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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in your Villa alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah wa su de Nabeel Karim of praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who gave us this morning. All praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanaw taala

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who awoke us?

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gratefully, thankfully, for the budget prayer

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or praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala who would forgive us? Whether we pray the whole heartedly, or if we were a little groggy, I praise and thank Allah subhanho wa Taala this morning for the inclination to be here. It's 10 o'clock, but there was times the world doesn't start till 1230

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so I think Allah subhanaw taala for that inclination. I was under the impression that no one would come so I praise and thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for people who knew that there was something better than staying up till someone's up till 530 playing video game. Oh, wait, they're not here.

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So we praise and thank Allah subhanaw taala for being amongst those people who were able to come and have the inclination, I say unto you, as I genuinely pray,

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I pray the angels of the paradise say unto us, I will say now assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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So I've given four talks or three talks, and I asked for some feedback. And I realized I haven't said Salaam to you once. In the first sewer, Zoomer talk. I didn't say Salaam, sorry, my work on that kind of a, I thought I was gonna get some like grammatical critique or something like you didn't say it.

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Again, I only pick the topics or work on the topics that are very close to me. And if these topics makes sense to you, we can actually go home with something. So I would like to try something today, where all the time the speakers are asking for more time. I want to finish my entire talk in less time. Because I want you to know that the message of Islam doesn't need to be explained. Don't give me five more minutes. And yesterday, it seemed a little advantageous. I was like, Oh, I need more time. Today, my grandma, my intention isn't Allah is to end and for you to have a precise idea because Islam is precise. So let's take the grand picture of all the talks we have. I was supposed

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to talk give the opening talk on Friday night, which was going to be about being genuinely active for our Deen myself and

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Shay Cameron Riaz and Shay Gasser Burgess but the talk that you heard were surah Zoomer where we talked about what we talked about in tourism our guys there's like 20 people in here. Then intention. What about intention though? Can someone tell me what about it y'all I need to get through this quick in wavered right. It's not going to be perfect.

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I'm here because Jake multi commodities. Want to see him?

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Maybe get a free job out of it, you know?

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But we are contingent labor, but we keep them clean. What was the second talk about witzig acid will just add shape of boxing yesterday.

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Was it loving your brother Tell me a little bit anything or any one fact that made sense from it?

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So rotarod excellent. What is do we do?

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889 that believers are not brother or brother and they're actually blood brothers. What is our blood though?

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dakwah. It's okay, good. I know you. I know where you went with the question. It's okay. The brother says that the blood that makes me is what is the blood of taqwa. It's the what binds us good. So today we want to take a big huge and I love the way the brother said it. What does it even mean? To have a mustard? What is the function of the mustard. So I'm going to start out here and we're going to go straight into it. Bismillah and Allah, I am going to be upfront with you a lot of the notes that I pulled up, you're not going to be used to it. You're not going to be used to seeing the mustard in this way because we view the mustard as number one. God forbid you guys come. I mean,

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guys, horrible. That's the way we view it right right now. And then the way we view the mustard is if you have to talk about something leave, right? Don't stay in the machine and talk and if you if you have a problem, you don't go to the mustard right? If you have an issue like I'm going to give you some examples now, if you got into a fight with your wife, or your got into an argument with your mom,

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where would you go? I would tell you the first place I would not go is the mustard. Why? Then the mom would say What's wrong? I got into a fight with my wife. Oh, la casa de la salle de la vie de with some of them said in it

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but I literally love with them.

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God who is he married to.

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But now this is going to be uncomfortable to hear because we put them on a pedestal. Husband and wife, Ali or the loved one and father modeled your love with Allah, as human beings got into a marital fight, like a bad one.

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And he stormed out of the house, where to go.

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When to muscle,

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not that someone could judge him. We went there and he just, he had to cool off. And his counselor and the only counselor received laferla hottie some actually came over and talked to him. And he broke the ice in a very manly way. Because he was laying down in the muster after this fight. And I don't want to get into all the stories now. But think about this. You get into a big heated the voices were raised people outside the house could hear them, not the husband yelling at the wife, but they were both going back and forth, which is normal happens. He storms in, we leave this walks out of the house. He didn't throw any curveballs at her. Just keep this in mind. You know? Well,

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you're the daughter, you're the daughter of a suit of law. You can't do this. No, she's a human being to got into an argument, walked out, went into the mustard and just had to cool down. No, he didn't sit there and make touriga and ask Allah to Allah guide her heart, he got frustrated, took his cloak and lay down.

