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From the LA salatu salam, ala rasulillah. Before I begin, just take a few housekeeping rules.

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My friend Hamza and I will be speaking together. It's not a translation, it's a transformation. So sometimes I might say something, and sometimes

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you laugh today.

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But if Allah took the light,

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you would be without the ability to see. And if Allah took your hearing,

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then you would be like that.

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We asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us that opportunity. Number two, you want to take a picture of that screen, take a picture of that screen, please don't take my picture. I believe it takes a part of my soul every time it happens, especially in this gathering. If you meet me on the side, and you want to picture because you want to prove that I'm taller than the YouTube screen. No problem. But please, for 10 minutes, I won't be as long because he said everything. 10 minutes, if you could put away the phones, or take it out and take out the list of 99 Names of Allah subhanaw taala that we'll be reading. And last but not least, anyone who's going to be attending the rest of this weekend's

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talks with me, please download an app, any app that has the 99 Names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Those of you who did it today at the 415 talk, go ahead and take out your phone. How can we talk about doubt? Because who do we have doubt with Islam? Right? And whose religion is that Allah? If you don't know, a loss of Hannah Ouattara, taala. It's very easy for me to come to you and be like, God, God knows everything, bro. Why bother? It's very easy for me to come to you and say, Well, after all this a job? Do you really know if you're going to hell, hell or heaven? You can add doubt in any situation. But if you don't know your Lord, then how can you understand this? I will try but

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it's an Illa. Take out your phones. And if I could give you a function other than Angry Birds and Candy Crush, you might realize something greater than what the two speakers were bringing about is we're not selling you anything. We just happened to be happy. And a lady on the plane coming here asked me why are you happy? Are you religious? I said, Man, what makes you think I'm religious? He said you're hairy.

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She said, Why do you keep a beard? I said she said Is it fashionable? Or is it religious?

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What shall I try

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to wrap up by 737?

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come on be. I'll work with 737 word a little bit faster. Now we'll begin to talk about the fact that she asked me why are you happy? Is this fashionable? Or is it religious? And I said every religious men in history found it fashionable, so it's all mine. Number two doubts sisters if we can quickly put this together a lot of times brothers doubts which I wish to highlight right now. Sisters out there are different has to do with what someone else thinks about you. How you look. Is my job too tight? Is my job too tight? Yes, it is. So what I recommend for you is the only advice that I got from a sister who never spoke to me directly but this is doubt right stout. We are in London

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Heathrow Airport, and I was walking down the road this way. This is actual doubt. Sr like full ninja the whole night she had gloves like I could have shaved her hand if I want to do shook her hand. Right? She was super duper. So we're walking and I'm like, okay, you know, you see a niqab. You kind of like do this just out of respect, even though she's the one you can look at. Because you cover. It's funny.

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Right? Don't you ever see the niqab? You walk into the elevator like

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right you do that?

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And then some not so covered psycho. How you doing?

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Enjoying the conference? I am I know with some good friend of mine. I know Omar good friend of mine.

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So as we were walking the lobby past a girl who was not covered she's wearing inappropriate clothing.

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So she asked very sassily the girl in shorts. She said, Aren't you hot?

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And oh my god. She turned made foot like shoulder scratch. She goes, of course. That's why I'm wearing this

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High five.

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I was like, I like you.

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I didn't know what to say. I was like, I loved being Muslim at that moment. I looked at the girl and said, Yeah, look at you. And then I thought to myself, I want to chime in and like you ugly girl. You fugly. All sorts of weird ugly. Okay, so at some point, brothers, we'll tackle your doubts in a second. But was that girl doubting her job? Was it Do I wear socks? Is this too tight? Really? Did her mom say oh, I don't know if you can leave the house tonight. Did she have doubt Yes or no?

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and air high five one more time. How do you say air high five.

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The great poet once said and we'll begin here but Ethan Allahu taala because my moments are very small, who along who learn the law Illa

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Allah Who?

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Allah is absolute. And many kulu Susannah Salah

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Musawi, boo,

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boo Rosa.

