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Now we're coming to Hadeeth number five.

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This Hadith is the hadith of minimum meaning. Omar Abdullah Isha are the Allahu taala. And the wife of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Omar Abdullah. Now of course I Isha

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didn't have

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a child but she wanted to have a cornea.

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She came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and she said, Oh prophet of Allah, all of my friends have gone. But I don't have a cornea. So the prophets or send them said, you can go take a cornea with one of the children of your relatives, whose name was Abdullah and she ended up calling herself Omar Abdullah because of that, okay, that's why she's known as Burma, Abdullah II shatta radi Allahu taala and her the daughter of course of acidic so she is known as a Siddiqa to being

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the one who is truthful herself and the one who is the daughter of the most truthful as well IE. Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah and right

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on she said that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men that FEMA now hada malaise I mean who for whom, God, whoever innovates within this religion of ours, whatever is not from this religion, then that will be considered rejected.

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So this hadith is one of the cornerstones of the Sunnah would show us that if a person innovates something within the religion, that innovation is not considered part of the religious religion. Okay? Someone says that, by dancing, I'm going to be granted reward by Allah subhana wa Tada. We're going to say this dancing is not a devotional act, someone says, by jumping, are going to try to seek reward from Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay.

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We say this is not a devotional act. Notice, he might actually get reward for jumping, but not as an act of devotion. What does that mean? That means that if a person says I'm going to jump through it, I'm trying to make myself more fit physically. So then because of that intention, he may get reward, but it won't become an act of a bada. Okay, it won't become an act of devotion. This is very important because sometimes people end up making a slight mistake in this and they say you go to sleep, that's an act of Riba. If you have the right intention. It's not an activity that no one has ever said sleeping is devotional, you will get reward for your intention. Remember, we said earlier

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on for intentions you can get reward and you may get reward for the action as well not that that will become devotional not that that will become a ritual okay? rituals are only from the Quran. And the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up, you can create your own rituals. So ritualistic worship will only come from the Quran and the Sunnah. Yes, everything in your life can become a an act of worship, sorry, everything in your life can become a source of reward by you having the correct intentions within it, okay.

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if someone devotionally wants to do something, that is, and he believes it to be a ritual, which was not mandated by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, this is considered bidda and which is the greatest of sins after this belief itself, okay. This is by the way, one form of beta. Another form is a beta is a party, which means where a person begins to believe, a belief that is not part of the Muslim theology, or beliefs a bit believes in a belief, which is, for example, A, which is not normative theology, what isn't, which is not orthodox theology, okay. So, let me give an example. A person believes that

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that there is an infinite regression of causes. This is considered disbelief, if a person believes in the central and how are these, which means that

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the causes they continue to regress without any end to it, this is considered disbelief. And by the way, this is one of the arguments of modern physicists as well, who happened to be atheists, because, and it's logically not possible. Because if there's infinite regression of causes, then that would mean that we would never come to today. If past was infinity we'd never have today. Okay, I'm not getting into a class of theology. But generally speaking, if past was infinity, we would never have today, it's logically impossible. And because of that, we can't believe in this and because of that, it's considered disbelief, because if you think there is no end to the causes in

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the past, that would mean there would be no, no, I'm caused causer

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there would be no Allah

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kinda what the other basically.

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In other words, so this is considered disbelief. This is not part of Muslim theology. It is a bit odd but this

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idea, but this idea happens to be mooka. Farah, it leads a person out of the fold of Islam. Similarly, there are bitter bitter, or the idea which are Mufasa, like the bitter of Democracy Now, for example, like the leader of the hawala age, for example, the quadrature not outside of the fold of Islam that Murata Zilla are not outside of the fold of Islam, then we'll just see my they're not well, some of them will be for instance, they're not outside of the fold of Islam, then we'll just see what some say they are they some other say they're not anyways, the point is that there are

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innovations which are in belief and also innovations which are inactions as well. So if someone comes and says to you by, by dancing, you're going to be committing an act of devotion to Allah Subhana Allah we say, because aka her Habibi, but by dancing, you don't get reward because we don't have a devotional Act, which is considered dancing, right? That's not,

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that's not acceptable, because we don't have such an idea within Islam by you.

