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AI: Summary © The Dr.ware installment is focused on healthy eating, including fruit and water. The host emphasizes the importance of intentions in advancing one's life, including building a pure body and achieving double what. The speaker provides plans to develop and return the body, including building a pure body and reducing waste. They encourage viewers to use their social media platforms to share their experiences and ideas.
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Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate from within you us Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Alright. It's been a little while since we've done our in our nourishment installment. And last time we were here, if you all recall, because someone asked me recently they were like, hey, what does How do you lose weight? Islamically and I felt I was thrown off. I was like, I don't want to I feel like I'm gonna end up coming up with some type of answer.

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All right,

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including dropping the phone. So as salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullah Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate from within you. Today we are doing a quick installment of nourishment. I don't know how many of you are joining live for this portion. But it's three major components. It's Sana supplements wide ecommerce Salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Maryam sunnah supplements had a had three branches, right? Praying, sunnah, 12 raka or a day and having affirmations, to feel positive enough to pray and go up and down 12 More times a day. That's in addition to the five daily prayers, then we had the concept of rituals and routine Samadhi going after losses or sorrow, the concept of

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rituals and routines like it's not just about exercising or eating, but it's about taking all the activities in your day, and then making them special. And then you can fill in so now you can fill in. You can join your exercise your nutrition, your Ibadah your whole life can become a ritual and a routine, something that you can look forward to and still have spawned to annuity, something we'll get into. And the third is supercharging a dua I II, when I personally come to my food that I really, really love. I will, I'll eat it. And I'll say Allahumma inni as A New Hope, Buck, Oh Allah, I asked for your love. And in getting this experience right now I feel your love. So that's super

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charging a dua we've we've talked about it before. And that's 1/3 of what we're working on. It's a bit right, it's, you could call it the main umbrella is in a supplement, one branch that we've been working on a lot. And this is my two minute intro has been out there in the Celerio. You all are used to seeing me talk about our external posture. So we're going to work on internal beauty, internal nourishment. And that's where we are right now. And then the third part is postures of prayer. So thanks a lot for that, for staying with me for the three minute catch up. In today's installment of nourishment, we're, it's not about watching these in. Like to keep watching them

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binge watching them. It's to watch one watch to be like, Hey, what is he talking about? Let me bring it into my life. So up to now what are the things we've brought into our life?

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found out what we're hungry for? Yes, I do too. When I'm irritated, angry when I need to change state, boom, I'm gonna go ahead and try to get something to eat. So what am I hungry for? And then once I conquer that, am I eating for ritual? Or am I eating for routine? Or for nourishment? Rather, am I eating for the ritual of breakfast, have lunch with the parents have some type of event that you have, or my eating for nourishment. Now there you go, then the nutrient based eating is not I don't need a lot of I don't need to have meals, I need to have nutrients. So if you're up to me up to with us still there, then let's move on to the concept of

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taking air as our sustenance because everything we do needs air. So up to now you're in that breathing portion. So if you're taking the 10 deep breaths in I've been doing it from the throat

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and the chest doesn't have to rise. It's really the bellies getting engaged that gut intelligence is where I want you to get to where your stomach is, and that's the goal. That's where we want to get to. So we've got the breathing.

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We've got five to 10 deep breaths, morning, evening and afternoon. three deep breaths before we start eating. Then we talked about getting living waters and a lot of this is almost verbatim. Tony Robbins has two programs so if you want to fast forward nourishment takes a good portion from their their simple research and I want to give credit where to do so eating your waters having salads with juices

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is not sugar based juices, but having natural juices, waters, salads, things were legumes, peas, things that I still don't want to bring in other thoughts that might scare you away like kale or when people hear about seaweed or something like No, no, it's too much. So let's say anything that has 50 60% water base in its in its makeup, that's what I'm going to have watermelon, fruits, vegetables. And that's where today I wanted to add on. Can we now accept in order to develop develop gut intelligence, we're going to recognize that certain foods combine differently, i e, all I'm going to add in for today is on an empty stomach. And that was the last place we left off in the

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solarium was to drink a warm glass of water. So one glass of water as soon as I wake up, oh, I didn't brush my teeth. Bear with me. If you did cleaning of your mouth before you slept, all the bacteria that's in your mouth right now is going to

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is going to wash down, all the bacteria that's in your mouth is going to wash down and then if you go into your stomach, the whatever's in there is going to get neutralized based from what's on your stomach. So let's keep our intention clean and pure as sister Miriam's pointing out that, but I will pull people away, because as soon as you move your intention, and you're like I'm doing this for God, you are not going to recognize that you are worshiping Allah subhanaw taala in these processes, right? If you keep running up the word intention, like I want to work with you here, guys, but these are all dialogue. Intention is almost a brick wall. What does it mean to eat for Allah subhanaw

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taala. So what we'll talk about that so take the air in, take the waters in and as you're doing that, after you've had a water in the morning, for example, say like Sister Muslim on family are going to fast and a Monday and a Thursday. In the morning, I'd have the warm glass of water even 510 minutes before you start eating. And I'm asking us today to add the first component to be fruit. So I cut my fruit, I have it ready, and I won't have anything else except fruit.