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De, Allah is the all knowing Allah knows all things so what you have a doubt about your doubt, means Allah knows the answer to your doubt is a way to get closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. The poet said, the wound the cut,

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the opening is where light enters the body. So when she says no to you on Facebook and it hurts, say Allahumma Rocklin

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when you get into an argument with your best girlfriend and she says something to you and it hurts Allahumma in me as I look at who the what to call wala alpha one Hina you don't even need to know what that means. When it hurts. For that millisecond, the body is open. You say Alabama in a suit often are stuck in one place in the entire Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about guidance entering the body guidance, the opposite to the doubt. When he talks about guidance. Can you help me out guys? Where's the only place in the Quran? Allah says guidance comes into the body, your brain hands. Anybody know? Where's the only place in your body that guidance enters?

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Where y'all are? Y'all are not boys.

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Yes, I know. But you're not boys. She's like heart.

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Okay, guys, thank you very much. Now do what you did in high school. Copy off the smartest girl in class. What did she say?

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Heart is the only place and I'm just going to quickly make a connection. You have doubt in Islam. You have doubt in Allah. It's because we pray like this. Why would you the only place where guidance is going to enter my body? I will pray like this. Yo Yo. I was in New York. Small occurrence. Brother came out of ruko his phone went off. I wish I could make this up. Yo yo yo, yo, I'm praying right now hit you up.

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I wasn't even praying and I wanted to like start a namaz and break it because I was so confused. Why am I telling you this? Because if we don't take excitement in this if we don't open ourselves up I guarantee you will have doubt let's begin. Why did the prophets lie to some have nine wives Why did Islam the early Muslims fight so many battles? If God knows everything then why do I bother? Why equality Why is he job no his job why can he run around in shorts? Why can't I? Why anything Why for a cut the her to work out further. Yet four o'clock further would be easier to occur as though her time is tough for me. I'm not connecting. Why if Allah knows everything now even better, even

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You only sin for 50 years. Why do you go to hell for all of eternity? It's a doubt it's real. The first thing we say is when there is doubt there is belief in Allah subhana wa Tada. So let's start at the very top. Did anyone have one they could call out I'm kind of dated. All of my doubts. God knows everything you score on really the book of Allah. I think the wife things really bothers you. And I forgot I forgot something sisters, you can remind me when Maria Salam en la has mom when she said Maria is a girl. What did Allah say?

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What did Allah say when Mary's mom had the baby she said Marvin bunk Lani Mohan la la venta

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combin meanie first she was proud to be pregnant. Number two she told Allah subhanho wa Taala about her pregnancy and didn't treat it as something taboo. But what did when she said it's a girl? What did Allah say? Come on guys. What a PSA.

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What is and then como can

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paws? Allah already told us you guys are not like you guys and you guys are not like them. So let's stop the equality thing Allah created us. I'm going to start an organization myself and all the speakers are running for brothers who want to uterus.

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Stop laughing I mean, the quality I want to uterus I would like to feel the warm baby inside me.

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I would like to be a less Olof Why not?

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warm and I figure if I'm a snowman, where can I never go?

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There you go. May I be Allah Zola but sisters, there is there is that difference was made from the very beginning. We put forward all the doubts you have about equality about anything you hear about the deen. Where did they begin? They begin with you not talking to a loss of handwara Allah. Let's take one doubt, maybe we can get this. If you can just show me a quick hand. I'm blue screen already, bro.

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Does anyone know of the poet who lives in your time named Jay Z?

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A poet who lives amongst you used to sell heroin and now wears a bow tie and has lunch with the President. It works for me? Is this poet of yours said at the beginning of his new album when he was making a commercial.

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He said if God gives you free will like you have the decision to choose right this illusion of free will.

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Then he sends you to hell forever. That's not fair. That's a doubt. Is that a doubt? That's a fair doubt. And when Jay Z has a doubt we all got a doubt right? It's like an I just pause here for a second if an Egyptian were to pronounce his name, how would it sound?

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Thank you. Shame on you. Well, that's what he's like when you take your when you take your religion from them. That's what it's like.

