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Lesson 92 – Chapter 106-109 Hadith 516-520

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Dr. Karim Amma Bharath Pharaoh the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, arbitrary surgery where Sidley Emery, Dr. melissani of Kuru Kohli probenecid, nerima. sutra, any experience you had with regards to sutra over this past week,

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because many times it happens that we are standing in prayer. And as somebody approaching we think, okay, they'll notice me they'll stop. But as you see them approaching, be prepared, because we have to save our slot in the sense that so that we can remain focused. And we also have to save the other person.

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But you'll see that when you stop others, you're in a way teaching them as well. Something happened with me as well. I was right after the class went for drama. And when I finished my soul, I was leaving. Somebody was praying closer to me, and somebody who was in the role ahead, they came towards me in order to greet me, but they passed in front of someone who was praying. And I was too far. I mean, I couldn't stop them. But I saw them coming. So after they greeted me, they spoke to me, I said, sister, I'd like to tell you something, please don't mind. So she said, You go ahead. So I told her that we should not pass in front of somebody who's praying. And she said, Yeah, I know,

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we shouldn't do that. And but I just wanted to come quickly. So I mentioned to her the Hadees, that if we knew the sin of this, we would stop and wait for 40 years, before we would even think of passing in front of someone who's praying. She had no idea about that. So many times, it happens that people know that, okay, they shouldn't do this. But when they're in a rush, when they want to do something, then they without thinking they walk in front of other people who were praying. So it's necessary that we remind ourselves and also other people, because reminder is always beneficial.

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So in a busy place, what you can do is when you are praying in such a place, make sure you have a seat in front of you, something you put in front of yourself, even if it's your bag, just so that when people are going, they can pass by easily, they can go from behind the bag. And if you need to pass in front of someone, then again, you should have something with you place it in front of them or Sally and then pass from behind them. There are a couple of questions that people have asked. And these are questions which I think you should know the answer off already by now. But I'm just going over them because inshallah it'll be a good review. So a sister at mustard today came behind me and

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started praying without any sutra. I just moved away. But what else could I have done? So she's sitting, and somebody came and started praying behind her. So what did this distribution moved away? Was you're required to do that? No, she wasn't required to do that. You don't have to move. Why? Because you are like a sutra for them. Okay, they're not praying to you. They're just praying behind you. So you are like, a sutra for them. Alright, and we learned about this man Buhari has a whole bag on this facing a person while praying. So you don't have to move away. Secondly, Can people use other praying people in front of them etc? Yes, you can do that. And in fact, it would be better

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because then you have a sutra in front of you. Thirdly, sutra for the people who are using chairs to pray. What is that? Same as people who are standing in brain.

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When it comes to sutra, it doesn't make any difference whether a person is standing and praying or sitting in prayer.

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If someone's baby comes between you and you're sitting right in your sweater, is your soul valid? Yes. Your Salah will not break. Okay. And the child is not sinful because they're not McCullough yet. All right. However, the children should be taught. This past week I tried really hard to teach my daughter not to come in front of me and Alhamdulillah I think now she's getting it handled. My son handler he knows but my daughter is not even deal yet. So she's getting at that age, but I've been training her constantly. So firstly, I try my best to face a wall or something so that there's something in front of me when I'm praying. It's not like you know, I'm creating a fitna for other

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people. And secondly, when she did come in front of me, I put my hand out, and I drew her close to me towards my sights that she doesn't feel rejected. And at the same time, she knows that she should not come in front of me when she's praying.

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Can a cell phone be placed as a sutra? No, because it's too small.

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From one Hadees, we do learn that even if a person can draw a line or something, they can do that. However, if you put a cell phone it will be a big distraction for you. Why? Because if it's upside down, and it's buzzing, you'll constantly be wondering who's calling? Alright. And secondly, you always have that fear. What if somebody takes my phone? Right? So don't be distracted during your prayer. It's too small anyway, so don't place that as a sutra

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that either Hamelin

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Jerry at them Silvia Ratan Allah una de Sala, either hamdulillah when he carried meaning when a person he carries jetty Athan a young girl so the Latin very little meaning a young baby girl, a toddler, when he carries her, either rupee on his neck fists letter during the prayer. So in other words, can a man carry a small girl Where? On his shoulder so he makes her sit on his shoulder during his prayer? Can he do that? Yes, he can do that. A girl is mentioned in particular. And you will see from all of these above that it seems that a man Buhari was of the opinion that if a woman passes in front of a man when he's praying that doesn't break this man for that he brings various