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When you're angry, it's good to lay down and receive the last little audio Salaam walked into the mustard and kind of tapped on him remember there's a human human relationship here and he kind of tapped out and he goes off because he's he's in the mustard. Think about this guys. If you're in the mustard for a long period of time, in the middle of the day, you're covered with dust, right the wind blows and so he was like, oh Father of dust. What are you doing? And he pulled off the

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camera you came in or your daughter did this. And he was like he explained and the counseling session took place there in the mustard. So what I want you to do is I want you to remember the different facets and the different

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roles that the mustard plays but we have not given it that right let's try to reconstruct it together. He is an ally Donna. So today we're starting in Surah Noor which is Surah number 24 surah number 24 is home to one of the most mega nominees is in the Quran. I won't use words I can't spell one of the most amazing word is in the corner one of the and this is constantly read about the poetic nature of Quran and Allah who Moodle somehow it went out. But I have never read I have never heard in a in a in a lecture where someone actually quotes the ayah after this. So I start with the isn't Allahu Allah, this is Ayah number 36 of surah number 24

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I need to do this sorry. First talk surah Zuma, what is the video? One, two and three? Excellent. So one, two and three. Allah De La Nina colleagues, what is did we do last night?

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Eight through 10 a three or a 210 I was hoping you'd get to 11 surah What? What number is that? 49 right 49 would be too long in the

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sewer. 49 Well done. So today we start in 24 where Allah subhanaw taala puts everything into perspective for us. Not a spiritual house alone. Will Smith.

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Manual rock him In the name of Allah With the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, the one who gave me the system of a centralized House of community.

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The Most Merciful The one who attached so much blessing to this house that I no matter what I do, I want to go back to it.

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Miss Smith Lang you rock man you rock.

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feeble you have enough

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guarantee has moved.

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where Allah subhanho wa Taala says people utin in these homes and the word here is homes. As in a lot less current Allah has ordained Can everyone say hello off? Ah

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the last letter on the letter is the law isn't it? The correct pronunciation prime is when you lift the sound one more time everyone say off

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It's not wrong. Ah you don't push an item. I'm not joking. This is actually something I teach in my class. Sometimes when we're taught to say the letter I we push it and it sounds Oh, but the actual iron is lifted or ah

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Just think about it is coming out a little choke lifted one more time guys. Forget that all the machines don't teach it that you need. So let me go ahead and do that off.

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Sisters all over here ran into all, but we're talking about yummy things.

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But he didn't hear but what's up? What's up? So Allah subhanaw taala has ordained the raising of the raising of these homes. Now everyone who looks at this ayah believe that we should build muscles on little hills. I want you to think about Medina, not the spiritual aspect, but the physical aspect of so much did nubbly was built. How was the city built around? Was it at the back of the city? Was it on the other side of the city? Where was the mustard. It was in the middle and then what happened around it.

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homes were built and the real estate closest to the mustard was the most expensive. And it wasn't built on one side. A lot of times and I grew up going to Catholic school, churches are built high. And the doors are enormous. And there are hundreds of steps to get to it, why it makes you feel smaller. It's a thing of architecture. So I consulted two or three architects and they said but it's amazing. The Muslim architecture is one place in the middle of the city, slightly raised and everything around it. Now even if the land isn't raised, think about this. Again friends, everything circles around the pinnacle of the entire city. It is already raised when we treat it like that. So

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this unto far where youth karate has moved that Allah subhanaw taala ordered you to raise it, construct your cities around it because you're about to find out what happened. You sub B hula hoop de Ville

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and in this house of community center slash worship slash health center slash

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drug rehabilitation center in this place, Allah subhanho wa Taala sub baja u sub B who Allah Allah will be

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glorified, but it's it's to keep afloat. Right to keep afloat. I want you to keep this word in mind it's used in many sewer in the 28 years to keep afloat to glorify keep Allah at his mfam which is greater than we can understand. It's going to happen in this house. So let's be real can you keep something afloat for a little while? Can you keep something and then say okay, I'm not going to keep it's going to sink now? No, then it would go away. Can you only praise the last parent Allah five times a day? Would that be keeping him in his face? No, you would need to do that. But then you say brother I need more time. I have to work I have to live for those things are going to happen through

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the mustard. Allah subhanaw taala says that in those homes you will

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glorify him keep him at that. Raise status will who do we will ask Lord if you can write these two words for me in the morning. And in the evening. Who do Heine who do? Who do we well as all our fall? Can you just everyone say it I want to see if you can do this together can say who do we

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there's no V in the Arabic language. So try it one more time. Think this thing? Who do we

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gotta mean back end?

