Arafah Series #08 You Cant Ask For Enough

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Salam Alaikum Peace be upon you on the Day of autofocus so much many of us may be scrolling or looking for that the thing that will help us forget the mistake or the hypocrisy that we feel because of past sins today raise your hands don't look for a translation or some one else to do this raise your hands with me today a lot a whole month for here Pulu Bala mean and we found what our man that mean that we were unseen Athena middle Teddy, we're arguing here for him certain Natalia was brought in at the target Walmart it was too good Oh ALLAH Cleanse my heart from being to face my actions from showing off my tongue from lying and my the treachery of my eyes because yeah, Allah

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you know, the treachery of my eyes and what is buried in my subconscious turn to your Lord. Do it now.