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Now this is a bigger change for some of us. But most of you are really good at fasting, right? You fasted all of Ramadan. So I'm about to do this right before the days of hudge those of you who catch this as a recording, those of you who are catching us recording for the days of Hajj that are coming up, some of us are going to be fasting and some of us are going to be fasting from certain foods. So I always wondered Muslims can fast all day long. Why not wake up nourishment. Step number five, the days you're not fasting, a warm glass of water, you got to rinse out your mouth and then swallow it down, gulp it, swallow it down, and then have nothing but fruits, full fruits, and full juiced

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fruits. Till 11 I'm going to say 12 o'clock. Now if you're ready to think about that, you're again going to allow your stomach which can only digest fruits on an empty stomach. That's the only time he can break it down. So in order to get this cleanse, that's what I've been wanting to do throughout Ramadan. And now Hutch coming up in order to get the cleanse how many of us are ready to go that we're going to get set up now if you're having done the waters yet you're not doing the breathing. And zero you haven't done the intention that you're doing it for Allah subhanaw taala. But I'm going to raise that intention right now. I'm going to raise the stakes on the ninth minute,

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what is your intention, please put in the chat box. My intention is to develop this body, the way it's going to be in Jannah. So that the health the capabilities, the flexibility, the strength the way it will be in Jana. Number two, my intention is to develop this body to return it back to Allah subhanaw taala I II, I'm not going to stop it. If my stomach bloating and it hurts and as a certain type of cheese or processed food hurts it. I'm going to say Oh Allah, I recognize you now I worship you now and I'm going to take care of this body. So please, let's get past the intention of Allah Far, far away. Your Lord gave you this you aren't a body correct friends, and I spent a minute

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talking about it. So I'll leave it that you're not a body you're a soul. So be intentful in all the things you do so I want to take the word intention and go to

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The next level intention has the word intent in it, be intentful in everything you do.

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Beautiful barkcloth become sister or Muslim I put an intention if anyone else can join this if anyone else has another one, my intention to live a pure life within capabilities. And all I asked from Allah subhanaw taala for all of you is that Allah increase your capabilities, nourishment, postures of prayer,

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sunnah, supplements, Quranic transformation, all have one goal, and they're all leading you towards even grand revolutions leading you towards being double what you are right now. So whatever your concept is, this is my limitation, this is the best that I can be my job or my dua is to double what you are right now. And then you will say, wow, my capabilities are even further and greater than what I expected. I pray that Janissa

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is a goal is an experience, and it is the ultimate pursuit for you. So I'm leaving in today, empty stomach, we're all going to try we're gonna wake up warm water, glass of water, and for eight to 10 days, and you might find yourself doing this consistently. But eight to 10 days, we're going to do up to the days of hudge. So I'll I'll announce this on Instagram too. And for those of you are looking for that little the like what's the next lesson I've been after eating my fruits, I've been getting in my veggies. And that is spinach kale. I even wrote down what I was doing for you all. I've been doing Apple, celery, cucumber, kale, some chard, lemon.

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Spinach, is really some of these might not be your favorite. But if you can work with me, and maybe we'll work different things into your diet. Getting the greens in is really important. And no, I'm not adding any sugars or awesomes, fruit juices, sugary fruit juices to make it in. So that's the 10 minute mark friends, if we can, Let's all make that intention for in order to bring newer into our life, we are going to have to cleanse the body to be able to get that.

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That gut intelligence. Alright friends, I hope to see you soon sister Muslimah. And all of those who are joining us live and recorded. This is our 10 to 15 minutes that we're going to spend on nourishment part five and six. And what are your goals here after living after finding out what you're hungry for breathing in the morning, afternoon and evening, just do it after every Salah and then you're adding in the breath before you eat. Eating your waters having a salad with every meal or something with high water content, salads, beans, nuts, fruits, vegetables. And then after that I'm drinking warm water in the morning and washing everything down. Want to put a little bit of

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apple cider vinegar, one little tablespoon, teaspoon tables, the tinier one, for the little bit of apple cider vinegar, we're going to build up to it. Yes, if you start eating the greens, and you start going to the bathroom more, I'm telling you now here in nourishment, I'm here with you, that's going to happen. We want to cleanse, this is your lower right quadrant and your descending colon, we want to empty it. So we're gonna factor in the time for a little bit more bathroom a little bit more breathing while we're in there, just cleansing out and for those of us who are looking for the cleanse

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barkcloth fecal vinegar is a pseudonym. This is a specific type of vinner called apple cider vinegar. If you go to Earth They'll tell you some of the virtues and the benefits. It's interesting. I have about 12 Cigna foods that I want to bring in. But I've noticed that if I start people off on eat the dates and drink zum zum most people like all the dates got me constipated, and this is like wow, our bodies aren't ready for it. I'm coming up on the 15 minute mark. So you've got you're eating your fruits only till 12 o'clock and I know that's a bit much but then you can go in with a protein or you can go in with a car a carb, but your stomach's been primed give it a chance

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to feel and you're going to feel hungry. Oh mostly mean old people believe in Allah when you get hungry say, hey.

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You can you can say hey, I'm hungry. I'm hungry. Like I fasted 1316 hours come on UK years 19 hours. So when you're hungry, just say I'm fasting till 12 o'clock and you know you can get that far. So nourishment

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We're about to take it up to the next level guys. Let's do our best. If you want to take it up, you don't need a NutriBullet my intestines digested a little bit better when it's broken down. It's not a blender, it doesn't blend. It breaks things into into a way that your stomach can digest it a little bit better. You don't need to buy a NutriBullet but you do need to get the Greens inside you. Alright friends, look for us. This video is probably going to become more public and we're going to use it in the 10 days before Hutch does Michael Alcorn sister Muslim mind family and everyone who caught the live stream? That's awesome. I never get a chance to see you all. But I don't know how to

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bring up comments. All right, friends, I'll see you soon. I said Ahmad ecomark medulla, I'm going to move over to postures of prayer