Ismail Kamdar – God and You – What is Your Relationship – Pt 3

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The importance of being kinder towards Muslims is emphasized, with a focus on praying to God and not just giving up. The speaker discusses the meaning of " gifts" in relation to one's personal life, including the time of worship and the perception of Islam as a peaceful and peaceful world. Prayerers are encouraged to stay prayerful to maintain a strong relationship with their partner, as there is a minority involved in violence.
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So essentially, by becoming a Muslim, you should be kinder towards them more merciful towards them, you should be more worried about fulfilling the rights that they have upon you, and treating them with whatever is regarded as good in the community by having good character. Now, if you do all of this insha Allah, Allah can open their hearts to see that Islam has made you a better person, and this will soften them towards Islam.

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But then again, this guidance is from Allah, it is God who decides, who decides This is between the individual and God. If someone even after all of this, they still don't want to, like Muslims, they still want to treat Muslims badly they still against you becoming a Muslim, you try your best. And one more thing I'd like to say is, don't give up. Don't give up. Keep being good to them. Keep showing them Islam to your example. And don't ever give up hope we never judge them because you don't know who and when Allah can guide. We know about Omar, who brother Massoud mentioned was the enemy of Islam owner was such a big enemy of Islam. During what someone to his one person were

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speaking to one

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to another female companions it says I think override become a Muslim. She said his father's donkey will become a Muslim before he does. That's how the enemy of Islam was. But who is he to us? The second greatest Companion of the Prophet slowly Islam. It only became a Muslim. It became the second greatest of all the Muslims. Don't judge Khalid bin Walid he was the one who caused the defeat of the Muslims and

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the Muslims. He didn't know the Prophet went to Makkah. He looked for how he saw he wasn't there. He told the people was Khalid he's a very intelligent person. He should have become a Muslim by now. And guess what? He became the commander of the Muslim army after that. So don't judge someone might be completely against Islam today. Tomorrow they might be serving the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala just keep doing our key making dua for them, keep being a good person towards them and inshallah Allah make it Monday. The next question from brother side,

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snow Oregon. My name is Abdullah hat and I'm a software engineer. I want to ask you a question that usually I come across this nation, please correct me if I'm wrong, that the prey is the essence of worship, that is dua is the essence of ibadah. So can you elaborate this water

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pray or the wha masala is addressing these two angles to this nation

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that do our own ibadah it is the essence of ibadah do our prayer, asking God the essence of Kabbalah. The first angle of this is that when you pray to your Creator,

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the whole idea is to ask of him, if you're just doing it ritually, you just going up and down five times a day. You're not asking God for eating, you're not communicating with images to ritual. That's a meaningless prayer. For your player to have value. It needs to become a real prayer. Your Salah needs to become a dua, it needs to become something of benefit to you. So that's the first angle that when you pray to God, ask him.

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God is not like humans, humans get irritated when you ask them for things. God loves it when he service asked him for things. So ask him that's the first angle. The second angle is that since praying is the essence of worship, to pray to anything besides God is shirk. It takes us out of the fold of Islam. So in a person pleased to agreed or person prays to someone who is not present they call upon someone who is not present to help them. When someone calls upon, you know, something besides called they're praying or something besides called, even if they believe in Allah, Allah, Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah. They are doing worship to someone besides God, because this is the

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essence of worship. So one is it's a warning against praying to someone besides God, as on one hand, on the other hand, it is a command that when you pray to God, don't just make it a ritual, make the communication make it a dialogue, make it appear when you asked him for something. That's the two angles in which we can understand this narration. The next question from citrus side Assalamualaikum. I'm Fatima and I'm a student is the word God appropriate for last minute Allah? Because God has proved Lawrence also like goddesses. So how many scholars are against this? How would you promote this? Sometimes, when you are talking to people, you need to talk using words

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which they understand.

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Many times when we say the word Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Some people might think we're talking about an idol. Some people think we're talking about the moon, or the Kaaba or something inside the Kaaba. But when we say God, this is a universal word, which everybody ends

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stands to refer to the Creator.

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Now, if you're talking about God in different sense, obviously, it's not the same as the word Allah. Allah is the Greatest illustrators name and he has many names. But it serves as a loose translation to someone who doesn't know what Allah means he knows who you are talking about, is the same like the word Hoda these words, they don't have the same impact as the word Allah. But for someone who doesn't understand what Allah means they know who you're talking about, they know who you're referring to. That is why we sometimes use these words in Dawa, but amongst ourselves amongst ourselves, and Muslims talk to each other only, then it's better to use name allow our mother any

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other of his beautiful names. But when talking to someone who doesn't know what the word Allah means, then sometimes it's nice to mention words which they are familiar with. And there's really nothing I know of prohibiting us from using the word God. The next question from brother side

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Assalamualaikum. My name is sweater on software engineer.