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And there's another narration when I mean, I'm Ellen laser, LA, una, for who are done, whoever does an action upon which our religion is not, then that action will be rejected from him. All right.

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Now, having said all of this, now, I need to get into a more detailed discussion on bidda I can only get into certain degree of detail because we're covering more than one Hadeeth. So, obviously, I can't give you all of the information on each subject, which is a problem and it's a solution because some people they want a quick fix, but it's a problem because then some people they say well, you didn't mention this, you didn't mention this, you have one lecture within which you can only mention enough information but I'm going to try to summarize this subject very, you know, as much as I can inshallah. Okay, so now that we've gotten past the idea of bidda being is a an

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established problem every scholar in Islam of Islam believes with us or not to be done okay.

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Now, we have to get into another discussion and that is what bidders are not to be done and what bid as can be done or are there even bidda which can be done and are there even bidda which

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which should which could be acceptable, okay. So, this discussion goes back to the definition of Buddha itself. Okay. There are three major camps about how big art can be defined. One group of scholars believe that be the eyes

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are good and bad. Okay, how Santa and say yeah,

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a group of scholar they believe that with the US can be good or bad. So all of these are Hadith like the Hadith in Sahih, Muslim and Bahati, all of these Hadith, they believe in them, they don't reject them.

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Okay? This is very important, because some other people, they'll go and say, Look, this is the editor rejecting it, they're not rejecting this hadith. They're saying, this hadith is applicable, but it's applicable, we're in the rejected without not in the good bidder. Okay, so this group of scholars, they divide into two categories. And they say that evil bidders are those bidder, which, as the Prophet said, which go against the matter of the religion itself, when Amina Amylin, laser, LA, Luna, data fee, Marina, whoever innovates within our matter, not.

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So the point is, that those things which are from the matter of the religion, even if it happens to be through an illogical reasoning, they should be considered acceptable according to these people. And they will say, then, that means that every single new affair within our lives, we have to look at it within the power of the religion within the principles of the religion. Can we have lines within the masjid? Some scholars, they say it's a bit

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others they say no. Can we have a merabh? There are scholars who say I'm a hottie berbicara By the way, can we have an Arab? There are scholars who say how do you ever beat?

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others? And most of them, they say no, similarly with the lines, most of them they say no. So how did they come to this even though there was no merab? In this way, there was no in this way, especially there was no lions in this way during the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how did they come to this? Well, they said that generally the purpose of the Prophet standing and making sure the lions are done was so that everybody stands together in the straight line. If we can have another mechanism, like put a tape on the ground or

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have lines like this carpet here. That should be fine as well. Okay, so they used a degree of analytical reasoning say, okay, maybe a bit odd in the sense that it wasn't done at the time of the Prophet, but this is a good bit not about Buddha. Okay, so this group of scholars, this is the first group, they believe that video can be divided in two categories. This is not some really out there completely rejectable view this is a common view. In fact, this is the most common view among the scholars of Islam. This is the opinion of the chef, a mammoth chef theory himself, meaning he actually said this with his own words, not the shaft theory, a shaft theory himself, as reported

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from him by Albert hockey and others. He said that bidda is good and bidda is bad.

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Okay, he mama shaft theory he was born in the year 150.

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He's within the Peruvian favela. He's within the early generations, which are considered righteous generations. Okay. And, by the way, the discussions on this stemmed from the time of the Sahaba, then also from the Salam from the shafia. Yeah. And emammal qaddafi from the medic er, Lima. No, are we able Josie, there's two ways of looking at his opinion. But I think that everyone knows he can also be graded within those who kind of categorize it within more than one category. Okay, so and the reason why I mentioned Josie is because it will, Josie has a very famous book called there'll be sub lists in which he, which he

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speaks about a lot of different bids, and rejects them, etc. But if you look at his opinion, objectively, I believe you can actually grade his opinion as an opinion, which is more nuanced than it appears if you're just cherry pick the muscles from his books anyways, even if he's not, let's say he's part of the second group. Let's go to the second group. The second group of people, they believe that every single new thing is a bit odd that cannot be accepted.