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One song

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good. didn't touch your lips. These two words I need you to have because in order to praise Allah subhanaw taala in the morning and in the evening, throughout the day and the time in between? Yes, you're going to be praying five times in the mustard. But what is going to happen to mustard? I'm going to share four or five examples with you isn't lucky Donna number one. Did we know that the mustard served as a center and a focal center for prayer? Did you all know that that in the original mustard was for prayer helped me out here friends? Yes, everyone knew that. Keep telling me as you go though, did you all know that the mustard served as a focal Center for Education? Yeah, I think I

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knew that. Now what I did not know. I didn't know you will think come on and just explained to me. The Islamic State, the Oval Office, if you will, the oval office where decisions of what caravan was going where what treaties were going to be made. It was decided in the mustard. Okay, I knew that. I'm going to tell you something that I never knew though. Because I grew up in a conservative must It is only to be occupied by certain types of people.

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A caravan from Abyssinia came the entire caravan was Christian. Where were they asked to sleep.

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The musty the Rasulullah sallallahu. How many of us thought that nonmuscle. Verna luck come to mind. I did. I grew up in Westbury. I thought for the longest time. I used to tell too much. I was like what is this

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They're like you're 10 What's wrong with you? I was hardcore. Under a law. I think I still am

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not at 10 o'clock. But let's move forward here. So the abbacy means we're allowed to do this, but I asked you a second question. During the time when one of the the armies was going out, of course, they went out from the mustard. One of the soldiers had a constant habit of drinking alcohol. Where was he pleased to sober out?

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In the mustard, it seems weird, right? You're like, why would a drunk guy be in the masjid? And I saw this in full fledge that the mustard because of its open spaces, and its sanctuary actually allowed for a stable place for someone to sober and these are examples from Medina. Let me give you something a little bit better. I did my rotations out in Las Vegas. And at the Las Vegas mustard Melis. pantalla keep the energy of that mustard going strong and a man 14 who is studying now in Dallas. There used to be a drug rehabilitation program. So I moved there and I said, I'm going to help them. The drug rehabilitation program was focused in the Muslim, non Muslim and Muslim drug

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addicts and I'm not talking about pot, talking about hard the hard drugs was done in the masjid. They were IV drips and the people, the non Muslims who did it, they actually came and said the open spaces help us to settle the tables and chairs that we find in the hospitals we find them very constricted, but when you have an open space we feel more. We feel better about this but we

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received a loss of a lot who it was Salaam had a means of health. A preventative medicine that we know today as hematoma Croesus again still think must have. So I studied hematoma process for about two years. I was like this is unbelievable. There's a hadith in the books of Abu Dawood. This Hadith narrates that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever does a JAMA, whoever does cupping, or hematoma Croesus on the 17th 19th and 21st of the Islamic month, their ship up or any disease, and I will refer to my Moti I believe there's some weakness in the narration, but I don't I feel comfortable to share this with you. So I said, Okay, this is preventative medicine. I'm

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not going to give you a talk on gamma. I think I wrote some paper on what's the matter if you can find it. My question to you. People had dandruff. People had women weren't ovulating correctly. People had cysts apsis people had glaucoma. These are actual things during the time of us who lost a lot of some wherever these procedures done

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in the clinic, if you will, that was sectioned off in the mustard. I never knew that. And I mirrored the same thing today. There is a mustard on the west coast on Friday after jumar.

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All health care from the two parts of the mustard is free only for non Muslims. So non Muslims are finished even close by there and I saw a line of non Muslims outside the masjid and I was like, What did we do?

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I was a nice

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one by one they came inside free medical clinic they firstly have a consultation and whatnot. And I was like, why can't Muslims come visit we do free health clinic for Muslims throughout the week. After Juma when Muslims are in big strength. We invite them to come take consultation, we don't put the word free up. It says open clinic. We usually write some basic prescriptions talk to them, it's usually basic things. And at the end, they say can we pay? They say your payment is five minutes.

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Sure What's up? You have a disease. I have a disease. You have some happiness, I have some happiness. I believe all of those things come from a creator, the one who knows what we don't know. And I call that creator Allah. Next time you see a person who looks like me, please know that we love you.

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That's it. And they go

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the mustard sir. That's what I call Dawa in action. Can you imagine this 100 at least I'd say about 75 non Muslims every Friday come get clinic go back and forth. Now let's push the envelope a little bit more because in our opinion, only religious people come. Only religious people come to the mustard.

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A man committed Zina. Right. So he crossed the line. He spent a little bit too much time on Facebook. Right was poking around the wrong places.

