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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you and made emanate from within you, brothers and sisters, Welcome to this third installment of nourishment. And so far, I thought we'd have our discussion today from the treadmill. Because the discussion so far has been what are we hungry for identifying we eat for emotions, you know, all that stuff. But then we talked about the fact that we truly needed oxygen. And today, we're going to introduce the concept of living waters. But clearly enough, I thought I'd take today's conversation to the treadmill. I know it's a little bit of an awkward shot. But I think you'll be able to work with me here just for these few minutes.

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So in our third installment here, we're now going to introduce we said we were taking three breaths before we started each meal, we said we were writing down the things that we wanted, we were identifying what was our triggers sugar, salt, or fat or a combination of the three? When do you crave those specific foods. So if the journal is working for you, and I shouldn't have any uncertainty, I know you're doing the journal, I know you're putting the effort into this, then today, I'd like to discuss the concept of consuming water. Because most of us are rather eating our waters, most of us are going to look for something to eat, and then think, Oh, I have to pick a diet

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food, I have to pick something low this low that or look at the label. So today, I'm hoping that with our step by step process, we're not only going to have three extra breaths before we eat, we're not only going to write down and maybe jot it into our phone, we are now going to consciously try to consume our waters, i e, today's topic can be entitled, eating your water. Now, how do you eat water, the idea is to start consuming things that your body needs more oxygen, more deep breathing, more diaphragm ik awareness that you're breathing from your stomach more time possibly walking, it's not about running, we're about two miles right now on the treadmill. So two miles per hour. It's not

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about running, but it's about getting your heart rate up. And that's something we're going to talk about coming up. But for now, the idea is, when I pick up a wallet, when I pick up food, I'm going to say how much water content is in this food, i e, salad of clean, freshly grown salad, if you get if you're buying produce a can you want to have clean produce, right? Watermelon is 80%, water, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, I'm going to try and I'm not going to say other words that are very water based foods, but you're not used to hearing them. So I'll leave them out right now. But for the things that you know, that are clean, fresh produce things that that contain a larger than

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50% amount of water in them, start bringing them into your diet. Because the idea is look, friends, we're gonna get to the ritualistic eating, and you're going to get to eat the things that we're used to eating, but we have to be able to take charge and eat consciously, mindfully. Because if I can, before we can bring newer into your body so that it shines out, we do definitely have to go deep into some of the pores, into the organs into the places of our body that we don't really like to feel and acknowledge. So we're gonna have to go down into some of the dungeons clean out some of those things which our body never wanted. But now just hanging on to out of fear. It's like what is

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the guy up there going to do to me. So before we get to a postures of prayer discussion, that's where I'm leading where your body's speaking to you. I really want nourishment to be about gut intelligence. So today's point, if you get start to consume, I don't really want to tell you salads, because when you say salad, then it comes to the dressing and now like 50 Other things on top, consume the food that has 50% More 50% water content or more apples, bananas, any types of fruits, I want you to start to get into that and that's all I'm gonna leave it at right now. Because how much more can I push the concept that your body wants oxygen and your body wants water, this nutrient

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idea? We're going to get to it but your your body definitely definitely didn't wake up and say, Oh man, I just this if I could find a candy bar. If your ancestors were like, Ah, today if we find a candy bar, you know, where are our species really going to survive? No. So we want to get that body back in line back to a comfort level. But with the last few days, the last few days of Ramadan upon us and whenever you're catching this video, we all in real time are concluding our fast of 30 days and whether you're whether you fast

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it or not, you know that that's a huge thing, sunrise to sunset, no food, water, or *, or any type of intimate touch. So that's a pretty big if someone can do that you're wondering why are they watching nutrition videos, it's because fasting is just become rote. Right? It doesn't have that the power that it used to. So today's real topic, if you remember from our introduction, is gut intelligence. Because I can tell you eat healthy eat. Living Waters consume air as much as you can try to breathe in and out of your, your mouth. And in and out of your nose. We'll talk more breathing techniques coming up. We might even talk about other breathing masks that I use when when

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I'm doing like more intense training and running. So the air component, the water component are all I could tell you endlessly. And you at this point, we should plug Tony Robbins has an amazing