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It has to be ultimately rejected. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't have it during his time. So for them, for them, and I'll be frank with you on this. If you were to use your phone, there are a group of scholars, if you were to use your phone, you were to pick it up. And you were to figure out prayer time through your phone or Qibla direction through your phone, this would be bidda

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with our meaning it's a sinful bidder. This would be an opinion

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of Mr. Muhammad himself, this would be an opinion of even taymiyah himself. Okay. So

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May Allah protect you from using your phone and committing Aveda?

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Because this is the reality. I mean, we have to be very frank because some people days they are day at night committing with us themselves, based on the opinions of their own early scholars, and then someone else commits a bit based on the opinions of their scholars, they say Subhanallah Why are you doing this? whilst if you pick up the phone, and you use the phone, and you you figure out the Qibla direction and prayer times, according to some scholars is a bit

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the bigger Delilah

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I will get to it, don't worry, I'm not going to hide away from my opinion as well. Okay.

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So, this is the second opinion, that is that every single new thing with a period at the end of it is considered a bit and it should be rejected. And this is the group of scholars who very very, they're very tight in their understanding of the VEDA. Among them is a show Gani among them as a Sinani among them is so deep, so deep has an Hanako nugee. Among them is also Abner, Josie. And as I said, Emeril, Josie can be greeted with between either one, but even if we don't grade him within the first category,

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it's fine because the first category is the overwhelming majority of the oma generally speaking, the third category of scholars.

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believe that

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a bit if it ends up falling within one of the one of the general passages of the religion. Yes, linguistically, it's better, but we shouldn't call it beta. We either say haraam, wajib MOBA harvester, whatever hokum you want to give to it. You give it that hokum don't use the word bid don't divide into two categories, rather bid is only the law. And those other actions like the line over here like the hub over here, you can either say why did mobile was the hub or something else? Do not call it be the Atmos to have a bid die which is which is encouraged don't call the doc. This is the opinion of an Imam a shelter B. Okay. So these are the three major opinions within this

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particular within this project.

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Either spectrum of use. Now, because of this, people differ about all sorts of things, such as the difference of opinion that people have every year in the month that just passed, which is the month of the moment, should we celebrate the moment? Should we not celebrate the moment? The first group of scholars, they will tell you do it, no problem. It will hide your last colony, he says, because he believes that with eyes, anything that can fall within a general passage of the religion, okay, a good bit of a story is whatever Can

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you know, fall within the general passages of the religion? So he says, and the likes of me like Mr. masucci, and others, they say that, if you see them olade what happens at the moment, at the mobileread, there are a group of people they get together, they sit together and they they sing some another sheet, they read the COO of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And they specify a specific day for it, maybe they're going to have lunch or dinner or something like that. And then they will walk away and they will leave. Okay.

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So they said, If no other problems are within the nollet there are no other problems like they're not people saying God he murdered or something like that they're not people doing a stillbirth or something of that nature. And there are no other sins like women and men mixing together without any care for gender relations, etc, none of that is happening, then they will say this is considered permissible, why or this is considered Okay. Why? Because each one of the things they're doing falls within a generality of the Sharia.

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Okay, singing in the shade is not a problem. There was a habit who sang to the Prophet says,

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The mentioning the seal of the prophets, Islam is not a problem, because

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everybody you've mentioned the CEO of the profits a seller

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is picking a specific day or problem?

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some believe it is. But they say no, it's not a problem, because we all pick specific days. didn't ignore a boss pick Thursdays to do is Doris Didn't we pick Friday nights to do hours. So we all pick specific times and specific days because of convenience, because of other factors. So if they've picked it,

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then that's fine. So anyways, the argument goes back between the two camps. And the second group will say, Actually, let's take another look at this idea of No, let, let's, let's see, did the profits or loss of limb do it? No, he didn't. Do the Sahaba. Do it? No, he didn't know that. They didn't. Did the tabulation, do it? No, they didn't. So if there was goodness, they would have known better. Okay. So that's the other argument. Now, this can be crossed, argue to them and say, well, you guys have halaqaat every Friday night did the Sahaba did the Prophet do it?

