Wisam Sharieff – Friday Reminder 7-10-20

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various football topics, including a shaytani regime, a social media campaign, and a football game. They provide background information on their experiences and express their desire to work together. The speakers also discuss the negative consequences of lying and acting like a shadow, the history of the Uighur Muslims, and the use of drugs in addiction. They stress the importance of choosing one's path and not just focusing on beliefs. The "end game stuff" of Islam is discussed, including a "has been around" video and a "has been around" video. The speaker warns against being reammed and encourages people to learn from history.
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Are we learning in a shaytani regime? Or do we learn Muna shaytani R rajim.

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salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who barkcloth ECAM a one year if we have solid audio Mark Lo Fi calm as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Instagram As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Facebook, and to the Ulus. mousseline Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah if possible. Stream yard folks, if there's a one in the chatbox it would be great. But I believe our audio and video is good.

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If there's any indication Bismillah in our stream yard world, that would be great or all the Wilhemina shaytaan regime

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you can put a one in the chat box if you have audio yes to you all. Yes to you all, Wally comma Salam.

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Excellent. Adam walaikum salam, Adam, to you and family. Friends, let us begin As salam o aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Who I welcome you to Friday. Reminder, it is our time of the masjid most Salah we are together. I would like to prepare you for today's football Thank you Mohammed for letting us know. I would like to prepare you all. Today's football means something to me and I pray that we are able to connect Allahumma Amin for those of you who know of me and care for me, today's hood by means something to me. I pray we can work together to my beloved family at home. Allahumma KHUDOBIN Amina Musa Guatemala and Amina via Walsin at a nominal Carib till love to each and every

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one of you at home Bharat Lo Fi comm let us begin

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today's Friday reminder will sound similar to a gym of football

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in Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah foster a state of grace now Madhu who and we each one of us who are in a state of happiness fed healthy safe AC comfortable phones devices we are in a state of hum let it ring from within you wanna star you know who so we praise and thank God from a state of joy.

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And we ask Allah please ask Allah Now you need something do you feel guilty? Do you feel shameful? Are there some mistakes Do you feel like you can get healthier? Do you want to make some goals for 2020? Please go ahead and do that. Ask from a lot one stone funeral who I don't mean to be here you are not a lot Gunawan IE

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and ask Allah's forgiveness. But today I'm aiming the football at the generation that has already been told. Allah loves you that has already been told siesta for Allah, everything will be okay. I address you owe my virtual world to those of us who know that we ask Allah's forgiveness that we believe in Him, and that we place our trust solely in Allah subhanaw taala you know that already? So I say when are we gonna be live with God and fusina? Well, I mean, say, Dr. Molina, because I know Allah will forgive me if I do the wrong thing. So should I go ahead and do it? What makes me not do it? And that is oh Allah save me from the evil within my own self. I have the capability to do evil

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to lie, to steal, to cheat, to say negative words. Oh Allah save me from the evil of my own self level one. Well, it means that you are Dr. Molina and we're going to get to it today. But let's just say the activities that I do, oh Allah they affect my guidance. They affect my Iman and I really want you to focus on this. Oh, a loss I seek refuge from the evil within me and the evil byproduct, the wind of my bad deeds. Are you with me on this? Why is this one so big man yet the love Allah mobila Woman yodeling fella howdy Ella. Wanna share the one La ilaha illAllah wa shawanna Mohammed and Abdul WOSU please hold on to this one here. Bye.

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Wissam. So my ICSU M Harris Jana and that would I bear witness and testify there is no other God I know that the Mohammed Salado summons the final messenger of final slave.

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So what powers that belief? Is it just getting these emaan highs? The Imam kicks up Oogie Boogie the Day of Judgment might come? Or is there a part of me that I control a part of bad deeds that I stay away from in order to reach a shadow on Lila and Allah it's not a football so you can talk? Tell me if this point makes sense. Oh Allah save me from the evil that I am capable as a human as my

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in my desires in all my feelings. Oh Allah save me from that save me from if I lie, steal, cheat, watch a lot of movies, listen to music and act a certain way. Is that going to harm the amount of Eman I radiate. Hello, yes, yes, it will. And if that really affects my Eman, my light, then I'm not staying away from bad deeds because they're haram only correct. That's what you tell. That's what Sunday school do kids do who It's haram. But if you've grown up to this level in your life, can you safely say that Oh Allah, I choose not to do that thing because it hurts my eemaan a shadow Elijah and Allah then you say, I bear witness and testify there is no God except Allah. Because today's

