The Art of Quran Recitation #02 Maqam Saba

Nouman Ali Khan


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Oh, it's so easy. I'm gonna say it again like 10 times. I'm gonna listen to you. Oh God. Okay, the studio's McConnell sub first of all a Saba itself it's Arabic MACOM when I'm reciting this yet and I feel sad for them, okay, I express this the meaning of this earth by this great MACOM which is maca masala and Hamdulillah you all have been Lamine Al Hamdulillah Europe benign me

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I love that okay okay that's a great that's a great

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leaker powered by Muhammad Institut

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Allah Allah Allah He was happy as rain. Okay, here we are again. And you're going to teach me about one of the eight. Muhammad first of all, we have Sony ABC, Eric, that's the sentence which is you can pick the first letter for each word right? And you can just mark it in your mind to do not forget it. So we have Sony obviously because Saab Sababa unknown one Alain Agia agenda, the Yachty sin seeker. He has a raw lustrous Alkaff called sunnah. Doom right now. Yeah, I think Assad Saba unknown now one line item. Okay, I'll bet by a scene. Seeker. I'll have hedgehog Ross. Ross. Welcome, Jeff. Good, good. Let us now Inshallah, start with a song. Okay.

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So what you told me the format that we're going to follow, okay, is your what's the first step you're going to talk a little bit about the story of this story behind the one minute install line, and then you're going to hum Nam MC humming the tune. That's the main part that for those who wanted to memorize the MACOM we have to practice with the humming of tune itself to keep it in their mind. And then then we're going to try to try to fast then we're going to make a dent in sha Allah which are part of the official

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the studio of McConnell Sabha first of all, a Saba itself. It's Arabic MACOM we have different formats in Arabic, but this one is Arabic. MACOM Yeah, and those who started making it and innovate issues, make it with the poems and recite also the Quran. It was Arabic rules part of Arabic. Yes, that's arbequina Shia, and it gives like, sad feeling into you are expressing your set. If you feel sad, you're going to express this MACOM Okay, all the time I reciting this with this MACOM when I'm reciting, I had talked about Hellfire Allah Billa those who got tortured and when I'm reciting these ayat, and I feel sad for them. Okay, I express this the meaning of this earth by this great MACOM

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which is mcommerce sama. I see but that's the story of the makan as you bring it when you said okay, sometimes Subhanallah you feel sad even without anything for you wanted to make event and you have issue in your heart or something you visit with the Saba, you know, that's the story of the MACOM it's Arabic MACOM

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Arabic people they love to recite with it, they love to listen to it, okay, and it just expresses the the sadness or the sad which you feel it or what you have. I'll get to the story of the makan. Okay. Let's hear it. Yeah. Okay, now we're going to hum the two minutes in

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a lot of ways I'm gonna give symbolist inshallah we are gonna be a train wreck looks like

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it's so easy. I'm gonna say it again. Like 10 times. I'm gonna listen to you. Oh, god. Okay, we can come on low our pitches. We can hide our pitches. It's dependent on the pitches of the carrier itself. Okay, but we can make it with low pitches like this. Oh

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I got I can make a little bit oh

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that's okay. Okay. Listen to that. Oh, oh. Oh, that's a great Okay, that's cool. That you have lower pitches bitches than me. Okay. It's okay. Any it's based on the pitches of the gallery itself. All right can be high can be low, but there is no stigma for that. Alright, let us now go to the third one which we're gonna recite al Fatiha with the same tune and melody. Even if we decided like two or three verse

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Okay, I'm gonna decide now hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen first, then I'm gonna listen to you. Okay, all right.

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Al Hamdulillah Yong bien la la mia again Alhamdulillah your bin Laden me see all come back to the recitation Alhamdulillah learn you're been learning Alhamdulillah y'all have been let me Alhamdulillah in your been let me as 100 on Robben Island me. Hola, Jimmy

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Alhamdulillah he robbed me more than a second Allah.

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Like, I'm gonna raise my voice a little bit Okay, okay Alhamdulillah you all been long? Let me just raise my voice Alhamdulillah here behind me mashallah, this is your pitch which you have to recite all the time, which is the third pitch because we have also eight pitches. Okay, eight pitches, okay, for every call he has two or three pitches I see based on your area. I see now when I listened to you. Yeah, in the beginning you decided with the second one and now you decided with the third one. I'm gonna tell you this is the best pitch for you. It was harder. Okay, but it's good. Okay, and I listen to it. I love it more than the second IC okay and Hamdulillah you will not be Lala me

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Al Hamdulillah Europe benign elemi Mashallah

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I love this. Okay, okay, that's a great that's a great fight. Let us go to the third thing which is that okay, then what same thing but it has a different way. Okay, make it because that now doesn't have to do with rules. Now we can make it whatever you want. Right? Right right. Did you lose your opponent that's trying to now it's at freedom to make whatever he wants right? We're gonna make that now with the same melody but in different way. Okay, I'll give some Allah Allah all at

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I'm gonna repeat it like five times and I'm gonna listen to you. Okay, okay. Oh, sure. same melody, but I'm gonna make it with that then along with

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all it seems a lot harder to go ahead along

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on bone

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along Long Alicia, Alicia raise your voice. Okay, I love you

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all workboat along workboat along Expo a shadow

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on a shadow

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mashallah, Mashallah. This is makan a Saba Saba Osama that it's so easy but it needs practice you have to practice Yeah. Oh, that's some accommodation this is one part from many parts of the makan right one right right one part yeah the rest of the parts it's it's a lot it needs someone the only hours drive learning but this is like a simplest way to just have macam Sava in three minutes now we're actually being together

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okay, it wasn't as bad of a train wreck as I thought it would be

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excited to hear some of the rest of

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it everybody hope you guys enjoyed it

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that area it's not only Iran No No. of Iran iStan even Pakistan and nobody from let's say Eastern countries there Yeah, listen to this MACOM and doesn't just fall in love with this one. Italy three when they're that resolves this macam V most even Malaysian and Indonesian people Oh

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let's the whole dance like five parts Alhamdulillah

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Allah, Allah alayhi

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope that you enjoy watching this video. For those who want to learn different methods of citation for those who want to improve their voice and bring it to a higher level. For those who want to enjoy and delight both prayers and listeners with their voice, for those who want to practice in sha Allah, the whole maklumat practically one on one with me, sign up here