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So any Egyptian brother could yell out his name. No, you can't. Not in a public setting. He said this and I'm going to ask you a question. I pray you can make the connection because it closes my talk. Brothers and sisters, this is a yes or no. If I were to sin here in front of you, the question is, how long does it take to get to help? It's a doubt right? Everything I could give you it all ends up with financial taboo and so let's be real here, along with my inner circle, Jenna Makarova. Minh howdy Varma, let's start there. So Jay Z's told over 5 million people that you're going to go to hell and you'll go to hell forever just for a few D few bad deeds that you did. In response my

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question to you if I drink alcohol here to be the best economic ever. If I drink a shadow light, I had a lava shadow. No, Mohammed Abdullah, pseudo if I drank alcohol right here, brothers, would I go to hell? Would I go to hell? Right here now. Would I go to hell? Yes or no?

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See the question. No, say it again.

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Ah, what if I drank it here and I didn't die.

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The brother said the exact words if I drank alcohol here, I would not go to hell. If I missed fudger this morning. I would not go to hell. What do I have to do? I have to stand in one place and sin until I die. And then maybe I might get punished. Maybe?

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Does that make sense to anyone? No. That's actually that's a pretty fair thing. But it takes a lifetime to maybe go to hell. That's not adult. That's reality. It takes a lifetime to maybe roll the dice. Okay, maybe you go to hell because how do you know your mom's? Do I just gonna like icing on the cake. So now how long does it take to get ullas? every law? How long does it take to satisfy Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I love the way Omar said it he the law Allah bless his daughter, once you're in the fold of Islam, like your demand goes up and down a little bit. But you're never like there is no God. It doesn't work like that, bro. Like one day after the 100 you're like, Nah, I'm

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It doesn't work like that, guys, I promise. It just keeps getting. And this is east coast. So this might not mean the same to you. It gets higher and higher. And on the West Coast means a completely different thing.

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So as you're getting higher, I asked the question 70 years to maybe go to hell, there's no doubt in this. How long does it take to get to not Jenna Jenna's nothing compared to Alice, pleasure. Please answer my question. How long does it take to get to a less pleasure? If you would sit up just for a moment? I didn't make you stand when you sit up. Oh, I forgot. We don't know what sitting up means this

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chair was created in the 16th century as a place to put your bottom later on a black plank was added so that kings could show their magnanimity their amazingness a chair was never sat in like this. Y'all look like you and sell me an ounce when you're done that's what y'all look like right hey this is good be can you keep talking that Allah stuff and do that loud thing again to allow the madness we're talking about a law set up for a moment answer this question doubts WILL BE DONE How long does it take to gain Allah subhanaw taala to be law in through your nose call it out

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barely any time you know how long it takes to get a lost pleasure everyone in through the nose and everyone's sitting like this we did the whole heart thing already. A no guidance come in your body it's like a command Allah guide.

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Let's go. guide me Allah I swear guide me along my nice little car in my Nakia Amina Matata Bella what is one play by deep breath in through your nose? Please.

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Can you do it with me right hand on your chest right hand on your stomach. Simple. Don't move the chest move the belly into the nose.

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That it goes through the nose.

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into the nose.

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out through the nose.

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Yeah, your mom told you to pack the tick tax but you didn't listen. One more time into the nose you're you're moving up here into the nose

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hold it

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now listen to the word Suhana law

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now repeat after me into the nose

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for sounds as still fee rule law

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I'll ask the question again. How long does it take to get a less pleasure?

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You guys live in this world in that incentive fee. How did every generation before the watch keep time?

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stuff more because that's D that's like the hour. How do you keep seconds?

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practitioners How do you do it? How long do you hold the position sisters when you're working out because looking over here Ain't nobody working out. So let's try it. When you hold the position How long do you hold it for seconds or for breath? It takes one breath to please Allah subhana wa tada from your heart ask Allah subhanaw taala that I am turning to you today. Let your name be written on a brick of the wall of Jenna. How long does it take to get to hell an entire lifetime and then you might fail? How long does it take it to get to Jenna? in through your nose

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subhana wa

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Do I need to tell you to say it now Yeah.