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point is very heavy. Do our sins weigh on the shadow and La Ilaha illa Allah do they weigh on? A shadow Allah, Allah Allah, I bring your attention immediately in the first part of today's talk, our Salah Rasulullah who Bill Huda Dean of Health please keep these points in your mind as smoothly as possible. Mohammed came with a religion sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or did he come with a new car entire system of living? Which include politics, finance, man, woman relationship economics, correct. So can you name any other religious system which came would said that teachings know, everything else is either an ism, a social ideology, or philosophy of capitalism or socialism? Or

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it's a realism, religion, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, it becomes a thing. But can you acknowledge with me now, is anyone able to acknowledge with me that Islam is unique? In the message that it is presenting? Yes. And if there was a dark,

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darkness versus light, if there was evil versus good, and if there was the good versus bad?

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Would you acknowledge that of the ideology that's being pushed in the world right now? Islam is the opposite.

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So would you agree that you taking fact over there is a God Allah is real, and that How real is that Allah?

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How real

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that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he's in? I know he's real, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam existed. I believe I've created the first point. Come with me the whole clip, but I'm talking about Uighur Muslims. Now work with me here if you know about it, I'm going to build a quick analogy for those who don't know and then we're gonna move through this quickly. A long time ago, during a World War there was a horrible human being Adolf Hitler, who in

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trapped that millions of Jewish people and people of other ethnicities, but predominantly on the fact of their religion, because they were Jews, over 6 million Jews were persecuted. They were broken, destroyed, annihilated as human beings. I'm trying to be less graphic. We know this correct. I am not trying to make an analogy to this event. This event is horrid and it needs no comparison to So would you walk one step further with me all virtual folk, the Muslims in China who are as minority ethnicity, or more if you want to start putting statistics you can. Millions of them are Muslim by origin, and I've been placed in camps. Can you tell me

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Are they gassing them and torturing them the way they did in the Holocaust Uighur Muslims with the you just look it up real quick. So in China now over a million, let's get through the history because it's really important to get to what we're talking about. So is this a stand up for rights and petition? No, no, no, not at all. If you know about the Uighur Muslims, please put a one in the chat box. If you don't, this is not a football. But pick out your phone quickly with a PDA find out what's going on a one sentence millions of human beings are being placed in if anyone can find the word for me in basically brainwashing facilities facilities where they're being read. Thought

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retaught. How to think Do you agree with me? You understand? Okay, fair enough. And this is intense friends. So millions of people over a million have been put inside these enormous warehouses and what are they doing to them in the warehouses? So please try with me here so that you can connect, they are being made to drain their Muslim culture, separation of the sexes, all the things that you know, Islam stands for? What do you think they're doing to these million plus, folks, and come on guys, you can go through a good three hours of YouTube videos just on this secret camera, you and this person made it into Uighur camps. And does anyone know what they're making them do inside

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reeducation camps? Thank you so much. Does anyone know what happens in these reeducation? Camps? music, dancing, painting.

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relationships, love reshaping of the mind.

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They are being brainwashed. Oh, yes, thank you. And they are also being given alcohol to drink. And they're women. The Uighur Muslim women are being forced into marriage with non Muslim

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men, Chinese men. So did I build? Did I build a picture here for you? Because I don't think you know where I'll go with this. So I've got alcohol, music, dancing, I have a yearning to just be enough muslims so that it doesn't shake the status quo, drinking alcohol and marrying being forced to marry though, a non Muslim Chinese man did I make? Did I make my case? My old beloved generation who is hanging now shackled up in your homes during

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a COVID? Do we not voluntarily put headphones in and listen to that music? Do we not put a band in front of our eyes and watch endless hours of video YouTube is one thing, Netflix series that shaped our mind to understand what the modern family is? And how friends relate themselves and what really is Breaking Bad rules? And how can we be walking amongst the dead? We truly do. We sit voluntarily and allow our minds to be hypnotized. We look we can't drink alcohol, we look for the next high. And then to build on top of that my young ladies who if this hurts your heart, please bear with the big picture. If this hurts your feelings, there's a million plus people in a reeducation camp. So please