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You have schools that you've established for different purposes, did the prophets and send them had a specific school that he used to university the system of education we're living in a school right now? No, but this now the response will be no, but this genuinely falls within the general principles of their religion. They'll say well, we're also saying the same thing. What we're doing also generally falls within the principles of the religion, even if you don't see eye to eye with us, but we also see it that way that it generally falls within the principles of the religion generally, it's considered good to mention the seal of the Prophet generally it's okay to do an

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offshoot of the Prophet because the Sahaba they did it in front of the Prophet Gavin's right he said, The casita banner, so agile mu

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mu, Masada vahdat, Albania

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toffee, mcru, right this Hadith, this casita, which was known as an AVI and set it to the Prophet himself in the rasulillah, Nauru new stabat will be 100 and binzhou. Villa he must through all of this is must have the Prophet he was speaking about the praise of Rasul Allah Salah, send them to the Prophet so they say, we have Sahaba were praising the Prophet tomorrow, you're giving us a problem. Do you understand by now, the third opinion is as it is.

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Now, let me let me explain here that this is only these two headings are only two of the Hadeeth. There are also other Hadith among them is, for example, this is probably the most difficult one to understand. Among them is, for example, the Hadith in which the prophets have said Lem said, Who Lupita attend Allah wakulla modesetting, beta kulu beta talana every more data is better. Every new matter is a beta. And every bit I happens to be lalala. So now the camp which literally believes the second group, which literally believes every bit, is misguidance. They say, by dividing into two categories, you're going against the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, aren't

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So they will respond back to the first group and they'll say

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Actually, no, we're not doing that. So well we know from the Quran and Sunnah we know from the language of the Arabs that we're cool doesn't always mean every single one. It could mean most of them and that's how you mama know what we actually made a response others did as well but it just to name one. So

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because Mr. manoli is part of the first camp, the book we're reading about only Noah we are he believes Wicca is divided into several categories. He expressively mentioned this in many books. So

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so Alabama No, he and others they said couldn't do with a billion dollar. Every bidder it means most bidders. Okay, how do we know this from the Quran and Sunnah? Well, first of all, we don't have to know it from the Quran and Sunnah we need to know it from that Arabic language. This is true within the Arabic language. Secondly, also it's true from the Quran as well, because Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran to them miroku lashay me, for us in lemma sack, you know, that

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the gap it was destroying everything, by the will of its Lord, everything good. Everything by the will of its Lord. Then when they got up in the morning, they could no longer see anything except for their houses. So if everything was destroyed, how did their houses remain?

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That means most things were destroyed not everything, even though the onset everything. So this is an example where cool is used, but it's not referring to all it's referring to the majority. So these will come and they'll say that every bit as galana Yes, we agree most bigger than Allah. That's what the prophet is trying to say as for a bid, which falls under the general passages of the Sharia, then this is a new matter, but we have to look at the ozone, the cola at the PRC, the dealer lot, and then we decide whether it is wajib mustard mobile or something else. Got it.

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Okay, and last but not least, there is an ayah in the Quran in surah Headey in this ayah Allah Subhana Allah says some Faina Allah 30 Hindu Dena Faina v 70. Marian, Tina who Injeel when you're under a

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rock, fatten well documented, why don't you get any better the market early elliptica guanella. For now, helped by the idea, taking the living ermanno minimum,

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minimum for example, okay, Allah Subhana Allah says thereafter.

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Let's go to the point of the verse. We ended up then recently Salaam King, and we gave to him in jail. We gave to him the Bible. And we made within the people who followed him mercy and compassion. And we also add what what else happened? They ended up adopting a form of monasticism that they innovated. They what do they do? They innovated what was this monasticism the morpha city, they say? What they would do is they would avoid women, and they would stay within their churches and their their temples and their places of worship.

