Mufti Menk – Who wants to go Paradise

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of a "scent of heaven" that follows people throughout their lives. They also mention a ruling from Allah that checks in at eight o'clock to determine when the person will come back. The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying true to one's values and not getting too caught up in fast food.
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We have the scent of paradise itself is according to your liking what type of a scent amazing that scent which follows you as in how you like wherever it is, it changes with the changing of what you will reach. And at the same time

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there is nothing haram in paradise how's that one? Nothing.

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Zero Hara the word haram don't exist. That was only for the dunya it was a ruling that Allah placed in order to test you That's yours it's your own. You know you wait for someone you got to clock in at eight o'clock leave at five. When you become your own boss, you decide what time you want to go, what time you come back. But then again, you will have to stick to it because people might come to your business in Jannah there is nothing haram, no timetables in that regard, you know, no restrictions regarding haram, Everything is permissible, or the other is Salatu was Salam certain things were made prohibited for him. That is why some of the scholars go into the issue of the type

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of gentleman he was in the call agenda to the Tila it could be a place of testing special place created by Allah of testing. He was tested but the gentleman will hold the one which we will be going into as we said you enter there's no exits.

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You won't think about exiting you won't want to exit

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you know today people rush to Britain, seeking asylum they never come out

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this is not Janna I don't know what made me think of that example. But it's a reality because you may have certain you know, points of ease perhaps you know it might have sold a few of your problems but Wallahi Jana in real in reality you enter it you don't it's over the game is over Subhanallah yours forever and ever another thing there is no death in there nothing you know death is something that will be brought forth and destroyed. There is no death after today gone.

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Imagined did something else.

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You will never ever be hungry but you will never ever be fooled. You will always be ready to eat love

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no Jimmy needed love no shedding awake needed. You eat what you want how you want as much as you want no excretion, nothing. In fact, it is released as a saint of musk according to your desire Subhanallah

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so you eat what you want how you want as much as you want, you will never get full, you know, sometimes we eating and it's the most beautiful, you know, food that we have, but after the limit, you start feeling a little bit you know full your belly starts, you know feeling full and if you had water you can actually hear the water in it and you got to stop at that point.

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You know, they say if you upload you're going to download

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