that because Allah said you're going to forget what was the way when God said Am I your Lord? What did we say? Babu? Bella

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shahina. We said shahidan. So friends. Anytime you're sad, anytime you're lost, anytime your friends drag you out to a hookah lounge, and you're like God's not my place. How can you connect to that memory?

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eyeshadow en la ilaha illa. As soon as you say a shadow. So here's my third question. Did you meet a law? Yes, you did? Is it here last panel data Who gave you this body? So how are you going to treat this body? You're going to treat it very gently. But the third question that I asked you to do now is if you ask the last panel Allah for his forgiveness, will he forgive you?

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This? I don't know. Some people are saying randomly. Yes. So will you do this second exercise with me now? I asked all of us to recognize that we are headed to paradise. And I asked you once with me to say a stone feudal law.

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Park, low FICO, our first activity knowing that Allah azza wa jal right now, did he hear everyone in this room? And if I'm just gonna point at you, if that guy didn't say it, does he still get included? 100% you have headset sound heavy. I'm not gonna point at you. If this young man sat here and goes, I refuse to say anything. The angels will still take his name to Allah subhanho wa Taala and say, oh, Allah, there was a guy sitting amongst them, you got to look up this hadith. There was a man sitting amongst them. He was just there to be there because his homeys were there. And Allah will say his company is befitting of his reward. So even if you didn't say a stop to the law, were

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you just forgiven yes or no. So I asked you in the State of Israel for being forgiven, pray for four things and asked you to pray this upon yourself sitting up in the form of a dub and just take a form for two minutes. say, Oh our Lord.

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May I have security?

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We drop your anxieties, your emotional baggage and say

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May I have security

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may I have peace?

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translate this What does peace mean? Salaam What else? What does it mean to you?

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safety in a time of turmoil and people you know saying bad things to Muslims like not feeling anxious. Anyone feeling anxiety more recently a little bit depression? Yo, I don't know about you guys. I look like this. And I fly four days a week. So yes, I'm happy and happy but I asked a lot. May I have peace? Now I asked you to pray again. May I have health?

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What kind of health complete health the health that I originally had inside me within the space? And now I asked you to pray knowing that you deserve this. May I have a life of ease?

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You feel uncomfortable one more time. May I have a life of ease?

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For things you will continuously pray for yourself until the event happens. Oh Allah May I have security? Peace, complete health and a life of ease Can someone explain of life of ease? Is it okay to ask Allah subhana wa Taala when you wake up how many people take the subway? How many people ride the train? Okay, is it okay to wake up and say I deserve ease? Oh Allah make sure I make all my trains. Is that okay? Yes. When the Sahaba one Sahabi broke his shoe laces What did he do?

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He's like $1 I need a pair of shoe laces. And he prayed to Allah for shoe laces. And then he went and bought shoe laces. This to me is a very powerful thing. How many of us have prayed Oh God make my life easy.

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For you did. Okay, no praying for Lamborghini does not make a lot of make my lesson I asked that question one more time. I know the Allahumma Lamborghini people I know them. I have met them at Hutch. So raise your hand One more time. How many people have prayed to Allah Allah even though I live in New York, may I live with ease?

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Work Luffy comm second activity if Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven you? Will you all come repeat these two hours to yourself? Can you all make his day far with me six times Could you be able to do that now? Except I need you to do a logical progression here because imagine if you met a Lost Planet, Allah And God said you could have whatever you want. And then you said Oh ALLAH forgive me.

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And then what?

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Right? If you ask for God's forgiveness, and he gave it to you, what would you pray for them?

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That's That's the point. Nobody knows. They're like,

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I've had this whole hell thing planned out for a long time. I've been rolling the dice on hell here. How many people have entertained the idea they may go to hell.

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The rest of them are lying. That's okay. Okay, we've entertained How many of you in the room have entertained 13 minutes before sold out demographer? At least my time ends how many people believe they're going to paradise?

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Oh, no, no, no. We got timeout here. Timeout timer. Insha. Allah in my book means if God wills the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked about surah new Surah 71 who are not normal worry soon, God said and they will inherit in paradise. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked by the companions, how could you inherit? In general like how could you inherit more land? Now listen to this. This is where I have to rest the inshallah I'm gonna mention

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Allah subhanho wa Taala as nebby said for every human being created, Allah built the house and put their name on it. Some will make it Some will not so in the metaphysical multi universe right now bro, what is their agenda?

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With whose name on

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inshallah? No, no, there is definite so you see my logic so like, I'm just I'm poking at you. So the rest of us can say brother in Jana, there is a house with whose name on it.