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proofs. However, there are proofs on the other side as well. So anyway, he's proving over here that if a man can carry a young girl, a little girl, then it shows that touching a woman inshallah it doesn't break your prayer. And if touching doesn't break prayer, then why should her passing in front of him break the prayer. So that's the point that he is proving here at the center of the law, his new use of automatic and I made a bit of delay of music debate, and I'm going to be Sue Damon azura Lee, and Avi Patil Ansari, he, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Cana you sadly, he would be praying for Allah wa Hamelin while

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he would be carrying Mama, Mama, who has been the daughter of Xena little dilemma on her and who was Dana Binti Rasulullah sallallahu earlier sadhana, so she was his granddaughter, and she was the daughter of boo Willie Avila Ross. So, the daughter of Zenith and I would ask, if Mira Beata is near opticians for either surgery, so when he went to such the bar high, he would put her down. Well, either karma and when he would stand up hamana her, he carried her. This is very interesting, because usually we all babies when, when they're crying, this is when we think it's okay to hold babies. But we see that throughout the prayer, he was holding her, he just put her down for such

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that and when he got up again, he picked her up. So this shows to us several things. First of all, that a woman can carry her baby, not just because the baby is upset or hurt or crying, but even does to hold the baby so that the baby feels secure. It's not necessary that there should be you know, extreme necessity. In order to carry the baby, you can carry the baby, even though there is no extreme necessity. Like for example, it may happen that there are other people around you who can also take care of the baby while you're praying. But you choose to keep your baby with you when you're praying for various reasons. Can you do that? Of course you can. And even if it means during

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the prayer, you'll have to hold the baby. Yes, it's absolutely correct and permissible.

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And secondly, we see that even a man can carry a baby.

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Because usually it is expected that the baby should be with the mother, and the mother should be taking care of the baby. But many times it happens that children want to be with their fathers or their grandfathers. So if the grandfather has the need to carry the baby, or the father, can they do that? Of course they can, there is absolutely no harm. And see, the prophet SAW The Lord has said and he had her wear on the shoulder. So I mean, that requires a bit of movement, extra movement. So he did that. So it shows there is absolutely no harm in doing this. But it also law erosion fee her praying towards a bed with a menstruating woman in it. So again, the same thing number four is

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proving over here. That a man is praying, facing a bed and on that bed who is lying down a woman and that woman is menstruating. She's not even clean, meaning She's not even in the state of tahara. She is menstruating at that time. So it's permissible

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had this little blue color of Barona who shaman Anna Shivani and arbalet Venetia daddy daddy called karate hottie maimunah to bentyl harrity so my Mona Raja and her she said college she said Canada Russia my bed used to be he Ella, here meanings on the jump meaning right next to and some say that he'll also means opposite to in front of. So it seems that it was near it was next to whether it was right in front of or on his side. It was right next to Muslim lead the prayer place of who a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Pharaoh Burma so sometimes many times what would happen was it will fall so boohoo his cloth, meaning the shawl his upper garment many times it would fall I lay on me

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when I left Russia and I will be on my bed. Because many times it happens that as you're going down your clothes, this spread, right especially if it's something loose that you're wearing, it will spread so as he would go down, his clothes will actually fall on who they were

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Touch by Luna Luna Juana, but that did not invalidate his prayer. So it shows that such contact is permissible during solar

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had done Abou normanni Allah had gotten out of the way the museum father had done a shave and he used a man who had different art of the law of nature that are similar to maimunah. The Guru she was saying canon abuse Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would use sadly he will perform this Allah will enter a legend behind him and I would be on his side sleeping for either sajida then when he would prostrate a flower beneath a blue part of his cloth would reach me, meaning it would touch me. And I would be menstruating at that time was either Musa Donna and harden Kala hotness today manuka honey you were under high yield. So this shows this

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proves to us again that a woman may be in front of a man while he is praying. However, the safe distance has to be there, meaning she should be after the place of his such the.

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And again, we know that there's a difference between lying down and passing in front of

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Bob hellyer Mizell Roger Lu, Mo Idaho in the Sioux Judy Lika yesterda Holly of Mizzou. Should he nudge who allegedly the man who should emerge in raw Idaho his wife are in the sudduth at the time of sajida y leka. Yes, Judah so that he can prostrate meaning if his wife is sleeping, she's lying down. She's resting and he is performing the sauna. And her feet are literally in the place of his sajida she's not lying down but in that place, but rather only her feet are there. So when he is going down into such that he needs that, that space. So can he touch her? Can he touch her? Yes he can. Will that break his Lola? No, but he's touching her.