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series available, please purchase, try not to get things pirated, or find a free copy that's been made available. If you can look, there's a wealth of knowledge out there, and you guys are the information age. But that is going to tell you what to do and how to build your lifestyle. I am genuinely reaching out to a group of people who are looking to bring light into their life. With today's topic or inner topic, which is called gut intelligence. If you'd like to look into it now look at the mind gut connection. The lot has been written on it recently about how people with intestinal diseases tend to have more sensitive are more sensitive tend to have some time will be

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found with depression, there are mind there are mind issues and gut issues that are finding we're finding great correlation with what does that mean for us though, and I'm hoping in today's installment that you're going to try to fit this Lego piece in your head, your stomach has the intelligence of your brain, if not more. And I know that's tough, because you're thinking higher senses, but your brain can keep your stomach can communicate with you tremendously. So let's take the example if you don't do well with milk, and I'm really hoping we can start cutting out dairy. I'm just going to say it now. And if you feel it, just start letting it go. Those of you who can't

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tolerate dairy, you will know that you take a bite of ice cream and your stomach will say something you continue to eat it, it will cut your whole digestive tract we'll talk to you, right oh, it hurts I'm paying. And it's as if this pain is something external. It's your body talking to you. So I really want now in this installment for an answer that so many times, if you can, please begin to listen to your gut. When it's empty is shriveling up, give it some air when it's empty. Can you drink before you eat? Can you drink? When you wake up? Can you have a cup of water to cleanse everything down through the system instead of throwing sugar and processed foods so that your

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stomach's like, Oh, I got to digest all this night. All this night food all this night enzymes. And I have to digest this brand new food in the morning. So if you put we're going to be getting begin discussing gut intelligence. And everybody's got has a let me open up this discussion for you. Your gut has over 100 trillion bacteria 2000 species 2000 species

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of bacteria biomes they call them and within these biomes each one of these groups and species of bacteria work to do something properly maintain an ecosystem within your belly that you could essentially put anything into it. But that's what's happened is we're now being trained by our commercials and TV that when you have heartburn your your body's screaming out to you just pour some pink stuff on top of it. Hey, if you want to eat that chili dog and just have one of these tablets, 24 hours of production, it's like who are you protecting though, right? We detach ourselves from the body so much that we're just like Ash Shut up, like done up with you and you're Oh my stomach hurts

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my stomach hurts. Literally, it's like that you're treating your body really, really harshly. So for all of us out there. We are now going to make the commitment to grab our nutrition based eating, fill it with oxygen, consume air and recognize that our stomach and our body can talk to us. Some of you want that body of Jana, but then you have to you don't see all of the

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sternal you don't see the shine, you don't see the definition, you don't see the strength until the there's a light on the inside. You don't want to look pretty, you can just do cosmetic things on the outside, right, wear tighter clothes. But if you want to shine from the inside, let's start to ask the gut, what it is that it needs. Let's ask the body what it is that it needs in postures of prayer, and less at the heart what it needs in Sedona supplements, always a pleasure to spend these 10 plus minutes with you. I hope today was okay first time talking to you from the treadmill. So I tried to keep the thoughts going. But I definitely know I said, a few phrases there called phrases

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you use to kind of join the sentence or to keep the silence. So for a second, let's take three breaths together. Deep breath in if you're going to walk and you're going to use the treadmill, so

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you're trying to feel the entire air the bellies calmed in the belly button and the the area underneath is sucked up in in.

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That's my second one big gulp of air. And I'm gonna cycle that air out as long as I can.

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Breath into the mouth.

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And I'm gonna cycle that air out through the nose.

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bark a lot of people don't turn on the treadmill until you have identified your hips. Know that you're walking at a proper pace that you're you're gripping the ground as you walk, please consult the proper way to walk on a treadmill or the proper way to walk in general. You can find any number of YouTube videos on that I hope everyone has a fantastic last 10 days. May you be protected from hellfire and as a result as a sign of your protection from hellfire. May the activities of this world and the speech and the depression, the anxiety, the hopelessness that's associated with going to help the addictions that have to be met so that you can be happy. May all the things that could

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lead you to the Hellfire may you be protected from them peace be upon you around you and may emanate from within you was Saramonic Morocco.

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