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So he came to the last little long holiday with him and he admitted to

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This sin

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now the counseling and the questioning after the sin took place in the mustard but I need I'm directing this mainly to the brothers. If that guy didn't feel comfortable enough to come to the mustard to say that he had an I want you to feel uncomfortable that he had a legitimate relationship with someone if he didn't feel comfortable.

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How would he be able to come? Let me flip the coin. In my lifetime. We have literally I begged a friend I'm like, Look, if I beat you in basketball, you're going to come and pray in the masjid today. So our friend used to play basketball outside the structure of the masjid today. And then I said if you come with us, if I beat you basketball and you come and pray, he goes, Okay, whatever.

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I did my thing took him inside. First time the masjid in a long time. And how did he come to the masjid with his basketball shorts on?

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And what happened? skinned alive, skinned alive?

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What your naked our salon doesn't count. And I turned I was like, Yes, uncle. But did you notice he's also wearing earrings and he has a tattoo.

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And you're worried about the length of his shorts. I'm like I literally and he looked at me He goes, and this is why he walked out.

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Now let's put the coin again, places for education. I was under the impression that non Muslims were not allowed to attend the football. And how many cases was there mustard doors open and there was actually a seating arrangement if you will, a back section for them to sit and say so what is this religion about?

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What is this about but I want to push the envelope even further now. We have a place of education we have a place of health as health center we have a place of physical activity or a suit of loss of a loved one it was a lump was sitting in the mustard after fudger and he engaged in very casual friendly wrestling with Omar Abdullah gone on. And I know every Why am kid is now going to go to the uncle in the month and say it's so not to wrestle in the Muslim.

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And I'm waiting for some sister to come. So lots of my son didn't. So two sisters are like WWE in the back. No.

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at a certain time. In the absence of a large crowd, the mustard was used for gathering things. Now. You might be saying Okay, these are all still religious things. Finally, when Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wa sallam returned from jihad, if I may say returned from Qatar, not the inner struggle, but returned from actual war. Where is the financial Buddhist split up

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in the masjid? No, it's almost generic. So friends, before we talk about you connecting your heart I'm going to bring yesterday's point. The blood of taqwa that runs between our veins, the blood of brotherhood and sisterhood that brings us together

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is going to come through one sentence, a young kana Buddha, a young canister.

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Now Buddha is not in the singular form. Now Buddha is all of us will pray together. So if you turn this whole talk on its head, and I'm done.

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But brother, that's great. Those are all things that were done. How can we bring these things back? Allah subhanaw taala points out the reader who loves to hear him that there will be people men and women there will be people who frequent the mustard, but on their way to the mustard, their SAP preparation will not distract them. Their pursuit of a job will not distract them by their giving and selling of items. And I want you to include not just selling physical items, but the giving and selling of everything that you have your time your energy. It doesn't distract them on victory law, from the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala to leave with a few things today. The mustard needs to

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be changed. But am I going to be able to change the mustard by myself and less Yasser and Fatima and sister Attica don't attend the masjid. Now.

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So on one side, we want to do youth programs and with the command he is doing his best to call people educate people with Sam is doing program youth program. But when we don't show up, and you don't come with a thick skin, because you could walk down the hallway in high school or college and someone could call you a mummy and someone could call you bin Laden's cousin. Maybe you do. But you come to the mustard and an uncle sneezes in your direction.

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And it's all done. You have to run away. It's like, call the ambulance.

00:24:49--> 00:24:59

No, really. I'm making an appeal to you guys now. grow some thicker skin. Come to the masses. And when the uncle says you're dressed horribly said B isn't in LA one day I'll be dressed like your uncle.

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Smile and when this one the Auntie says your skirts too tight say inshallah I will do my best. Listen to what they have to say because they've been sitting in the mustard and the functions of the mustard have not worked for them.

00:25:15--> 00:26:05

So the mustards, making them frustrated and not being in the mustard is making you frustrated. I believe that it will not come through force and through anger, I believe, very straightforward that the change of our oma in North America will come from the 2000 massages that are there today. I just shared a idea with the shift, and I'm going to share it with you when the mustard becomes the WiFi center. As the mustard has become Yes, the mustard has become the place for the Madden tournament. Once a month. The Dallas mustard has a Madden tournament. So they sit in the lounge, and they play ps3. And the sisters have organized a Pilates class that gets together and goes off to a different

00:26:05--> 00:26:38

place. Where do they meet? Let's say they go to a sister's house because the mustard doesn't have the correct facilities. But the must it became as it was the community center. And I will say it here it's being recorded. by blowing things up and becoming a keyboard jihadist. We will not change the hearts of the people. Well, maybe they'll hate us more. But by building these Institute's by building places, where the people of our nation

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will turn and say, yeah, I'm not Muslim, but there's a mustard over here, the mustard in Utah, only after Juma and I love how people are now using Juma only after Juma non Muslims are given a bag it's a ration bag, one loaf of bread, a box of cereal. It's like perishable goods. And it's given out. Thank you so much. I hope you have a great week. No Assalamualaikum nothing. I hope everything works out for you have a wonderful week. But where are they going every week for them.