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A man is touching a woman in the solder. Will it break his sweater? No, it won't break the solder.

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had the

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same color had the thinner hair color had the Nairobi de la Cala had the final pass him on airasia there'll be a lot more on her. But she said be seminar the Muna How bad is it that you have equated us with who will kill we will hang on with the dog and the donkey that you say that if a dog passes in front of a person was praying, his prayer will break. And if donkey passes by, then again his prayer will break and if he's if a woman passes, then his prey will break. So you have equated all three la casa de la a Tony. Certainly I saw what a suit Allah is Allah and he will send me slowly. The Messenger of Allah sort of autism used to be performing the Sunnah, what animal budget, and I

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will be lying down baina who will be no Qibla between him and the remaining I'd be lying down right in front of him for either a lot. And yesterday, then when he would intend to do such that, as long as he would nudge vigilia my feet, * about tumors, I would fold them, meaning I would pull them up so that he could have enough space to do

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certain natural lifestyle that he's praying, she's sleeping. And when he needs to do Saturday, he just pokes her gently and then she folds her legs when he's done with this such that she would stretch out her legs again, so natural, so easy.

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When it's a wife for different thing, and when it's an unmarried woman again, that's different. So allow Artem

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and the statue was out of necessity.

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Again, the place was very small. So it was almost necessary to be positioned in this manner.

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And model it for her and it was Alicia Shea aminal other Illuminati a woman dattara who she removes Anil masala from the masala the person who's praying, what does she remove from him? Shea Amina other something harmful.

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So for example, a man is praying and there's something harmful on him. Let's say you see a spider literally walking, you know, crawling up someone's back.

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So can you remove it? Because if you don't, I mean if it's a small spider, okay, you can ignore it. But if it's a huge one, it could be very dangerous.

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or something else. A person is praying and something dirty falls on him on his head on his clothes. He gets wet or something and he needs to be wiped instantly. Is it possible and you're the only one around? Can you clean him? Can you remove that harmful thing from him? Because it's an urgent matter.

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So yes, this is permissible, because the thing is that in removing something dangerous, she will touch him. So because there will be some kind of physical contact perhaps so in that case, is that permissible? Yes, because it's out of necessity.

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have definitely is Harper. So Mary, you are a head designer obey the law. hypno moussaka, the head designer is la isla and Avi is Harker and I'm going to be my moon notice name so you

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Had the airline a bit Hawk. This is a name that Muslims don't usually give to their children. Next time somebody asks you for a unique name, you could suggest that

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anyway, and Abby is happy because it was a lack of of a prophet of Allah.

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There's a lack of

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yeah yaku realism so

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, name your children after who the best names are which ones the prophets of Allah

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are going to be mamoon and Abdullah or bane amount of pseudo lies on Allahu alayhi wa sallam aka him. He said once when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was standing, you suddenly are in del carrabba and he was praying near the carpet. What general correlation FEMA jealousy him and a group of Quraysh they were in their gathering meaning they were sitting in their gathering in the same place. What happened is anaka illumine home when one of them said, lm Luna, do you not see Ilaha Marathi to the show off? They're talking about Who? The prophets Allah is Allah ma he is one who does Ria.

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So he was praying for in the Halong and the courage What are they saying? Do you not see this show off? Look at him. A Yukon which of you Yakumo he will get up Elijah Zhu li le Fulani, meaning he will get up and go to Jesu the slaughter camel. Judah is a camel that has been butchered, slaughtered. The camel that has been slaughtered by who le Fulani and so and so a clan

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fair middle Illa Farsi here. What Demi have was Allah and he would go and bring the force, the dung, the dumb, the blood, Salah its innards, meaning bring all that nasty stuff by a God then he would bring it so my umina who that he should give him some time who hammocks are allowed to sell them had that until either sajida when he goes into his sajida What are who he should put it meaning all this filth that he has brought he should put it bainer catify here between his two shoulders. So what happened from birth as far home so the most wretched of them? He got up Phelim sajida Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what are who baina KTV when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went down

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into search for that man, he placed all of that between his shoulders with Sabbath and never use a little longer to send a message then the prophets of Allah sent him he remained frustrating when he couldn't get up because it was so heavy. He couldn't get up from Baker so the left had that until Malabar boom in about a minute. until some of them were falling on others out of laughter they were laughing so much they couldn't even stand straight. They were falling on each other out of laughter from Tada, come on. 31 so one person he went NFL prima to Fatima. Probably a lot more on her. We're here to add a ton. And she was still do adea What does the word do? adea mean?