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There were some political reasons for this as well. Christians were very persecuted as a group at some point. So because of this persecution, they were afraid that they're going to be completely wiped out. So they ended up heading to the mountains to avoid the political life. And that ended up saving certain sects of Christianity, and that ended up preserving them as well. So they had basically vowed to Allah azza wa jal that we will be within this aurania this form of monasticism where we avoid women, and we will completely dedicate and devote ourselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala to worship worshiping Allah, Allah calls this a bit. This is the only place where Allah uses

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the word bidda within this context in the Quran, okay. Now he says if the market ebina Allah him, we never wrote this bid upon them or this aurania upon upon them, this monasticism upon them inlab de la Guan in the accept and they were only doing this only to search for the

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pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay. Then Allah says firmado Ha, ha Korea Tia and they didn't end up living up to it as they should have lived up to it for a living aminomethyl job, what Cathedral minimum fast upon we gave to those people who believed from amongst them their reward, and most of them happen to be people who are facade. Most of them happen to be people who are vicious, malicious and evil. Okay. Now what does this mean? This means that these people

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From a Mr. Christians, they ended up doing a bid. Now, does Allah rebuke them for this bidder? Or does Allah praise them for the bidder? That's the question. There is actually two views among them of a city in about this. Is he rebuking them for the bidder? Or is he praising them for the Buddha rebuking them for not living up to their own Buddha?

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because of that, if you are sure who's among the great movers city of our century, I'm only quoting him

00:25:34--> 00:26:13

just because it was convenient to quote him otherwise. earlier on, you can find this opinion as well. It will actually says within this idea is an evidence that bidda can be divided into two categories, because it appears from the idea that Allah is actually not disparaging them for this Buddha. Allah is disparaging them for not living up to the vow that they had committed well, so how does he say he says that the monasticism that they had innovated, we didn't write it upon them, they only did it with good intentions. So even Allah admits, sometimes a person may be committing a bit, and they have a good intention. And they're seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then

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Allah rebukes them saying what they didn't live up to this Buddha. They didn't live live up to this, Rania. They didn't live up to this monasticism for after in a livina, M and o minimum. And then we gave to those people who did well, meaning who lived up to it, that's one of the devices at your home, we gave them their budget will Cathedral minimum facts upon and most of them happened to be facade. So this is one example. Anyways, there are other ways to interpret this verse as well. This is not the only way. But this is one of the main, you know, this is one of the ways to this is one of the standard ways to interpret this verse within the Quran. So based on this, we can say,

00:26:54--> 00:27:02

personally, I feel that the correct opinion is that bit, it can actually be divided into more than one category, okay.

00:27:03--> 00:27:45

It can be divided into more than one category, there is a good bit, there is a bad bit, this is the method of the shaft area, we can very safely say, this is the main hub, the opinion of one of the four schools of thought, without any issues with this, because this started at the time of a shaft theory himself, and it continued the Salah know where we're headed and all of the scholars who came after other than Him as well, other than Him as well, many of the scholars have this opinion, but as a bare minimum, we can very conveniently say that this is the opinion of the shafia Lord from the time of chivalry, all the way till our times as well. Okay. And we know that the four schools of

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thought are for Sunni schools, right? This means that the things they say they're not considered with, because why why are they not considered for that? meaning they're not considered evil. Okay, why not? Because there are four Sunni schools, Islam is represented within these four Sunni schools of thought. And this is the standard physician within at least one school, but not only one school. This is the majority opinion as an as it will actually he says, He says, This is the opinion of Alabama, karate, karate, and coffee. And it is the opinion of all the intelligence scholars throughout centuries.

