Duaa From Surah Ale Imran- Verses 8-9

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All right, I am number eight. You may know this as a supplication. If not, it's cool. Let's learn it. Rabbanim love to ZIL ooo burner to ZIL oluwo bana bada it had a year Danna wha habba Lana Mila Doom cow hochma In NECA and Lulu haha your turn or ogbonna Rabbana Allah to ZIL ooo ban bada it had a tang

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Bada is headache than wha habour Lana Mila Galra MA in NACA I'm

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in NACA, jam your Odin Celia will meet lovely Buffy. Leo Mila, ye Buffy ye Buffy, in law Halla. You holy fool me.

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Your turn Rob BANA

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in America Jameer on nasally I will meet loud or ye Buffy, loud ye by fi loud ye by fi in a law Hala you will live for Me

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and there you have it. Allahumma taka Ballymena de la wattel Quran sada Allahu La Aleem, Indeed, God speaks the greatest of truth.

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I pray that you become a part of that truth by memorizing it. I'll see you all as we continue, but I want to pause here we started Ali Imran and we finished our first page coming up on Iron number nine. Do you want to make the intention right now? Are you here for the long run? Will you finish your Allium? Run with me? Let's do it together. Congratulations, everyone. On taking the first step getting reconnected and back on the journey to memo rise was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Be sure to step on and take the next few steps go to the next stage. Read it seven times do the three by three workout write it and record it and I hope to see you in our next here it for

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the first time was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.