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Little girl a very little girl. It's from jatiya right daddy as a young girl so Julia is more asleep like Bunny, son. Okay buena. Yeah, my little child my very little and dear child. So Jerry a young girl but Julia, a very little girl. So she was still very young for Aqua Bella. So she came to us are running with Everton abuse or Allahu alayhi wa sallam a surgeon and the prophets of Allah was still inside the head that until I look at her and who she removed, she threw away all of that from him. But other than Him, and then she came in front of them who the group of the Quraysh the supermoon

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what is the super woman?

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She insulted them, meaning she yelled at them, curse them. Fellow Makoto Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was salata. Then when the prophets of Allah said and finished the prayer, notice, he didn't break the prayer.

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He didn't break the prayer. He stayed inside of that that whole time. And then what happened? He got up, he completed the prayer. When he completed the prayer color he said along Malaika macleish or ally you deal with the kadesh Alomar Lake College along Malaika licorice.

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So my son Madden he named meaning every one of those people who was there Alomar Laker I'm going to be a shame on you is such and such person meaning you deal with him, you punish him, worked with who we are, we're shea butter, vanilla beer will will lead me to what will make me work better, or be more what will matter to me. I will lead. He named every single one of them. Part of the law or the law, the nature he said follow a law he so by a law law called the law at home I saw all of them. Who are these men that the prophets of the Lord is an upgrade against Fatah fallen meaning lying dead Yama veteran on the day of better the first battle so miserable than they were dragged meaning

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their bodies were dragged either

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Felipe to the well, which will only be better than the well of the meaning and then they were thrown over there. So makalah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then he said, what would be our us? How will it be learn that the people of the calib mean the people of the well, ought to be, it was made to pursue them what learner curse, meaning me the curse of lobby on these people. This is where they have ended up with the curse.

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So there are a number of things that we learn here, first of all, the fact that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was in such that, and all those innards of the candle that were placed on him, Fatima lower and she removed them from him. So this shows that if there is something dangerous, something harmful, that has fallen on a person who's praying, Salah, even a woman can come to his aid and remove it from him, even if it means that she will touch him in that process. And at certain occasions, it may also be necessary for her to come in front of him in order to remove that harmful thing. But we see that the prayer of the prophets of Allah Islam was not broken. He continued with

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his prayer. And then we see how bowled flattened out of the White House. She was called on

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what is

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the mother of her father, because Africa deja vu, they were now passed away. She took a lot of care of her father. And this is how a daughter should be really taking care of her father. And look at the way she took care of him. Now she stood up for him that How dare you hurt my father, the soup bone. These were men who were so bold, who had brought all this and put it on the profit sort of autism and she had the confidence to stand up in front of them and, and yell at them. And she had the confidence to remove everything from him because it seems that the people were just watching. So one man, he just went and quietly told Fatima why now but she came, and she removed it from him. So

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look at the love that she had her father. And it also shows to us the the difficulties of the prophets have endured in this way. Right one was erected that he see that he suffered, right, the physical transgression of the people, and then another was minorly heir to the intangible transgression of the people that he suffered. Because this was not just physical abuse, this was also emotional and mental. So you can step forward and remove it. Even in your soul, you can move a little bit, not that you have to go to the end of the room for that you have to break your solder. And if it's really a life threatening situation, that's a different case. In that obviously you will

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break your solder. But if it's not a life threatening situation, then you will not break your solder. And if it's someone who was close by let's say someone is standing next to you, someone is standing in front of you, and there is something dangerous that has fallen on them. So can you take just one step forward and remove it from them? Yes, you can. And the whole time just keep your hands you know, together in PM, okay, if for instance, if you are in here, step forward, extend your right hand out and remove it and put your hand back and step back in your face. You can do that.

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So this we conclude cadaver Salah, and we begin Kitab Malachy to Salah.

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So this was not everything about Salah. So far we have done we'll do the matters of the heart basically, then Qiblah All right, and then the matters of sutra and so on and so forth. So now we start with the timings of prayer, the actual method of prayer that will come later in Trump

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subhanak along with Misha Laila and Mr. Koerner told me like I said, I'm already going on with the Lackawanna county