Ramadan Read-Along – Maidah 583-89 (Page 122)

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Peace be upon us all a Saramonic when the last seven years, or will we learn Umina shape or new Raji? We're either semi room.

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Zilla Isla Rasool Ito or are you now whom Taffy Lumina them premium are awful mean I'll help call your Kulu now

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* to buena Shahidi

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Lamarr Lana la nuit mean who will be here one

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in healthy one now poema Oh AUD de la now Rob buena

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a Wii U the healer now Rob bounnam Iloka whom you saw the he?

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For artha whom will law will be Mao pol Lu Jun 1930 Min D

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Ruhani de Nafi

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was Lika Jas

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will Morosini in Wallasey naka rootworker The Boo be teen be Tina

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Iike house Hubbell Jahai

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au Hello Xena Harmon hola to her remotely team.

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Her love love hula coo

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ma Hello love hula comm will do in a law Hala you he Bullmore daddy keep the door open

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work Hulu Mima was up Akumal law who had

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for Yeva what the law Hello happy

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be here means on

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law you are Feasel como law who will be love we fee aim man equal

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why lucky you feel

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Bhima got to Moodle aim

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getting the iron I see what just a bit out of focus.

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Law you say do como la will be love we fi Emani Kumala King you hate to

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be ma Arcot to mole aim.

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Drop the doubt connect to the ark Ark to Moodle aim for Kafka to who is more Asha Marathi Messiah ki Nermeen Murcia ki Nam in ourselves Lima to Tillery Moon Munna li l. Keys were to whom, out de rue orba will kiss what to whom? Ryu rapa Verma lamea Did ya g d G d Kasara Verma lamea G fells Lea Musala 30 A

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the Lika Kapha to a Imani either her left to her left tomb. Wa zoo do a man a comb? Why do a man a comb? Gather DKU very you know log hula coup.

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De la laguna interschool rune