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I'm going to ignore is going to make me old. I'm going to turn into like this old uncle you saying? So now deep breath in.

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super high no more.

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You can't be louder than a guy without a microphone.

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The objective was louder Suba ha no more

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I asked you to leave with that every doubt that comes to your mind bring a line to the moment and it's done I close on the simplest concept sisters of hang on brothers between two friends how two fights usually start How does doubt start between two friends anybody quickly

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when Kobe and Shaq were playing great basketball what what tore them apart?

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ego and talking other people's here saying so why do you have a doubt in a law because he said it because Qasim said it or Omar said it or of the Nasir said it or mostly main said it or anybody said it Why do you have a doubt because if someone else is here say you know why sisters How does the husband and wife most divorces what really happens? Talking right it's not me and you it's what she said to her cousins neighbors sisters best friends dog and it came back to you.

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But you laugh until you have to hold the hand of your best friend who's crying because he got divorced bro why'd you get divorced? I don't know. I don't have any reason

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why because someone else's hearsay came between I'm asking you to take your doubt go for steps back at Find out don't hear say a law said no no bro. I don't believe you. Where does it say it? You go read the Quran yourself. And then when you get to a part in the Quran, we're like hey, what does this mean Allah Can't you ask a lot in America? Can you just like hey Allah, I don't know why we do four wives helped me out. Oh, well I don't understand why two women witnesses Oh Allah, find them and kill them wherever they are

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supposed to do with that one Allah Allah. Why can't you ask Allah and now wait

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So I want everyone to become a molester here No. read the Quran no more here say no more doubts.

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At death man once came to me and said to me, my parents told me for 20 years I was going to hell.

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Why? Some Bookman? autoimmun for home liar giran here saying stop listening to what someone somebody has to say about the Quran read the book on your own stop asking someone else's opinion read the Quran when you have a question make to record now. What if you still don't understand? Don't listen to somebody. But everybody in this room has a somebody of demand Kumar Sulayman brother no man, when all of them are saying the same exact thing read Quran love Varma the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be good to your parents try not to mess around in college. Yes, I know it's dour. Whatever. Right? What are you doing at the beach bro? showing her the signs of a BA

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that has happened several times been with students going to the beach like brother Sam we should go to another beach. Why?

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Because he's there. Oh, gotta go. Oh, it's happened so many times bro. What are you doing? And she's like throwing her hair in the wind. I'm like that's our brother. You could call me I'll come to that because it doesn't make sense. So do the same don't find a middle person but when everybody's somebody says the same exact thing i'd sign up so if you're sitting at home it's not us guys it's none of us really have that big of a doubt. Does anyone think about the live in must always had weak memory or above or a lot of the lowdown on had epilepsy. No one thinks that in this room, but your friends do. What do you need to do? You need to be that vessel of light. How long do you want us to

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fill you guys with stuff and you feel good about him on and run away? When do you want to become better than us? We get plugged to come and speak to you we get told this is the topic doubt. When will you be greater than a speaker who doesn't need lights and a projector and something like this to become heard? When can you be as patient as someone who has doubts because someone comes abroad time you got no doubts? I got doubts. I'm still trying to understand I shut it off completely. I can't understand but I'm studying. Like I lay him on a moon. Okay, NASA naiise That's tough. That's tough. Try telling a DC that we like yes, we can read grunting correctly. Ashoka rod. It's the 11th

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hidden Kira. I asked you to do two things as you leave. Find the remembrance of a lot constantly. And once you found that breath, maybe you didn't have it now maybe you need to keep breathing into the nose out through the nose. One Subhana Allah will give you a velocidade law, every doubt you have tell Allah like go to Allah.

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Allah I don't know. I have no idea. How does this work? Why are there gay people Allah? I understand her Allah but Allah What do you want us to do with them? We watch them on TV. We do this. We do that. I close with the last thing. She told me hearsay. He told me here say y'all said hearsay. So why don't we stop putting things in here? Because when Jay Z says something, it makes sense because it's being placed in your ears. When a movie tells you to go build a snowman, you say no, I have to go read a lot.