00:28:23--> 00:28:25

Because when you actually look at it,

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without biases, you realize that it's true. Everyone has opinions on different issues, which didn't exist on the time of the Prophet, but they end up doing it. I'll give you some examples. Even those scholars in our Titans who believe that Buddha is only one every bit is galala, even then, they disagree amongst themselves about what is good or not. Let me ask you an honest question. If every bit I was Malala, would we have disagreements among scholars who all agree in principle with this principle that every bit as lalala like let's say both all scholars agree, some squat a group of scholars they agree every bit as balada if truly every bit I was lalala, would they disagree now,

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whether something is good or not?

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Okay, I'll give you examples. That misbehave, you know that the Spirit will use him I'm assuming, and I wrote a small article on this and one of my books, Mr. Cod, he says there is an app of the AMA that you can use the the spear, but in our times shift urbani or Hema hula. And I have great admiration and respect for the scholars, but I'm giving you these opinions only. So you should see you see that these are scholars who believe that every bit as the law but they are disagreeing among themselves about what's better or not. She felt Bernie and she chose and they believe that the misbehavior is not acceptable is better, or at least it's impermissible. It's haram because it was

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never done and there was no there's no evidence for it. Bin bags have been earthman they've been Djibouti and they say that

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It's okay no problem

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making again and again in our times even if they mean in one of his fatwah or him Allah Allah He said, No, no, no Don't make them wrong again and again especially if you're doing on behalf of someone. Right? And other fatawa as well basically said, You're not supposed to repetitively do a lot, especially in the month of Ramadan. Some people do this, okay.

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And also for the people of Mecca. Other scholars early scholars also said this don't repeat your comrades if you're in Mecca stay in Mecca do and that's the end of it. However, and this is considered according to them a bit not done during the time of the Prophet not in the time of the Sahaba It was founded later the idea of repetitive repetitively doing Ramadan had been bows and arrows and they say no problem. It's okay. So one group is saying but the other thing not okay, Maha Shiva, Danny says bada

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bing bada bing been or they mean frozen. They say not be

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the idea of stopping after the amount finishes what Surah Fatiha the man stopping for a little while after he finished his salt. In fact the Alberni ohana, Allah, He says that this is a bit out or at least it's not permissible, okay? unacceptable. Why? Because there is no authentic proof for this, it'd been baizen remain frozen, they say this is better. This is acceptable. Why? Because there is a Hadith, although it's weak. Okay. So this is these are just some examples. And just like that, you'll find many examples on which one group is saying because there's no evidence, this has either been unacceptable or wasn't reported, and we shouldn't do it, etc. But another group of scholars

00:31:40--> 00:31:50

they're saying that it is. So based on this, we can easily say that in practice, no scholar pretty much believes that every bit

00:31:53--> 00:31:59

after that every scholar, they have a different level of how much with are they going to accept?

00:32:01--> 00:32:08

Okay, how much? Which type of bidder will they see it falls within a generality of the Sharia. So let's accept it.

00:32:09--> 00:32:16

Then, on top of that, there are two camps whether this what we accepted, should we call the bid?

00:32:17--> 00:32:24

Should we use the term bidder? Or should we delete the term bidder and use the term bid only for how long does

00:32:25--> 00:33:07

add or offensive with us? And us only wajib, Mr. MOBA and other terms for these deeds which fall which are new? Definitely, but they fall within one of the generalities of the shediac. Got it? So this is the the general principle and as I said, I personally believe that the best opinion on this issue is the opinion of the majority the opinion of Imam Shafi the opinion of eligiblity salaam, the opinion a well crafted opinion, but no, we can opinion that even though actual Rahim, Allah says is the opinion of the intelligent scholars throughout centuries. Although I'm not saying the scholars don't believe this or not intelligent or they're not pious or something like that. I'm trying to say

00:33:07--> 00:33:37

that this is my personal view. And I believe this to be the stronger view on this particular issue. I haven't done justice to this particular Hadeeth as I said, because we're studying so many Hadeeth I can only mentioned within the limitations of time but I do have in sha Allah, future intention of clarifying this issue with more details than I've given even today. ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us the trophy to practice to convey Jazakallah Hedren for listening or something Allahu Allah CDM hamedan early he was so happy he and your marine