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Assalamualaikum and welcome to pronounciation of prayer today friends fourth installment, you would benefit by watching the previous sessions after postures has been established. Allahu Akbar wherever you choose your hands or you don't Suba Hanukkah law Houma Cal wall Houma will be ham DECA What about Orca, smooth Kawata Allah Jaya Dukkha Wa La La La Roque Bismillah he'll walk Manuel Joaquim Surah Fatiha and we discussed a small section of the Quran, three verses or one lengthy media verse. And now, posture one complete. From here, placing the screw the hinge the the point of the point of bent, not in your back, dear at all, please, wherever you live in the world, there is no joint in

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the middle of your back to do this, that that's not how your spine functions. If you lock in your hips, remember buoyant legs, body weight, and now I'm going to fold right. Not dropped the shoulders, sternum up, my sternum is up heart center extended. And from here, it's hard. You're not used to moving sternum first, you're like, Oh no, I don't have the flexibility. That's why we do this 17 times a day. And now with a basic idea, I'm reaching a bit to create that healthy space crust of my hip. And the last rib is there at healthy space. And I'm not stressing the legs is there a healthy space between the bottom of your hip and the last rib, crest of hip, last rib, I'm here

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I'm planted. I could read breathe,

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not locking out these fair knees. Body weight comes into my heels if I choose to bodyweight can distribute, and I'm planted here. My bend is here. I'm in and out of this at any point. But the air is in my gut, hands to be placed not. This is painful friends. Don't push down on your knees. Don't lock them out and put pressure. A lot of us are pushing here. You're You're buoyant, you're flat, you're free. And in this healthy posture, which I can come from here.

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While I'm here cool love rule Khufu. Heard that. I know a lot of you don't keep your feet as wide. So with a fit even with a tighter stance, I do encourage you to open your feet just a spackle. I can still fall here comfortably. Tuck my head.

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I prefer that I look down straight as opposed to where I'm making says I'm looking down and this is the crest of my hip. Suba Hana Rob bn now leave Subhanallah be yet. Yeah. Suba Hana Rob bn now Lee Suba Hana Rob bn now lien Suba Hana Rob B and now lien semi our will law who Lee Madden Hamidah.

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Back into the heels long by now I can hand and we won't do it now. But imagine while you bent there, you're not going to fall forward. You're going to hinge. Right? Uh, have we developed our hip flexor? Have we developed? Have we identified that there's a part of us called our hip flexor. Are we seeing this area and we have to immediately discuss it. There's a lot of shame here. There's a lot of shame built in this area. So you're not moving with it first, you tend to fall. bring the conversation back here friends. In our fourth installment, we began our second posture, posture one stand and there are so many components like a Tiger Woods golf swing, it looks easy. There are so

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many things and little critiques and where's your body weight in your heel and when I said baby toe, you just figure it out you have one you thought it was just that thing that slams against the door. Every time you walk by we need to get a we in postures of prayer a series discuss our ground game and are always discussing the health within our feet video for are you knocking at the door of something fantastic. Are you on the brink of mystical and magical and are you finding that prayer is much more than the words that are coming out of your mouth?

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Video for Suba Hana Rob b yen Now lean pause spot on with Azim spawnable Azim spawn Robert Azim there's a yeah in there. I know Me too. Me too when I was little I was like no no that's the Arab way of saying it. And I was like Hmm Interesting. Interesting answer with sound Suba Hana Rob be yet Rob bn Isla is the bottom when we go into saija Suba Hana Rob be yen our lien, pausing Subhanallah Robbie and Eileen will be Hamdi it changed you just going to honorable Allah Spanner but as intrapreneur busy it changes it. Add some extra of gar but for video for I am now introducing the best of the acre that you can make between your verbal ones and that is.

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Subhan Allah be allow me

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Subhana wa be allowed me.

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I'm not in a rush to leave. I'm not in a rush.

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I'm proud to be here. It's my second posture of prayer. Video number four Suba Hana Rob bn. Eileen, Eileen, Eileen. Semi. Semi I law semi. Semi I law Hooli men Hamidah Robina one I can hum. We'll pick that up. In our next installment. I'll see you as we move through the pronounciation of prayer was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.