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My question is on behalf of my non Muslim friend, and they ask that if Islam teaches peace, then why so much? Why so many Muslims are involved in violent activity, like sia and Sunni phi conflict, or Muslim involvement in fight with non Muslims?

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Please clarify, if Islam is a religion of peace, why are so many Muslims involved in violence, these two angles, the first angle is that's a perception. If you count the amount of Muslims in the world, and then divide the amount of people involved in violent actions, maybe only 1% of the Muslim community or 2% 90% of the Muslim community throughout the world, a peaceful, everybody sitting here is peaceful.

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I don't think there's any violence men or women in outcome in our congregation here. Majority of the Muslims you will meet across the world are peaceful. It is a very small minority who are involved in violence. But what happens in many attempts, media, they focused on this minority. So you may have had 10 Muslim, your committee during social service, but you never saw any of them on the news. And in one Muslim went and he did something violence, and every newspaper has him as the headlines. So this is a perception, this is not a reality. And it is, in my view unjust to see that we ever there's violence, there's Muslims involved, that's wrong. Because there are so many stories of

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violence where Hindus are involved or Christians are involved, the ages are involved, or somewhere in the region at all is involved. But what happens is when the Muslim does it, it comes in the media in the newspaper, as a Muslim man does this. While he was somebody else did you see a man did this there was a Christian man, they won't see a Hindu man they won't see as men, so nobody implicates his religion. They just take it as something they were doing. Most of this political was happening in certain countries, mostly with nothing to do with religion. They are politically based. Muslims are oppressed by the rulers. And many times you will find that is not only Muslims, they have

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Christians in ages fighting with them on their side, because it's politics is not normally religion, it's not normally have to do a religion at all. This is not from our religion. Yes, Islam does have a concept that is called jihad. But this is not what we see in the world today. This is not jihad, this is these acts of violence, who innocent people are killed. This is completely prohibited by the prophet peace be upon him and by the Quran as our weather Mansoor has already spoken about in details in his lecture. So simple answer for that person. Number one is the perception and how the media sometimes distorts things. And the second thing to look at is go out, go ahead and look at all

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the different people in the world doing violence against you, when you add it all up. They are more non Muslims. You know, obviously, not all from one religion. But there are more people all together one not Muslim, while doing violent acts in those who are Muslim, and majority of the Muslims, you need a peaceful because that is what Islam teaches. Don't look at what a handful of people are doing. Look at what those majority of those who claim to be practicing Islam, what are they doing? That's question is a Swan Lake mille rahmatullah wa barakato. Wanna present in here?

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My name is Muhammad mano singer. I want to ask a question about me. When I was when I present in whom I can do prayer,

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I love programming.

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We go back to the principle of Islamic law, that

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whenever there is difficulty, Allah makes the practice easier. Now inscom is no excuse not to play. But depending on your situation, you can play in different ways. That if you cannot play standing, you're allowed to be sitting. If you cannot play sitting in

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You can pray lying down. If you can't move your body at all you can pray with your eyes. You need to play we need to play with we do with the evolution. But if you don't have you can't find water, you can you send it the new sand or water for example, you in the prison, you can pray without evolution at all without a purification. So what Islam allows is, whatever your situation is, you still have to pray. But it's done according to your situation. So perhaps you are in a house where your family don't allow you to pray.

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Pray while sitting down on your bed with your room, your clothes, in a way that they don't realize that you are praying,

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or pray while lying down in bed. If you can't even do that, if you fear they're gonna hurt you, they're gonna oppress you that they might do something violent to you, then you are allowed to do this, but you're not allowed to muster prayer. You need to find ways to pray, in which dead in which they do not harm you. But the prayer still gets done. So for those who can't, cannot stand in play, you can sit and pray. For those who cannot pray in public, you pray in private, no one is watching. But you need to get your prayers done. And that is the most fundamental aspect of maintaining your relationship with your Creator praying five times a day, that is the foundation. If the person

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doesn't have this, it's very hard to make to get maintain a relationship with your Creator. Before I conclude,

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I mentioned that I am a teacher for the Islamic online university. The brothers in the back there handing out some brochures about Islamic online university. I'd like to ask everybody to please take one. I hope inshallah to see you all joining us next semester, and studying online. A variety of courses that we offer.

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It's a very affordable university to study with, it's online, it's from your house, you don't have to leave the home to study. So get hold of our brochures, and inshallah I hope to see you all online. This has been from my sight 100 I really enjoyed it. And I really benefited from the question that we asked, and I pray to God Almighty to Allah subhanho wa Taala to make this a means of guidance and blessing for each and every one of us and to add it to each and every one of us our skill of good deeds on the last day was salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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