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Yeah, and, and yours too, brother. Not inshallah. inshallah could be 10 more houses. So now one more time How many of you are going to Jenna already decreed by last panel with Allah, Allah in Nia so Luca Genova Makarova, la humming Tony wireman? What are you becoming a naughty one Makarova la Hammond Tony Lama? I know your heart saying did I just do something wrong in the mustard? This allowed?

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We'll get there inshallah. inshallah we'll get there momentarily. So everyone with the first five syllables, Estelle feudal long

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did Allah azzawajal a semi early Basilica did he hear us? us so feudal law?

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Did Allah azza wa jal then now? Did He forgive us? Of course. But how do I know bro, you don't know what

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did yesterday. Do you know what's on my phone? Did you see my internet?

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Now what? Friends? Did Allah forgive us? Yes, this is where I'm going to ask you and it's allowed to ask, do you worship Allah you worship your sins who's stronger? Your bad deeds are laws of origin? All right, then you're like a stone for Logan. A key question is that, but how many times do you say all my sins? all my sins? I can't do this because of my sins. But Allah said, but sins are the way you get to a lot of stuff due to loss of law. So did Allah azza wa jal in all of his forgiving characters and all of our sins combined? is Allah's mercy greater or are all of our sins greater? Allah's mercy? So did Allah hear you? Yes. So we are forgiven in this metaphysical multi universe

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moment, right now. What is the next step? us so funeral law?

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Now, how many people have ever sinned in their life? I got I'm done here. Okay. Yeah, right. I don't know what else I'm going to quick pause here. If we did a mock Day of Judgment, and a lot of adults had everyone turn in your phones. How many people go into hell?

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The rescue line? All right. Thank you. Thank you is the truth that these angels will like we've been writing the whole history to like now this was enough. How many people could turn in their phone? Everything you watch talk about it? You're like thinking how around is his phone? The things we watch on YouTube, the chatting we do? Isn't it enough that your Lord would say you back by did you did this? You did this mock Day of Judgment every day? I picked up my phone I think oh, what about this book? What about this one more friends? If Allah forgive this guy? Can you ask a loss of data to forgive someone from your past? Can you identify your mom, your dad, your uncle, your chacha,

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your grandfather, the mom that when you were a child? And how many of you have ever been hurt by a parent figure? They told me I was dumb. They told me I couldn't recite Quran.

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And that didn't really work out for them so well, but it hurt my feelings a lot. And until recently, I held that anger inside me Could you say a stock feudal law and forgive someone from the past? A style feudal law? How many people have forgiven someone from the past?

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Particularly just the little things. Now maybe your mom did something your dad did something? Maybe you have now someone from your presence, someone who has you have a little tension against someone who maybe cut you off? The TSA guy, everyone says stuff too long.

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Allah hurt me a lot. azzawajal forgave me. I forgave those in my past those of my present and now I say, a style feudal law. Who is the last person who's missing from this list? Who's not on this list?

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Someone else? I'm not on this list. Did you say I forgive me? Can you say I stole feudal law.

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Now I want you to gather all your sins and say, I forgive me. Because if Allah azza wa jal forgave you. Who are you to hold your sins against yourself? How many of you missed a prayer once, Don't raise your hand? Don't raise your hand. And then you spend the rest of the day dragging yourself, Oh, I missed the prayer. Oh, I did this thing. It stops you from doing good deeds. How many people can admit to that? I have missed a prayer. And then I was like, Oh, brother, I can come to beyond I missed. How are you going to let shavon when? So one more time friends on the fourth says stuff federal law.

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I asked Allah Oh Allah, you forgave me. I accept your forgiveness. Now I forgive me why they consider the law. Now. Can any one person tell me? How can a Muslim forgive themselves? How can a movement forgive themselves? friends that have less than a minute left? I want to read the names of Allah. Would you tell me how can a Muslim forgive themselves?

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If you don't have an answer, I can give you one.

00:24:03--> 00:24:11

Today, how many people you'll break with dates, right? Most people? How many people before you put the date on your lips? Can you say oh, well, I deserve this.

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That is accepting joy. Only you could do it. Because how many of you believe saying I deserve this is not an Islamic thing. It's not a way to be with a law. That's why I'm asking you you will never forgive yourself. If you don't say I deserve this. When you go to such that today, you feel your your entire skull, relax, and you say

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I deserve this. This is the way the man can enjoy his Lord. So tomorrow morning class maybe you don't like the date example tomorrow. No one's around mango pongo Patrick pachanga. You turn on the shower and the water is about to hit you. Can you say

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I deserve this. I deserve this. This is joy. Can you say a stock federal law

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ask for your forgiveness. I accepted your forgiveness. I forgave those in my past, I forgave myself. I forgave myself by accepting joy. There's only one more stuff that will have left. So would you say if you follow me, most of you should stop here. I'm only going to take this for the few people who want to make this jump in the greatest number bond in 30 years. A stone feudal law.