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hang on to your feelings. They're being forced to marry non Muslim Chinese men. Do we voluntarily crush on non Muslim men? And aren't they thrown in our eyes? Men is a whole different thing. Men are not idolizing the woman to marry her. They're doing other things. But if you would make that connection, if you would make the connection, those women are being forced. And we're voluntarily crushing on these men who if they were in your relationship, would they give you pious offspring? Would your dancing singing hero give you pious children would and so these things start to hit home. So I am asking us today as a million people are being brainwashed

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are we tick talking our way to the same exact spot where they had to be tortured. We do it because Islam is boring. So today there is no sitting between the hood but I'm asking you did consult with the Allah

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Jota on ha the Sahaba who lost five sons in one battle? Did she die so we could live at the minimum wage? Did she die so we could watch a cool nice video and say yeah Islam bro one day or did earlier the Allahu Taala and and his entire family go through the, the situation that they had to, for us to say yeah, that's good Islam

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did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam bring a system a complete system, and then say this is from God, guys, hang on.

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I conclude the first clip, but on this ying and yang, this difficult junction. Do you see without any fantastic the jaal conspiracy theories without them? Do you see how this is the final stance? Islam has been relinquished to your phone to you. Is there a choice for you not to do the deed not because it's haram? I'm going to do a bother as the 10 days of the hijab, my second foot bus topic are coming. Is it going to be one hour of videos and two hours of I read Quran? Or are you fully in on I believe in Allah, I'm not doing this activity because I believe in Allah. Most of our worship has been revolving around. I do this. That's why I believe in Allah, I pray I read Quran. I am not

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going to do this, because the sort of hedger I'm not going to do this because I don't need a reeducation. So I'm asking the millennial generation, get the book, read a Syrah book become religious become a burning flame, so that everyone around you looks at you and says, Love Baker, wasabi and the Day of Judgment, don't be half heartedly waving a flag, but 100% saying, Oh Allah, I want one more chance. So if you can connect with what I'm saying, Give me a praise of Allah subhanaw taala if you can go to the Uighur Muslims in Jannah because there's nothing you can do to change their situation, you know, that swallow it? Can you go to the day of judgment and meet them and say

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thank you, my beloved generation. Because of you. I woke up for Fajr and read Quran and became good and put down the Kindle and iPad and said no to the things that are keeping my time and I just sat What are you doing? I'm sitting for Allah. I read Quran I read Sierra, I read motivational stories. And the one my hand went for the device. I said,

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no more be education. I'm choosing not to get re educated by the YouTube, Netflix and the exact series that are teaching me the gay, Muslim, queer, positive hijabi. What are you going to do after that? So as much as please go ahead. And you can Wikipedia this as much as the South Korean government created a kpop band to do positive propaganda. We love them Pinker's. But the reality is, are they a device, or KPop bands and music and movies a way to shape the way people think? When you finish the second to last Avengers, and the Avengers destroyed an entire city in order to save all of humanity? Didn't that shape your morals? So today, this is not about some cool clip. This is

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about one more chance with Allah. This is about what is the last very last dance of our religion. Because after this, there are already re re education camps. All you need to do is put on the visor put on the headphones, and you won't believe in anything at the end either. So today I forewarned you to say I believed in what I said today. So today on to you as I sit as God Oh Allah, this is some end game stuff Allah. This is End Time stuff. So as people are literally why and so I end on this point, why aren't they torturing them and killing them? They don't mind if they're alive. The only system of living that stands against all of this. Twerking, twisting, bobbing, dancing, tick

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talking to your way to wherever it's going to take you.

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There's only one left. These hit jobs covered men and women who believe in a God.

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Hold your last dance between the sittings of the hookah, choose what you're going to do with your village and in the summer of 2020.

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Take a moment to make some prayer some scar

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May Allah protect you all from shaitan May Allah protect us from being re educated about our religion. And for those of us who don't have a

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deep foundation of what our deen is oh god help to build the building blocks to build this back up

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on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen La Ilaha illa Allah Who are the WHO luxury color that will move to Allah will have the word wala Alicia in Kadir

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there is no God accept Allah. And I know that because Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam came and told me that is the final messenger came and delivered that concept to me.

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And I know that because a time of the year, a celebration of the Day of Judgment, isn't that what hedges if you agree, let me know, we all gather 3 million of us or so in this case, 3000 of us gather in the plane of Arafa and reenact the Day of Judgment and most belly flop. And then we wake up right? So there is an enormous costs play, costume play of the day of judgment every year. So whether you have a doubt about four wives or multiple jihad or whatever your doubts are, does anyone have a doubt in Day of Judgment?