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I really liked that one. It stayed with me for a while.

00:23:31--> 00:23:42

The reason why I was disturbed by frozen just for 10 seconds here. It was fantastic. But didn't you realize like I thought the prince loved her and then he stabbed her in the back and tried to kill her sister. What?

00:23:43--> 00:24:08

Like how was that a Disney movie and he had the soft look of love and then all of a sudden he tried to kill it. I had a problem with that. But I want to be all off inshallah. Allah will accept us to be a bringer of peace to being a bringer of ease. But if you keep watching movies, if you plug yourself in if you can't stand side by side by your Muslim brother when you're praying, but you could watch Pacific Rim be like we're Be

00:24:10--> 00:24:35

it doesn't make any sense if you believe Gollum ran away from a dragon and you don't believe the Serpents of the hellfire. I got a problem with that. Well, I love him. I have a problem with that. Why are we becoming a naughty wha ha ha Tony Rama. I conclude on the last Sunday. Next Sunday. I'm teaching a Ramadan reading refresher. Omer said it cost some set it on the contemporary ground.

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Please, please read one.

00:24:42--> 00:24:46

You don't believe me? Because I've been saying it for four years in English. Maybe in sign language.

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00:24:54--> 00:25:00

called us Sunday isn't Illa hitter Allah AQL is doing a full

00:25:00--> 00:25:05

Our it's online. You just come how many people in here know how to read Quran? Oh, this is gonna hurt.

00:25:07--> 00:25:09

I'm not even gonna look Allah tala. Okay.

00:25:10--> 00:25:13

How many people haven't read in a really long time?

00:25:14--> 00:25:25

Thanks, man. I really appreciate that. Aloha. My name is Luca da, ba ba ba. It's been a while right? So if I told you Hey, if there's a shutdown and then there's the sukoon after it you'd be like why are you cursing at my mom?

00:25:27--> 00:25:51

What I need you all to do is I need you to at least find Omar find myself happy the line his family, find someone and just learn the letters. This one day for our course will take you from I forgot how to read to I can read comfortably and give you the tools. If you don't know how to read at all. I promise you, I promise you take a step towards your Lord and your Lord will do as you have asked from him because Allah loves to give one time into the notes please.

00:25:52--> 00:26:02

For sounds Yeah, there you go. One guy setup us. Tell Federal Law Institute quick question. Did Allah pray fudger this morning?

00:26:03--> 00:26:10

Yes or no? God, God did he pray? fudger Allah fasted. Allah paisa god tudge

00:26:11--> 00:26:17

what is Allah do that I get to do? What does Allah do, that this sinner and happy person gets to do?

00:26:19--> 00:26:26

In namaha, mala encanta, who you know,

00:26:30--> 00:26:42

in His Majesty, in His perfection, Allah perpetually sends through salams and Mohammed Yunus who lost a lot his son So next time you're alone, and you get into the elevator and there's nothing on your phone and you do this

00:26:44--> 00:26:53

because you're alone, it was there. And Allah rather Allah subhanaw taala is there I asked you to enjoin a la

00:26:56--> 00:26:59

de la mano

00:27:01--> 00:27:02


00:27:04--> 00:27:09

lemo Lima Allahumma.

00:27:10--> 00:27:14

will throw this podium off the table one more time. Allahumma

00:27:15--> 00:27:18

fill the air slowly.

00:27:19--> 00:27:21

let the air out of the tire was Selim.

00:27:22--> 00:27:30

The Arab used to lift the iron the beauty of the iron is when it's lifted off Ah, can you say Allah?

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like you're holding a gobstopper in your mouth like you're sucking a candy say nebby Yuna.

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you're rooting for your favorite football team. Can you do it with me? Please don't

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do it for me. Can you say you

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that's why Baltimore teams are doing the way they are. One more time you you

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Wahhabi Vina

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and with honor with respect St. Wallace solina