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Friends, we could just end this talk was not really good. It was not all rah rah streaming and Bismillah and nothing right?

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Because it didn't need to be. We have 2000 buildings already set in place. Those who came from the past lived in Muslim communities. So the mustard didn't have to be a health clinic because the whole Libya, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, there was a hospital across the street. We don't live there. We live here. Here is going to be our opportunity to make the mustard that exact thing. I'll leave on one example. Because I really want to drive home this concept of public service, a mustard in College Park, Maryland,

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was visited by a pediatrician and she said I want to move here and open up a for profit business. I want to run my medical practice from here. So the mustard gave her a small closet, like like a janitors. Not that small, but like a no really like.

00:28:17--> 00:28:58

I've been there. Very small. She sat there, took a paper and pencil and made charts. And Dr. Sherry started sitting there and she made charts and charts and charts. And she told them I said I need a little bit more space. So they opened up. Now dar Salaam medical practice takes up two floors of a professional building. But when people they went from 10 patients at the masjid to 7000 patients within four years. And now most of the patients, most of them are non Muslim. And I asked because I just stroll in and look like this guy just walking around like he owns the place. Why don't you guys come here? They're like, well, when Dr. Sharif says something to us, when she gives us advice. It

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works with our kids. Did she say anything about Islam? But she said everything about Islam? Did she say anything about the mustard?

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But they already know dar Salam is that mustard building across this down the way on the other side of 193. Yeah, it's all connected.

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So no this much. We will bring back the servitude of that building, and we will have preventative medicine. The medicine that we work with today is allopathic medicine. When you get sick you take a Tylenol in Islam preventatively every three months we do a certain type of pyjama. every six months we do a dry cupping. And then after that we vary our diet. And did you notice that our religion is all about physical activity, our religion makes you get up and down. You do at minimum 17 squats a day. Religion wants us to be healthy and move not just to be religiously based. Again. I encourage us to redefine the concept

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religiosity I asked us to redefine sisters in your local massage in Alabama mustard does this. They have a sister tonight. I don't know exactly what that means. Because that's like a guy's night involves a lot of grunting scratching a bellies and maybe some video games

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and then some more scratching a belly.

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It's a primal thing. So the sisters have a room in the Alabama mustard. And it has a coffee machine in it. And they make coffee and they talk but that that's what they do. And the mustard serves the purpose. And yes, those exact sisters have said to me, brother, Sam, before you leave, could you talk to the ambulance? Could you talk to the doctors, they're always yelling at us that we're dressed like this are dressed like that. I said, that's their right, you're coming on to their turn. When their heart and I said it in California, I will see here. If you need to dress to the part. You need to dress up to fit the part dress up. Because when I go to play basketball, I don't wear it

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though. I wear my bowling shorts, and I wear a shirt. And I play basketball. So when I go to the mustard, a place where this religion is played and live, I dress up and I I wear the clothes that fit the mustard. And I'm not shy to have a backup Toby in my car. Don't be shy to play the part. Brothers. Undoubtedly the spiritual part is going to start But will I be able to make a national appeal to massages all around the United States that we need to open up I want to install projectors for the purpose HD projectors for the purpose of paying ps3 in the background. Will I be able to rally for that? If they're like well, where are these youth that you're talking about? So they are

00:31:46--> 00:32:14

going to say the youth are not here and you all are going to tell me if it was there. If the projector was there, we would have come to this killer cycle. If we start to fill the massager, Allah subhanaw taala will rectify the mistakes that we have made thus far. And during the protests in Libya and in Egypt. The masajid were full. The masajid walls ended and the streets became collective prayer. The mustard organizes our life,

00:32:15--> 00:32:17

health, education,

00:32:18--> 00:32:21

social security so that what can you do easily?

00:32:22--> 00:32:55

pray five times a day. It's clean and pure is from Allah subhanho wa Taala everything that is a mistake is my own. I asked Allah, Allah to give you the ability to listen to our multi correctly and to hear the words that he has to say because I haven't touched any part of the spiritual aspect. But do I believe we can build this mustard, this one mustard and granted out all over the United States I do believe but without the support, mental support and the physical attendance. It won't be able to happen. What is it? What Sarah modicon warahmatullahi wabarakatuh