00:25:25--> 00:25:27

only see this one if you recognize

00:25:28--> 00:25:43

I am a miracle. And so are you. everyone listens to these cool talks and waits for the great chick to come and do a magic trick, right. And then when grade shave came, my mom was so high. So then I felt Mr.

00:25:45--> 00:25:52

The man was inside you the whole time. The guy who could get it to jump up, made you feel like he was special?

00:25:54--> 00:26:11

When I say on Bana mym, Lana morana. Oh, our Lord complete our light in order to complete something. What does that mean? Already? is inside me?

00:26:13--> 00:26:17

Come Yes, newer? And where'd that number come from?

00:26:18--> 00:26:55

It's hard to say no one else is gonna say it came from a love friend. The sixth cellfood of lies only for those people in this room who recognize not giving to orphans makes you a miracle. And not helping out your wife makes you are a miracle. But waking up in the morning and recognizing I am forgiven. And because I'm not going to spend my whole life going, Oh, man, I'm anxious about hell. I'm going to become a miracle in this man's life. I'm going to become a miracle in this person's life. And every single individual that I meet, I get a chance to become a miracle in your life. So when God gives you the opportunity, and some kid says, I'm going to get you into Jenna, and you meet

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some Syrian baby and the fourth level of Jenna and he goes, man, got you into paradise? What are you talking about? kid? Remember me on video? Allah told us people going agenda anyway. But we had to like suffer a little bit so you could come to like Word. That's how simple it was. Your Lord left treasure chests all over the Pokemon and all over this world. All you got to do is pick it up. But you will not do that. Because what's easier friends, she make dua for me. I'm a sinner. I'm so sorry to catch you on that because that's easy. But is it easier to sin right now and say a stall through law and then get up and say I am still a miracle of a Lost Planet Allah, I will emanate miracles, I

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will give miracles. So if someone comes in ask for 10,000 say brother, today I have 10 but tomorrow I will sponsor 10,000 orphans I intend to do that. I'll conclude on the simplest of time is complete so I cannot could read the names of Allah subhanaw taala. It will take me two and a half minutes if you have the names. Let's just read them. For the rest of you. I'm going to ask you a quick question. It will put the brain back on the receiver. Does anyone have a small baby at home small baby anyway? pregnant wife, okay, when when wife has a baby in the stomach at 14 at 10 weeks? Does the baby's heartbeat at 10 weeks? Yes, it does. Is the brain formed? No. So the heart beats without

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the brain. Yes. The 10th cranial nerve that goes from my brain down through my spine and tells my heart to beat doesn't exist. Except my heartbeats for several weeks with someone tell me how to add heartbeats.

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That is beautiful. That is a beautiful example. But Allah is so beautiful that He even gave a reason here. And I think all of you know it. It is because the heart has had and will always maintain an intelligence. Except this guy won't shut up long enough for you to hear him.

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So I asked you if this guy is telling you Yo bro, this makes sense. Allah loves me. I need to do good here on this earth. Like, I'll put a neon sign on the White House for the love of God.

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When will we when when we have to secretly start donating to our phone because it's illegal to do a tardy

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one more time only if you are a miracle. So food law.

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Who Allahu la de la Ilaha

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if you follow along if you don't pull it up on your phone, and if you don't sit like you want to know it and money poo poo soo Salah MiniMo Jaime Nola xizhou jump bar

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can be five times Alma de Kabir, Kabir Alma Taka, Taka, Taka bear

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Fatah, Ali, Baba Lee Antonio coffee and overall fear and more Izumo. The looser Bell sleeve. ask Allah for whatever you want in these moments, and how can a lovely, lovely,

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lovely move on Shaku al-ani you can be your own Happy

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journey and we'll carry muraki bernucci born last year on hakimullah dude, if you feel less love, make the douar Ola love me Allahumma in me as Luca

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Majeed alboreto shahidan help desert la Hokkaido jazza a portal has been opened. Ask your Lord for whatever you want and in response as for a lot to show you that you are a miracle. Don't ask for miracles in your life anymore. You will know if you can, you can handle it. Ask the Lord to show you the miracle within yourself. When someone calls you and says Be a miracle for someone else. Then do that I asked and request that you pray for your parents take your mother and father's names keep them in your heart a little bit humble Nakamoto by any selfie at all a bit humble Nakamoto be any silly at all. So cannot be called a biller is that they are my cell phone was around when Alan

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mursaleen will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen de la hijo de it took a little extra five minutes so I hope that will still appreciate your schedule if I'm correct the local time. What time do you break local

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27 my humble request a selfie rule law. I love him. You're already forgiven just a see how much can come out of it between now until a demographer stole federal law.

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Halloween stuff in law hydrogen was Santa Monica