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Thank you. So everyone has their doubt in some place, and I respect you, oh, I don't understand this part of Islam. I get it. How old was whom when some marriage I'm with you, you go have this conversation that you can grow. But do we deny that we're going to be able to meet Allah and have this conversation and say, Allah? Why didn't my parents get divorced? Oh, Allah, what happened? Who is the president? What? You know, think we'll have our opportunity and God will fill in those spaces? Can I have a praise of Allah? That is one of the greatest things I look forward to on the day of judgment that I am the Swiss cheese of knowledge. And then when I go in front of Allah,

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I'll just become fulfilled. I'll know all the gaps of information. I don't think Allah is going to have to sit me down and explain well, this is what happened. I believe that in the presence of God, we will be fulfilled. So I asked you believe in Allah, believe in your Lord and say, Oh Allah, I praise you. Oh Allah, I praise you. Oh Allah, I know you exist. I don't know every single rule in Islam. But oh Allah as my religion is stripped away as the LGBTQ plus lines continue to be become blurred. As you won't know the answer. There won't be a Sharia. It'll just be the next best YouTube clip. Look what she explained what to say. This is beyond the words friends. So this is not a

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after racism and what about gender chauvinism? What about the misplacement of power? What about our political system? I'm telling you now choose Allah. Choose a path where you say My Lord knows. And nucleate. So as the hotbar as our reminder concludes, last that 10 days of the hijab,

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I have been going to Hutch every time you see me there he goes, he's going back for Hajj, it's taken away from us. Are you prepared not to read a little bit more Quran? But to do that version of yourself that you would say, Oh, I would never do that. That's religious. Religious people don't listen to music. Religious people cover hijab properly as if they're aware of their body, religious people. Why don't you find five things that you're like, No, that's not me. I would stick out too much.

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And say, this is it Allah Hodges real the world is pulling at the seams of Islam. Hijab doesn't exist. Fasting holds very little value. The family structure Islam is based on a kinship system. It's pulled apart. Are you ready for this? Let me get an H A JJ in the chat box. If you're prepared for this Hutch to be unlike any other time. I'm asking you to go to Hajj with me. This here staying at home the migration of I am going to Allah and I'm not going to turn back I'm going to return a better version of myself in Allah wa Mala you gotta who you saw Lunarlon Nebby yeah you're Latina I'm and also Lu Ali he was selling moto Threema along masala Allah Muhammad wa ala Muhammad gamma so

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late Allah Ibrahim Awana Ali, Ibrahim and Nick me the man

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Read along robotic Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad, gamma Baraka, Ibrahim, Alana and Ibrahim and Nick Majeed. What are they called? Allahu Akbar Allah we are the matters now. Okay masala the IDI Allahu Akbar who luxury.

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So for all of you who are ready, I would like to share we're going to break for our salon now. The things that you can do during the days of Luigia. Yes, absolutely. Look them up. Increase in your daily bada. I see you hutch, folks, I see you Hodge folks.

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Let us build and we're going to be online together. Let's fast together. Let's read Quran together. Let's make vicar together. Let's read Quran together and also, let's stay away from those things we're not supposed to do together. Let's celebrate not doing the things that hold us back. Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Dineen Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam read the book of Allah but also during the days of Hajj, can you be good to your spouse? Can you speak nicely to your parents? Can you

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can you read Quran? Can you get Quran teachers? Can you speak to your beloved, nicely Can you speak to your brother and sister nicely? Shall we now can you speak nicely? It does speak nicely to the big obvious. They already speak nicely to you.

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Please read all as much of circa half as you can and a minimum of 10 is friends. We will conclude here for those of you who came late, simple summary. The Uighur Muslims are being brainwashed into a more watered down version, music dancing and brainwashing. I'd like to say we're doing that to ourselves, by ourselves voluntarily in our houses. Be careful what you put into your ears. May Allah protect you all what are they called? Allahu Akbar. Please make Zohar if it is time As salam o Allah thank you again friends, though her prayer as long as Salam on a lot thank you again friends.

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Just like Allahu lado does, I have a beautiful day? Thank you very much everyone. Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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read as much as you want friend right.

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So I'm

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closing broadcast you

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